Worlds On Fire

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Worlds on Fire
Dates run: August 14-18, 2006
Run By: Holly and Rossi
Read the logs: Worlds On Fire

"But how can I be safe if I'm the real danger? How can you be safe from yourself?"

Cults, magic rocks, lava and a young woman in distress. No, it's not Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.


Amara Aquilla

Remy LeBeau, Amanda Sefton, Wanda Maximoff, Sofia Mantega-Barret

Storm, Rogue, Sunfire, Nightcrawler

Dr. Stephen Strange Dr. Peter Alarune


August 14-18, 2006

Plot Summary

Acting on a lead from Romany Wisdom, Dr. Strange investigated a mysterious 'haunted valley' in the jungles of Brazil. Finding his magic blocked, he called in X Force, deciding caution was the better part of valour. Four members of the team met with him in Rio De Janiero - Remy, Amanda, Wanda and Sofia. From Rio they travelled to a small village in the next valley, and then hiked to the valley itself, their guide abandoning them before they entered the valley itself, for fear of disappearing like so many had before.

At the same time, in the city of Nova Roma, Amara Aquilla was warned by her father that the cultists in charge of their city were apparently planning something large scale. Having already lost his wife to their ritual sacrifices, Lucius Antonius feared for his only daughter's safety. It was a well-founded fear, it seemed, when several nights later she was abducted from her home.

Upon reaching the valley and the city within, X-Force, with the help of Dr. Strange, began circumspectly investigating the situation. Whilst observing the city's goings-on with Remy, Wanda recognised one of the cultists as being a fellow anthropologist, Dr. Peter Alarune, and Sofia's use of her wind powers allowed her to overhear talk of a ritual intended to reinforce a controlling spell and some kind of magical stone. Strange and Amanda, using her PDA's magical text files, were able to guess the nature of such a ceremony - a blood sacrifice of some scope. Remy, realising they were out-manned and unable to stop the ceremony and retrieve the stones, called in a favour from Storm.

Gathering a small team of X Men, Storm arranged for them to fly with all haste to Brazil. They arrived barely in time - the ceremony had begun, with the young women of the city being thrown into the lava pits existing in caves beneath the mountain. However, the cultists had not reckoned on Amara being a mutant, with the ability to control and manipulate lava. Her powers manifested as she was hurled into the lava pit, and she caused the mountain to erupt. The X-Men scrambled to rescue as many of the people from the caves as they could, however a number of the city's inhabitants, plus the cultists, were killed. Amara herself was retrieved from the lava by Rogue.

Whilst the X-Men were engaged in rescuing people from the eruption, X-Force were storming the temple where the magical stones were housed. Overcoming the cultists guarding the stones, they disrupted the spell. Strangely, however, Remy tossed one of the stones into a corner, before ordering the team out - the X-Men would see to the clean-up.

The X-Men did. Whilst Amara was reunited with her father, the remaining stones were gathered up by the X-Men. Amara, striken with guilt over the deaths she had caused, chose to go with them back to Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, and joined the team on the Blackbird.

Once the dust settled, Dr. Alarune slipped unnoticed into the temple and retrieved the last stone, believing the X-Men had missed it in the confusion. He then fled, unaware that he was in fact being watched, and that the stone was being tracked magically with the intention of following the trail back to the cult leaders who had provided the money for Selene's 'city' to exist.

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Trivia and Meta


Following this mission, Wanda gave Remy a toy spider monkey in a trenchcoat as a joke.

This was the first mission involving members of both teams, although most of the X-Men were unaware of X-Force's presence.


Plotrunner: Holly and Rossi

Up until the actual logging, Dr. Alarune was known as "Professor Plot Device".