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June began with a tense discussion between Angelo Espinosa and Rachel Kinross-Dayspring which touched on personal boundaries and respecting those. David North returned to New York from Parts Unknown, with a welcome home from Wade Wilson, glad to have his gun buddy back, and a night out drinking with Lorna Dane which reached Epic proportions. Clint Barton discussed X-Corps internship possibilities with Angelo, and Adrienne Frost, during a motorcycle race with North, managed to wipe out on a corner and broke her leg, which resulted in much good-natured teasing from her friends.

Molly Hayes wound up grounded, as her secret life as a crimefighter was revealed when she intervened in a situation in Salem Center, only to have Namor Mazur show up and 'help' in his own not terribly tactful way. David Haller and Cecilia Reyes were able to avoid disaster - or the intervention of the Salem Center Police Department - but neither Molly nor Namor were particularly happy about things.

The big event of the month was a Red X benefit, with a charity auction as the centerpiece. Arthur Centino turned up and "won" a date with Cecilia, much to Wade's suspicion; Abigail Brand also made an appearance, but her attempts to needle Adrienne and win the bids on Garrison Kane were less than successful. Marius Laverne, stole the evening, however, by bidding on himself.

And finally, Adrienne won "Best Guardian of the Year" with her graduation gift to Tandy Bowen - a trip to Europe with a friend.


Jun 1 - Namor and Laurie meet up just before movie night.

Jun 2 - Namor posts about the Spanish King abdicating. Doug posts about finding a children’s book which he suspects Wade must have written. Garrison leaves a voicemail for Adrienne. Sue texts Tandy about beating her in something.

Jun 3 - North gets back from somewhere, possibly Serbia, and Wade gives him a 'welcome home' present. Laurie and Sooraya catch up and end up touching upon a pretty hefty topic. Namor texts Clint about trying out emoticons. Lorna posts about coffee.

Jun 4 - Angelo finds something on Rachel's desk that leads to an uncomfortable conversation between the siblings. Clarice posts about not getting arrested last night. Sarah V. posts about tracking Catseye down for happy hug-a-cat day. Artie posts about being back from his apprenticeship.

June 5 - Lorna and North have an adventure. Filled with poker, drinking, bar fights, golf, and some blacking out and waking up on the lawn with Scott looking down at them. Lorna texts North later about this.

Jun 6 - Lorna posts about National Donut Day.

Jun 7 - Yvette posts to wish Sarah V. happy birthday.

Jun 8 -

Jun 9 - Wade texts Scott ordering him down to the garage. When Scott goes to investigate, he finds Wade waiting with a gift. Rachel meets Cecilia in the med lab. Doug posts about finding the perfect musical for Wade.

Jun 10 - Rachel and Wade meet in the gym and discuss civilian life. Clint and Angelo discuss internship opportunities with X-Corps.

Jun 11 - Clint accidentally scares Cecilia and they discuss life.

Jun 12 - Maddie posts excited about the World Cup and conflicted about Brazil. Adrienne posts about a pool for the World Cup. Dori posts disgusted about Ubisoft not animating women. Matt and Clint meet in the rec room and catch up. Hope emails the volunteers for the Red X fundraiser looking for information. Matt posts about backing a movement for Braille dice up to D20. Cecilia texts Wade informing him that he has to drive up the bidding for the Red X fundraiser.

Jun 13 - North's birthday - Jean leaves him a fun apron, and Adrienne gives him a motorcycle jacket.

Jun 14 - Jean and Ororo attend a flower show looking for a rare orchid. Molly gets into trouble while out with Cecilia and Haller, and Namor shows up to help her - or possibly make things worse. Cecilia posts about having a go at a punching bag until it's time to drink. Haller and Molly talk about what happened in Salem Center. Haller speaks to Namor about his self-control issues. Haller posts to the staff comm letting everyone know about what happened in Salem Center with Molly and Namor. He also emails Wade, Emma, and Scott about the issues that arose. Haller texts Lorna wishing he was grounded instead of having to attend mandatory counseling. Rachel texts Molly about going to a hat emporium, and learns what she's been doing. Emma takes Clint and Sue out to dinner to celebrate their success in the robotic competition.

Jun 15 - Adrienne wipes out during a morning motorcycle race with North, and Cecilia patches her up in the med lab while Adrienne tries to set Cecilia and North up. Cecilia lets the medical staff know about Adrienne's injuries. Cecilia emails Haller informing him he's not allowed to stay holed up inside for the next six months, and then emails Jean and Clarice to makes sure they have her back for the upcoming date.

Jun 16 - Johnny S. posts this video. Lorna leaves a bottle chardonnay for Cecilia. Johnny S. asks why there was a rabbit's foot on his door and jokes that it was barely edible. Cecilia isn’t sure what the rabbit's foot means and thanks Lorna for the wine. Namor posts about the soccer match between Portugal and Germany. Megan texts Tandy asking if the rabbit's foot is real. Cecilia leaves a stack of comics for Molly to read since she is grounded. Lorna and Haller have a heart to heart talk after the incident in Salem.

Jun 17 - Amanda emails Adrienne about being late to the party and asking about her recent motorcycle crash. Sue texts Tandy a picture of a rabbit. Tandy posts to tell everyone that the rabbits' feet were not real but a sign for good luck. Jean texts Adrienne that she is sorry that she couldn’t be her doctor when the crash happened.

June 18 - Billy states his love for pepperoni. Cecilia writes to Spain in a post saying LOL. Wade posts about his disappointment in Cameroon.

Jun 19 - Garrison posts that he is going to be MIA as he is taking care of his injured girlfriend, Adrienne. Jubilee announces her return. Adrienne is mock-angry at people writing on her cast, especially the picture that Tandy drew. Matt announces Bunnicula, the bunny he and Tandy co-own.

Jun 20 - Topaz texts Amanda asking if she could sleep on her couch for a couple of days. Maddie posts about a Death Grip, regarding the World Cup.

Jun 21 - Jean-Phillipe asks Marie-Ange if he brings Swiss chocolate could he sleep at her place without fear of getting murdered. Jean and Haller talk about what it means to be a staff member at the school. Adrienne emails Sue asking her to come in for an interview for an internship at her new company, Meridian Enterprises.

Jun 22 - Clint warns people not to interrupt him as he is studying or he will shoot them with a nerf dart. Cecilia states her love of finals week because the pool is quiet.

Jun 23 -

Jun 24 - Lorna texts Angel and Haller about getting them tickets to Aladdin on Broadway in July and makes it clear they aren’t allowed to refuse. Ty and Tandy have a powers practice in the quarry.

Jun 25 - Sooraya posts to X-Corps about translating Islamic education materials into several Middle Eastern languages. Amanda posts lamenting the fact that her connection to London is causing her depression due to England’s poor showing in the World Cup.

Jun 26 - Hope posts in the x-journal comm about the upcoming Red X Benefit. Tandy teaches Namor how to play video games.

Jun 27 - Adrienne gives an update on the World Cup pool and poses a fashion-design competition for the mansion. Sooraya texts Angel and Yvette a picture of her dress for the Red X Gala. Yvette and Angel are in the kitchen discussing the fact Yvette called Fred ‘sexy’ in an X-Men team thread and how his reaction might be interpreted when Fred and Kyle arrive in the kitchen as well, which makes her increasingly nervous as the males join in the conversation. Then Kyle and Angel get uncomfortable as Fred turns the tables.

Jun 28 - At the Red X Charity Event, Jean and Scott run into Longshot and Jean confronts him about taking advantage of the tsunami on Avalon - Phase 1|Avalon, growing increasingly confused when he has no memory of being there and assumes he’s being pranked, which causes Scott and Jean to decide there’s something off about him and agree to keep an eye on him. Sam runs into Longshot’s ‘handler’, Spiral, and is tongue-tied. Nervous about the upcoming auction, Tandy is given self-confidence and, unheard of for her, made embarrassed, by Namor. Cecilia, Lorna, Clarice, Angel, Marius, Yvette and Hope gather and chat backstage before the bachelor/ette auction, which sees Marius unimpressed with the bids on himself, causing him to bid on - and win - his own auction. A table of North, Scott, Jean, and Adrienne discuss Cecilia’s auction, which is driven up by Adrienne and Wade before Longshot engages in a bidding war and wins the doctor’s auction. Adrienne thinks she has Garrison’s auction in the bag before Abigail Brand shows up to try and win the Mountie, but Adrienne’s lamented sobriety pays off when she refuses to take the SWORD director’s bait and keeps her cool to win the auction. Angel texts Marius about her amazement over winning his own auction. Wade texts Longshot with a warning not to hurt Cecilia. Wade texts Marie-Ange asking how to make a fingerprint-less papier-maché horse’s head. Jean texts Wade to thank him for buying her drinks but reminds him she’s still angry with him. Cecilia posts to remind everyone that she’s awesome and asks to be picked up from Harry’s later. Adrienne texts Jean complaining about being sober and asking if an overindulgence of cupcakes would count as backsliding into addiction. Jean texts Logan to inform him that she and Wade are interested in trying to get Logan drunk. Clarice posts about how ridiculous it is that she was auctioned for so little and praises how Cecilia looked.

Jun 29 - A news story is published about the success of the Charity Benefit, complete with pictures from the evening.

Jun 30 - Adrienne wakes Tandy early with her graduation gift - a trip to Europe with a friend; Tandy wakes Sue to invite her on the trip. Cecilia emails Longshot’s agent to arrange the date he ‘purchased’ at the auction.


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