McCoy Family

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McCoy Family
Portrayed by William B. Davis; Betty White;
Known Aliases: Norton and Edna McCoy; Billy McCoy
Affiliations: Henry McCoy
Socked By: None
Introduction: July 23, 2005

The McCoys are the immediate family of Henry McCoy. Following Hank's departure from the school, they have little contact with the residents.


First appearance: Edna and Norton: July 23, 2005; Billy: May 29, 2005

Norton McCoy
Norton mccoy.jpg
A farmer, Norton is a quiet, thoughtful kind of man who speaks little but notices a lot.

PB: William B. Davis

Edna McCoy
Edna mccoy.jpg
Where Norton is quiet, Edna is something of a chatterbox, but no less perceptive. A former nurse, she has a practical edge that can seem a trifle bossy when she's organising people.

PB: Debbie Reynolds

William Norton McCoy
Hank's adopted son (Deceased)
Born in May 2005, Billy is the biological son of Danielle Moonstar and her estranged husband Sheldon. Hank gladly adopted the baby, having wanted to be a parent for almost his whole life. Billy is currently in Edinburgh with Hank's girlfriend, Madelyn Bartlet, as Hank considers the mansion too risky for a baby. He was killed in the Muir invasion in January 2015.

PB: Getty Images


Edna and William McCoy are a typical rural American couple, living on a farm in Iowa. They are in their early seventies, having been unable to have children until later in life, when Hank arrived. They raised their son to follow their traditional values of loyalty, family and decency to others and were always supportive of him, even after the accident that made him blue and furry.

Billy McCoy is the biological son of Danielle Moonstar and her estranged husband Sheldon. Feeling incapable of caring for him even prior to his birth, Dani arranged for Hank to adopt him, which Hank, having always wanted children, gladly did. When Hank moved to Edinburgh with Madelyn Bartlet, Dani took things badly and has had little contact with Billy since.


May 29, 2005: Billy's birth.

July 23, 2005: Hank takes Madelyn, Billy, Dani, Kyle Gibney and Forge to his family's farm.

November 18, 2005 Hank tells Dani of the Edinburgh move


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Formerly socked by: Dyce