Nova Roma

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Location: Nova Roma
First Seen: Worlds On Fire

Built on a series of ancient ruins deep in the Brazilian jungle, Nova Roma is a small city originally built to worship Selene, in the manner of Jonestown. Its population is comprised of both native and Western individuals, living independantly of the outside world, although not in complete ignorance. Most of the dwellings are small mud-brick affairs, with the temple situated inside the most sturdy of the remaining ruins.

Since the events of Worlds On Fire, the city has thrown off the influence of the Selene cult, and its people, led by Amara Aquilla's father, are attempting to build a new life for their city, preferring to continue to have little to no contact with the world outside.

When Selene died, the last of her hold on the city was lost and the memories of the inhabitants began to return, creating confusion and turmoil. Amara, having discovered her own origins, returned to Nova Roma to speak to the man she had believed to be her father and found him struggling against chaos. With the help of Elpis, those who wished to leave were either reunited with their true families and lives, or were relocated. Some remain in the jungle, including Amara's 'father'.


Worlds On Fire

Homeward Bound