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In a sudden move, Adrienne Frost left for Boston, ending her relationship with Garrison Kane and revealing to her sister Emma Frost that members of the Black Court were moving against her business holdings and that she was concerned her personal connections might be next. Jake Gavin reluctantly approached Remy LeBeau about rejoining X-Force following stern Talks from Amanda Sefton and Wanda Maximoff. Vanessa Carlysle's new detective agency was officially named - X-Factor - and an office secured.

Carmilla Black and Laurie Collins discovered Laurie's powers worked on Cammie in reverse when an attempt to evoke happy feelings as experiment nearly resulted in homicidal rage. Doreen Green, experimenting with her own powers and her ability to control squirrels, caused a ruckus when a Wave of Squirrely Death resulted in Alexander Lexington winding up in the lake and a hoarde of wet squirrels running amuck in the mansion. Angelica Jones was awarded her full team tags and took on the X-Men codename of 'Firestar'. Lex continued to have issues with his powers, despite his best training efforts, while Meggan Szardos discovered a new application of hers.

In New Orleans, Marie-Ange Colbert joined the New Orleans Guilds| Assassin's Guild.

Amara Aquilla sought out Amanda's help, experiencing strange dreams and half-memories of another life. Amanda's researches revealed Selene's mind-altering magic was unravelling with her death and that the inhabitants of Nova Roma were beginning to recall their old lives. Amara was discovered to be Allison Crestmere, daughter of a British diplomat and his wife, but the family reunion soured when the Crestmere's discovered their long-lost daughter was a mutant. Heartbroken and concerned about her Nova Roman family and friends, Amara went back to Nova Roma, with Amanda accompanying her to do what she could to help and explain the situation.

Graduation turned violent when Natalie Gleason showed her true colours and shut down security in the hall, allowing the Purifiers and their unexpected allies, the Reavers, along with Donald Pierce access with a view to kidnapping Charles Xavier. The invasion was beaten back, but not without cost - Nicholas Gleason was seriously injured defending rival Julian Keller and vanished in the confusion. Searches by the X-Men revealed nothing and frustrated by the mystery, Catseye asked for and gained permission to hunt for her boyfriend herself, leaving the mansion for an unspecified time.

In the wake of Nick's disappearance, another drama unfolded, with the four Untouchables - Jared, Cammie, Yvette Petrovic and Kevin Ford waking up to find their powers gone after a visit to a District X street fair and a meeting with a mysterious woman called Haven.


Jun 1 - Jan announces her birthday and offers everyone free cake. Jake finally comes to see Remy and is drafted back to X-Force for his own safety; Jake emails Wanda demanding payment of the bribe she offered if he contacted Remy.

Jun 2 - Jean-Paul accompanies Vanessa on her hunt for an office. Cammie has a nightmare and decides to share a bed with Kevin. Doreen stops by Kyle's room with a basket of food. Amara invites her friends to join her for her birthday celebration at Silver on the 4th. Angel and Jean-Paul share a meal in the kitchen and decide to go racing afterwards. Vanessa gives Bishop a tour of their new offices and he names the group X-Factor.

Jun 3 - John sends Angelo a text asking him if he's going to Silver for Amara's birthday party. Angel gets into Columbia and shares the news with her friends. The Pontchartrain Strain: In New Orleans, Marie-Ange meets with New Orleans Guilds| Daniel Bordreaux, head of the Assassin's Guild and offers her services in return for unnamed help; as a test, she identifies a traitor in the midst of Bordreaux's people and is ordered to dispatch him herself.

June4 - Jared gets a job at Harry's as a bartender. Kevin heads over to Jean-Paul's room to make dinner and finds him wrapping a present for his sister. Jan lets everyone know that it's time for prom. At Amara's birthday party, Lex and Amara discuss the unlikely possibility of him dancing; Vanessa turns up as Daniel and has fun making Lex uncomfortable before going to find Amara and flirting with her for a dance.

Jun 5 - Laura and Jared spend time at the gym. Kurt finds Lex frustrated at the slow rate of his powers recovery and they go out to Harry's for some relaxation and talk.

Jun 6 - Crystal makes a post about the end of the school year and writes about her plans for the year ahead. Cammie and Laurie do some powers experimentation and find that Laurie's pheromones have the opposite effect than intended, which almost gets Laurie into trouble; Laurie emails Hank with her results.

Jun 7 - Crystal leaves Jared a gift basket to celebrate his new job at Harry's. Practicing his powers, Lex burns out a radio and Jean-Paul investigates after smelling smoke. Yvette helps Kyle with his physical therapy and finds out his issues with girls being X-Men.

Jun 8 - Dori is practising her Wave of Squirrely Death when she and the squirrels are startled, ending up with an unanticipated swim in the lake and a dousing of Lex on the dock; Dori posts to warn people of a hoarde of wild squirrels loose in the mansion after she brought them in to dry them off. Vanessa goes looking for Lex and finds him still on the dock. Angel goes over her progress with Garrison and is awarded her full team tags; Angel posts to the team comm about her new position. Homeward Bound: Suffering from nightmares and strange memory lapses, Amara asks Amanda to research her background, sure it has something to do with Selene.

Jun 9 - Homeward Bound: Amanda lets the Snow Valley crew know about her work for Amara and recruits Jake to help. Jan texts Kyle about the squirrel hunt and teases him about the crush Dori has on him.

Jun 10 - Lex goes to see Hank about his powers issues and it's concluded his problem might be mental and an appointment with Charles is made.

Jun 11 - Angel asks about the Air Supply coming from Garrison's room and he reveals that Adrienne broke up with him and went back to Boston; Doug suggests a 'Dear John Club' drinking session at Harry's; Garrison, Doug and Logan drink at Harry's and discuss women, while Jared serves them and Farouk has a sarcastic inner monologue. Meggan discovers a new powers application - growing gills - and freaks out Julian when he sees her sitting on the bottom of the pool.

Jun 12 - Meggan goes to tell Kurt about her new powers trick so he doesn't get worried about her.

Jun 13 - Jubilee offers her very idiosyncratic view on relationships, in light of Garrison's break up, and offends Jan. Homeward Bound: Amanda emails Amara with the results of her research and informs her she may be Allison Crestmere, daughter of British diplomats who were stationed in Rio until their daughter disappeared. Kyle emails Jan about a remark she made about threesomes. Jan announces Parents' Day on Monday and outlines her plans for the summer.

Jun 14 - Doug posts about a cop in Canada who knows several languages and uses it in his job. Bobby posts about the graduation moving to Salem Center due to recent weather. Homeward Bound: Amara meets her birth parents, and just as it looks like there is a breakthough, things turn ugly when they realise she's a mutant.

Jun 15 - Meggan posts congratulating the graduates and talking about her newfound aquatic transformation abilities. Amanda posts to apologise for not being at graduation due to an England trip. A Betrayal of Heart: The Class of 2010 arrives at Salem Center and gets ready for their graduation ceremony; backstage people are congratulated and talk about what comes next; when the power seems to go out just before commencement, Hank, Bobby, Kyle and Angelo set things right, ensuring a smooth start; meanwhile, Nick is checking on his sister, making sure the sudden blackout didn't unsettle her in any way, she reassures him that she's fine but ducks out to the restroom a little too quickly for his comfort; despite delays, the graduation finally starts and Professor Charles Xavier gives a rousing speech, only to be knocked out by a dart; as people rush to help him, the Purifiers and the Reavers appear; Angelo, Jan and Hank protect the unconscious professor, Hank attempting to talk some sense into Natalie Gleason who appears to have betrayed them all; Angel attempts to protect the crowd of people, and is confronted by the leader of the Purifiers, Matthew Risman; Crystal moves to get involved but is stopped by her bodyguard, and the two leave; Tabitha and Bobby confront a particularly ill tempered Reaver; Yvette tries to protect her mother and gets more than she bargained for in more ways than one, as does Kyle; Laurie is assisted in her fight by a mysterious mutant; Julian and Nick are confronted by Donald Pierce, and Kurt turns up to help but they lose track of Nick in the ensuing fight.

Jun 16 - A Betrayal of Heart: Bobby posts about what happened at the graduation ceremony; Hank posts to the journals about graduation and injuries that were sustained; Meggan comforts the grieving Kurt. Nico posts to the journals, asking for interaction. Homeward Bound: Amanda and Amara arrive in Nova Roma and break the news of Selene's meddling to Amara's 'father'.

Jun 17 -

Jun 18 - A Betrayal of Heart: Unable to cope with the idea that Nick might be dead, Catseye seeks out Kurt; Catseye posts to the journals saying goodbye and explaining where she's going and why. Jean-Paul sits for Kevin for an art assignment, then discussion of age ensues.

Jun 19 - Doug goes to Silver to people-watch and meets Laura, resulting in her spending the night at his place.

Jun 20 -

Jun 21 - A Betrayal of Heart: Julian apologises to Kurt for Nick's possible death and Kurt tries to be reassuring.

Jun 22 - Yvette announces her mother has left and that she will not be expected to go home for the summer.

Jun 23 - Cammie breaks into Kurt's room to check on him.

Jun 24 - Crystal makes a post about the Street Fair happening at District X over the weekend.

Jun 25 - Butterflies and Hurricanes: Kevin gets Cammie to go to the Street Fair with him, while Yvette invites Jared to go with her.

Jun 26 - Butterflies and Hurricanes: Kevin and Cammie head to the Street Fair at District X and run into Yvette and Jared; While at the fair, Yvette finds herself intrigued when she meets a lady who tells her she can help get rid of her mutation.

Jun 27 - Butterflies and Hurricanes: Yvette wakes up to find her physical mutation gone; Laurie wonders if Yvette is using a power inhibitor on herself as she looks 'normal'; Cammie posts a photo of herself, showing the lack of green on her left arm; Jared wakes up with a hangover, and with his lack of power, starts to feel pain; Kevin freaks out upon discovering his ability to touch and goes to look for Dr. McCoy who decides that the three should undergo testing and observation; Yvette lets everyone know that she will be in the medlab overnight. While looking for late night snacks, Tabitha bumps into Jean-Paul in the kitchen.

Jun 28 - Butterflies and Hurricanes: Kevin visits Jean-Paul to tell him what has happened and they carefully test his new lack of powers.

Jun 29 - Butterflies and Hurricanes: Yvette makes a list of things to do without her powers; Hank emails the staff to let them know the Untouchables have been released from medlab and that their powers are gone; Hank notes on x_medical that it appears the x-gene in all four patients has disappeared and Crystal volunteers to go talk to Haven; Laura asks her roommate about her new eating abilities and Cammie reveals she's been sick from eating rotten food by habit. John complains about having to get up early and gets little sympathy. Klara shows her increasing ability with technology by offering free jam to the mansion via her journal. Laurie checks up on Kyle's injuries following graduation and they show how much they've grown up.

Jun 30 - Jean-Paul emails Cammie, suggesting bacon when she's well enough.


New Orleans: The Pontchartrain Strain

Homeward Bound

A Betrayal of Heart

Butterflies and Hurricanes

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