Homeward Bound

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Homeward Bound
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Dates run: June 8 - July 17, 2010
Run By: Nat
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None of you is who you think you are - you all had lives before Nova Roma and that's what everyone's experiencing, now Selene's dead."

Plagued by strange dreams and half-memories, Amara enlists Amanda to help her discover her true origins.


Amara Aquilla, Amanda Sefton

Marie Crestmere, Daniel Crestmere, Lucius Aquilla


June 8 - July 17, 2010

Plot Summary

When Selene gathered inhabitants for Nova Roma, one of the people she kidnapped was Alison Crestmere, daughter of the British ambassador to Brazil. Now that Selene is dead and her magics are starting to unravel, Amara is starting to remember her life before Nova Roma. After Amanda tracked down her birth family, she decides to go to England to meet them.

Daniel Crestmere is a newly elected member of the House of Commons, one of the many Conservative politicians elected in the most recent election. One of the issues he campaigned on was the introduction of a mutant registration program. He and his wife had long resigned themselves to believing their long-lost daughter was dead, and have two other children, a boy and girl.

They are shocked at Amara showing up claiming to be their dead daughter, and while Marie doesn't believe it, Daniel does. As much as he tries to convince his wife, she refuses to believe, and loses it at Amara. She in turn gets pretty upset, her control on her powers slipping slightly in the process. Daniel notices the slip, and quickly sides with his wife as she tells Amara to get the hell out of there. As much as he's happy to see she's alive, he doesn't want a mutant for a daughter. Somewhat distraught, Amara gets out of there before she goes up in flames in the Crestmere's living room and potentially hurts her family. Out in the street, Amara completely loses control of her powers, and Amanda is forced to contain her to prevent any destruction.

Amara flees back to Nova Roma, only to discover that Selene's death has caused chaos in Nova Roma. The unravelling of her magic there has caused most of the residents to start to remember their former lives - without understanding what it is that they're remembering. Amara's father is barely able to keep things under control, at the same time having to deal with his own memory returning. Amara's return and explanation helps to allieve some of the problems, though opens up a completely new set of problems - what did they do now? Do they return their lives? Do they stay in Nova Roma? What happens to the children that have been born in Nova Roma?

In the end, it is decided that people can choose what they wish to do. Some elect to stay in Nova Roma and continue their lives, some decide they want to go home. Included in those who have decided to return home include a handful of mutants. Amara ends up contacting Angelo and asking for his advice and help - first with help in getting people home, and also with getting in contact with people from other aid organisations and the Brazilian government.

When Amara indicates her desire to stay in Nova Roma on a permanant basis to help her father sort everything out, he puts his foot down. She has a life in America - she has friends, her job, college, the X-Men. As much as she will always be welcome in whatever Nova Roma becomes, it is not her home anymore. She can't keep looking back. While Amara is pretty upset, she eventually comes to accept this, and returns home to New York.

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Amara remained in Nova Roma for another month, trying to help the inhabitants adjust to their new memories, before seeking the help of Elpis in relocating them if they wished it.


Plotrunner: Nat