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Nuclear conflict between India and Pakistan was narrowly averted by an investigation team of X-Men, X-Force and mansion residents who determined the attack on July 31 was part of a secret mutant weaponisation program. In the course of taking down those responsible, Esteban Trotsky was killed, a blow to both Farouk and to Mark, and the mysterious Kingmaker was again found to be instrumental to things. Emma meted out her own punishment on one of those responsible, trapping Calysee Neramani, short-lived leader of Pakistan in the wake of the political upheaval caused by the bombing, in her own mind with memories of the devestation caused.

On the home front, things were just as chaotic. Terry and Forge especially found recovery difficult and Kurt, seeking answers after the torture of several junior X-Men by the Brotherhood of Mutants, sought out his mother Mystique, but was hit by a car and awoke to find himself in a private clinic at the hands of Magneto. Strangely there was no confrontation when a rescue team arrived, Magneto content to let Kurt be released after several conversations concerning the methodology of the opposing teams. In the course of Kurt's disappearance it became clear there was some kind of security leak, as the newest X-Man, Sway was chosen to be the contact regarding Kurt's location despite her never having been on a mission. Work on the new Blackbird proved to be a uniting factor, with various students and residents helping out.

A Red X mission to floods in Iowa proved to be the most problematic yet, with Jay especially having a series of accidents and disasters. Things did not improve for him upon his return as he got involved with a drug testing program and began to suffer a debilitating failure of his healing factor. An old face from Mistra returned, telepath Carly Alvarez having a rather disturbing encounter with Nathan and then wiping his memory of the incident. A birthday present from Amanda to Angelo resulted in him discovering his father had been a mutant, a fact he was unable to fully explore as another X-Men mission ended badly, this time a Mistra offshoot project becoming the centre of attention from SHIELD, Tara Trask and her people and John Lense, apparently now working for the Hellfire Club. The ensuing clash left Nathan in a coma.


Jul 1 - Doug has the Discovery Channel song stuck in his head. Bhagavad Gita: Angelo informs Nathan he's heard from Samie Kander and her family and they're okay; Pete sets the team to investigating how a suitcase nuke could have been built without them knowing; further news reveals the 'bomb' was actually a mutant; Wanda reacts to the news; Fred Duncan instructs Garrison to gather a secret team to investigate the mutant under the FBI auspices; Al Jazeera airs a tape from the "Sons of Bakr", claiming responsibility. Monet complains about missing One Tree Hill due to news coverage; Garrison manages to convince Morgan and Adrienne to come to India; Garrison asks Pete and Emma for help; Garrison goes to recruit Farouk and is surprised when he immediately agrees to come; Paige emails Tommy to ask for his help in the investigation; Garrison notifies the staff of various absences Le Monde is scathing in its report on the American reaction; Samson asks Garrison if he can help; Terry organises a Red X response with blood drives and care packages; the White House announces the UN weapons inspectors/FBI taskforce going to investigate; Remy sends Jubilee and Wanda to India with the team. Forge and Manuel encounter each other in the infirmary and wind up in a hostility loop. Callie can't sleep and is making cupcakes when Jane stumbles across her in the kitchen.

Jul 2 - Callie offers free cupcakes on the journals. Jay wishes the Canadians a Happy Canada Day. Adrienne emails Inez Temple| Inez to let her know she'll be away in India for an unknown amount of time. Bhagavad Gita: The group arrives in India and plans are made; the Indian PM loses a vote of no confidence and is set to be ousted by D.Ken Neramani. Kyle smells something burning on the third floor and it turns out to be Crystal trying to cook. Nathan introduces new recruit Zanne to the Danger Room. Callisto and Ororo run into each other at Harry's.

Jul 3 - Shiro and Alex have a confrontation outside the Danger Room and it becomes clear things are hard for Shiro with Alex on the team. Mark remixes some of Jay's songs for Silver, and Jay is less than impressed. Jan wishes everyone a happy Independence Day for the next day.

Jul 4 - Pete wishes everyone a happy Independence Day in his own special way. Bhagavad Gita: Tommy, Paige and Adrienne work together to find, decontaminate and 'read' pieces of the bomber's clothing to uncover what happened; the US Ambassador to the UN, William Bastion, is fired after an unauthorised speech concerning mutant terrorism. Amanda posts regarding a weakness in the walls between dimensions caused by the Shadow King incident.

Jul 5 - Jay emails Terry about doing some recording. Jay posts about his busy night at Silver. Jean-Phillipe has a powers mishap, accidentally electrocuting Jane. Remy and Ororo meet in Istanbul. Bhagavad Gita: Garrison, Wanda, Jubilee and Morgan meet to exchange information, and it becomes known that the Sons of Bakr were connected with the extremists in Afghanistan.

Jul 6 - Callie meets Nathan and Rachel. Bhagavad Gita: Factions clash in Pakistan and Calysee Khan nee Neramani, widow of a prominent general, rises to power as the leadership crumbles; Emma, Leo and Farouk land in Pakistan and find chaos and violence; the UN sends peacekeepers into Pakistan.

Jul 7 - Mark comments on various recent events, including the explosion in India, Bastion's speech, a transgender man's delivery of a healthy baby girl, his health progress and new music. Bhagavad Gita: The Washington Post runs a profile on Calysee Neramani; Emma, Farouk and Leo get a clue from a general's thoughts, 'Deathbird' and the entire group takes fire while investigating the lead; Esteban is killed defending Farouk.

Jul 8 - Terry and Nathan talk about the failed mission and Terry's feeling she is considered a bad X-Man as a result. Bhagavad Gita: The Times reports on the UN Weapons Inspectors being given evidence of the Deathbird program and its connection to Calysee's former husband and D. Ken Neramani withdraws support for his sister's interim government in Pakistan; Leo, Emma and Farouk confront Calysee on her role in training and sending the mutant to India as part of a mutant weaponisation project funded by the Kingmaker; Time does an overview on the whole incident; most of the group returns. Garrison, Bishop and Amanda go out to Harry's. Adrienne talks about her injured shoulder and checks on the state of her store.

Jul 9 - Jubilee announces her return to x_snowvalley. Manuel has a frustrating appointment with Jean. Jay meets Vic. Angel helps Forge with the Blackbird rebuild. Nathan announces he is going to DC for an Elpis meeting. Adrienne and Inez have a performance review.

Jul 10: Third Strike: Kurt finally finds Mystique and is about to take her into custody when they are both hit by a car. Morgan comes across a drugged and sleepless Adrienne and it's revealed why Adrienne is at the mansion.

Jul 11 - Marie-Ange is confused about people dressed as cows for a fast food promotion. Amanda meets Adrienne at Harry's for chat and relaxation, and later they are joined by Morgan. Third Strike: Kurt wakes up in hospital to find a cordial Magneto watching over him; Amanda alerts the X-Men and XF leaders that Kurt hasn't checked in as arranged. Jay reconsiders and gives Mark more of his music.

Jul 12 - Bishop and Manuel play chess and discuss pasts and futures. Reunion Monticello: Nathan is ambushed at Arlington Cemetery by Carly Alvarez, a former Mistra telepath who is now working with Tara Trask; she wipes his memory of the meeting and he comes to a couple of hours later to find his shields are back to normal finally; on his return, Jean suggests he take control by learning offensive telepathy.

Jul 13 - Angel meets Manuel - and his speedo - at the pool. Jennie returns from the Caribbean. Third Strike: Kurt manages to escape his room and find a computer, but is caught before he can send a message.

Jul 14 - In an unheard-of act, Adrienne wishes Emma a happy birthday and thanks her for finding the job at Xavier's for her. Julio returns from Mexico; in response to a thread in Julio's journal, Jane announces a Bake-Off on July 26. Third Strike: Zanne is given a package of Kurt's medical documents by a strange woman and passes them onto Scott and Ororo; Scott lets the team know they've got information on Kurt. Laurie tries a jujitsu dojo and meets Doug there. Visiting the mansion, Jubilee irritates Morgan (in her true shape again) and makes a deal with Cain Marko| Cain.

Jul 15 - Third Strike: Kurt manages to send an email to Amanda, Wanda and Scott alerting them to Magneto's presence; Amanda is furious and starts searching when her location spell can't find Kurt; Scott announces the plan to retrieve him, having narrowed things down to three private clinics.

Jul 16 - Third Strike: Nathan announces to the team that Kurt has been found and there is a possible security leak, given Zanne being identified as an X-Man despite not having been in the field. Nathan meets Callisto and they talk about making a difference.

Jul 17 - Amanda is relieved that Kurt has been found but angry at what happened. Jay wishes Kevin a happy birthday and makes plans; Yvette leaves Kevin a birthday present. Julio asks Nathan for a job with Elpis. Jubilee loses a bet with Cain and owes him drinks. Callisto and Yvette talk while working on the Blackbird. Red X Mission: Rising Waters: Crystal announces that Red X has been called to address flooding in Iowa. Sulaco: Mark and Jay talk about sex and in the course of the discussion, Mark mentions a new strain of VD out there and a clinic treating it.

Jul 18 - Kurt has two visitors, Scott and Amanda - neither is happy about him looking for Mystique and Kurt reluctantly agrees he will not do so again. Red X Mission: Rising Waters: Yvette encourages Inez to come with them to Iowa; Inez emails Adrienne to let her know she'll be absent from work a few days; Jay nearly gets hit by lightning whilst out with Jean; Kyle and Jay are sandbagging when some workers fall into the water and need rescuing; Yvette reports in to Terry after a day's work. Doug gets contemplative watching Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Blog and the new Batman movie, and he and Marie-Ange talk about the job and the choices involved.

Jul 19 - Jennie comes across Nathan and they talk about his run of bad luck. Amanda goes to the cemetery to remember Charlie. Red X Mission: Rising Waters: Inez gets stuck until Crystal helps her; Jay and Cessily have mishap due to her lack of control over her powers and both wind up in the water; Jay is rescued by Tommy; Yvette forces Jay to rest after his near-drowning; Callie brings a young boy to Jean for a check-up; Angel needs a helping hand from Jean when she has a mishap trying to convince an old man to leave his house; Dani and Jay manage to rescue a family from their roof, after a few mishaps; Jane lets the Red X people know Cessily is safe and sound.

Jul 20 - Red X Mission: Rising Waters: Laurie and Tatiana try unsuccessfully to evacuate a family; Yvette and Kevin rescue kittens; Jan and Callie chat whilst on lunch break; Jay insults Crystal whilst discussing his terrible couple of days; upon returning, Terry claims dibs on the hot tub; Tatiana has a meltdown about her powers slip. Garrison goes to Scott with a proposal from Fred Duncan - using team members as an unofficial FBI investigative team. Shiro has a fight with Alex and goes to Silver to unwind and winds up being picked up by Jay.

Jul 21 - Doug gets revenge on Jubilee for her eating his pie. Nathan goes to talk to Tatiana. The morning after, there's an ugly scene between Shiro and Jay as Shiro wants things to be kept secret; Shiro runs into Marie-Ange and gets some advice about his situation. Doug asks Forge to make him the super-phone from The Dark Knight and asks Emma for money from the discretionary fund to do so.

Jul 22 - Jubilee asks Mark for help with her revenge against Doug. Angelo's birthday and Amanda gives him all the information she's been able to dig up about his father's murder; there's something odd in the autopsy report that he needs to check with the doctors; Angelo posts a humorous video that Dom gave him for his birthday, mocking Nathan; Forge gives Angelo a bottle of Attilani rum. Jennie and Callie meet out by the pool. Forge announces the new Blackbird is nearly finished and calls for names. Sulaco: Jay goes to the clinic Mark mentioned and offers himself as a test subject for a new drug. Nathan gives Ororo Danger Room training scenarios as a present and talks about his upcoming vacation with Moira and Rachel. Jane announces the bake-off for the upcoming Saturday and asks Tommy to gild a spatula as the prize.

Jul 23 - Forge and Crystal realise they've moved in together and Forge makes it official, moving the last of his possessions out of the suite with Angelo. Angelo asks Jean to translate the test results from his father's autopsy. Julio and Nori share elements of their pasts when Julio upsets Nori by asking about her tattoos. Terry is bored by filing and mentions her upcoming anniversary. Yvette talks about the capture of Radovan Karadzic.

Jul 24 - Angelo gets the results back and is stunned to discover his father was a mutant. Sulaco: Playing cards with Yvette, it's clear Jay isn't well; Yvette tells the doctors about Jay's health issues. Clarice and Callie meet and are extremely random at each other; Callie is very confused about Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle.

Jul 25 - Sulaco: Jay goes to Amelia for his check up and things aren't looking good. Kyle and Angel bond over weird donut flavours; Forge runs afoul of their prank donuts. Bishop gives Garrison the information he asked for about Adrienne's case at the NYPD. Yvette and Nathan talk about history, truth and the X-Men.

Jul 26 - Seven Minutes In Heaven: Nick Fury asks for assistance with a possible Mistra offshoot program found in Alaska; Phoenix takes a team up north to investigate along with a SHIELD team; investigations reveal some kind of genetic research program, but before anything solid can be discovered they are interrupted by a combined force of Tara Trask with her people and John Lense with a number of mercenaries; the X-Men try to distract the intruders so the SHIELD scientists can finish their task, but Cable is almost killed by Ilyas Saidullayev and Lense while Trask uses her psionics to distract Skin and the scientists and get away with various files; Wildchild rescues Cable from drowning but he remains in a coma whilst the team is evacuated home; Scott reports on the mission. Bhagavad Gita: Emma emails Garrison letting him know Calysee's fate - trapped in memories of Srinagar and the carnage she wrought; Emma invites Bishop for a drink.

Jul 27 - Seven Minutes In Heaven: Kyle complains about having hypothermia from saving Nathan; Jean lets the school as a whole know of Nathan's condition; Angelo emails Domino and the rest of the Pack to let them know. Sulaco: Monet encounters an unwell Jay, who throws up on her when she tries to carry him to medlab; Jay apologises to an unimpressed Monet. Garrison confronts Adrienne about the investigation on her and she agrees to surrender herself before the evidence leads to her arrest.

Jul 28 - Julio conducts a series of experiments in homemade explosives with the other students. Angel discovers her sock drawer is full of ube yams, the same as the evil donuts of earlier.

Jul 29 - Emma breaks the news of Esteban's death to Mark and later he finds Farouk at Harry's and they awkwardly mourn together.

Jul 30 - Seven Minutes In Heaven: Pete sets the Snow Valley team to finding Lense. Emma takes a peek in Doug's head, looking for a universal dictionary.

Jul 31 - Angelo's post about his father's mutancy is interrupted by a telekinetic tantrum from Rachel. Crystal muses on the upcoming anniversary of Attilan's disappearance and return.


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Third Strike

Reunion Monticello

Red X Mission: Rising Waters


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