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Green Family
Portrayed by Various
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Affiliations: Doreen Green
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Introduction: Malibu Madness

The Greens are the family of former student Doreen Green. Her mother remains supportive, but her father was unable to deal with her mutancy and sued for custody of her non-mutant younger brother.


First appearance: Malibu Madness

Michael Green An extremely successful financier, Michael is the father of Doreen and Ryan (though he is very reluctant to admit the former). He's a budding alcoholic and is more afraid than anything of what's happened to his daughter. The local chapter of the FOH is using him in hopes of getting access to his pocket book and to get case law on the books when it pertains to mutant children. He sued for custody of Ryan only, and was hoping to ruin Maureen financially and, due to prompting from the FOH, cut his daughter off completely, though a part of him is still very conflicted about this. It was noted, in a communication with Ryan, that directly following the finalization of the divorce and the custody hearing, that Michael got a large raise and promotion from work.

PB: To be determined

Maureen Green Maureen is divorced from her husband, Michael. When he left, he cleared out the bank account and is no longer helping with any of the bills, especially those pertaining to Doreen. An RN, she's been working two jobs to make ends meet. She also fought an uphill (and ultimately unsuccessful) battle to keep her son and get financial support from her ex. While she lost her son, she did manage to get court-ordered financial support for her daughter and herself.

PB: To be determined

Ryan Green
Ryan, twelve when Doreen manifested, is both okay with his sister, and not. His father has been trying to get sole custody, and while Doreen and her mom currently get nothing from Doreen's father, Ryan is being spoiled and listening to whispered lies to by their father about what's really going on with Doreen. He was quite happy to go with his father when custody is awarded and hasn't spoken to Doreen since.

PB: Sean Berdy

Sean Gallchobhair Doreen's maternal grandfather is a widower who is still running the landscaping business he started soon after immigrating to the United States from Ireland with his late wife and infant daughter. Now preaching an extreme dislike for Doreen's father, her Grandfather's house will be where Doreen and her mother will be living by the end of the miniplot. Sean is a vegetarian and an extremely spry 72 year old. He's also a non-visible feral mutant. Like Doreen, his is a non carnivore one, closely resembling a rabbit. His ears are slightly bigger than normal, but that's the only real visible sign of his mutation. He had a soft tuft of tail, but that was cut off by his father, over sixty years ago. Only his late wife knew his secret. To everyone else, he's just an unusually spry 72 year old who has more than a few choice words about Doreen's father. He confided in Doreen following the custody battle, revealing his mutation to her. When Doreen further manifested her knuckle spikes, it was Sean who visited to ensure his little granddaughter was all right.

PB: To be determined.


Doreen is the oldest child of Michael and Maureen Green, and sister to a younger brother, Ryan. Her childhood was happy, with plenty of attention from her stay-at-home mother and plenty of presents from her absentee father. They were a typical wealthy LA family.

Like most kids, Doreen took her happiness for granted and always forgave her father when work kept him away. But the summer before she started high school things suddenly changed for Doreen when she manifested. Always showered in love and affection from her parents, Doreen didn't have any reason to believe that they'd react badly. So she didn't try to hide it. It didn't take long before all hell broke loose. Her Mom was supportive and loving, her brother, three years younger, went between being both understanding and freaked out. Her father, however, lost it.

Unable to deal with his daughter's physical mutations, Doreen's father started drinking, but still lived at home. The reaction at school wasn't much better. Having to deal with her family collapsing on one side and the torment of her classmates on the other side made it hard for Doreen; more and more she was burying her emotions, and more and more she found when she was extremely emotional, she slipped into an animalistic state with little memory of what she did during it.

Eventually her father gave an ultimatum: Doreen kicked out or he would leave. When Doreen's mother refused to kick out their child he packed up and left telling Maureen that she'd be hearing from his lawyer after disowning Doreen as a 'thing' and a 'freak' and 'not his child' while she was standing in the same room. That started a nasty divorce process and made Doreen's school life worse. Living in the 90210 zip code she had always been well taken care of. When her father left he cleared out and closed the joint bank account that her parents had, things changed. It left her mom in desperate straits to pay the bills, keep food on the table and keep their house. Doreen's mom had to take on two nursing jobs and empty out trust funds and rely on her own family for help. Help that was not forthcoming.

College funds were emptied, her mother's personal belongings and heirlooms were sold and they were still strapped for cash. Doreen went from wearing new brand name clothes to having to shop at Good Will or the Salvation Army. Doreen's mother took the time to specially tailor to allow for her tail and use with her claws. During all of this her father had moved into a suite at the local Hilton and sued for divorce and custody of her younger brother Ryan. Ryan was suddenly showered with all the love an attention that Doreen used to get. While Doreen and her mother had do make do with almost nothing for money and buying second hand clothes, Ryan got new things and was often taken on outings by his father.

Michael Green also started using his daughter's condition as fodder for the custody battle that got nastier and nastier. The teasing at school getting worse made her episodes of slipping into her squirrel mind that much more common at home. With her mother working double shifts and two jobs just to make ends meet, it was often her little brother who was left to deal with Doreen and her episodes, when it was supposed to be her watching him. Doreen's emotional state got the best of her when she was out replacing a game controller of her brother's she had chewed up. During the trip, the emotional time bomb exploded and Doreen went into full feral mode. The police were called, and Doreen had to be taking to a special juvenile holding cell. Not being able to communicate in anything more than clicks or squeaks the first number they were able to call was that of her Father. He happily told the police she could stay where she was for the night and someone would get her in the morning. After awhile when Doreen woke up and came to her senses they were able to get a hold of her mother who came to pick her up.

The incident was brought to the attention of California's child services and a social worker assigned to the case assessed the situation and recommended that as Doreen's mother wasn't able to fully care for Doreen in the way she needed that she be sent to the Xavier Institute.

In August 2009, Doreen was required to testify in her parents' divorce and custody proceedings. It was a rude awakening for her, as she was fully exposed to her father's belief she was little more than an animal. The Court's decision - to give Michael Green custody of Ryan, but not Doreen - was another blow, to Dori, her mother and her friends. The only silver lining was that child support for Dori was also ordered, slightly easing the burden on her mother.

The decision was also the catalyst for her grandfather to reveal his own mutation; a rabbit-based feral mutation. He took Dori under his wing, telling her the story of his own father's reaction to his mutancy (cutting off his tail) and encouraging her to be who she was. Later, when Dori's knuckle spikes appeared, it was her grandfather who travelled to the school to support her.

Maureen Green continued to be there for her daughter, despite the loss of her son. When Dori asked for permission to join the team, she reluctantly agreed to consider it when Dori was of age, despite her misgivings that her little girl would get hurt. She also continues to try and convince Ryan, when she has her visitation days, to get back in contact with his sister.


Malibu Madness

Sean's visit to the mansion

Carry On


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