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August began with the departure of Dr. Stephen Strange from both the university and his job as Amanda’s tutor. The X-Men travelled to Rio to rescue a group of mutant students held hostage in a school by a local terrorist group. They anxiously returned in time for Moira MacTaggart to give birth to her and Nathan Dayspring's daughter, Rachel Kinross. They were quickly joined by Nate’s friends from the Pack to offer their congratulations for the new baby.

With the help of Forge and Kylun, Catseye's birth family was discovered, but she avoided meeting with them immediately. Nathan ended up discovering at a lunch meeting with his father Saul that he had an uncle Gideon, who had been behind his service in Mistra. With the help of the Pack, he began to investigate his uncle’s holdings. The Box returned to operation.

During preparations to leave for Hawaii, Lorna Dane finally revealed to her mother that she suffered from anorexia. Meanwhile, a mission to rescue a mutant named Siena Blaze nearly ended in a plane crash.

Out at LAX, Lorna was waylaid by the Brotherhood of Mutants, who forced her to come with them after deceiving Alex Summers of her reasons. They affixed a collar of unknown power to her throat, allowing the disembodied personality of Malice within to seize control of her mind. The X-Men stopped a mutant serial killer in Europe at the same time Betsy Braddock discovered her eldest brother had been deemed permanently mentally incompetent and her brother Brain Braddock had inherited the family estate.

Soon after, a short series of events plagued the mansion, including a fight with FOH members and some of the students at a town fair, the breaking of Amanda Sefton's amulet, and further complications with Nate's uncle. However, there were positives as Scott Summers and Jean Grey announced their re-engagement and Bobby Drake and Theresa Cassidy got together.

It didn't last, as a young FOH member and newly outed mutant Tommy "Elixir" Jones was found nearly beaten to death outside the gates, and Amanda made a devil's bargain with Selene to learn to control her magic addiction, following an accidental draining of Meggan. A former operative in Europe suddenly became active again.


Aug 1 - Dr. Stephen Strange stops tutoring Amanda and leaves the university.

Aug 2 - X-Men Mission: Sangue Puro: The X-Men travel to Rio to rescue a group of mutant students held hostage at a school by terrorists.

Aug 3 - Rachel is born.

Aug 4 - Family: Forge and Kylun take Catseye to the home of her parents, but she decides not to face them yet. The Pack arrive at the mansion to see Rachel and congratulate Nathan.

Aug 5 - Jean officially requests to return to active duty.

Aug 6 - Nathan has lunch with his father in New York, learning his induction into Mistra was intentional, and he has an uncle Gideon. Bad Blood: Remy discovers the effects of Sabretooth's attack on Alison.

Aug 7 - The Box finally returns to operation.

Aug 8 - Nathan begins investigations into both Gideon and his father's business connections.

Aug 9 - Alison's experience with Sabretooth leaks through the old link between her and Betsy.

Aug 10 - Lorna reveals the fact she is anorexic to her parents. Paige catches Forge with a surprise birthday lunch.

Aug 11 - The Pack returns to Africa, to look into some of Gideon's suspicious activities.

Aug 12 - X-Men Mission: Hole In The World: The team goes out to find Siena Blaze, and on the return the jet lands very badly, caught from crashing by Nathan. Lorna and Alex visit her parents on their way to move to Hawaii.

Aug 13 - Big pool party/BBQ at the mansion.

Aug 14 - Sam returns to his position as Scott's XO.

Aug 15 - Haroun celebrates his birthday. With Malice Aforethought: Lorna is sidelined by Mystique at LAX, and forced to go with her, donning the Malice necklace; Alex continues on to Hawaii, and Lorna/Malice tricks him with the excuse that she needs to stay behind for a while.

Aug 16 - X-Men Mission: Nimrod: The team travels to Hungary to stop a mutant serial killer.

Aug 18 - Betsy discovers bad news about her eldest brother.

Aug 19 - Just One Drug: Amanda's amulet is broken. Alison returns to duty.

Aug 20 - A Fair To Remember: Nate takes a group to the local fair; Terry gets into a fight with an FoH member and encounters Tommy again.

Aug 21 - Scott and Jean leave for a weekend at a B&B.

Aug 22 - Scott proposes to Jean, and she accepts. Just One Drug: Amanda starts trying alternate methods to control her magic addiction.

Aug 23 - Angelo identifies some mysterious acronyms in a series of e-mails.

Aug 24 - Family: Catseye finally confronts her birth family.

Aug 26 - Bobby and Terry begin dating.

Aug 27 - Traitor: HeliX Rally in Salem Center Park; Tommy finally discovers his mutant abilities in a dramatic way, and is badly beaten by a group of FOH supporters.

Aug 28 - Traitor: Tommy is found beaten at the gates. Scott and Jean officially announce getting re-engaged. Just One Drug: Amanda accidentally tries to draw energy from Meggan; as a result, she decides to contact Selene and accept her offer.

Aug 29 - Tommy's presence in the school is discovered by the students.

Aug 30 - The staff decide, despite personal feelings, that Tommy should stay in their care for the immediate future.

Aug 31 - Maverick: David North suddenly has a rush of memories, leading him to a strange man he knows as Omega Red.



X-Men Mission: Sangue Puro

X-Men Mission: Nimrod

X-Men Mission: Hole in the World

Just One Drug


With Malice Aforethought


An Offer You Can Refuse

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