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Another month of upheaval for the students. Yvette uncharacteristically lost control of her emotions on an Elpis trip to Kosovo, attacking the man who had kidnapped and sold her, resulting in both herself and Angel, who had gone with her, in being grounded for some time and Laurie being seriously hurt. Yvette herself was sulky about the incident, until a talk with Garrison provided much needed perspective and Kyle suggested Danger Room training for her to be able to cut loose instead of internalising her frustrations so much.

Barely had the dust cleared from this incident when it was Inez Temple| Inez's turn. Goaded by some local boys in a Salem Center diner, she caused a near-riot and found herself in jail facing a number of serious charges from the anti-mutant Salem Center Police Department. A combination of diplomacy from Adrienne, Cain Marko| Cain and Dani and rank-pulling from Garrison got her out of jail, but her punishment was to repair the damage she did and work for the diner until the owner was satisfied.

The field trip curse again resurfaced, this time as Angelo was taking a small group of students to an exhibition in Central Park. A pro-mutant group, Alvorecer Novo was attacked by young mutant terrorists, scattering the students into the woods. Luckily the X-Men were close by, having been involved in Blackbird exercises, but their intervention resulted in the death of one of the youngsters as an optic blast by Cyclops went astray. Back at the mansion, examination of the body revealed a Mistra tattoo, confirming suspicions from Alaska about the Taygetos program - that it was 'breeding' and training a new generation of operatives. With Mistra gone, however, questions arose as to which particular private agency was involved, Nathan coming to his own conclusions about Tara Trask and her warped vision of the Askani philosophy.

Jane finally found some answers in regards to her origins, although they were less than satisfactory. After Amanda tracked down the woman who had accosted Jane in New York, she, Jane and Monet paid a visit to Nascor, an environmental organisation. An incident with a 'security guard' there aroused suspicions about Jane's amnesia, and after an unsatisfactory explanation from the group's higher ups and a clear attempt to psychically influence Jane to stay, the group left. Later that evening, Jane received an anonymous email with details of her parents and her own birth records, and a warning not to return to Nascor again.

Forge showed he might be physically healed from his encounter with Nimrod, but mentally he was still not ready to return to X-Men duty. Jay returned from Muir Island Research Facility to continue his convalescence at the mansion and Remy, still dodging Langstrom's men, emailed the Junior Trenchcoats with a number of specific missions, intended as their "graduation" pieces. Marius 'accidentally' acquired his full X-Man name by making a typo and being unable to fix it. Jennie and Amanda had another bitchfight on the journals, resulting in Manuel providing an unlikely source of perspective to the witch when the past was brought up. Marie returned and Rahne left, to attend the Elpis office in Tel Aviv for several months.


Sep 1 - Razor's Edge: After overhearing a conversation between Dr. Marcel and the Elpis people, Yvette runs off to confront the man who took her from the state orphanage two years ago, with Angel going with her to help; the group discovers the two girls are missing and tracks them to a warehouse, where they have been caught by the mutant smugglers; a fight ensues, Kyle gets shot and Laurie gets sliced up trying to stop Yvette; the group leaves in a hurry, with Dr. Marcel patching up Laurie and managing to keep Elpis' name out of official channels. A returned Catseye visits Nathan and re-meets Rachel. Callie goes walking in the woods with Catseye.

Sep 2 - Razor's Edge: Monet emails Nathan, ccing Yvette and Angel so they can see what they've done; Kyle posts to x_team about what happened and gets in an epic, multi-day argument with Laurie; Angelo notifies the staff of what happened and that both girls are grounded. Haller returns from Muir Island with a cold. Amanda notifies everyone that Wanda is in Russia for an undisclosed amount of time and talk ensues about the Junior Trenchcoats' "What The Shit Is This?" Bingo cards. Inez's birthday and Adrienne gives her a suitcase of designer clothes; Inez is blown away by the gift. Kyle drops in on Nathan and they talk about what happened. Amanda determines Julio has been given protection against further possessions. Forge talks about being back at college.

Sep 3 - Yvette asks on x_kids about what being grounded entails and later goes to ask Dani and gets some reassurance. Forge helps Kyle buy his textbooks and they talk about Laurie. Inez asks Forge about Marius and his dating habits.

Sep 4 - Garrison sits Yvette down and talks some sense into her. Kyle complains about the number of lakings and sparring sessions he's had for his own good, and the thread turns into Jan asking him out to see Rocky Horror and a fireworks-buying trip with Jane and Jan; Doug emails Jan asking how long she's been flirting with an oblivious Kyle.

Sep 5 - Yvette apologises to Elpis, Kyle and Laurie, with a mixed reception; Kyle hunts her down and they argue, eventually coming up with a solution to her anger issues; Kyle emails the team comms with a suggestion that Yvette be able to use the Danger Room for letting off steam. Marie-Ange, confused by the discussion on Kyle's journal about Rocky Horror, has a frank talk with Doug. Jan emails Clarice about whether it's okay to date Kyle. Jane invites people to a fireworks party. Jane emails Nathan and Angelo about defence training in the wake of several hairy Elpis missions.

Sep 6 - Nathan is released from medlab. Angelo has a talk with Yvette after her apology. Marie-Ange is in a very mellow mood. Jubilee isn't coping with things and gets drunk; luckily her friends are there to look out for her.

Sep 7 - Somewhere More Familiar: Jane emails Amanda, wanting to have a talk; Jane asks Amanda to dig into her past and see if she can find any clues as to Jane's identity. Jean lets Callie know her powers issue isn't physical. Yvette meets Catseye in the woods and they wind up playing hide-and-seek. Adrienne is confused about the Blue Jays' winning streak. Morgan finds Catseye - in cat form - in her bed and learns the proper priority of things.

Sep 8 - Monet emails Yvette about Danger Room training. Farouk meets with Langstrom and they discuss his actions as the Kingmaker. Morgan remarks on her meeting with Catseye the night before. Irony visits Forge in the shape of Shaw Industries being the case study for one of his classes. Dani has a feline visitor in her bed, and fares better than Morgan did.

Sep 9 - Laurie is philosophical about insight and seeing only the surface of things. In response to Morgan's calling her 'Kitten', Catseye posts in her journal, explaining her mindset and that she is a cat, not a kitten. Jennie is cast in her school's dance shows. Crystal announces she is going back to Attilan for a while.

Sep 10 - Nathan complains about barometric pressure making his head hurt and is impressed by the work done by Elpis during his coma. Yvette talks to Kevin about powers issues.

Sep 11 - Adrienne invites Garrison to watch the Jays vs. Red Socks game on the coming Saturday.

Sep 12 - Catseye pounces Kyle and asks about his recent stupidity. Marius gives himself his X-Men codename - by messing up the computer and winding up with "Emplate". Jan emails Kyle to ask when he's going to ask her out after their Rocky Horror outing. Community Service: At a local diner, Inez gets herself arrested when she loses her temper at some townies who are being crude about Laurie; Garrison is called in to help; talking with the local police, Garrison finds they have a major problem as the charges are far more serious than the situation warranted and Inez is being held in a cell without bail; Garrison lets the staff know what's going on.

Sep 13 - Community Service: Laurie emails Garrison to ask about Inez; Cain and Adrienne go to talk to the owner of the diner into dropping the charges; Garrison visits Inez and sets out the situation for he; Dani visits the parents of the boys involved to try and convince them to drop their charges also. Kyle complains of a stink on the staff floor; Farouk apologises for a mishap whilst cooking.

Sep 14 - Community Service: Garrison goes back to the police station and pulls rank, managing to secure Inez's freedom with the two sets of charges dropped; Cain drives Inez home and lays out her punishment; Yvette and Laurie both email Inez to check on her.

Sep 15 - Laurie and Garrison have a tense talk about her training and he is less than satisfied she's changed her ways. Samson announces a challenge course for the following Sunday.

Sep 16 - Clarice complains about her hair's slow progress to come back and Kyle suggests she could claim she'd had cancer to the bigots at her school; Laurie emails Kyle and Clarice about making cancer jokes after her mother's illness. Julio has a late class and posts from his phone about Mexican Independence Day.

Sep 17

Sep 18 - Amanda posts a reminder about the bus run.

Sep 19 - Mark has a Lego Madonna and Doug celebrates Talk like a Pirate Day. Rahne announces her departure to Elpis' Tel Aviv office for several months.

Sep 20 - Callie and Clarice go shopping. Amanda gets a new name from Catseye before the bus run. Somewhere More Familiar: While in New York, Jane runs into someone who recognises her - from her previous life. Cessily emails Kevin about his lack of presence. Jennie posts drunk to her journal again.

Sep 21 - Laurie posts her disapproval of drinking and is told she's being repetitive. Tabitha organises a breakfast run and texts Doug to be sure it's okay to join him and Marie-Ange. Catseye talks about her Saturday in the city and her brother's new girlfriend. Jubilee is mellow. Nori emails Jennie about her moving out of the suite. Amanda and Jennie fight on Laurie's journal and Manuel emails Amanda afterwards, requesting she come give him a break from the mansion's tensions and they wind up at a restaurant together; Jean-Phillipe is amused by the whole thing; Marius emails Forge and is confused about the sudden insanity; Morgan emails Laurie and offers roommate advice. Somewhere More Familiar: Jane is confused about the previous day's encounter. Karolina announces her absence for the evening and the next day; Garrison posts to the staff comm about her post. Scott and Jean escape to Harry's.

Sep 22 - Remy emails the Junior Trenchcoats with specific missions. Amanda is cranky in the morning over Johnny Rotten advertising butter; later, she and Mark go for a wander in the city to test her powers and she cheers up. Callie reflects on the first day of fall. Kyle is overwhelmed with school. Jay returns from Muir to have Sam fussing over him; Jay posts his return in his journal. Marie comes back from Canada and meets Callie. Karolina returns even later than she said and emails Callie for her class notes. Jay gets Forge to help with an amp and they talk things over.

Sep 23 - Kevin finds Jay on the grounds and checks he's okay. Morgan and Adrienne discuss self defence and prostitution while playing the Wii.

Sep 24 - Terry announces a movie night for Friday. Adrienne talks to Garrison about her husband and how he's reacting.

Sep 25 - Krypteia: Nathan asks Angelo to to go along to an exhibition in Central Park during the weekend.

Sep 26 - Kyle makes meatloafapillars.

Sep 27 - Pete comments on the election debate. Krypteia: Scott announces Blackbird manoeuvres for the evening; Callisto drives Angelo and his students to Central Park; at the exhibition, Noriko and Karolina plan to sneak off to go to a concert; Angelo meets the head of Alvorecer Novo , a mutant rights group from Brazil; during the New Dawn speech, mutants attack the speaker, Mariana Machado ; in the confusion, Angelo finds Tatiana and Machado and calls in the X-Men; Karolina and Noriko are attacked by one of the would-be assassins, a girl not much older than them, and are rescued by Callisto; in the ensuing fight between the X-Men and the teenage assassins, a blast of Scott's go wild and he seriously injures one of them, requiring them to evacuate him to the mansion; Angelo and Callisto get the students home; the injured boy dies; Scott makes his report to the team comm; Karolina freaks out on the journals; Nathan identifies a Mistra tattoo on the dead boy and they draw links to the Alaskan facility. Jennie reports on the outcome of the murder trial of her friend's killer.

Sep 28 - Krypteia: Angelo declares his intention to never lead another field trip; Scott and Cain discuss the issue of child soldiers and the death of the boy before SHIELD arrives to take the body; Scott and Jean comfort each other. Samson reports on the challenge course trip. Somewhere More Familiar: Amanda emails Jane with the results of her research into the woman who recognised her and a road trip with Monet is planned. Yvette emails Tatiana to check on her; Amanda texts Angelo.

Sep 29 - Krypteia: Nathan emails Pete about his conclusions re the Taygetos program's private funding; Machado leaves the mansion, following goodbyes from Angelo and a rather odd scene with Nathan.

Sep 30 - Catseye is enthralled by something. Forge is depressed by something; Jennie wonders aloud about why Forge didn't show for his first Danger Room session after X-Men Mission: Keep The Faith. Somewhere More Familiar: Jane, Amanda and Monet go to Nascor looking for answers, but wind up finding more questions instead; after returning, Jane receives an email with details of her parents and her date of birth and a warning not to return to Nascor.


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