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Topaz found that making up lost trust is not so easy following her breakdown; while her apology to Molly Hayes was accepted gracefully, things were harder to fix with Frank Ludlum, who had been deeply disturbed by the use of her powers on him, even by accident. Jean Grey also sought forgiveness, talking to Charles Xavier about what she had done to Parker Matthews after his invasion of her mind and they agreed to go and undo the damage done together.

Betsy Braddock, undergoing medical examination of her peculiar symptoms, agreed to undergo hypnosis with Jean. This set off a full-blown secondary powers manifestation, with Betsy somehow using shadows to teleport randomly between the mansion and the X-Force brownstone. The teleporting also knocked out her telepathy temporarily, and Jean and David Haller had a stressful time trying to find her before she eventually turned up in Jean and Scott Summers' closet (trashing their clothes) and then in Haller's bed. In the aftermath, a forgotten automatic email sent to Haller revealed that Betsy had believed she was dying during the months of symptoms, and when he confronted her about not talking to him about it, the pair had a bitter fight and broke up.

The field trip curse struck yet again, this time as the New Mutants and Namor Mckenzie visited a old smugglers' cave. A magical trap was activated, and while Sam Guthrie and Korvus Rook'shir were locked out and unable to help, the students battled animated stone scorpion statues with Catseye doing her best to protect them as well. In the confusion, Susan Storm was poisoned by one of the statues, and Tandy Bowen was able to save her life with a previously unknown application of her living light. Afterward, in recognition of her actions in protecting the students and her skills, Catseye was promoted to full X-Man by Cyclops.

Leonard Samson returned to the SCCS and resumed his working relationship with the school, offering counselling services to the students. Perhaps none too soon.


Jul 1 - Doug wishes Garrison a happy Canada Day. Wade is more impressed by his gift from Doug, a mousse moose.

Jul 2 - Clint points out the coincidence of it being World UFO Day and the anniversary of Amelia Earhardt’s disappearance. Kurt visits Topaz in the Box and is comforting. Garrison puts Adrienne through a Lara Croft Danger Room run so she can practice her archery. Adrienne takes Tandy for her driving test, and after they have a guardian-ward moment.

Jul 3 -

Jul 4 - Kyle suggests celebrating the 4th of July by filling Jubilee up with sugar and letting her perform. Frank visits Topaz in the Box, angry about her taking his emotions, and the talk isn’t as effective as hoped. Maddie makes her own 4th of July post, with art.

Jul 5 - Adrienne complains about Garrison beating her in the fantasy baseball and is excited about an upcoming Taylor Swift concert, much to Maddie’s disgust and Garrison’s confusion. Back in their suite, Topaz apologises to Molly for worrying her and is surprised by some words of wisdom from the younger girl. Jean and the Professor talk about Matthews.

Jul 6 - Matt shares pictures of his aerial circus class. Maddie corners Topaz for a talk and it goes surprisingly well. Darkness Falls: Betsy’s condition worsens, and when Jean tries hypnosis, it sets off a night of uncontrolled teleporting and the loss of her telepathy for a while, during flashbacks of her time in Genosha as a Magistrate.

Jul 7 - Darkness Falls: Betsy’s traumatic night ends with her demolishing Jean and Scott’s closet and appearing in Haller’s bed before falling unconscious; Haller lets Jean know where Betsy is; Jean asks Adrienne for a clothing loan. Topaz finds Clint up a tree, and they talk a bit about recent events.

Jul 8 - Darkness Falls: Haller emails Jean asking what they are going to do next about Betsy. Garrison texts Adrienne with two questions, about Jean and Pepperidge Farms. Remy e-mails Professor Xavier about Betsy’s disappearance, copying Scott, Jean, Haller, Kurt, and Ororo on it. Haller e-mails Paige for help with secondary mutations.

Jul 9 - Molly posts to her journal asking why can’t it be Thursday yet?

Jul 10 - Sue e-mails Hope A., Tandy, Molly, Maddie, Renee, and Topaz to see if they’d like to go on a trip to LA with her. Angelo and Dori run into one another and discuss how to handle Dori's father cutting her off.

Jul 11 - Doug leaves a birthday gift outside Molly’s door for her. Matt gives Molly a birthday gift.

Jul 12 - Molly thanks everyone for the birthday gifts on her journal. Matt and Hope A. practice cooking and discuss Matt getting a haircut.

Jul 13 -

Jul 14 - Adrienne delivers a bottle of Frapin Cuvée 1888 and a pair of boots specifically designed for Emma to her sister for her birthday. Angel e-mails Catseye about doing a summer roadtrip this year. Haller visits Betsy in the med lab, and things get a little tense.

Jul 15 - Hope A. lures Topaz out of the mansion with a promise of books and tea, and they get a little side-tracked along the way.

Jul 16 - Sue texts Tandy about Maddie showing up at work and getting in trouble with security.

Jul 17 - Yvette posts complaining about the heatwave and asking if she can hide in the freezer. Billy texts Maddie complaining about the heat and asking if it’d be a good idea for him to make it snow again.

Jul 18 - Yvette wishes Sam a happy birthday. Garrison takes Adrienne on a roadtrip, and discovers why she’s never been on one before.

Jul 19 - Wade texts Marie Ange asking what she wants for dinner. Darkness Falls: An automatic goodbye email from Betsy accidentally goes to Haller; When Haller goes to confront Betsy about it, the conversation turns into a fight and a nasty break up.

Jul 20 -

Jul 21 - Kyle posts informing everyone that it’s national ice cream day.

Jul 22 - Sooraya gives Angelo two theater tickets for his birthday. Molly gives Angelo a painted action figure as a present. She Sells Sea Shells: The New Mutants arrive at the smugglers' cave for the field trip; the kids explore the tunnel as Sam and Korvus fall behind; entering the cave, the students notice a change happening to the cave around them and a secret door opens; as the statues come to life around them and attack the students, the New Mutants fight back, trying to survive the trap they find themselves in; Sue is poisoned and nearly dies, but Tandy discovers a new facet to her powers and saves her.

Jul 23 - Logan posts about his fantasy baseball team and how it’s doing.

Jul 24 - Kyle wonders what the hell happened on the New Mutant field trip. Haller leaves a letter for Betsy letting her know he wants to be there for her.

Jul 25 - Billy posts about his magical adventures being nothing like TV shows or movies. Angelo thanks people for his birthday gifts.

Jul 26 - Jubilee posts about being home for a bit.

Jul 27 - Marie-Ange talks about deja vu. Tandy posts Sue about how she is feeling.

Jul 28 - Haller emails Meggan about tutoring Topaz. Scott helps Catseye out with some repairs to Deli-cat-essen and they discuss her becoming an X-Man.

Jul 29 - Tandy posts, wondering how she's doing well in fantasy baseball. Clint texts Frank and Billy about bringing home a dog.

Jul 30 -

Jul 31 - Dori posts, celebrating that she found snacks in her Gnome Pride hoodie. Charles posts, letting everyone know that Dr. Leo Samson has returned, and will be resuming his working partnership with the school. In California, Maddie invades the sanctity of the library to drag Topaz out into the sunlight.


She Sells Sea Shells

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