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Maya Lincoln-Lopez continued to cause problems, this time with her shyer suite-mate, Rahne Sinclair. Fortunately, the incident only resulted in damaged property, although Xavin Majesdane was less than impressed to find their xBox controller broken without apology. The situation wasn't helped when Xavin had a powers incident which prompted Maya to call medlab and for Xavin to later realise they had turned green and were unable to shift back. For the queer teen who had already experienced persecution, it was a devastating change. Quentin Quire and Amadeus Cho also had roommate trouble, with Quentin dragged into a nightmare and not appreciating it at all.

Quentin's telepathy got him wound up in trouble again, dragging along the minds of Wanda Maximoff, Gabriel Cohuelo and Jean-Paul Beaubier with his own into a terrified teenage girl in Quebec, about to be lobotomised in order to "cure" her telepathy. Working together, the four managed to get 'their' body away from the hospital, but complications due to Wanda's powers resulted in them going on the run to Montreal, dodging police and 'borrowing' cars along the way. Eventually, they made it to Raymonde Belmonde and from there back to the mansion, where Charles Xavier extricated them from Daniella's mind. Surprisingly, one of the results of the incident was that Quentin and Wanda were able to talk - calmly - about Magneto and Wanda's reasons for rejecting her father's methods.

Jubilation Lee and Kurt Sefton got engaged, which was something of a shock to Amanda Sefton, although Kurt's other sisters congratulated him and the high school students had a Homecoming Dance at Bayville Charter High, which went surprisingly well.

Jennie Stavros and Clinton Barton got into some trouble of their own, involving Jennie's former fiance, Donal McGrath and a series of murders in Copenhagen. It turned out to be not only a trap, which Jennie and Clint barely escaped, but a decoy, as other members of The Disciples stole a valuable - and powerful - gemstone. Shaken by the encounter, Jennie asked Amanda for an update on her researches into the group, but only more questions came of it. Clint barely had time to recover from the mission before he had another - rescuing his SHIELD teammate and friend, Natasha Romanoff when her cover was blown and she was captured, the torture she underwent triggering her latent mutation. With several X-Force members as backup, Clint was able to get Natasha out, and brought her to the mansion as the best place for her.

The X-Men also had a mission, called out when a young girl's manifestation got severely out of hand. It did not go as smoothly as similar jobs in the past, as Legion went far beyond what was required in terms of force and wound up seriously injuring several civilians. As a result, he removed himself from the team immediately, but refused any actual help.

Angelica Jones, having recruited Miles Morales and Rogue to join her team, released the first issue of the Mutant Chronicle to counteract the largely anti-mutant slant of mainstream media. It was met with positive reviews from the mansion, at least. And finally, during a Skype call with an old Medicans Sans Frontiers colleague, Cecilia Reyes was shocked to discover Rave had become a major problem in Honduras, and gangs were destroying the medical clinics she had helped build through X-Corps.


Nov 1 - Warren texts Felicia telling her that his beard is gone and asking if she wants to go out for brunch. Jean-Paul and Gabriel chat after waking up in an apartment in Brooklyn together, having spent the night with roommates. Stephen and Sharon Friedlander play a game of soccer and discuss magic and the limits to his power. Do I Know You?: Quentin telepathically experiences the pain a young woman being prepped for powers-removing surgery feels from her powers six hundred miles away; Rachel texts Haller asking if he heard a sound like a wild monkey getting decapitated by a rhino. Bobbi meets Clint thanks to a thrown sock and beer and sandwiches ensue. Rahne, scared of Maya and her angry outbursts, tries to get her attention without startling her but sets off Maya’s powers instead; Xavin’s xBox controller is the only casualty, fortunately.

Nov 2 - Do I Know You? - The young psi in Quebec reaches out again and this time Quentin reaches back, only to find himself being dragged into her mind; in a panic, Quentin latches onto the nearest minds he can reach as anchors, but only succeeds in dragging them with him; trapped in the body of Daniella Gauthier and about to be lobotomised, Wanda, Jean-Paul, Gabriel and Quentin work together to escape the restraints and get their shared body out of the hospital; Lorna texts the medstaff to alert them to the fact Wanda has fallen unconscious and won’t wake up; Arthur texts Cecilia to impart similar news about Gabriel; Namor texts Clint to tell him not to leave his people (Quentin this time) lying unconscious around the place, while Topaz texts Clarice to let her know Quentin is passed out in the library; Kitty texts Jean to let her know Jean-Paul is also unconscious and unresponsive; Clint alerts Scott to what’s going on; evading orderlies from the hospital, “Daniella” lifts a wallet and gets some clothes, but their plans to call the mansion are stymied by a series of electronic failures; Alex lets Scott know Lorna will be staying with them that night as she’s upset about Wanda; Amanda complains about car alarms going off in her head and it’s revealed all of the magic users are being bothered by some kind of alarm; “Daniella” finds a place to stay for the night and the four captured minds reflect on what happened and how to get out of it, especially since Wanda’s Chthon ward is interfering with modern conveniences like phones and computers; while the body, Wanda and Jean-Paul sleep, Quentin and Gabriel’s shared teenaged trauma drags them onto the astral plane and into a series of confidences; Rachel texts Haller about “hearing” the strange sound again and that she thinks it’s related to the wave of unconscious people; Cecilia admits not knowing what it going on to the other medlab staff. Felicia makes an appointment for North to go to a tailor and get pick up his clothes, having arranged for them to be altered to fit his ‘new’ body.

Nov 3 - Do I Know You? - Clint passes on gossip to Felicia about the strange goings-on; Maya wonders if random unconscious people is a mansion “thing”; “Daniella” decides getting to Montreal and Jean-Paul’s mentor is the best idea and hotwires an older car for the drive; while getting gas, they are nearly arrested by the RCMP and have to ditch the car and lay low for a while before venturing out again; Quentin ventures out into the astral plane again and this time it’s Jean-Paul who gets taken along for the ride along with some hard truths that Quentin doesn’t want to hear; reaching Montreal, they contact Raymonde and he calls the mansion, with Clarice arriving to take them home; Charles helps Quentin guide them to where Daniella is ‘hiding’ in her mind, and between them, they encourage her to take control again and let them go; Wanda emails Lorna, Amanda and X-Force to let them all know she’s all right but in need of magical follow-up after the issue with the Chthon ward; Wanda posts to her journal to reassure people she’s all right and to thank Felicia for the post-it she found on her leg; Gabriel demands fast food delivery to medlab. Kurt emails Jubilee about a gift he received and realises it’s a proposal, which he accepts.

Nov 4 - Doug reflects on the paths his thinking takes after having received a city map pin of Denver from Jubilee. Kurt emails Rogue, Meggan and Amanda to tell them he and Jubilee are engaged, to mixed response from Amanda. Xavin posts to their journal, asking Maya if she broke something of theirs and if she intends to replace it. Do I Know You? - With Daniella heading off to Colorado with the Mutant Underground, Quentin and Wanda talk about their experiences and why Wanda isn’t with her father, Magneto. Gabriel summons Quentin to his room for sex and pizza; afterwards, the two talk about how good it is to be back in their own bodies.

Nov 5 - Nica asks if it’s okay for her father to join the mansion Thanksgiving celebrations. Lorna texts Alex to explain what happened with Wanda and to thank him for his support.

Nov 6 - Sooraya announces she has taken the first steps towards becoming a naturalised American citizen.

Nov 7 -

Nov 8 - Maya shares this post. Hope A. meets Bas in dragon form and they talk. Angel sends Clint a card and tells him she has Chinese food.

Nov 9 - Clea is excited about the start of Homecoming Week and the upcoming dance. Angel offers Miles a job with her newspaper and texts Rogue to ask her for political cartoons. Miles asks Gabriel about his Thanksgiving plans and invites him to his family’s celebration.

Nov 10 - Darcy asks about the mansion’s Thanksgiving meal.

Nov 11 -

Nov 12 - Maya posts a link and talks about anger being the only emotion that makes sense. Miles and Bobby make a decision about Homecoming.

Nov 13 - Clea is excited about the Homecoming Dance that night. Miles posts a photo to Instagram of himself and Bobby at the dance. North gets retribution for that one time Felicia stole all of North's clothes and sent them to her tailor.

Nov 14 - Alison posts about nearly outing herself as Dazzler during the dance by doing her signature dance to one of her songs.

Nov 15 - Wade encounters a hungry Rahne in the kitchen and invites her out to dinner. The Hedgehog and the Fox: Clint encounters Jennie as she finds a possible location for her ex-boyfriend, the Disciple, at work in Copenhagen, and offers to go with her; Clint texts Natasha about using her safehouse. Wade posts asking about people’s Thanksgiving plans so he can buy turkeys. Angel is excited about the return of the turkey-crab-octopus-bacon monstrosity. Xavin has a powers issue, resulting in Maya panicking and calling Wade and medlab.

Nov 16 - Amanda e-mails Angelo and John to invite them for Thanksgiving dinner. Amanda also e-mails Jean-Phillipe asking him to help convince Angelo to come to Thanksgiving. Alison texts Xavin to see if they’re ok. Jean-Paul makes a journal entry asking where he can find new sheets. The Hedgehog and the Fox: A moment from Jennie’s past; Jennie and Clint meet with the Danish police, and are put on the path of Copenhagen's newest serial killer.

Nov 17 - Xavin texts Jean-Paul to thank him for bringing them their iPad and some clothes. Arthur makes a journal entry querying whether people to wonder who would play them in their biopic. Hank runs (almost literally) into Sue and gets a lot of helpful advice from someone who's been there, done that. Domino makes a journal entry about the Face with Tears of Joy emoji being the 2015 word of the year. Sharon F.posts to the medlab only asking for assistance with how mutations influence medical treatment. Tandy leaves a gift card with $100 for Tyrone for his birthday.

Nov 18 - Alex leaves a jacket, skis, and this note for Lorna for her birthday. The Hedgehog and the Fox: Jennie and Clint do some old-school sleuthing, and are about to make a break in the case... when they receive a phone call; Another moment from Jennie's past; As time passes, Jennie and her student grow closer; More time passes; In the present, Jennie and Clint prepare to face the Copenhagen Killer head-on; And then, like that, everything changes between Jennie and her partner; Present Day, Jennie confronts her old lover in hopes of saving his latest victim, with Clint as backup, and they quickly learn they are in over their heads; A robbery takes place, while Jennie and Clint fight for their lives; Everything comes to a head; Clint texts Natasha to tell her they’re alive and back in the US. Lorna posts to X-Factor Investigations about a huge box of donuts she left in the kitchen.

Nov 19 - The Hedgehog and the Fox: And now, the truth; A seed of an idea is hatched between Jennie and Clint. Maya texts Xavin to see how they’re doing. Quentin and Lorna have what starts out as a pleasant, deep conversation, but in true Quire fashion, ends up kind of a wreck. X-Men Mission: Riding the Nightmare: Scott alerts the X-Men to a possible emergency and calls them to the briefing room; The X-men arrive on scene and take in the situation - a young girl's mutation has run wild; Dominion and Marvel Girl work to protect the crowd; Dust, Wolverine and Rogue try to reach the girl inside the horse; Nightcrawler and Blink gain some useful intel on the girl; Legion, Cyclops, Bevatron and Firestar attempt to herd Tildie away from the crowds; Wolverine, Rogue and Dust finally manage to reach Tildie; Of course, things won't continue to go that well; Faced with the mobs, one X-man goes too far; There is also the riot police to be dealt with; David e-mails Scott, Kurt, and Jean apologizing for his behavior and asking to be removed from the active roster immediately. Gabriel makes a journal entry asking for soup and drugs.

Nov 20 - X-Men Mission: Riding the Nightmare: Scott posts to the X-Men journal to let them know they’re back safely in the mansion and Tildie is in the medlab for now. The Hedgehog and the Fox: Clint e-mails Wanda asking for help digging up information regarding what went down in Copenhagen. Clint e-mails Natasha for intel on some possibly Russian stuff. Jean-Paul and Cecilia meet while running on the grounds. Clea makes a journal entry about accidentally making some drawings come to life. Cecilia texts Jean-Paul to remind him he never finished his Lithuanian figure skater story.

Nov 21 - In the wake of Legion's actions on the mission, Scott and Haller talk about his issues and end up blowing up rocks together.

Nov 22 - Jubilee makes a journal entry asking if anyone knows a good wedding planner. Jubilee e-mails Kurt about where they could possibly hold their wedding. Along Came A Spider: Matt and Clint are at family breakfast with Steve and Andre when Clint gets an unexpected text message; Clint gets to Snow Valley, and finds two people he can actually trust with the intel he's currently carrying; Wanda e-mails Doug asking if he wants to help her and Clint with an extraction in Romania. The Hedgehog and the Fox: Twenty nautical miles out of Svendborg Skibsværft, Cutter disciplines Donal for his failure.

Nov 23 - Rachel comes across Miles fixing his webshooters and he admits his secret identity. Bobby stumbles onto the idea to create Snowmen for money, Miles is nothing but supportive. Rogue and John get to know one another again over Jell-o and ice cream. Sue finds Reed in her father's lab after he got kicked out of his apartment, she’s not letting him get away with that. Along Came A Spider: Clint texts Jennie to tell her he hates stakeouts, but she fails to properly commiserate.

Nov 24 - Sooraya and Kitty bump into and get to know one another. Quentin stumbles into Amadeus’ dreams while asleep, the experience isn’t great for either of them. Topaz posts to the journals asking if there is anyway she can learn more languages cause she’s bored. Quentin asks if he can get a room without roommates, Amadeus on the other hand takes time off school cause he has a migraine. Tandy posts to the journals asking for volunteers to come to her uncle’s soup kitchen. Gabriel recommends people avoid catching the flu. Xavin posts to warn people that they have turned green and can't turn back. Molly texts Reed to check if he’s alright. Along Came A Spider: Wanda, Felicia, Doug, and Clint time their infiltration of the facility where Natasha is being held but run into few surprises.

Nov 25 - North asks Felicia if she’d like to get a drink with him. Along Came A Spider: Clint informs Angel that he’s about to go into a Chinese food coma thanks to her, totally in a good way. Natasha wakes up in an unfamiliar place with a... really familiar foot warmer.

Nov 26 - Thanksgiving. Felicia posts to Instagram from the Hardy clan Thanksgiving. Gabriel thanks Miles for inviting him to Thanksgiving lunch. Rogue texts Tandy to catch up with her and Julian to tell him to look after Tandy. Tabitha texts Alison to let her know she missed 3 phonecalls from her dad while volunteering. Felicia texts Warren to let him know that she saw him and misses hanging out and recommending they build a pillow fort soon. Quentin and Jean-Paul steal food, avoid people, and uncomfortably flirt.

Nov 27 - Maya lets people know she hates Thanksgiving. She later posts to link an article about MTV helping artists highlight indigenous rights. Hank lets people know that the post-turkey coma does not scientifically exist but it is just your body letting you know that it’s eaten vast amounts of food. Gabriel texts Rogue to let her know that he misses Clint’s parents and just had to tell someone. Angel posts another picture of the tentacle turkey Thanksgiving monster. Tabitha posts to the journals joking that if she’s living with zombies she might need to go to CPS. Rogue texts Logan to blow off steam about the Gabriel/Angel/Clint situation. Haller goes to apologize to Jean for his actions during the mission, it doesn’t really go well. North gets played into teaching Maya how to fight. It works out. Now Wade owes North all the alcohol.

Nov 28 - Gabriel and Maya have a conversation, no one gets punched or runs away. Warren texts Jean to say he’s drunk and she should join him at the club he’s at, she refuses. Wade texts Marie-Ange to let her know that he hates flying with a passion.

Nov 29 - Laurie manages her first chin up with her new arm and decides to hang at Harry’s to celebrate. She later texts Jean to say she knows she’s not feeling great but they should do drinks later. The first edition of the Mutant Chronicle is released. Wade texts Jubilee to warn her to get to Busan before her contact does something stupid and violent; Jubilee asks Clarice for an emergency teleport. Clint gives the first edition of the Mutant Chronicle a big thumbs up.

Nov 30 - Ausente sin Culpa: - Talking to a former colleague in Honduras via Skype, Cecilia is shocked to learn Rave has become a major problem and gangs are destroying the clinics X-Corps founded. Wade lands in Mexico and texts Marie-Ange to share his latest discovery, Dorilocos. Gabriel texts Wade to ask him about a note in his calendar and finds out Wade’s in Mexico.

Nov 31 -


Do I Know You?

The Hedgehog and The Fox

X-Men Mission: Riding the Nightmare

Along Came A Spider

Ausente sin Culpa ni Presente sin Disculpa

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