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People learned about their powers and their uses. Jean Grey was able to telepathically project again. Nathan Dayspring found out that the phenalalynine in chocolate is what causes his precognitive fits. Manuel de la Rocha realized that it was easier for him to see negative as opposed to positive emotions. Nate used his Askani training to help Manuel learn to use his powers. Kylun told others that he was able to mimic sounds exactly as he heard them, a power which he had not felt was very useful.

There were a several new beginnings this month. Henry McCoy prepared for his impending fatherhood and Danielle Moonstar gave birth to William Norton McCoy. Nathan and Moira MacTaggart got married. Madelyn Bartlet and Hank started dating. Jean and Scott Summers got back together. Meggan Szardos was officially adopted by Margali. Amanda Sefton and Remy LeBeau met Charlie Plunder, a young man with an interest in magic. Amanda learnt to drive. Betsy Braddock started working with Remy and Jake Gavin for security on the mansion.

The Guthries had a difficult month. Jay Guthrie continued healing from his attack. Jubilation Lee and Kitty Pryde created Suitemates of Guthries (SOG) for friends of the siblings to talk about their concerns. It was misinterpreted by the Guthries and had negative repercussions. Paige Guthrie had a serious breakdown due to overloading herself and was placed in isolation.

Nathan had a busy month as well. The Pack came through the mansion on their way to Tunisia. He caught up with a lot of his old buddies at the wedding. Nate also found out that his father was still alive. Nate met the president and a memorial was started for the victims of Mistra. Haroun al-Rashid took a trip down memory lane when he went to visit the graves of his old classmates, the Hellions. Forge had surgery to replace his arm. Jean and Jay found out about Forge’s original accident, when he brought a bomb to school that malfunctioned, injuring only himself. Nate and Amanda learnt more about Manuel’s past. Jean dealt with facing the anniversary of her “death” and an email from Thomas.


May 1 – Madelyn decides she is going to date Hank, but is worried about the effect on Kurt. Clarice speaks with Amanda about parenting Meggan and bigots at work. Piers arrives at the mansion and gets ready to go to Tunisia with Domino and Anika. Hank and Dani talk about how his adoption of her child will affect their relationship. Jean tells Nate about her TP breakthrough – she projected. Growing Pains: Forge’s dad and Amanda talk; Richard also visits with Dani and they talk their shared heritage; Richard tells Jean about Forge’s original accident when he took a bomb to school. Hank talks with Scott about a change in status due to his impending fatherhood. Traitor: Terry confronts Tommy and his friends about beating up Jay. On Beltaine, Amanda takes a walk through Manuel’s mind and learns more about him and his past than she ever knew before.

May 2Traitor: Catseye watches over Jay as he heals; Remy begins to connect the FOH to the attack on Jay; Kitty and Doug decide to independently investigate Jay’s attack. Growing Pains: Forge shows his dad his lab and what he’s been working on. Jake meets Lockheed, then he and Kitty talk about religion, the school and cookies. Scott and Jubilee talk about when and when not to listen to orders. The invitations for Nate and Moira’s wedding are sent.

May 3Growing Pains: Forge asks permission from Nate to use Askani technology in his prosthetics – they agree and even offer to consult with him. Stigmata: Scott checks on Paige, who stays calm due to Manuel’s influence; Scott still senses all is not well and insists she get checked out.

May 4 – Hank convinces Dani to attend the wedding in Scotland. Amanda talks with Angelo about Paige and his concerns about her.

May 5Growing Pains: Forge is nervous as he goes to the hospital for his surgery. Hank tries to offer support to Jay, but Jay doesn’t want to listen. Scott invites Jean to meet his grandparents in Alaska. Hank and Madelyn have their first date.

May 6 – Nate talks with Marie-Ange after her first Danger Room session. Amanda decides its time she learns to drive. Jubilee and Kitty are concerned about Paige and decide to form SOG (Suitemates of Guthries) as a forum to discuss their concerns about her and all the Guthrie siblings.

May 7 – Jean and Betsy still have trouble being civil, but manage with a little prompting from Nathan. Alex is accepted to the University of Hawaii. Clarice has a bad day at work and gets drunk. Growing Pains: Forge’s surgery is successful.

May 8Stigmata: Alison and Scott talk about the trainees and Paige gets upset when she overhears something she misinterprets. A bite of chocolate cake sends Nate into a precognitive fit. Jean discovers that phenylalanine is responsible for Nathan’s precognitive fits. Amanda takes Meggan shopping and introduces her to the wonders of American malls. Hank agrees to let Jubilee borrow his car to go the mall she used to live in as long as she takes a few companions, including Forge, along for the ride.

May 9 – Jubilee extends Forge an in-person invitation to join SOG. Doug stumbles across Jean and Betsy verbally sparring. Alison makes Lorna take a break from planning the catering for the wedding. Forge tells Jay about his original accident and Jay tells Forge about Kevin Cabot.

May 10 - Nathan shows Haroun his wedding kilt.

May 11 – Remy asks Betsy to work for him on mansion security. Buy Now, Pay Later: Remy and Amanda meet Charlie for the first time. Remy tells Lorna he’s not going to the wedding because he needs to investigate a tie between Magneto, Denver and drugs. Jake finds out he’ll be missing the wedding to help Remy investigate.

May 12 - Meggan gets her first swim lesson at the pool from Dani.

May 13 – Nathan and GW catch up the day before the wedding. Amanda and Nathan talk about the Pack and her upcoming trip to Germany at the rehearsal dinner. Madelyn talks to Clarice about why she got drunk and taking time to destress.

May 14Cain Marko|Cain gives Nate a pre-wedding pep talk. Forge alters a dress for Catseye to wear. Halfway around the world, Jake and Remy are on their stakeout and offer a toast to the happy couple. Moira and Nathan get married! Haroun and Domino have trouble being civil with one another at the reception. After his encounter with Domino, Haroun has a drink but Alison finds him and makes him feel better. Nathan thanks Lorna for her help with the catering (with a trip to Anguilla) and she explains the meaning behind the bottle of wine Remy sent. Madelyn and Kurt talk for the first time since their argument. Nate is now a Kinross and talks to Haroun about what that means to him. Nate (along with Gavin, Isabel, Ani and Ian) call Chris Cole at Alison’s suggestion. Stigmata: Paige continues her slip into deep depression and retreats to her room while the other guests celebrate at the reception; trying to rid herself of bruises, she husks, but each skin pulled off leaves more bruises beneath. Amanda talks with Lorna about their mutual concern for Remy.

May 15 – On the anniversary of her “death,” Jean and Scott talk about it. Jamie talks with Jean about what it feels like to survive your own death.

May 16 - Pete wants to reply to Amanda’s email, but knows he can’t. Jean replies to Thomas’s email, causing her to argue with herself.

May 17 - Scott and Haroun discuss the Danger Room and team training. Cain goes to observe his handiwork in Betsy’s bedroom. At dinner, Haroun and Alison discuss potential outings, leading them to talk about his accident. Meggan is officially adopted by Margali.

May 18 – Amanda talks with Remy about his wedding gift; being sick lowers his defenses and he is honest with her. While helping Dani study math, Manuel uses his empathy to make her feel better than she had in a long time. Stigmata: Haroun runs into Paige after a DR session and her paranoia continues to increase. Haroun displays some disturbing behavior during a routine medical exam with Madelyn. Lorna asks Remy some questions and he is unable to lie to her. Catseye outs SOG on the journal system and the Guthries get upset.

May 19Stigmata: Paige is taken off active training and decides to leave the mansion; Paige breaks up with Angelo and tells Jono she can’t wait for him; Alison checks to see how Sam is reacting to Paige’s departure; Alison and Scott talk about Paige’s departure; Amanda checks to see how Angelo is reacting to Paige’s departure and helps him get some sleep. Forge talks with Alison about his plans for HeliX and she offers some suggestions. Haroun leaves the mansion without telling anyone where he is going.

May 20 - Jubilee blames herself for Paige’s departure, but Madelyn and Hank are able to calm her down. Terry talks with Alison about what to tell and not tell Jay about SOG. Scott opens Jay’s eyes to the reasons Paige may have left. Jay and Terry talk about SOG, home and the absence of love in their lives. Kyle apologizes to Jay for his negative reaction to Jay being gay. Hank talks with Madelyn about Manuel. Remy updates Charles on the status of the intel network since Pete’s departure; it’s a bleak picture. Madelyn checks to make sure Alison is aware of the cause of Haroun’s departure. Remy promises to drive Jubilee to Harvard if she hasn’t heard from Paige within a week. Things on the journals get heated between the students; Manuel issues threats. Since the mansion is not psi friendly at the moment, Scott takes Manuel, Dani and Jean into town.

May 21 – Betsy receives a trench coat from Remy. Buy Now, Pay Later: Amanda meets Charlie for lunch and they further their friendship as they talk about magic. Dani confronts Jay about his behavior and he seems to hear what she has to say. When Scott tries to leave the mansion while upset, Betsy intercepts him until Jean walks in and breaks things up. Hank and Dani talk about Manuel’s post the day before; later in the evening Dani goes into false labor. Alison finds Haroun mourning at the Hellions' graves.

May 22 – Betsy and Dani meet for the first time. Hank and Scott are finally able to clear the air and argue their way to understanding each other.

May 23 – Scott takes Amanda for a driving lesson and he gives her some scheduling advice. Alison and Haroun enjoy an evening together, though he expresses his concern over the security risk of the X-Men that have left the mansion. Hank and Haroun get into a testosterone-laden debate with a physical element (i.e. “My stick is bigger than your stick”). Scott and Jean are officially back together. Kylun announces that one of his powers is the ability to mimic sounds that he has heard.

May 24 – Hank tells Madelyn about his sparring match with Haroun. Nate talks with Amanda about letting people help her care for Meggan. Alison gets mildly injured during some personal time with Haroun and he is concerned about her. Stigmata: While Jubilee and Angelo watch, Amanda casts a locating spell for Paige and is surprised to find it places her right where she should be. Jubilee scolds Hank for his testosterone match with Haroun and he readily admits it was a mistake. Manuel explains that it is more difficult for him to see good emotions as opposed to negative ones.

May 25 – Hank resumes some of his normal good cheer while talking to Jean. Manuel goes for one of his regular meetings with Charles and is surprised to find that Nate is there to work with him. Nate gives Remy a glass purple donkey named Cesare. Nate talks with Amanda about feeling like she’s messed up again and is able to offer some comfort. Buy Now, Pay Later: Remy takes some books to Charlie for Amanda and they end up talking over coffee. The psionic nullification chamber (i.e. “The Box”) goes offline due to excess use.

May 26 – Madelyn tells Nate that his father is still alive. Haroun gives Meggan some markers to color with which she uses on herself. Jean and Alex agree to try and get along for Scott’s sake.

May 27Stigmata: Alison gets a phone call from MIT admissions informing her that Paige didn’t show up for a scheduled interview; Alison figures out where Paige has gone and takes Kylun with her to search the Morlock Tunnels; They find her huddled in a cave and convince her to return with them; Paige is put in isolation; Jean checks on Paige, who remains paranoid and defensive; Haroun reassures Alison that Paige will recover.

May 28 – Manuel offers to use his ability to help Paige, but Jean turns him down; Angelo tells Jono that Paige is back at the school and not doing well. Madelyn and Angelo talk about Paige. Jean has a nightmare and ends up talking to Madelyn in the medlab. Dani wakes up Forge when she goes into labor; Hank quickly runs to check on her. Illyana and Amanda talk about magic. Lorna and Nate engage in culinary therapy while talking about Paige, Dani and parents. Jean makes her way into Nathan’s nightmare and they talk about what she saw.

May 29Stigmata: Jean finally gets Paige to open up a little; Alison visits Paige and brings her a gift. While Nathan and Haroun spar, they talk about what’s really bothering Nate. William “Billy” Norton McCoy is born at 1:17 in the morning.

May 30Buy Now, Pay Later: Amanda takes Forge to meet Charlie and talk shop. Thermopylae: Special Agent Val Cooper takes Nate to meet with the president at Arlington National Cemetery; a memorial for Mistra's victims is made.

May 31 – Lorna takes Alex to Anguilla for the vacation given to her by Nate and Moira. Kitty and Jamie make Paige a care package. During a session with Nate, Manuel tries and fails to understand why his actions can set off a chain of emotional events; during the session, Manuel has a minor fit which shows Nate why he is having so much trouble.



Growing Pains: continued from April.

Buy Now, Pay Later: continued in June.



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