William Bastion

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William Bastion
Portrayed by Patrick Gorman
Known Aliases: None
Affiliations: None
Socked By: Dex
Introduction: Bhagavad Gita

William Bastion is a former Lt. General in the United States Air Force, and a past Ambassador to the United Nations for the McKenna Administration. He was dismissed from his role after a fiery speech following the mutant terrorism in India, where he called for a new international effort towards dealing with security and terrorism in a post-human world. He currently remains an extremely well respected political figure, and is being actively courted by both parties for the future.


Name: William Marcus Bastion

Aliases: None

Occupation: Lt. General (ret.) of the USAF

First appearance: July 4, 2008

Family: Peggy (wife - deceased), Angela (daughter), Penelope (daughter)


William Bastion was a Vietnam hero for the United States Air Force, having flown over 100 missions over hostile airspace. He was noted because only a third of those missions were combat missions. The rest were highly dangerous recon missions in an unarmed high speed jet, equipped with all manner of photography and surveillance equipment, a prototype similar to the U-2.

Following Vietnam, Bastion went on to acquire a degree in aerospace engineering, and was heavily involved in technology development and appropriations for the USAF. Considered to be one of the best evaluators of new technology in the military, Bastion regularly consulted with the Joint Chiefs directly and the Secretary of Defense. Referring to himself as politically 'atheistic', he developed strong ties with the State Department as well, as a specialist in foreign air capacity of all kinds.

Bastion took a long leave following the loss of his wife to cancer, and returned to active duty only to find that he'd been shortlisted for appointment to the Joint Chiefs, with rumours swirling that he was likely to be tapped as the new chair. However, due to his growing relationship with Congress and increasingly becoming the face of the modern American military, President McKenna asked Bastion to take on the upcoming vacancy as his Ambassador to the United Nations.

Bastion would only last three months in the role. His speech in response to the nuclear explosion in India to the UN was about issuing, in his mind, a clarion call to governments and leaders around the world who failed to grasp the subtlies of the new mutant world, and looking for intelligent and reasoned international discourse and agreements to confront the issues. Unfortunately, it was also drastically overstepping his bounds, and he was asked to tender his resignation that day by an embarrassed administration.

Since then, Bastion has been all over Washington, D.C. Many in the media considered his speech to be an act of immense bravery in the face of a recalcitrant McKenna Administration to take the lead in foreign policy. As a result, his political capital is very high, and more so, the Lt. General has found something he feels is worth fighting for. While he currently is looking to influence policy outside of an elected office, both parties have made overtures for a Senate or House race if he's interested.

In October 2012, Bastion met with the newly form X-Corps, consulting with them in the disappearance of mutant children in the Congo.




Bhagavad Gita

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PB: Patrick Gorman

Socked by: Dex