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The Elpis crew had just arrived back at the mansion and the various participants in Sooraya Qadir's rescue shared their experiences with the rest of the residents. In addition to this, various people who participated in the events in San Diego were dealing with the repercussions, most notably Scott Summers, Logan, Lorna Dane and David Haller. Marie D'Ancato received a cryptically-lettered missive from her hometown containing several strange predictions about the mansion’s residents and decided to go home to investigate. Logan went with her for support. When she arrived, her family gave her even stranger news: she was adopted. She also met Destiny, whose prophesies were sent to her, and received a diary containing many more.

Shiro Yoshida's addiction to Kick continued to spiral unchecked. Several mansion residents noticed something strange about his behavior, but no one could figure out exactly what the problem was. Amanda Sefton and Doug Ramsey travelled around Europe together on X-Force-related business and even went on a date, but they returned home as just good friends. A club out in Los Angeles had trouble with some of its mutant clientele and the LAPD requested some help from the X-Men. Bobby Drake, Lorna, Paige Guthrie and Clarice Ferguson went out to investigate undercover.

Angelica "Firestar" Jones manifested her mutation in the car with her mother one Sunday. After some initial (and understandable) worries, it was finally decided that she would attend Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. Sam Guthrie acted as liaison, and she quickly met Kyle Gibney, Julio Richter, and many other mansion residents. Meanwhile, strange activity in South America drew the attention of the Snow Valley team. Dr. Stephen Strange investigated the rumors of cultists and then requested for Snow Valley to join him, as things were far more serious than originally suspected. In the jungle city of Nova Roma, several local girls were to be sacrificed to Selene, and once Remy LeBeau realized the scope of the problem, he made a call to the mansion to ask for even more help, this time from the X-Men. Disaster was narrowly averted when Amara "Magma" Aquilla, one of the girls, called up a volcano during the sacrifice – the X-Men rescued the girls and dealt with the volcano while X-Force rounded up the cultists. In the end, Amara was invited to come back to the mansion and accepted.

The strange activity at the mutant club in Los Angeles was concluded just as some came to the attention of Snow Valley in New York. They met another mutant, Mark "DJ" Sheppard, and investigated the rumors of people disappearing. At the mansion, Ororo Munroe made a phone call to Jennie Stavros' father and discovered that the girl was not where she said she was, prompting much concern among the residents. In Las Vegas, Theresa Cassidy and Bobby accidentally got married.

Crystal Amaquelin's sister Medusa Amaquelin was informed by her mother that she would be going to New York to look out for her sister, much to her chagrin. Meanwhile, somewhere in Europe, Jennie, Marius Laverne and Manuel de la Rocha club-hopped, finding someone new for Marius to feed from almost every night. In Paris he purchased a comatose mutant girl to feed from whom he called Penny. Forge and Amanda tried to locate Jennie with a spell, but it was to no avail. Shiro finally snapped and flew into a rage, trying to kill the man who got him hooked on Kick. Scott, Logan, Marie and Ororo manage to subdued him and brought him back to the mansion, but there was a long road to recovery ahead of him.

Two breakups occurred at the end of the month: Clarice and Shiro, Lorna and Remy.


Aug. 1 – Marie and Sooraya meet. Scott adopts a kitten. Haller apologizes to Lorna for what happened in San Diego.

Aug. 2Libri Veritatum: Marie gets a strange letter. Scott deals with the aftermath of his torture and Jean’s departure.

Aug. 3Libri Veritatum: Marie travels home and finds out she was adopted.

Aug. 5Kick It Up: Shiro has a difficult time in the Danger Room until he uses Kick.

Aug. 8Race Around The World: Amanda and Doug arrive in Madrid.

Aug. 9Race Around The World: Amanda and Doug arrive in Paris. Lorna drags Marie out to Harry’s.

Aug. 11 – Forge and Julio concoct an ice cream-a-pault.

Aug. 12- Believing Is Seeing: Ororo talks with the LAPD about sending several people out to help with a case. Scott and Haller have a confrontation; things are broken.

Aug. 13 – Angelica Jones manifests in the car on the way home from church. Julio moves into his new room and meets his roommate. Julio meets Lorna in the kitchen.

Aug. 14 – Angelica’s mother contacts the school. Julio meets Crystal outside. Believing Is Seeing: Paige goes undercover in LA. Bleeding: Marius, Jennie, and Manuel all attend a club.

Aug. 15 – Angelica makes the decision to attend Xavier’s.

Aug. 16Worlds On Fire: Snow Valley meets Stephen Strange in Rio. Kyle and Angelica meet at the mansion.

Aug. 17 – Angelica meets Forge, then Julio. Worlds On Fire: The Snow Valley team investigates strange happenings in South America.

Aug. 18Worlds On Fire: The cultist activity in South America comes to a head; Snow Valley and the X-Men are there to save the day, and Xavier’s ends up with a new student – Amara. Scott meets Angelica.

Aug. 20 – Amanda plans to start the weekend bus run to New York City again.

Aug. 21 – Marie and Doug ‘break up’. Believing Is Seeing: The X-team in Los Angeles finally discover what is happening at the club.

Aug. 22 – Amara meets Scott at the mansion.

Aug. 23Operation: Body Snatchers: Amanda and Wanda go to a club to investigate mutant disappearances and meet Mark Sheppard.

Aug. 2440 Days (In The Desert): Lorna visits her family in California and discovers she has a sister who left home years ago. Mondo invites Crystal on the outing to the city. Sooraya meets Clarice at the mansion. Bleeding: Ororo telephones Jennie’s father and learns that she is not staying with him like she claimed.

Aug. 25Operation: Body Snatchers: Snow Valley takes down the mutant smuggling ring but lose the ringleaders.

Aug. 26 – Terry and Bobby get married in Las Vegas. Clarice leaves for school.

Aug. 27 – Medusa is told she will be leaving Attilan for New York. Bleeding: Jennie and Marius have an encounter on a rooftop.

Aug. 28Bleeding: Forge and Amanda try to locate Jennie using magic. Kick It Up: Shiro snaps and tries to kill the drug dealer that gave him the Kick; the X-Men are there to stop him. Bleeding: Marius makes an unconventional purchase in France.

Aug. 30 – Mark Sheppard joins Snow Valley. Clarice and Shiro break up.

Aug. 31 – Remy and Lorna break up.


Libri Veritatum

Kick It Up

Race Around The World

Worlds On Fire

40 Days (in the Desert)

Believing Is Seeing


Operation: Body Snatchers

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