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Scott Summers
Scott recolored.png
Portrayed by Chris Pine
Codename: Cyclops
Affiliations: X-Men, Xavier Institute - Staff
Birthdate: September 22, 1977
Journal: shades of red
Player: AJ

Scott Summers was the first field leader of the X-Men, and after many years at the school, relocated to the West Coast Annex with his wife Jean Grey in order to establish a new team there. He has recently returned to the Xavier Institute where he is trying to come to terms with the changes that had occurred in his absence.


Character Journal: xp_cyclops

Real Name: Scott Summers

Codename: Cyclops

Aliases: None

First Appearance: May 8th, 2003

Date of Birth: Sept 22nd, 1977

Place of Birth: Anchorage, Alaska

Citizenship: American

Relatives: Alex Summers (brother), Christopher Summers (father), Phillip Summers (grandfather), Deborah Summers (grandmother), Kate Summers (mother, deceased).

Education: B.Sc in mechanical engineering, B.Ed.

Relationship Status: Married (as of December 2005) to Jean Grey.

Occupation: Science Teacher at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters.

Team Affiliation: X-Men



Scott was born in Alaska to Christopher and Kate Summers, the first of two children. His father's Air Force career necessitated a cross-country move when Scott was fifteen and his brother Alex was six. While flying to their new home, their family's plane was shot down over Nevada, and Scott's parents pushed him and Alex out of the plane, strapped into a single parachute. Scott's powers chose that moment to manifest, allowing him to slow his and Alex's descent, but Scott suffered a severe head injury that would later prevent him from controlling his optic blasts.

Scott was in the hospital for some time, and by the time he was released, his brother had already been placed with a foster family. (For unknown reasons, authorities were unable to locate the boys' grandparents, still living in Alaska.) Deemed 'unadoptable' because of his brain damage, Scott remained in the system. Regarding himself as damaged goods, Scott displayed increasing behavioral problems and had several run-ins with the police.

He also faced increasing difficulties with his mutation as his manifestation continued and his lack of control became obvious. Eventually, the optic blasts were permanently 'on', and Scott was rendered effectively blind because of the need to keep his eyes closed, which at that point was the only way to restrain the blasts. It was around this time that Charles Xavier found him and brought him to the school, where he and Erik Lehnsherr, then still a friend and colleague, discovered that ruby quartz worked to restrain Scott's power and constructed Scott's first pair of ruby-quartz glasses.

Phase 1

Living At The X-Mansion

In his early years at the school, Scott devoted himself to his studies, determined to prove to the Professor that he was worthy of all the help the man had given him. He was soon introduced to two of Xavier's older students, Hank McCoy and Jean Grey, for whom Scott quickly developed a youthful adoration. Some time later, they were joined by Ororo Munroe. The four of them would later constitute the first team of X-Men.

Scott, much to his surprise, found himself taking a leadership role with the team. He was also being groomed for a similar role within the school, and after doing an engineering degree, completed his bachelor's in education. His early assumption of these responsibilities caused him to develop an overly serious, sometimes humorless demeanor which, years later, is only now beginning to mellow.

His relationship with Jean Grey continued to develop, despite the age difference. After completing her internship and moving back to Xavier's full-time, Jean moved in with Scott, and shortly thereafter, he proposed.

Alkali Lake and After

When Jean 'died' during the Alkali Lake incident, Scott was devastated, but continued his work with the school and the team. He was soon to be reunited with his brother Alex, and found himself drawn to a fellow staff member, Betsy Braddock. But he also began to spend more time out of the school on various errands for Charles, including contacting new students, such as Angelo Espinosa, and gathering the information necessary to rescue Pyro.

His relationship with Betsy was complicated by her worsening medical condition and involvement with Nathaniel Essex. He faced additional stress when a mission went badly, leading to the X-Men being branded killers on national television. Shortly thereafter, he returned to the mansion and discovered that Betsy was having episodes of lost time and strange behavior following her surgery. Around the same time, Alex had a powers accident that injured Lorna seriously, and ran away from the mansion. Scott attempted to address both situations, looking unsuccessfully for Alex and taking a wait-and-see approach with Betsy, although numerous other staff members soon found themselves sharing his concern about her well-being.

These concerns proved to be well-founded, as Betsy fell increasingly under the control of Kwannon, a malignant personality that developed following the surgery Essex performed on her. It was around the same time that Emma Frost discovered that Alex was being held by Selene at the Hellfire Club and used as her personal battery. Though he was rescued and returned to the mansion, he was traumatized by the events of his captivity.

Back at the mansion, Kwannon enlisted Manuel de la Rocha to help her gain control over Betsy's body and wreaked a considerable amount of havoc at the mansion until she was caught and Charles freed Betsy, returning her to control of her own body. Scott's inability to do anything to help either Betsy or his brother would later come back to haunt him.

Cracks in the Foundation

The next few months were quiet for Scott, with little in the way of demand for the X-Men's services, save for rescuing Sarah Morlocke after her abortive attempt to seek vengeance for the deaths of the Morlocks and facing a Mistra retrieval team that had kidnapped Moira in an attempt to get Nathan to trade himself for her. Gradually, he attempted to reestablish his relationship with Betsy, although his guilt over having been unable to help her and his anger at Kwannon's continued existence in her mind interfered with this. He was stunned when Alex revealed to him the details of what had happened to him while he was in Selene's hands, and while he managed to provide the support his brother needed, Scott's own emotional state started to spiral downwards.

Wrestling with his workload and his growing awareness of Betsy's alcoholism, Scott was also troubled by frequent headaches and vivid, disturbing dreams. A alarming number of near-disasters and close calls for staff and students in the fall of 2004 only increased his stress and sense of futility, leading to Alison and other team members organizing a sort of intervention that wound up with Scott sedated in the infirmary after yet another demon attack turned out to be one catastrophe too many for him. While he was unconscious, Betsy discovered that his old link with Jean was still somehow active, the reason for his headaches and nightmares.

Afterwards, Scott was somewhat philosophical, but still questioned his path in his life and his role at the mansion. When he and Alex were returning from Hawaii after checking out a prospective college, the brothers were jumped by former associates of William Stryker - Phase 1, who dosed Scott with the mind-control serum from Alkali Lake. Scott escaped, but was left with amnesia, and wandered New York for a day until the X-Men retrieved him. The experience left him with a certain amount of perspective on his life, but events would only strain that further, with more 'unfortunate incidents' befalling students and staff. Betsy slipped into yet another coma after catching the feedback from Alison's powers overload and woke up a month later, cold and distant. They mutually ended their relationship that December, Scott recognizing that she needed time to rediscover who she was and recover from her ordeal without any pressure from him.

More happily, Scott was soon to be surprised by news that the Professor had located his and Alex's grandparents, and the brothers spent Christmas with their family.

Jean's Return

After Christmas, Scott spent a quiet couple of months, even finding a certain amount of inner peace as the stresses of his job eased somewhat and allowed him some time to finally process the events of the last several months. The X-Men's missions during that time were largely successful, and the students refrained from breaking themselves in any significant fashion.

March brought momentous events, as an amnesiac woman calling herself Jane Smith arrived at the mansion seeking the Professor's help with the strange abilities she seemed to be manifesting. Upon seeing Scott, 'Jane's' memories and true personality emerged, and Jean Grey was officially returned from the dead. Scott handled this as poorly as could be expected, but the final assault on Mistra, during which he nearly perished, gave him some perspective on life (and death) and he and Jean began rather cautiously to talk things out.

Scott and Jean reestablished their relationship over the course of the summer, and she rejoined the X-Men. Scott led the team a number of very stressful missions in close succession, and after being injured in Hungary, agreed to a brief vacation, during which he re-proposed to Jean.

The One-Eyed Man

NewScott sm.png

When the G8 summit in Seattle erupted in violence, Scott took the team in to provide riot-control support after a direct request from the President. Though they very effectively helped to defuse the situation and prevent the violence from spreading, one of the final incidents of the day would take a serious personal toll on Scott. When the monorail track was damaged and the train was in danger of falling, the X-Men converged on the site to help evacuate the train. Scott helped hold back a crowd of rioters threatening the rescue efforts, and when one threw a Molotov cocktail at him, blasted it mere inches from his head. The explosion shattered his visor, damaging one eye beyond repair.

Scott was stunned to discover that the loss of his eye had the unexpected consequence of giving him control over the optic blasts in the remaining eye. He spent the next couple of months recuperating and learning how to control his power for the first time. While still recuperating, he helped plan a mission acting on intelligence from Pietro Maximoff. The X-Men destroyed a machine built by Toad and kept a list of newly manifested psis (their true objective) out of the hands of Magneto, who might have used one of the new telepaths to run a third Cerebro.

That Christmas, Jean and Scott eloped while spending the holiday with his grandparents in Alaska, reasoning that if they didn't get married when they had the chance events were liable to keep conspiring against them.

Scott was medically cleared for active duty in the New Year. Despite having a falling out with his brother over the X-Men, Scott threw himself back into X-Men work, leading one of the teams involved in the successful attempt to set up Gideon. For a time, it seemed like both his personal and professional life were in harmony.

Jane and Lyman

After a mental assault by a mutant by the name of Parker Matthews, connected to the Hellfire Club, a long-simmering psychically disassociated part of Jean's personality took control of Jean and promptly began to wreak havoc on the life Jean had rebuilt for herself since returning to the school. Approaching Sebastian Shaw to take Selene's place as Black Queen, Jane left Scott, doing a hatchet job on his self-confidence in the process. Bewildered and depressed, Scott tried to figure out a way to cope, an attempt that was brutally interrupted when Jane slept with Bobby Drake and sent him the tape. A chance and violent encounter with Jane soon after led to her altering his memories, and a confused Scott fled to Alaska for a week and came back calmer, but still wrestling with the situation. The stress was taking its toll and Scott was soon diagnosed with an ulcer. Thankfully, the truth of Jean's situation was soon revealed and the rescue attempt, involving Scott going into her mind to find her core personality, was successful. Unfortunately, their link was broken in the process, complicating the process of Jean's recovery and the rebuilding of their relationship.

For a time, Scott concentrated on on the team, leading a rescue mission when the FOH headquarters in New York was attacked by a strange mutant, and another to rescue Kyle Gibney when he became caught up in an underground fighting circuit and got in over his head. Scott was clearly not processing the events of the last few months, however, and eventually he and Jean decided to take their much-delayed honeymoon.

They returned after nearly a month just in time for the manifestation of Julio Richter and the disaster in San Diego. When an exhausted Jean returned to the mansion after helping Nathan and Haller stop the tsunami, Scott remained in San Diego supervising the X-Men's work in the clean-up efforts.

Shortly after his eventual return to the mansion, Scott was out running errands when Daniel Lyman, William Stryker - Phase 1's lieutenant from Alkali Lake, approached him. Lyman informed him that they had captured Alex in Hawaii and threatened to have him killed unless Scott agreed to come with them and reveal information he had apparently come into possession of while brainwashed at Alkali Lake. Scott agreed and Alex was released safely. Lyman immediately took Scott out of the area, and tortured him for the next five days when it became clear that Scott did not consciously remember the information he wanted about the adamantium bonding process. The X-Men eventually rescued him after an extensive search. In the process of the rescue, Jean displayed a dangerous lack of control over her temper and after consultation with Charles, decided that she needed to leave to work through her experiences as Jane and reestablish the level of control someone with her powers required.

Scott was left to concentrate on his own recovery. He took things slow, returning to his headmaster's position at the start of the new fall term, and then taking on some training responsibilities with the team. When Jean called him from Tibet months later to let him know that Mystique had stolen an ancient and valuable artifact from the monastery where she was staying, Scott assembled a small team of X-Men and took the Blackbird to retrieve the artifact. Jean chose to return home with her husband, and shortly afterwards, Scott decided that he was ready to return to active duty.

A New Leaf

Many of Scott's friends and colleagues noticed a significant change in his demeanor over the course of his recovery, especially after Jean's return. Their formerly doubt-ridden field leader had apparently forgotten the meaning of the words 'angst' and 'anxiety', and moved slowly - if still gradually - back to full active duty with the team. In his first two missions back, to Youra and Moscow, he took a mostly behind-the-scenes role, implementing strategy and coordinating tactics from a distance. He did the same with the capture of Sabretooth, but began to work actively in the field once more when President McKenna's daughters were kidnapped. Having finally learned that you can't do your job if it breaks you, Scott quite determinedly set about making sure that it never did again.

He did however have another near miss after coming into contact on a mission with a mutant terrorist capable of turning other mutants, especially energy-projectors, into living bombs - a tactic used to great effect in a coordinated wave of suicide bombings carried out the previous month. Jean escorted him to a government containment facility, and consulted with Moira MacTaggart and Hank McCoy on a cure. When nearly a week had passed with no progress, Scott fled the government facility, fearing that his powers were on the verge of going critical. Fortunately, the X-Men had captured the bombmaker and managed to intercept Scott in time, saving his life. He was returned safely to the mansion, although his attempt to sacrifice himself caused some strain on his marriage.

The brush with death seemed to give him some added clarity, and Scott began to handle the new challenges that came his way with a surprising degree of calm: both the surreal, as when he and a number of other X-Men were temporarily genderswitched or when dinosaurs appeared in New York, and the nightmarish, such as when three students were kidnapped and turned into mutant-hunting killers by an old friend-turned-maniac.

He was more severely tested when the cult of Selene masterminded a complex conspiracy that put an alarming number of his friends, students and teammates in danger. However, Scott rode out the crisis with calm professionalism, planning and directing a particularly tricky X-Men operation. When all of his people were returned safely, he turned his attention to working through the aftermath.

An encounter with Robert Haverford, a philanthropist with delusions of grandeur who believed that he could use ancient artifacts to give himself superpowers brought Scott back into contact with Daniel Lyman, who was helping Haverford (who had given him a reason to leave witness protection). Though Scott was shaken by the reappearance of his torturer, he helped Jean thwart Haverford's plan, and the two were left in Peruvian custody after attempting to steal an artifact from a temple above Macchu Picchu. Scott's very personal (and physical) confrontation with Lyman allowed him some unexpected closure.

The rest of Scott's summer was mostly uneventful, as he coped quietly with various crises large and small, from the disappearance of Attilan and Pietro's reaction, to inter-team conflicts. When Christian Kane came to the mansion seeking the X-Men's assistance, he led one team against a giant mystical purple dragon whose depredations were increasing tensions between China and Russia in the Northern Pacific. Suffering a dislocated knee in the fight, Scott spent a quiet several weeks mostly looking after school and team business at the mansion, although he and Jean faced various issues, such as a pregnancy scare and Scott's revelation of his brush with painkiller addiction while she was in Tibet. That September, he turned thirty, which evoked a certain amount of contemplation on his part.

Fearless Leader

Scott's leadership was tested to an unprecedented degree when Magneto hijacked a Russian space station and used a satellite-based laser weapons system to try and extort concessions from the Russian and American governments. Scott drove his 'away team' through a punishing training schedule and piloted the Forge-created glider to the station himself. It was Scott's optic blast that took out the control console for the satellites, but he was forced to make reentry in an escape pod with two cosmonauts, one of the ex-prisoners, and Nimrod. Though Scott blasted Nimrod out of the capsule just prior to landing, and led the two cosmonauts through the Australian swamps for close to two days, Nimrod eventually caught up with them. Having been injured already on the station, Scott was no match for the enraged Hungarian, and although he put up a respectable fight, he was nearly killed before Jennie Stavros intervened. Scott's recovery was somewhat more protracted, but he was left with a sense of satisfaction that his team had performed to their utmost in a very difficult situation, buying others time to address the situation on the political level to prevent another such near-castrophe.

Scott eased himself back into full activity over the course of the next month, returning first to his teaching duties and then to less-active team business. After a quiet December, he was thrown back into action in mid-January when a consulting job in Budapest at the behest of Istvan Barath landed himself, Ororo and Forge in the middle of an assassination attempt against the Prime Minister. Although the X-Men managed to successfully avert the assassination and Scott was overjoyed when Ororo's powers returned in the process, he was considerably less pleased to discover that Jean had left with Nathan for Chechnya. The truth behind Tara Trask's involvement left him contemplating what was to be done about this new threat, a question that had a surprising answer when, upon returning to Budapest to complete the consulting job, he and Jean were informed by Tanya Callery (Gideon Faraday's former security chief and currently the head of Barath's security detail) that she would be going undercover with Trask's people. At the same meeting, Scott and Jean also met Peter Lakatos, an operative with the Hungarian security services who was slated to be the first commander of the new Hungarian mutant special-response team (the reason for the consulting job), and also happened to be Nimrod's former commanding officer.

Scott was thrown for something of a loop when, during the crisis provoked by Amahl Farouk's telepathic condition, Jean was thrown into psionic shock and reverted to her pre-manifestation personality. Scott handled his wife thinking she was eleven years old as well as any man could be expected to do, while juggling various other crisis-management tasks and trying to help Moira find a way to treat the telepaths.

Another shock came in the reappearance of his father, who was not only not dead, but had been living for years as a pirate in Madripoor. Scott reacted poorly to Chris's attempts to get to know him, despite the assistance his father's people providing in returning a group of kidnapped young mutants to Sri Lanka. A failed mission where Tara Trask managed to successfully assassinate a Russian archbishop involved in mutant activism left him somewhat shaken. Fortunately, Charles chose a particularly good time to let him and Ororo know that he would be resuming the role of headmaster with the launching of the Xavier Institute and changes to the school. With that particular responsibility soon to be removed from his shoulders, Scott found himself able to look ahead with more optimism.

He coordinated the various teams dealing with the Zemo crisis from the mansion, making the rather uncharacteristic choice to stay out of the field himself for the sake of a better perspective on the various sub-operations taking place. He was completely unsurprised when Alex told him that he wanted to become an X-Man trainee, and fully supportive. When crisis struck and a Brotherhood ambush led to the destruction of the Blackbird and the capture of a number of the younger X-Men, Scott called upon his father for subsitute transportation and led a team to retrieve them. Though the captured X-Men had managed to effect their own escape in the interim, the pick-up came at a particularly opportune moment. In the aftermath, he supported Forge's proposal for a new Blackbird, and devoted the bulk of his new free time to assisting with the construction.


Despite tumultuous world events, Scott's own life was relatively quiet for some time after the crash, although he did have to lead a team to rescue Nightcrawler when his fellow X-Man's maternal issues got him in trouble yet again. His confrontation with Kurt thereafter left some lingering tension between the two. In general, Scott concentrated on holding the fort through various crises for the next few months. He wound up spending some time in Alaska when his grandfather Phillip had a heart attack, and managed to have a conversation with his father that didn't involve any hitting or yelling (a first). He also encountered a traveler from another dimension while training Angelica Jones in the Danger Room.

Unfortunately, during an X-Men intervention to stop the assassination of a mutant-friendly activist, Scott was hit from behind and lost control of an optic blast. It critically injured one of the teenaged assassins, who later died en route to the mansion. Though he attempted to take a philosophical (or perhaps) realistic view of the events, the incident affected him more than he quite realized at first.

The events in Manhattan put him to the test once more, as he was forced to use his powers directly on a mob being controlled by War to keep them from swarming the members of his team trying to disarm a neutron bomb. Troubled by his personal choices as well as other consequences of the crisis, Scott focused on trying to move forward and find some sense of stability in the aftermath. The attack on Garrison's car was another blow, but, unable to do anything about it personally for the time being, Scott tried to stick to what he could do, including helping plan a mission to Wakanda when information regarding the Taygetos program fell into the X-Men's hands. He remained behind while Jean took on co-leadership of the team sent to Africa, a choice he found difficult, but necessary.

2009 would start in tumultuous fashion, as Scott first co-led an assault against Apocalypse at the Blue Area Mesa, discovering that the four people thought lost in the attack in December was alive, if altered. Then, in quick succession, he led a would-be rescue team to Italy, teamed up with Jean and his father to try and thwart Robert Haverford's latest plot (finally having a possession experience of his very own along the way), and went to Japan with a team to try and counter the Hand's latest gambit. Finally, he was injured in a confrontation with the Brotherhood in New York, when Mystique tried to use him as a human shield in a standoff with her son.

In April 2009, Scott injured his knee again during a disatrous Danger Room run and he was forced to concentrate on training and tactical deployment. It was a frustrating time, as the X-Men were involved in several serious missions - X-Men Mission: Fifth Column, Mnemovore and Fiddler's Green - and the stress obviously took its toll on the team, with Scott being forced to bench both Sam Guthrie and Shiro Yoshida for injuring others. Even more difficult was the (reluctant) decision to allow Jay Guthrie to become a trainee, a decision Scott (and others) questioned almost immediately as Jay started a fight in his first x_team post.

Scott was barely mobile again when a trip to the city with friend Jean-Paul Beaubier was interrupted by Dr. Henry Pym and a bizarre encounter with some kind of mutant parasite. The dust had barely settled on that adventure when Shiro went missing, driven into psychosis by the Hand. He was retrieved and Charles surprised Scott and Jean with an enforced vacation, before relocating them to the West Coast Annex to establish a fully active team there.

The Return

In November 2011 Scott returned to the mansion, satisfied that the WCA could take care of itself. Shortly after his return Scott was forced to realize how drastically the mansion had changed in his absence. This was driven home by his first encounter with Artie, who was no longer the sweet little boy Scott remembered but had transformed into a moody teenager. Scott soon slipped back into life with the X-Men, welcoming Catseye back to the team and assisting recent returnee Sooraya Qadir with her power training. Scott barely had a chance to re-adjust to life at the mansion before leading a team to assist Garrison in shutting down the Great Lakes Avengers. Scott and Jean spent Christmas in New York hoping to get some time alone and relieving Jean of some of the pressure she had been operating with. The couple spent New Years with Warren at his parent's cabin in Colorado.

The New Year started badly for Scott; after attending a outdoor concert with warren, Adrienne and Jean-Paul Jean had what appeared to be a panic attack. After her friends returned her to the mansion Jean admitted to Scott that she'd had a miscarriage after returning from California. Scott found it hard to cope with this revelation and the couple had a massive argument before Jean stormed out leaving Scott alone in their suite. Despite the best efforts of his friends Scott threw himself into his work, taking over as science teacher when Hank left to spend time with his sick son. Scott proved his leadership skill's hadn't got rusty when he was forced to deal with a rash of sudden manifestations among the FoH members protesting a pro-mutant fair.

When Two young mutants from Genosha arrived at the mansion Scott was amongst a host of the mansionittes who welcomed them and showed them around. At hte same time the X-man was horrified by the story they were telling of life for mutants in Genosha. Scott lead a team of X-Men in an operation to try to close down a ring of mutant smugglers by using some of the younger X-Men as bait. Although successful the captives were freed by a Genoshan agent and nothing could have prepared the X-Men for the Genoshans' retaliation. During a protest the Genoshans managed to kidnap the students and several members of staff, Scott met with Charles and other leaders from the X-team community to plan their response. As part of a massive operation against Genosha Scott lead the first of the distraction teams on an assault on Genoshan forces. The X-Men weren't prepared for the level of preparedness shown by the Genoshans and Scott's team found themselves almost overwhelmed, unfortunately moments later a reflexive attack by Haller on Jean incapacitated Scott and lead to his capture. Stripped of his powers and held in prison Scott was forced to watch his team undergo torture while the Genoshans tried to overwhelm him with guilt. The prisoner's staged a breakout attempt which soon broke down into a all out mellee among the prisoners, a trick which prove to be part of Scott's master plan to free the prisoners. Breaking free of the prison Scott regained his powers just in time to see of a counter-attack by the magistrates, but the mutants soon were forced to fall back before the changed Thomas Moreau. Along with all the mutants who were on Genosha Scott played a key part in taking apart Moreau's systems and defeating him. After their victory Scott was present as the new Genoshan leadership tried to assure the X-Men that things would change, although skeptical he decided to believe them and trust the international watch dogs to make sure they upheld their promises.

Returning to the mansion Scott took the opportunity to relax and start repairing his relationship with Jean. An excursion to the local Renfair fell under the field trip curse, and Scott, along with the rest of the part, fell under the control of a little girl who just wanted to play. Luckily Molly managed to free them by defeating Korvus, the dark knight. Scott lead a team to Madripoor investigating a tip from Dum-Dum Dugan about a mutant running riot. Arriving there they discovered Rachel Kinross-Dayspring, the girl who they had thought killed in Genosha, alive and aged into a young adult. Struggling to cope with this new revelation Scott was happy to take a team out to answer Big Bertha's call for help and prevent the Purifiers from ruining a Mutant rock festival.

Scott found it easy to settle back into his role as teacher and mentor at the mansion, and when he discovered Angel on the verge of a panic rushing off to London Scott offered to accompany her. Discovering a group of mutants, The Shadow Dwellers, are responsible for kidnapping one of Angel's friends Scott calls for back up from the mansion and led them to defeat the Shadow Dwellers and free the hostage. Scott was soon forced to face the past again when on a mission to Hungary Scott's team ran into Jennie Stavros who they persuade to return to the mansion. It was around this time that the year, which had started off badly for Scott, only got worse. Reminiscing with Haller, the pair discovered that Scott's memories of a nigh out differed significantly from Haller's. Going to Jean for examination they discovered that Haller had told Scott about his relationship to Xavier before inadvertently blanking the situation from his mind. The two men nearly came to blows before Jean intervened and Scott left the room deciding Haller wasn't worth it. His relationship with one of his closest friends destroyed Scott led a team of X-Men to South America to rescue Tandy Bowen who had been kidnapped by her father as a offering to the demoness D'Spayre.

The year which had started off so badly ended on a happier note and while the rest of the mansion went skiing Scott surprised Jean with a trip to Hawaii for their anniversary before the pair flew to Scotland to meet up with Nathan and Moira.


Returning to the mansion Scott's streak of luck continued, the radar staying blissfully clear of threats, for a while at least. Without any conflicts Scott was able to focus on teaching and spending time with Jean and his friends. It wasn't until May that the X-Men were called out on their first major mission, the team didn't deploy to face down a villain but rather to support Red-X in disaster relief. When a Tidal Wave threatened the mutant country of Avalon Red X deployed to help evacuate the citizen. Scott along with Tandy rescued an inland community, escorting them up a mountainside just in time to avoid the Tsunami striking. The years first major combat deployment for the X-Men came when Scott lead a team to respond to a request made of Garrison Kane by Heater Hudson, tracking down Lionel Jefferies. Tracking him to an abandoned military base the X-Men stumbled across the biological weapon, the Fury. Initially Scott, Angel and Lorna destroyed the weapon but it regenerated now immune to their powers and attacked the team again. In the ensuing battle the Fury surprised Scott with a concentrated eye blast overpowering the X-man and blasting him in the face destroying his remaining eye. Blinded Scott was forced to rely in his psychic link with Jean to co-ordinate the fight. Luckily the X-Men were able to bad together to defeat the Fury, although not without major injuries across the board. In a twist of luck Marius was able to absorb Jefferies' flesh manipulating powers which he was able to use to heal his team-mates. In a surprising twist Marius was able to use his new powers to not just grow back the eye that Scott had lost in the fight with the fury but also the eye he'd lost years ago in Seattle. Suddenly, without expecting it, Scott was suddenly whole again.

Just a few months later Scott was forced to deploy a major expedition of the X-Men to rescue Hope Abbott after she was kidnapped by Rudolph von Habsburg as part of his plan to rejuvenate his nation. First reaching out to European contacts and then flying an assault team to the castle to rescue the missing student. Scott was pushed to the limit, echoes of Genosha driving him to rescue Hope no matter what the repercussions would be.They managed to rescue the girl beaten but unbowed, and also Laurie Collins who had been kidnapped along with Hope.


Upon hearing that Muir Island had come under attack by the forces of Magneto Scott immediately lead the forces available to Muir Island to rescue Moira and the surviving mutants. Arriving on the Island Scott lead his team directly at the Brotherhood to act as a distraction which other teams rescued the mutants. Scott's team unfortunately ran into Magneto and as his team was decimated around him the X-man tried taking on the Master of Magnetism, before magneto knocked him out without much effort. Scott was later present for hte final battle at the mansion when Xorn re-wrote reality to repair the damage done by the Dark Phoenix.

Phase 2

A Whole New World

Waking in the new world Scott did the typical thing and tried to suppress all his emotions to act as a rock for the rest of the mansion folk who were dealing with their own losses. This attitude didn't last long before Adrienne knocked him down onto his ass in a Danger Room training session and proceeded to yell at him until he broke down and yelled back.

Scott also lead the team into their first clash with the Avengers, when the X-Men responded to a breakout at Rykers island. Scott faced off against Thor and the Black Widow managing to hold off the god of thunder until both teams decided to broker a truce to deal with The Hood and drove him off. In the aftermath Scott has been left with a profound distrust of SHIELD and the Avengers team.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 6'0"

Weight: 165lbs.

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Brown

Other Features: Scars on the left side of his face, numerous scars on his torso and arms.


Scott projects beams of concussive force from his eyes, known to his teammates and students as 'optic blasts'. Initially, he was unable to control the blasts due to the head injury he suffered when saving himself and Alex, and for most of his adult life had to wear ruby quartz glasses or visors to restrain his powers. Since the events of the Seattle riots where he lost his eye, he has been in conscious control of his power and has since trained himself back to his old level of skill. He has a suprising level of flexibility with his blasts. For instance, he can open a locked door doing damage only to the lock and not the door itself - but he can also, very easily, level a building. The outer limits of his powers remain unexplored.

His optic blasts are powered by sunlight, which Scott's system absorbs and transforms into concussive force. Lack of sunlight has an effect on him similar to Seasonal Affective Disorder, and has been hypothesized by more than one of the mansion's medical staff to be the reason behind Scott's problems with depression. Total sunlight deprivation has a much more serious effect on Scott, initially causing delirium, later leading to coma and death if he is not promptly exposed to full-spectrum sunlight. Excessive amounts of UV have precisely the opposite effect, leaving Scott in a euphoric state and occasionally making his optic blasts strobe.

A secondary mutation related to his primary power is what Scott jokingly refer to as his 'mutant power of geometry'. He has an intuitive grasp of angles and a greater-than-normal spatial awareness. This allows him to control the trajectory of his optic blasts very precisely, and has the fringe benefit of compensating for his loss of depth perception.


For most of his adult life, Scott needed to wear either ruby-quartz glasses or a special visor to control his powers at all times.

Scott also has a prosthetic eye, built by Forge, which helps compensate for his partial loss of vision by alerting him to the proximity of an object or person on his blind side.


Scott is devoted to all things that Go Fast. His bike, the Blackbird, and his car are his three favorite ways to spend his limited amount of spare time, either driving/flying or making them Go Faster. He is an extremely gifted pilot, and has a standing job offer from his grandfather, who runs an air service in Alaska.

He also plays the saxophone - although mostly in the stables in the middle of the night.

Scott has finished part of his coursework for a Master's degree in education. One of his rarely-expressed desires is to finish his degree, as he has hopes of someday applying what he's learned teaching at Xavier's to the wider context of mutant issues in education.

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Player: AJ

E-mail: AJEmail.png

Player Icon Base: Josh Duhamel

Meta Trivia

Scott was originally played by Jules, one of the game's original players and first mods. After her departure from the game early in 2004, he was unplayed for nearly six months before being picked up by Alicia, who played him until September 2009. AJ picked him up in November 2011.

Due to inconsistencies, the ages of Scott and Alex at the time of the accident has been established as 15 and 6 as game canon. Post M-Day and with the arrival of a "new" Alex, that age difference is now 13 years.