Dayspring Family

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Dayspring Family
Portrayed by Natascha McElhone, Julie Christie, Brendan Gleeson, Julianne Moore, Hugo Weaving
Known Aliases: Saul Morrow (deceased), Esther Morrow (deceased); Aliya Sundell-Dayspring (deceased) and Tyler Dayspring (deceased); Moira MacTaggart and Rachel Kinross and others
Affiliations: Nathan Dayspring
Socked By: Various
Introduction: August 3, 2005

Despite his lack of memory concerning his own childhood and parents, Nathan went on to become a family man well before his time at the mansion. His first wife and son were killed when the family tried to flee Mistra. Ten years later, he married again and had a daughter, Rachel.


First appearance: Rachel was born on August 3, 2005. Aliya and Tyler were deceased several years prior to the beginning of the game. See specific entries for other family members.

Esther Morrow - mother (deceased)
Calm and quiet, with her own precognitive talent, Nathan's mother Esther never gave up looking for him, or working against her husband and brother-in-law. Her connection to the Mother Askani is still something of a mystery to Nathan, who has also discovered that Esther trained disciples of her own, including Irene Merryweather.

Saul Morrow - father (deceased),
Saul was an active participant in his brother's schemes until Gideon turned his sights on the son he'd been estranged from for many years. For further details, see his individual page.

Aliya Sundell-Dayspring - first wife (deceased)
One of the telepathic instructors, with Mistra, Aliya and Nathan unexpectedly fell in love and after some negotiating, they were given permission to marry, and shortly thereafter, Aliya gave birth to a son, Tyler. When Tyler was six, Nathan's conditioning broke and he coerced Aliya (by threatening to take Tyler) to leave Mistra with him. Aliya and Tyler were gunned down by a Mistra team while waiting in a hotel for Nathan to return, deaths which he felt through his link with his wife and which shattered him.

Tyler Dayspring - son (deceased)
Son of Nathan and Aliya, Tyler was six when he and his mother were killed by Mistra following Nathan breaking his conditioning.

Moira MacTaggart - Phase 1 - second wife (deceased)
Moira icon.jpg
Nathan's second wife, whom he met during his time at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. Killed in the Muir Invasion in January 2015. For further details, see her individual page.

PB: Julianne Moore

Rachel Kinross - daughter
Daughter of Nathan and his second wife, Moira, Rachel manifested both telekinetic and telepathic abilities in the womb, making it very clear that she would be a rather remarkable baby. Since her birth, all the relevant psis related to the mansion have had a hand in making sure her development is as problem-free as possible, although the Professor also installed a psychic circuit-breaker to prevent her from developing too quickly. Rachel started to fly at the age of four months, has proven herself to be a terrifyingly apt mimic of anything she sees another psi do, and has a peculiar distaste for squirrels. In June 2012, she was kidnapped from Muir by the Genoshan government and put through the mutate process. The procedure ramped up her powers to the point that she could not sustain herself and she disintegrated before the horrified eyes of various captured Xavierites. Incredibly, a month later a young woman calling herself Rachel Kinross-Dayspring appeared in Madripoor, looking for Xorn. She seemed to be from an alternative dimension, a world in which she did not die at Genosha, but in which Apocalypse rose to power. She was later confirmed to be this world's Rachel, "resurrected" and aged to adulthood in a pocket of the astral plane.

PB: Stock photo

Gideon Faraday - uncle (deceased)
Brother of Saul Morrow, Social Darwinist, not even family ties kept others free of Gideon's schemes for a perfect mutant society. For further details, see his individual page.

Other Relatives: (Nathan’s uncle, deceased), Billie (Moira’s uncle), Anna (Moira’s cousin)


Nathan lost contact with his parents somewhere around the age of twelve, under mysterious circumstances obscured by his uncle Gideon's use of telepathy to alter his memories of his home in Alaska. Roughly two years later, he was inducted into the Mistra program. He learned later that Gideon and his father Saul had sent him deliberately to Mistra, and that Esther had never given up on trying to find him.

During his time as Mistra’s field leader, Nathan startled and dismayed both the directors of the program and some of his fellow operatives by falling in love with one of the telepathic instructors, Aliya Sundell. After some wrangling, they obtain permission to marry and shortly after had a son. Tyler was six when a disastrous mission to China broke Nathan’s conditioning. Returning to the US, Nathan pressured Aliya to flee Mistra with him, threatening to take Tyler and leave by himself if she didn’t accompany him. He left them in a hotel in San Francisco while he made arrangements to get out of the country, and Mistra, tipped off by a call from Gideon, sent a team to the hotel, killing both of them scant minutes before Nathan’s return. Feeling their deaths down his link with Aliya, Nathan was overcome by his grief and rage and spent most of the next six months hunting down and killing everyone involved in their deaths, from the surviving members of the team to the director who had ordered the operation.

He continued to grieve for his lost family over the next several years, his inability to move on preventing him from recognizing the nature of his developing relationship with Moira MacTaggart until his dysfunctional precognition brought him to the mansion for treatment. He and Moira admitted their feelings for each other, and Nathan made a trip to Aliya and Tyler’s graves - at a location revealed to him by Colin MacInnis, who had ensured they had received a proper burial – to say goodbye, shortly before he proposed to Moira.

Later that year, Moira discovered she was pregnant, quite unexpectedly. The pair married and Rachel was born August 3, 2005. She lived with Moira on Muir Island, with Nathan visiting frequently from New York (where he stays mostly due to his work with Elpis) or with her joining her father for extended visits until the tragedy on Genosha took her life. A version of Rachel later appeared, believed to be from another dimension, but it was proven that she was actually this world's Rachel, rescued and raised in a pocket on the astral plane.

In January 2015, Nathan and Moira were both killed when Magneto and the Brotherhood invaded Muir.


Rachel’s pre-birth telekinetic manifestation

Rachel’s pre-birth telepathic manifestation

X-Men Mission: Sangue Puro

Rachel’s birth

Rachel’s first flight (at four months)

Genosha Arc


Socked by:

Formerly socked by Alicia, with the exception of Moira, who is socked by Jen