Moonstar Family

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Moonstar Family
Portrayed by Martin Senmeier, Stock Image
Known Aliases: Sheldon Gilbert; Billy McCoy
Affiliations: Danielle Moonstar
Socked By: None - socker needed
Introduction: January 9, 2005

The family of Danielle Moonstar, consisting of no-one still living except from her ex-husband and son, adopted out.

First appearances

January 9, 2005: Sheldon

29, 2005: Billy's birth.


William Moonstar
father, deceased
He and his wife were killed by a drunk driver when Dani was a toddler. She remembers little about them.

PB: None.

Margaret "Peg" Moonstar
mother, deceased
She and her husband were killed by a drunk driver when Dani was a toddler. She remembers little about them.

PB: None.

Richard Black Eagle
maternal grandfather, deceased
Following the death of his daughter and her husband, Richard and his wife took in their young granddaughter. Richard was a shaman, raising Dani in the ways of the Cheyenne and helping her learn to control her powers with ancient meditative skills. He died of a heart attack when she was 17.

PB: None.

Elsie Black Eagle
maternal grandmother, deceased
Wife to Richard, Elise died of diabetes complications when Dani was 8, leaving him to raise her alone.

PB: None.

Sheldon Gilbert
A young Cheyenne man, Sheldon and Dani dated for some time before discovering she was pregnant at seventeen. They chose to get married and moved in with his family, but when the death of her grandfather and the effects of the pregnancy on her hormones, Dani's powers became erratic and hard to control, causing Sheldon and his family to tell Dani to leave, out of fear of what she might do. Sheldon filed for divorse after Danni settled at Xavier's and signed away any claim to their child.

PB: Martin Senmeier

William Norton McCoy (Deceased)
Born in May 2005, Billy is the biological son of Danielle Moonstar and her estranged husband Sheldon. Dani, unable to cope with the thought of raising the baby with the instability caused by her powers, asked Henry McCoy to adopt the baby. He did so gladly, having wanted to be a parent for almost his whole life. Billy is currently in Edinburgh with Hank's girlfriend, Madelyn Bartlet, as Hank considers the mansion too risky for a baby. Dani has had no contact with him since Hank and Madelyn moved to Scotland, despite offers. He was killed in the Muir invasion in January 2015.

PB: Stock photo.


William & Peg Moonstar were killed in by a drunk driver when Danielle was a toddler and she was sent to live with her grandparents, Elise & Richard Black Eagle. Elise died when Dani was 8 of diabetes complications and Richard died when Dani was 17 of a heart attack.

Shortly after arriving at Xavier's, Sheldon sent Danielle divorce papers. Enraged, Dani & Forge drove to Oklahoma to talk to Sheldon. After a disasterous vistion, Dani returned to Oklahoma only weeks before Billy was born to finalize the divorce. Brittany's marriage was shorter than Dani's, but only barely.

She gave Billy to Hank for adoption.


January 9, 2005: Sheldon's first appearance

April, 4, 2005: Danielle & Sheldon's divorce

May 29, 2005: Billy's birth.

July 23, 2005: Hank takes Madelyn, Billy, Dani, Kyle Gibney and Forge to his family's farm.

November 18, 2005 Hank tells Dani about the Edinburgh move.


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Formerly socked by Maureen