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Nathan Dayspring's birthday was marked by a rather large party, including body shots care of bartender Lillian Crawley-Jeffries. Lil got a new toy - a motorbike - with the help of Wanda Maximoff, which was the source of admiration for several people. New student Doreen Green arrived from California, welcomed by her old friend Julian Keller. Jean-Phillipe Colbert returned from Attilan and acquired a new job as Jean-Paul Beaubier's TA and a new roommate, Laurie Collins. Carmilla Black learned, in the wake of a thread started by Illyana Rasputin, why calling Kyle Gibney "Dog-Boy" wasn't appropriate and apologised. Jake Gavin and Adrienne Frost (eventually) had a date and found they enjoyed it far more than either expected.Jennie Stavros was dumped by her boyfriend and shared her ire on the journals, causing a journal war. Kevin Ford visited to attend the play, which went on after all after the New Mutants captured their 'curse', a fellow-thespian and mutant with the power of invisibility and a chip on his shoulder about casting. Callie Betto found she was able to use her powers again, Fred Dukes sought help with the pain caused by his and Dori went feral after a bad moment in self-defence class. Amanda Sefton proved you're never to old to have a powers manifestation, finding herself mysteriously in London on April Fool's day and taking some time off to have Moira MacTaggart examine her at Muir Island. One new RA, in addition to Janet Van Dyne, was announced to cover the expanding student base: Danielle Moonstar.

Doug Ramsey and Manuel de la Rocha were formally inducted into the White Court of the Hellfire Club, as White Knight and White Bishop respectively.

A ground-breaking congress on mutation was held in Germany, with various members of the Institute, Elpis, the Snow Valley Memorial Center for Mutant Affairs and the Red X program attending. Members of X-Force attended also, alerted by Alexei Vazhin to the possibility of the assassination of William Bastion. The assassins were stopped and dealt with by the Imperial Guard and the conference continued, with Charles Xavier, and others, meeting with Lilandra Neramani. The X-Men again encountered the Imperial Guard, this time as opposition as they assisted Christopher Summers in finding a ship that had rescued a crew of mutant children en route from Indonesia to India, to be used as child soldiers.

Tragedy struck closer to home, with the uncle of one of Dr. Samson's patients blowing up the Salem Center Counselling Service in an anti-mutant action. Samson's patient, a young girl called Jada, was killed and Samson himself decided to move into the mansion with its better security to avoid presenting a danger to others should he be targeted again. In the wake of this, Yvette Petrovic returned with Kevin to the West Coast Annex for an extended trip, having been helping with the dead girl's therapy.

Nathan returned to the X-Men training rotation, and both Angelica Jones and Julian talked to Scott Summers about the potential of becoming trainees at the right age. The Danger Room (and Scott's knee) were broken during a training session. Jean-Paul returned to Quebec and found himself dealing with a hostage situation involving the mutant who had killed his father figure and now wanted Jean-Paul to kill him. Forced into the act in order to save the hostage, Jean-Paul was held by authorities for several days before being allowed to return. Gossip ran rife in the school, thanks to Johnny Gallo overhearing a conversation and the Stepford Cuckoos spreading it about and in order to counteract the miscommunication, Jean-Paul made a full disclosure post in his journal, which greatly angered Inez Temple, upset about the apparent unfairness of the law and circumstances in light of her father's jailing.

The Laurie Collins World Tour hit an interesting pothole in Egypt when Laurie and Crystal Amaquelin, who had been joined by Monet St. Croix and Kurt Sefton, incurred the wrath of a somewhat unhinged mutant archeologist, who then 'possessed' Monet through an ancient necklace and led her to believe she was the incarnation of Sekhmet. The weirdness continued back in the mansion, with Jean-Paul and Nathan indulging in a rather spectacular prank war in order to distract people.

And finally... things did not bode well for Jake's missing arm as he began experiencing a variety of unpleasant things being done to it, for what purpose, he did not know.


Apr 1 - Midsummer's Nightmare: The New Mutants stay late and capture their 'curse', a fellow actor with the ability to turn invisible and a chip on his shoulder about the casting; embarrassing naked photos are used to ensure his cooperation; a last minute casting disaster almost wrecks everything, but Karolina's parents step in to help; Julian emails the adults involved in the play letting them know about Joe and asking what should be done with him; Meggan Szardos is excited about the play's opening night. Logan begins using his journal to remind himself of what parts of his past he does remember and gets paranoid when Laurie takes an interest; Logan emails Garrison Kane asking about Laurie and her interest in him. Leo wishes Nathan a happy birthday; Cammie sends a card and a cake to Jean-Paul to pass onto her boss; Jean-Paul checks out Jake at Nathan's party, suspicious of Nathan's glowering at him; Nathan and Jean-Paul get philosophical about things; Lil calls Cammie while drunk, trying to get her to come to the party, but Cammie refuses; Cammie posts about how quiet things are with the party going on. Yvette emails Cammie about the day before, disappointed in her and Cammie apologises when she finds out why Kyle has issues with "Dog Boy"; Cammie emails Kyle to apologise; Yvette posts to her journal about the capture of the 'curse' and her meeting with Jada the previous day, and expresses her disappointment in her fellows for the thread the day before. Cammie chats with Kurt about his relationship with Monet and takes a lecture on her behaviour the day before willingly. Wanda Maximoff posts hungover after her night out with Jake and wonders where Amanda is; Mark gets a phone call from the missing witch and discovers she's in London and sends Clarice Ferguson to get her; Mark lets the rest of Snow Valley know what's going on; Amanda asks on the journals about practical joking teleporters. Manuel is woken by ABBA, which has been provided to Valentia de la Rocha as a present; Tabitha Smith is smug. Marie-Ange Colbert apologises for causing Wanda to apparently laugh herself to death; Mark Sheppard pouts about his pantless dance not being appreciated as art. Marie-Ange and David North compare precognition styles. Julian and Fred meet their new suitemate, Johnny. Congress of Behram: Remy LeBeau alerts members of Snow Valley to potential trouble at the conference and organises a response. Inez summarises the week's events in her own special way.

Apr 2 - Lil posts to the journals, drunk and looking for her pants; later she emails Jean-Paul, asking if he stole them and he admits to being the culprit. Suzanne Chan emails Manuel, curious about what he did to deserve the ABBA onslaught. Nathan thanks people for his birthday and mocks the hungover. Congress of Behram: Jake emails Wanda from Germany, where he's been drafted for security for the conference; Crystal mentions she and Laurie will be attending the conference. Kevin meets Cammie while lying low in the metal shop and they get on quite well. Johnny asks for a lift to the play; Yvette and Catseye are surprised by the appearance of Kevin, after the show. Callie and Johnny meet up in the kitchen after the play and chat.

Apr 3 - Congress of Behram: Remy meets with X-Force (and Amahl Farouk) after his talk with Vazhim and reveals assassins are targeting someone at the conference; Charles announces his departure for Germany, as does Leo. Kyle and Jan go to the bus station to pick up Doreen Green, the school's newest student; 'Dori' introduces herself on the journals. Johnny's belongings arrive and Jean-Paul and he are unsettled to discover he has packed all trace of his son and sent it to Xavier's. Julian says hi to his old friend from LA, Doreen; Callie meets her new roommate but isn't happy about Monkey Joe; Jean-Paul emails Jan to let her know Callie is staying in his suite for a while.

Apr 4 - Angel tries to teach Julian to fly with his powers, but it doesn't go as planned; Jean emails Julian about his attempted flight and insists on checking him over; after the play, Julian asks Angel about calling herself his girlfriend during the roof incident. Jean-Paul takes Cammie grocery shopping. Fred sees Amelia Voght about his pain issues. Marie-Ange and Mark amuse themselves at the conference with snark.

Apr 5 - Sofia announces Amanda has gone to Muir Island for a powers check up following the April Fool's Day incident. Congress of Behram: Remy and North foil one assassination attempt, with Angelo Espinosa assisting, but lose the assassin; Marie-Ange and North realise the identity of the target from Marie-Ange's reading: Bastion; North and Jubilation Lee pursue a security guard, the inside man, and manage to stop him with the timely help of Crystal; information is pulled from him which reveals the identity of the assassins; Remy sets Vanessa Carlysle to chasing up the assassins' backgrounds; Laurie, Doug and Jake combine powers and knowledge to weed out other suspects; Jake breaks into the hotel room of one to raid his computer; Kurt and Emma Frost mingle while Jake and Jubilee take a closer look at hotel rooms; the X-Force team manages to subdue the SIROCCO assassins after a brutal fight and then the Imperial Guard steps in to take care of things; while the assassins are being neutralised, Charles, Bastion, Lilandra, Farouk, Leo and Kurt have a private conference of their own on the mutant question. Marie-Ange posts about the speaker the day before; Leo posts about the talks he's been involved in. Jay Guthrie and Kevin run into each other and finally talk. Jean-Paul catches Julian in the act of trying to fly off the roof; later, he talks to Nathan about it, who isn't impressed. Amara posts about the huge amounts of reading she's been doing for school and the X-Men. Callie's father makes an appearance for the final night of the play. Garrison and Callisto go looking for a replacement car for him and find a wreck of a police cruiser; Jay remarks on Garrison's purchase. Garrison lets Lil know his sister is visiting for his birthday.

Apr 6 - Jean-Paul lets Scott know he's going to Quebec to take care of old business in the form of the man who killed his father-figure; Jean-Paul finds himself facing a hostage situation, which ends in the death of Ernst; Jean-Paul texts Nathan to let him know what's going on. Jubilee complains about being punched in the face and being hungry; Emma posts on her convention experience, and mocks Jake for asking out Adrienne; Jake announces a field trip to the bakery. Cammie meets Monet in the kitchen and they discuss various things in Monet's particular way. Garrison meets up with Morgan after work for drinks and in the course of things, finds out about Adrienne's date. Inez gives Monet a lift to the city and finds someone she can talk to about the Julian situation, unexpectedly. Julian has his check up with Jean Grey and gets advice on TK flying. Adrienne posts about the opening of baseball season; Adrienne texts Garrison about the Red Sox postponing their game. Julian finds Inez and they talk about things and reconcile after he reveals his criminal past. 3 2 1 Contact: Jada has an accident with her powers, injuring her uncle, and has an emergency session with Leo; her uncle leaves a bomb in the clinic as he drops her off; Forge raises the alert as Leo's phone goes offline; Lil, Tabitha, Clarice and Amara Aquilla respond, finding three people injured and Jada dead; the local news reports on the incident; Clarice reports on what happened; Jean updates with the news Leo is in medlab, but okay. Jean-Paul calls Scott about the incident in Quebec.

Apr 7 - Jean emails Fred concerning the pain his powers cause him. Jean-Paul posts to let his students know he will be out of the country for a while, Shiro Yoshida emails him with concerns. Karolina Dean posts about going to Mexico for Spring Break and the possibility of not returning to the school. Julian and Doreen have lunch and the younger girl learns about the X-Men. Inez convinces Dori to skip class for the afternoon to go play around in the woods. Jake and Adrienne go on their date, which ends after a spontaneous kiss that confuses them both. Nathan meets with Julian to discuss learning to fly, and later with Doug to share information on John Lense for Doug's Hellfire Club investiture. Fred asks Forge about an inhibitor to control his powers, and is upset by Forge's impassioned refusal. Nathan contacts Jean-Paul to check up on his friend. Johnny searches out Jean after isolating himself doesn't help, Jean gently grills him on what's bugging him, and then regales him with stories of Kitty's dragon over cocoa. Kevin brings Cammie some tattoo designs he's drawn and the pair proceed to try and out-flirt each other; Cammie wins.

Apr 8 - A group of Jake's female relatives possibly show up at the Snow Valley offices to kidnap him for a Passover seder; in retaliation for Wanda "selling him out" to his relatives, Jake decorates the fire escape with Wanda's undergarments, to everyone's amusement. Kyle and Inez talk about letting off steam and possibly starting small-group training sessions for the New Mutants. Nate and Lil talk about marriage, children, and the clinic bombing. Doug and Manuel are formally invested as the White Knight and Bishop of the Hellfire Club's Inner Circle, with Doug being tested in a fencing match while Manuel has a cryptic chat with Sebastian Shaw; during the investiture, Adrienne attends the Hellfire Club's gala and reassesses her desire to be involved with the Club. Jay and Kevin meet for the first time in months and decide they are better off keeping distance between them. Jay and Dani commiserate about their nonexistent love lives.

Apr 9 - Lil and Tabitha celebrate the prank they played on Manuel. Lil and Logan have a sparring session that includes some vaguely unresolved tension; Lil later goes shopping with Adrienne and the two women discuss their love lives or lack thereof. Jean-Paul contacts Nathan to inform him when he will be returning from Canada. Jay meets with Ororo Munroe regarding the care of the small plant she entrusted to him. Noriko Ashida hunts down Kevin while he's at the mansion and abducts him for some KFC. Manuel and Adrienne have a chat in the kitchen.

Apr 10 - 3 2 1 Contact: Nathan accompanies Leo to Trey Riley's arraignment, after which Leo has breakfast with Yvette and discusses matters. Lil inquires about who will be around for the Easter weekend and a cookout is discussed. Morgan and Adrienne go out shopping and discuss their love lives. Fred meets Logan for a powers evaluation and manages to impress the X-Man. Logan emails Kyle to catch up and mend fences. Jean-Paul arrives on Muir Island for some rest and talks with Nathan about the events of the past week. Doreen meets Kurt after being awoken from a nap.

Apr 11 - Yvette announces that she will be spending her Spring Break at the West Coast Annex to get a change of scenery after the stresses of the past few weeks. Doreen has a self-defense class with Angelo, panics, and goes feral; meanwhile, Monkey Joe declares squirrel jihad on Marius Laverne, who hides out in Fred's room and the two introduce themselves. Kurt and Fred meet and talk about Fred's dog phobia. Jennie posts about Marius's hilarious encounter with Monkey Joe. Forge proposes a night at Harry's for everyone who's returned from the dead at least once. Doreen apologizes to Marius on Monkey Joe's behalf. Remy arrives home late to a dinner with Ororo, and the two have a short argument before Ororo leaves him to his work. On Muir, Jean-Paul brings up the idea of counseling to Nate. Lucas Bishop and Manuel have their weekly chess game and discuss women.

Apr 12 - Angel talks to Scott about becoming a trainee when she's old enough. Wanda takes Lil shopping for a motorbike. Lil announces the Easter BBQ. Julian checks on Dori after the squirrel escapades of the day before. Kurt brings Cammie some food and they talk about her future and the possibility of her doing her GED. Wanda wishes Jake a happy birthday; Jake is pleased with all his cakes.

Apr 13 - Lil shares her "Zombie" recipe the day after the Zombie Night at Harry's; Forge needs rescue from his expresso machine, which he drunkenly configured into a rail gun the night before; Jay mock-scolds the drinkers of the night before. Manuel asks Wanda and Jean to take care of Valentia while he's away on a trip. Angelo runs into Lil in the gym and they talk about how people keep returning to Xavier's, even after they leave. Marie-Ange and Doug discuss the details of moving in together; Doug proposes a bidding war - respite from the fridge raiding in exchange for his and Marie-Ange's couches, which they are replacing with one.

Apr 14 - Tabitha takes Ororo and Dani to Grand Cayman for Spring Break and runs into Manuel there. Jake and Wanda both wish Amanda a happy birthday while she's still on Muir Island; Amanda posts from the pub. Jake and Angel meet and bond over toasted donuts. Callie's father returns after spending Easter with her and she suggests a late Easter egg hunt; after reading the journals, Callie emails Jean-Paul and asks if she can still stay in his room, frightened of squirrel antics. Johnny meets Lil while looking for Jean-Paul. Fred posts about the Wolverine Frog. On Muir, Nathan and Jean-Paul get kicked over to the mainland and shop and talk; Jean-Paul buys a lot of books. Manuel emails his babysitters to let them know he's going to phone.

Apr 15 - Amanda celebrates her birthday on Muir, and receives a number of congratulatory calls and emails. On Grand Cayman, Tabitha watches and admires Manuel with horses. Doreen and Julian head into the city to pick up comics; later Doreen manages to reach an agreement with Callie about Monkey Joe's presence in the room. Dani, Ororo, and Tabitha have dinner and discuss Manuel. Doug makes mention of how long it's been since he picked up comics. Tabitha takes a walk on the beach and Manuel walks her back to her room. Fred meets with Jean about his powers issues.

Apr 16 - Jake asks Remy for a job. Angelo contacts Samson and Kyle about Doreen's feral freakout. Kyle goes out and has a talk with Doreen and agrees to help her out. Julian has a talk with Callie about Doreen, and Callie finally manages to display her mutant power. Doc Samson notifies the school that he'll be taking a short trip. Tabitha and Manuel have more awkward flirting on Grand Cayman. Johnny and Doreen meet.

Apr 17 - Manuel meets with a face from his past. Various people wish Garrison a happy birthday, as the Mountie warns everyone that his younger sister is visiting; Lil and Victoria Kane catch up by the pool and plot Garrison's downfall. Johnny welcomes Jean-Paul back from Quebec. Adrienne catches up with Garrison and his sister at Harry's. Scott and Jean-Paul discuss the events in Quebec, and are overheard by Johnny and the Stepfords.

Apr 18 - While training in the Danger Room, Scott, Monet, Logan, and Lil manage to break the training room enough to take it completely offline and send Scott to the medlab; Jean and Forge both lecture Scott in his incapacitated state. Jake survives a run-in with Cammie (literally), and uses Jean-Paul's suite to cleanse himself of the toxic by-products. The Stepfords begin their campaign of gossip about Jean-Paul, talking to Manuel, Doreen, and Julian. Rappaccini's Daughter: Angelo plays some basketball with Jake, who gets a weird sensation from his stolen arm. Doreen has a tense meeting with Jean-Paul about her classes. Monet talks to Nathan about the Danger Room accident and feeling guilty.

Apr 19 - Lil discusses her soon-to-arrive motorcycle with Jean-Paul. Callie hears about the rumors surrounding Jean-Paul and goes to discuss them with him; Nathan talks to Jean-Paul about the Stepfords and what to do next. Angelo tries to cheer up Scott in the medlab; Logan visits Scott and amazingly, there's no violence. Johnny and Julian talk about the rumors going around involving Jean-Paul.

Apr 20 - Jean-Paul makes a full disclosure post about what happened in Quebec; Inez is rather scathing in her response about people getting away with murder. Lil leaves an IOU note under Jean-Paul's door. Jake sends e-mails to Marie-Ange, Doug, Jubilee, Jean-Paul and Adrienne covering such things as who gets what couch, whether he can borrow pictures of Adrienne's model clients and a great bakery tour. Manuel continues with his swimming physio-therapy, running into Jean-Paul at the pool. Manuel questions Jean-Paul about his recent avoidance. Scott takes a tour on his crutches, Julian stops by while Scott is taking a break and questions him about what he'd need to do to join the X-Men. Jean-Paul and Jake kick off the Great Bakery Tour of Ought-Nine. Doug posts to his journal about how long ago junior high was and Columbine. Doug e-mails Forge with an offer for drinks. Doug and Forge go to Harry's and commiserate on the fact that their girlfriends are sneakier then they are. Jean-Paul visits Scott, and they talk about Jean, the Stepfords and the school's students.

Apr 21 - Clarice posts about a strange noise coming from Forge's office, and Doug responds asking Forge how much they drank that night. This sets off a long winded discussion between Forge, Doug, Laurie and Marie-Ange to name a few and starts another discussion about arrogance, drinking and not treating your friends like morons. North makes a note that Doug better have brought enough alcohol for all of them, and then talks to Marie-Ange about the effects of alcohol on his powers. Kyle and Clarice share a musical moment in the same thread. Laurie posts about Austria and lakings, and Kyle replies that perhaps she's missing the point of said punishments. Callie posts about the brownies she made, and challenges everyone to guess what she put in them. Jean-Paul e-mails Lil about her offer, and they agree to meet up for a night of chocolate, wine and good looking men on film. Jean-Paul comes to talk to Nathan about an Elpis consultancy proposal he slipped under Jean-Paul's door; they agree that Nathan is evil, and that Jean-Paul is interested. Laurie e-mails Doug and Forge to say sorry.

Apr 22 - Johnny meets with Jean-Paul about school and confesses his role in spreading the rumours. Callie announces Earth Day. Julian and Doreen go to get comics, but are interrupted by an injured squirrel rescue. Adrienne and Bishop take time off the gun training to play chess and talk about Lil. Doug is pleased when Denver convicts in a transgender hate crime. Lil comes to visit Scott and they talk about injuries, field work vs strategy and taking their respective bikes out for a spin.

Apr 23 - Nathan seeks out Ororo to ask her to put him back in training rotation - they talk about why he wants to get back to it, and agree he isn't quite broken down and busted yet. Scott notes his trip to a surgeon to get physio-therapy on his knee, there is much ribbing in the comments. Garrison and Inez talk about her reaction to what Jean-Paul did, and Garrison tries to explain the choices that Jean-Paul faced, and the price of those choices. Callie visits Doreen, who is having some trouble with geometry and offers to help, as well as giving Monkey Joe a welcome surprise. Lil makes a somewhat obscure remark on her journal, and her friends respond.

Apr 24 - Jubilee notes being awake and in work on time, a rare occurrence. Doreen challenges Johnny to a race to the top of their tree, which she quickly wins. She then shows off the tree house. X-Men Mission: Eric the Red: Christopher Summers e-mails his son with a request for help; Ororo discusses with Garrison and Farouk the current political situation around Asia, and who might be suited to the mission they've been given. Jean-Phillipe returns to the mansion and is met by Jean-Paul, who has a surprising offer for the younger man. Jean-Phillipe posts about being back and Laurie decides to adopt the young Frenchman as her new suite mate.

Apr 25 - X-Men Mission: Eric the Red: Arriving in Madripoor, the X-Men meet with Christopher Summers' contact and find out that a team of mutants may also be looking for the missing ship and its crew; the X-Men find and start evacuating the ship, but opposition arrives in the form of the Imperial Guard; after a short battle, the X-Men manage to escape with the crew, but the implications of India working with Indonesian mutant child traffickers are far-reaching. Kurt finds Doreen trying to call her father and getting more and more upset; Kurt alerts the staff to the situation with Dori. Manuel and Valentia encounter Adrienne at Boiler Beach and there is talk of preferred 'types' to date. Jay remembers a recording session with Terry and goes to talk to her, both discovering they have nothing to really talk about any more. Doreen talks about her literature project with Jean-Paul and he suggests using Monkey Joe as inspiration.

Apr 26 - Yvette returns from the West Coast Annex. The Mummies' Return: Monet suggests a trip to Egypt for herself and Kurt, inviting Laurie and Crystal to join them.

Apr 27 - Fred meets up with Cammie on the smoker's porch and they chat, mocking Texas and revisiting less-than-comfortable memories. Amanda announces her return from England, demanding a night out drinking after a week of spiritual cleansing with Homily. Jean-Paul teaches Cammie to cook and they talk about his recent time in Scotland. Charles announces one more RA - Dani. Doreen talks to Adrienne about her previous grades in math and is relieved to find they won't count at Xavier's. Remy seeks out Ororo to apologise. Johnny goes to the garage to ogle Lil's new bike and winds up with a giantess in a bikini top and cut-offs to ogle instead; Lil, looking for Wanda, meets Jake at the brownstone and then the three of them go out for drinks to celebrate the new bike. Nathan and Jean-Paul have a prank war, with Nathan barricading Jean-Paul into his room with the furniture. Kurt and Johnny have their first training session.

Apr 28 - Catseye finds Jean-Paul being melancholy and purrs him into a better mood. The Mummies' Return: In Cairo, Kurt, Monet, Laurie and Crystal agree to hire a local archeologist tour guide to see the city. Catseye and Cammie discuss hunting, driving and cow-tipping whilst working at Elpis. Jean-Paul enlists Angelo's help in the prank war. Jean-Paul asks about the upcoming prom and Nathan uses the post as a chance to poke him about the plaid patterns that were painted on the boathouse windows. Lil takes an excited Catseye for a ride on her new bike. Yvette and Doreen meet and talk about how the squirrel girl is settling in. Betsy announces her return from the Middle East. Wanda announces her departure to Lichenstein. Jean-Paul asks for help getting his furniture off the roof and the lawn; Angel claims the rooftop couch as her own for donut consumption; Zanne questions Nathan's maturity in an email; Kyle joins Angel and they talk about her joining the X-Men.

Apr 29 - The Mummies' Return: The group does the tourist thing with their guide, Dr. Theodore Gaskill, and Monet manages to freak him out by breaking a fragment of statue; Monet falls victim to the archeologist as he uses his mutant powers to possess her via a necklace, making her believe she is Sekhemet reborn and unleashing mummies on a market; Laurie, Crystal and Kurt manage to subdue Monet and the archeologist and then flee the scene before police arrive; afterwards, Laurie calls Eammon and talks about the weirdness of her life before making plans to meet if they're in the same city. Nathan is 'impressed' by the rooftop lawn on the boathouse, complete with Quebecois flag and enemy tartan painted on the walls; lakings ensue, and Jean-Paul "apologises" on the journals; Zanne offers free showings of footage from the lakings.

Apr 30 - Following up a request from North, Jake lets him know that in all likelihood a missing package with Infonet will be in a warehouse in Saint-Genis-Pouilly. Dani emails Sam about going shooting. Dani announces her reinstatement as RA. Jennie hates all men in the wake of finding out her boyfriend had dumped her without telling her. At the mansion for his chess game with Manuel, Bishop instead meets Doreen and Monkey Joe and winds up teaching her how to play chess. Mark is excited about the Eurovision Song Contest and Serbia's entry. Jay complains that living with Dani is going to make him fat and she chides him for eating an entire pie. Jake and Doug go out to eat and talk about Day Zero before switching to less-traumatic topics. Jan announces her upcoming birthday and hopes nothing happens. Adrienne announces a prom dress recycling program through her store, encouraging donations of formal wear for underprivileged prom-goers. After his first session with Jack Leary, Jean-Paul has distraction in the form of Lil asking to go to prom with him and decompressing in the form of drinks and talk with Nathan.


Midsummer's Nightmare

3 2 1 Contact

Congress of Behram

X-Men Mission: Eric The Red

The Mummies' Return

Rappaccini's Daughter

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