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Valentia Dominga de la Rocha
Portrayed by Suri Cruise
Known Aliases: none
Affiliations: none
Socked By: None - socker required
Introduction: Valentia's Lullaby

Power belongs to the lord.

Long lost sister of Manuel de la Rocha, Valentia herself is an empath, manifested at an early age. She is also mute and lived with Manuel at the mansion, where she received help with her mutation and her socialization. Following an attack by Hellfire Club enemies, Manuel decided to take his sister with him and go into hiding.


Name: Valentia Dominga de la Rocha

Aliases: none

Occupation: none

First appearance: January 19, 2009

Family: Father: Alphonso de la Rocha (deceased); mother: Adoracion de la Rocha (deceased); brother: Manuel de la Rocha.


Since Alphonso had such a horrible, unreliable son, Alphonso de la Rocha approached Nathaniel Essex with the intention to provide himself with a reliable heir. Happily accepting the extremely large payment for doing so, Essex used samples of Manual's DNA to create a cloned egg, which was then implanted in de la Rocha's wife. Alphonso's requirements were that the child be a daughter as he did not want another betraying son.

Due to unforseen events, Alphonso was killed and his estate was left to his child, Valentia. Alphonso had many enemies and many rivals, and after his death, they began to move in on his remaining estate. The most powerful among them was seeking to take Alphonso's place in the Hellfire Club, and thought Alphonso's heir would be the key to him achieving that. It was his men who started watching the estate and harrassing Adoracion. Fearful for her daughter's safety and also a little afraid of the child herself (Adoracion was barely eighteen at this point and way out of her depth), she arranged for two members of her staff, a husband and wife, to take Valentia and raise her as their own in the nearby village in secret. They would receive significant payment for this. At the same time, Adoracion would spread word that the child had died of cot death, in order to throw the business rival off the scent and gain some peace.

Unfortunately, not long after this, Adoracion was found dead at the bottom of the stairs, a victim of an 'accident' contrived by Alphonso's rival - by removing the baby, she removed her only value, that as the child's mother and the one raising her, and the business rival saw no reason to keep her alive.

The couple kept Valentia as they had been told, with money coming to them from a pre-established account. Unfortunately, with Adoracion's death, that money was finite, and by the time Manuel arrived on the scene, it was running short. The child was also far too strange and disturbing for them to really bond with her, something that makes her only more remote and creepy.

When Manuel arrived, the woman who answered the door recognised him as Manuel de la Rocha, Alphonso's son (there were pictures, etc, around the mansion where they worked) and went to talk to her husband. Upon realising that Valentia was responding to Manuel, the couple decided to rid themselves of their problem and hand her over, giving Manuel and Amanda some story about saving the child's life after her mother died and pocketing the remaining money.


Like her brother Manuel, Valentia is an empath, a type of psi, able to both perceive and manipulate the emotions of others, extending to some higher-intelligence animals such as horses. Her receptive range is approximately five kilometres, and she by necessity must use a portion of her power and her attention in shielding herself from the emotions of others. Her powers come naturally as she was born with her powers and did not manifest. Her empathy is very extensive, going even so far as sensing other empaths.

Because she is at such a young age, she can do nothing more with it other than communicate with her brother or any other empath of similiar powers (or someone trained in it) - Charles set up a circuit breaker in Valentia in order to prevent her being scarred by her powers in a similar way to her brother. She cannot project and has limited receptive abilities.

She is a mute both verbally and mentally. To telepaths, she's blank, like a static and thinks/relates her thoughts through emotions rather than images and words.


Valentia speaks Spanish (Castilian dialect) and knows very basic American sign language. She finds the gesture 'thank you' very easy and she uses it often because Manuel happened to hammer it into her head that manners are important. She may say thankyou to communicate a 'no' or a 'yes'. It is up to the person to try and figure out which one she means.


Valentia's Lullaby

PB: Suri Cruise

Socked by:

Formerly socked by Andrea