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Danielle Moonstar
Mirage Card.jpeg
Portrayed by Q'Orianka Kilcher
Codename: 'Mirage'
Affiliations: Xavier Institute - Staff, Red X,
Birthdate: April 15, 1987
Journal: The only thing to fear
Player: Available for Applications

Danielle Moonstar (or 'Dani' as she prefers) is a Cheyenne proud of her heritage. However, due to the demands of a pregnancy on her empathy-based powers, she found it necessary to relocate to Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, where she found herself another kind of family. When her old life was brutally ripped away, she moved to Attilan, to try and rebuild herself.


Character Journal: x_mirage

Real Name: Danielle Moonstar

Codename: none

Aliases: Dani, Danielle Gilbert

First Appearance: December 12, 2004

Date of Birth: April 15, 1987

Place of Birth: Watonga, Oklahoma

Citizenship: Cheyenne Nation, American

Relatives: Moonstar Family: Margaret Moonstar (mother, deceased), William Moonstar (father, deceased), Elise Black Eagle (grandmother, deceased), Richard Black Eagle (grandfather, deceased)

Sheldon Gilbert (ex-husband)

William Norton Moonstar-McCoy (son, adopted by Dr. Henry McCoy)

Education: High school diploma, was enrolled at Westchester Community College for Business Administration before relocating to Attilan

Relationship Status: Single

Occupation: Administration Assistant (secretary) for Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters and resident advisor at Xavier's, student.

Team Affiliation: Red X



Danielle Moonstar grew up in Watonga, Oklahoma on the Cheyenne Reservation where she was born. When she was a toddler her parents were killed by a drunk driver on the reservation and she was sent to live with her grandparents. Her grandmother died when Dani was still fairly young and she continued to live with her grandfather, Black Eagle, a shaman who taught her the more traditional Cheyene beliefs and way of life.

In high school she began to date Sheldon Gilbert. They married when she was 17, after she became pregnant and she moved into Sheldon's house with his family. Shortly thereafter, Black Eagle died. After his funeral, her powers began to manifest.

Danielle began to have nightmares that would manifest themselves as hallucinations in the people around her. Afraid of what Danielle could do any time she fell asleep, Sheldon and his family demanded that she leave their house. Not knowing what to do, Dani began driving her grandfather's truck until it ran out of gas and then began walking.

Living At The X-Mansion

Dani arrived at the school after being kicked out of her house by her husband for being unable to control her powers and wandering across the country for several days with no idea what to do. She was several months pregnant as well. She quickly bonded with Forge, insisting he is her brother through their shared Cheyenne heritage, despite Forge's insistance that he had no interest in that aspect of his life.

Shortly after arrival, Dani received a package in the mail containing divorce papers from her husband. Enraged, she drags Forge on a roadtrip back to the reservation. Sheldon, her husband, is truly the prize that everyone expected him to be and in true Jerry Springer style, was caught cheating, insulted Forge and Dani and hit her. Divorce was never a more needed thing. Sheldon also refused to pay child support or alimony on their child. Dani has not seen or heard from him since the divorce was finalized.

Throughout everything, Dani's powers were continually problematic and her control was haphazard at best. She tried working with Manuel, despite their rocky start, on her powers, but they had two very different forms of empathy. She had better luck using tai chi & herbal remedies to help control her mood swings and sessions with Nathan and Xavier to control her powers.

Having worked around the house for most of her life, Dani could not sit idly back without working at Xavier's, and began working in the kitchen helping Lorna and handling the paperwork that goes into managing a commercialize kitchen for a school and for Hank, collating and typing up notes pertaining to his research.

In tai chi classes, Dani became friends with Karen, a member of the local Friends of Humanity chapter. Their friendship was shortlived however, once Karen discovered that Dani was a mutant. Karen returned to tai chi with Tommy Jones and other boys from the FOH, intending to hurt Dani, but Dani was able to use her powers to stop them, although Alison had to intervene to difuse the situation.

During Dani's divorce, she asked Hank if he would be willing to adopt her baby. Once Billy was born, her friendship with Forge became rocky, but she began to finally regain control of her powers. After Forge returned from With Malice Aforethought, Dani attempted to begin repairing their friendship, only to have it broken a few days later when Forge found out about Dani's relationship with Manuel.

Finishing high school without a clear plan, Dani began working at Xavier's as the school administrator (secretary) and continues working with the paperwork aspect of kitchen, leaving the majority of cooking to Lorna. She began summer classes at Westchester Community College, although she did not do well and ultimately dropped out of school.


Dani continued to work as the school administrator, but only worked 3 days per week so she could once again take classes at Westchester Community College as a business administration major. She shared a suite and the Resident Advisor position for the students with Marie D'Ancato.

While attempting to go shopping with Tabitha Smith, she and Dani ran across dinosaurs in New York City! Not knowing what to do, the girls used their powers to try to herd the oversized lizards away from people and into the waterways. Neither of the girls were X-Men so this was even more problematic with their powers training and physical ability, however, they succeeded in preventing people from being stepped on.

During one of the routine weekend trips into New York City, the Xavier's bus was kidnapped, including Dani. Without being able to rely on a rescue by the X-Men, Dani and the students freed themselves and made a successful escape. This is the first time Dani succeeded in keeping her head during a crisis and was able to lead and guide the others.

She took Forge's disappearance in Sound of Silence badly, as everyone she had been close to or loved up until then had died or abandonded her. Even though she knew logically that he had no way of knowing what was going to happen, she still saw it as him rejecting her. Dani did not speak to Forge when he returned until he came by her suite and dropped off an article about a Cheyenne Art exhibit at the MoMA.


In December 2008, Dani along with Garrison Kane, Pete Wisdom and Jay Guthrie were kidnapped and presumed dead. Instead, Dani, Garrison and Jay were transformed into weapons by Blaquesmith, their powers augmented or altered, with the goal of killing Apocalypse. Their mission, planned by Pete, was ultimately successful, their conditioning was removed and they were free to return to the school. However the alterations remained, and Dani's personality became less open, more used to dealing with people as fearful creatures, removing some of her passivity. She was more aggressive about dealing with people and deciding what she wanted. She also carried a thick scar across her neck from the attack, where Sabretooth had torn out her throat, and took to wearing Native American neck pieces to cover it. Eventually, she began to open up, resuming her position of RA and sharing a suite with Jay. The two formed an almost-marriage-like living arrangment, something Jay was increasingly uncomfortable with, and when it was discovered that Dani was unconsciously giving Jay nightmares, he moved out for both their sakes.

The knowledge she had hurt someone she cared about hit Dani hard, and in September 2009 she decided to relocate to Attilan, to train with her powers in a less-stressful environment and hopefully finish her studies.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5ft 10in

Weight: 170lbs

Eyes: brown

Hair: straight & black almost to her waist, she generally wears it long, in two braids or pinned up with a claw

Other Features:

Piercings: one hole in each ear

'Tattoos: none

Scars: under her chin from a childhood fall; wide, thick scar across her neck from Sabretooth ripping out her throat. She covers this with a variety of native American beaded chokers.


She can manifest other people's fears in the form of illusions that are completely real to the person with that fear. Her power is mostly touch-based at this point, although she has better control over her powers than when she first came to the school. She sometimes loses control when she sleeps, invading other peoples dreams and giving them nightmares, but that is a fairly rare occurance now.

Following Mechanisms of Revenge, Dani's full empathic abilities were stripped away, and focused down to exploiting fear and weakness in others. She has the ability to trap people in full audio-hallucinatory states in which their worst fears apparently come to life around them. She can also use this to temporarily overload someone's nervous system, like a concentrated panic attack. However, the rest of Dani's empathic abilities are reduced to a mere fraction of what they had been, as her mind had been focused.




Danielle doesn't have a middle name, her Cheyenne name is Heme'kone Ôhmâsêhanee'êstse which means 'Crazy Head'.

She was married and divorced before she turned 18 and had a baby only a couple weeks after turning 18. The baby was adopted by Henry McCoy and Dani has had little contact since he relocated to Scotland. She doesn't appear to mind overmuch.

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Player Icon Base: Q'Orianka Kilcher

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Dani was brought into the game by Maureen who played her until September 2009