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The Pack
Portrayed by Various
Known Aliases: N/A
Affiliations: Elpis
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Introduction: X-Men Mission: Air Xavier

The Pack is the name Nathan gave to the mercenary group he founded after fleeing Mistra. Though the surviving members have since left the mercenary life and accepted Nathan's offer of employment with Elpis, they remain a group of highly competent - and dangerous - people with a wide range of skills and contacts.


GW Bridge - deceased
GW Bridge

George Washington (GW) Bridge was one of the three founding members of the Pack. A former field operative for the CIA, he was betrayed and left for dead when an attempted coup went wrong in Cambodia. He was rescued rather impulsively by Nathan, who was passing through the country in search of another member of the Mistra team responsible for the deaths of his wife and son. Bridge became Nathan's closest friend, more like a brother, and helped him through the worst of his adjustment to life outside Mistra. He later was Nathan's best man at his wedding to Moira, and was asked by the couple to serve as godfather to their daughter Rachel, shortly before he was killed by Gideon.

Domino *

Domino, rescued from a Hong Kong fighting pit by Nathan and Bridge, was their (unofficial) ward for a time, but joined the Pack as soon as she was of age to do so.

PB: Milla Jovovich

David Rabin
David Rabin

David Rabin, formerly of the Mossad, was the third founding member of the Pack. A mutant with the power of superspeed, he is a sardonic, often difficult man. Alone of the three founding members, he left his parent agency on the best of terms, and is responsible for the ease with which Elpis was accepted in Israel. Since Elpis set up shop in Tel Aviv, he has been largely responsible for the day-to-day affairs of the main office, stepping smoothly into what would have been Bridge's shoes.

PB: Liev Schreiber

Mina Rabin
Mina Rabin

Mina Rabin was an Argentine operative prior to an operation that went spectacularly wrong and soured her on government service. Recruited by Bridge, she soon fell in love and married David Rabin. An electrokinetic, she also served as the Pack's medic during its active days. Currently, she is working behind a desk for Elpis, as she and David have a young son, Nathan George, and agreed that one of them would stay out of the field permanently.

PB: Mia Maesto

Theodore Winchester *
Theodore Winchester

Theodore Winchester's ursine mutation led him to be abandoned by his family in the Canadian North. He was discovered on a group training trip by Nathan, who convinced him to come with them and helped him adapt to living within society again - or as much within society as an eight-foot bear man can manage. Amiable and sweet-tempered, he finds work with Elpis very much to his liking, and is fanatically loyal to his friends.

PB: Stock Photo

Lien Sakai
Lien Sakai

Lien Sakai's origins are a mystery to all of her colleagues except Nathan, who vouched for her upon her recruitment. A baseline human, she is nonetheless a skilled fighter, particularly good at infiltration. She is very close to Domino, and was involved with Bridge prior to his death. Prior to the Tel Aviv bombing, she became involved with Chris Cole.

PB: Marie Matiko

Vasily Grachov
Vasily Grachov

Vasily Grachov, the younger brother of an ex-FSB agent, manifested his plasma-projecting abilities in a dramatic public fashion back home in Russia. His brother Alexey, desperate to get him out of the country before his brother could be recruited, got in touch with his old friend Bridge, who agreed to take the young man into the Pack. Vasily was seriously injured in the bombing of the Tel Aviv office, forcing doctors to amputate his left leg.

PB: Darin Brooks

Ryan Garrison
Ryan Garrison

Ryan Garrison was the Pack's 'techie', and serves the same role with Elpis. A baseline human, he went looking for adventure and joined the Pack at a young age after impressing David with his ability to whip up technical solutions and his skill with a gun. He is very close with Vasily, and the two of them are not big on conversation with anyone but each other.

PB: Alan Ritchson


After Nathan rescued Bridge in Cambodia (about nine years prior to his arrival at the school), Bridge accompanied him back to the US as Nathan continued his mission of vengeance against those responsible for the deaths of his family. When he destroyed the Mistra home facility in New Mexico, he walked out into the desert, gravely injured, and would have died had Bridge not followed him, returning the favor Nathan had paid him in Cambodia and saving his life.

It was Bridge who suggested to Nathan that as they had nowhere to go and only their skills to their name, they should hire themselves out as mercenaries. They worked as partners for some months, then realized that without a larger group they were limited in what they could. After meeting David Rabin, who had recently left the Mossad, the three of them developed a game plan and began to recruit.

The Pack operated world-wide, in Africa, the Middle East, Latin America, Eastern Europe, the former Soviet Union, and Southeast Asia. They developed a reputation for toughness, honoring their contracts, and a level of reliability and integrity that made them a viable option for government wanting to have something done 'off the books'. The British government in particular hired them several times to find and destroy nuclear weapons in India and Pakistan. They had their dark moments, especially an incident in North Korea that left Nathan, Bridge and Domino in prison for weeks, but they were largely very successful mercenaries. Based out of St. Petersburg, then Berlin, they became something of a family.

When Nathan's problems with his precognition led him to leave and seek help from Moira, the Pack was left somewhat at loose ends. Though they remained on the market and took occasional jobs for some time, some of the cohesion of the unit had been lost in Nathan's absence. When Nathan began to rescue fellow operatives from Mistra, the Pack took them in, adding to the 'family'. This made things very difficult when some of those former operatives died on Youra, but it only strengthened the Pack's ties with the survivors.

When Pete Wisdom began his undercover mission at the Hellfire Club, Remy LeBeau insisted that the Pack was a security risk and that Nathan had to break contact with them. Anticipating the problem, Bridge had already moved the Pack to Tunisia, where they would lay low and take no more jobs for the time being.

This resolve lasted a few months, until the truth about Nathan's family emerged. Bridge, with the Pack, decided they would work to shut down more of the Eris-founded training camps in Africa, as the X-Men couldn't spend six months undercover on the continent. They were joined in this by more of the surviving Mistra operatives, creating a truly formidable unit. The Pack chased down training camps for months, scoring numerous successes. When Gideon kidnapped Domino, he also set the Zairean army on their tail, preventing them from coming to the assistance of Nathan and his team until the last minute.

With intel gained from the Eris camp on that occasion, they went back to shutting down training camps, until Bridge was killed by Gideon on a visit to New York. Afterwards, they traveled the world, helping Nathan gather information on Gideon that he would later give to the US government for them to use in their investigation of Gideon for his questionable activities (especially his ties to Mistra). Following the deaths of Gideon and Saul and the founding of Elpis, they settled in Tel Aviv to establish the Elpis office there.

When the Elpis office was bombed by the Preservers, many of the former Pack members were injured, some seriously. The incident only strengthened the bonds between them and their newer friends, the ex-Mistra operatives who had joined them to set up the Tel Aviv office.


X-Men Mission: Air Xavier

Hellfire and Damnation

Skeleton Coast




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PBs: Morris Chestnut (Bridge), Milla Jovovich (Domino), Liev Schreiber (David), Mia Maesto (Mina), Marie Matiko (Lien), Darin Brooks (Vasily), Alan Ritchson (Ryan).