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Cecilia Reyes survived her charity 'date' with Arthur Centino, better known as the reality TV star Longshot, despite Wade Wilson's trepidation and offers of security and background checks, with Cecilia receiving a signed photograph for Clint Barton as part of the deal. Red X did very well out of the charity auction, with considerable money raised and much entertainment had.

The mansion's traditional 4th of July BBQ went ahead without drama, with brunch at Catseye's deli beforehand to make up for the fact she was working the entire day, and ending with Jubilee's fireworks.

Emma Frost invited Adrienne Frost and Garrison Kane to her birthday festivities in Las Vegas, leading to a series of drunken posts from Adrienne and some interesting revelations as to the festivities. Adrienne's ward, Tandy Bowen, was gleeful in making plans for her and Sue Storm's trip to Europe, and Molly Hayes and Namor Mazur celebrated their own birthdays within a day of each other, managing fun even despite bring grounded. Clint became a trainee X-Man and Hope Abbott began working with Jean Grey and David Haller, focussing on the astral plane after her accidental 'trip' there tsunami.

And finally, it was Topaz's turn to create magical chaos when her magically animated chess set ran amok, targeting some mansion dwellers, befriending others and using Desdemona and Joyita as steeds.


Jul 1 - Matt asks for suggestions for the group date he and Rachel are having with Angel, having “bought” her at the auction. Wade emails Cecilia to offer his help with her date with Longshot, as he doesn’t trust the man; Wade texts Doug to see if he’s dug up any more information about Longshot.

Jul 2 - Clint asks Namor about teaching him to sail before his summer classes start. Namor and Clint talk about the necklace from the cave and make plans to hurry things up research-wise. Emma and Adrienne have a sisterly evening in with talk about business and pleasure.

Jul 3 - Laurie invites Doug to the mansion’s 4th of July BBQ. Adrienne emails Garrison about her evening with Emma, Emma’s invitation to Las Vegas, and their trip to Boston for the 4th. Hope A. posts an update on the Red-X fundraiser. Lorna posts a general invitation to the July 4th BBQ at the mansion. Matt posts an open invitation for breakfast/brunch at Deli-CAT-essen before the BBQ. Longshot’s PR people send Cecilia the asked-for autographed photo; Cecilia leaves the photograph for Clint; Clint emails Cecilia with his thanks. Wade has his check-up with Cecilia and they talk about tattoos.

Jul 4 - Jubilee announces her plans for the 4th of July BBQ. Clint talks to Scott about becoming an X-Man trainee; Scott announces Clint’s traineeship on x_team and the naming thread begins. Jean posts this video explaining the immune system]. Wade texts Cecilia about a dildo hanging from someone’s rear-view mirror that he saw on an ice-cream run.

Jul 5 - Molly posts about the fun she had at the 4th of July BBQ. Cecilia's charity raising date with Longshot goes surprisingly well.

Jul 6 - Marie-Ange posts while high on a new painkiller for her powers migraine. Johnny S. posts his 4th of July greetings.

Jul 7 - Sue tells everyone about her graduation gift and asks for ideas on places to go to in Europe.

Jul 8 - Maddie e-mails Yvette to apologize for her outburst about the Red-X charity auction. Maddie makes a journal entry to apologize to everyone about her previous comments regarding the auction. Sue makes a journal entry about the Brazil/Germany World Cup game.

Jul 9 -

Jul 10 - Molly makes a journal entry announcing that her birthday is tomorrow.

Jul 11 - Topaz leaves a gift for Molly at her door. Tandy leaves a birthday note for Molly advising she’ll bring her a gift back from Europe and that there’s ice cream in the freezer for her. Sharon leaves Molly two presents and a card for her birthday. Dori finds Molly’s comics in the trash and texts Fred and Doug to help her move it into storage. Matt leaves Molly two presents and a birthday card at her door. Wade leaves Molly a gift at her door, as well as new wheels in the garage for her birthday. Namor leaves a birthday gift for Molly along with a card and $500.00. Hope A. leaves a birthday gift and a note for Molly. Molly makes a sugar fueled journal entry thanking everyone for their awesome gifts.

Jul 12 - Tandy leaves Namor a birthday gift at his door along with a note. Clint texts Namor to tell him that their pizza is there. Molly leaves a birthday gift and a thank you note for Namor.

Jul 13

Jul 14 - Tandy posts asking if anyone has any requests for things she can buy them from Europe. Cecilia texts Wade to ask about why guys wear such tight jeans. Matt declares that it’s taco time. Adrienne posts a birthday message for Emma from Las Vegas where she was currently attending Emma’s birthday party.

Jul 15

Jul 16 - Doug posts a link and threatens to fly to the West Coast Annex to punch Forge on the nose. Topaz helps Sue pack and the girls discuss college and the future.

Jul 17 - Sue tries to teach Hope A. chess using a chessboard Topaz has magically animated and of course the pieces escape into the mansion. One of the pawns assaults Clarice in the medlab, so Topaz texts Sue asking her to go down and rescue it. Half a dozen pawns try to assault Fred's wrench in the garage, the wrench wins. Adrienne decides to avoid the invasion of the chessmen. Billy speaks up protesting that he had nothing to do with the chaos this time. Namor sends Amanda an e-mail asking when she’s free to explore the magical cavern, she promises to get back to him with a date. Catseye rallies Shamu and proceeds to attack the chessmen, Desdemona however has been converted to the steed of the black queen. Namor texts Sue, Clint and Tandy asking why there are chess pieces in the pool, he ends up blaming Sue. Hope A. tests Sue and Topaz warning that the chess pieces are in the mansion's ventilation. Angelo’s office is invaded by the chess pieces and Joyita becomes the steed of the black king. The black queen tries to attack Jean with a pencil. Amanda hears about the chess pieces and asks Billy what he did now. Molly befriends the white king and decides to build him a throne. Topaz posts a message taking responsibility for the chesstastrophe. Billy texts Topaz offering support after her talk with Amanda. Cecilia says she hasn’t seen any chess pieces and jokes the residents at the mansion must all be crazy.

Jul 18 - Matt is attacked by a chess piece while he sleeps and asks Topaz to come and pick it up.

Jul 19 - Sue and Tandy fly off to Europe, starting with an hour delay in the airport.

Jul 20 - Emma e-mails Adrienne about the adventures in Las Vegas. Sooraya offers to take people to Iftar celebrations with her. Tandy texts Adrienne informing her that she and Sue had made it and hadn’t had to run from the police, yet.

Jul 21 - Maddie posts a picture of Buzz Aldrin, who pioneered the first selfie.

Jul 22 - Jean-Phillipe and Amanda both post to wish Angelo a happy birthday.

Jul 23

Jul 24 - Jean and Haller work with Hope A. on accessing the astral plane after her experience of it during the tsunami in Avalon.

Jul 25

Jul 26

Jul 27

Jul 28 - Clint invites anyone who is interested to a showing of the Dawn of the Planet of the Apes movie. Wade texts Lorna about Taco Tuesday announcements.

Jul 29 - Lorna announces that in honor of Taco Tuesday, there is a variety of tacos in the kitchen.

Jul 30 -

Jul 31 - Wade talks about some new swords he’s acquired.


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