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Location: Xavier Institute
First Seen: March 2008

In conjunction with the school, the Xavier Institute provides research and funding to mutant-related projects of all kinds as well as a tertiary level course in Mutant Studies. The Institute was destroyed by the Dark Phoenix in January 2015.

The Institute

In March 2008 Charles Xavier announced the creation of the Xavier Institute, a foundation dedicated to supporting initiatives that advance genetic integration within society at large. Among the programs it hosts or supports, it includes the existing Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, HeliX, Red X, and a new post-secondary Mutant Studies program run in co-operation with other universities. It would also continue existing relationships with groups such as Elpis and the Snow Valley Memorial Center for Mutant Affairs.

The Institute offers scholarships/grants to those in residence to pursue initiatives designed to improve understanding and harmony between mutants and baseline humans. These include social, cultural, and political programs, and could be initiated by individuals or groups.


Xavier icon.jpg Charles Xavier
Hank.psd.png Henry McCoy Jean-pop-duo.jpg Dr Jean Grey-Summers
Moira icon.jpg Moira MacTaggart Paige.png Paige Guthrie

The Mutant Studies Program

One of the programs the Xavier Institute supports is a new collaborative Mutant Studies program run in cooperation with several local universities. This gives college-age residents at the mansion the chance to pursue studies at a number of colleges without having to leave the mansion, through a variety of distance education techniques, while at the same time learning from a number of resident experts in the field associated with the school and with Muir Island Research Facility. It began in September 2008.


The Institute funds or hosts a number of initiatives, listed below:

  • Red X field leader training program: As part of the new Institute, a jointly-sponsored training program was established, aimed specifically at Red X members 18-25, to train them as team leaders in the field, either as a eventual career with the Red Cross, or continuing on a volunteer basis, not unlike the Beta Flight program. Training involves greater emphasis on powers control and adaptability, for both the team leader and to encourage in their team, but also higher level first aid, people management, dealing with crisis situation and coordination with local authorities during a disaster situation. The program has a range of timings offered: a three-month intensive course over the summer, or a six-to-nine month course with one or two sessions a week. Training is ongoing with refreshers every year.

  • X-Factor: The Xavier Institute funded the agency as a resource of the Institute. This meant they have agreed to looking into strange readings the Professor got from Cerebro that he didn't feel warranted X-Men attention and similar. In turn for his help, though, they need to keep things strictly above board. No shady dealings or questionable tactics. At least not on the books where it can be traced back to the agency and therefore Xavier's name.

  • X-Corps: Following the Genosha incident and Elpis firing several employees who were involved, Charles saw the opportunity to expand the Institute's benefits to others and set up a new NGO, with Angelo Espinosa at its head.

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