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May was an eventful month for Nathan Dayspring and Moira MacTaggart. It started out with MacInnis luring Nathan away from the mansion for a weekend for deprogramming. The next week, Nathan had a vision that rocked the foundations of the mansion and inspired a number of students’ dreams. Though this burnt out his precognition, it sent the two and a half million voices directly into his head, and the Askani psis occasionally overpowered him and took control of his powers. Shortly after, Nathan and Moira headed up to Muir on business with the Pack and were attacked by a small group of soldiers. Towards the end of the month, without Nathan’s permission, Askani managed to convince a very skeptical and reluctant Manuel to let her empaths train him. The month ended with Nathan preparing an Askani music archive with Alison, and writing up syllabi for new classes he would be teaching in the fall.

May’s other big event was the battle of the Jamie Madroxes. After Jamie was nearly killed the previous September during hurricane relief, a dupe managed autonomy and was recruited by Mystique and Magneto. Half-crazed and desperate to be the “true” Jamie, “ Skippy” sent some of his own dupes to kidnap Artie and Miles, knocked out and lured away the staff, and faced Jamie in a battle for control. With Kitty's help, Jamie reabsorbed Skippy, and a number of students rescued the kids. Reactions ranged from the sympathetic to the distraught to the morbid.

Angelo decided to visit Sarah Morlocke and Shinobi Shaw in Boston, and started to organize a trip with Pete’s approval. All was going well until Manuel voiced his interest, which led Clarice and Angelo to publicly complain about him. Most people didn’t take sides and pointed out how both parties were at fault, despite explanations and pleas about their positions. The trip ultimately happened, with Manuel in attendance thanks to Emma's suggestions/manipulations.

On the relationship front, there were a number of upheavals. Shiro thought that Kwannon's seduction translated to Betsy's attraction to him, but was told otherwise. Marie-Ange made a few attempts to get Doug away from his work, and was met with resistance each time. Manuel and Amanda continued their roller-coaster/train wreck, alternating between cute and sexy, and antagonistic and selfish.


May 1Trojan Horse: After meeting with MacInnis the previous day, Nathan wakes up temporarily in an unfamiliar place. Amanda and Rahne worry about him, Angelo asks Moira of she knows where he is, and Moira and Pete are angry with him.

May 2Trojan Horse: MacInnis lets Nathan free. Moira can’t sleep, the only way Amanda can is with Manuel.

May 3Trojan Horse: Nathan returns, and is greeted by Moira, Amanda, Pete, and Angelo. After Illyana Rasputin reintroduces herself, she and Amanda have a chat. That night, Amanda and Marie-Ange bond over glasses of red wine. Angelo starts planning a trip to Boston to visit Shinobi and Sarah.

May 4 – Nathan and Betsy find themselves in each other’s dreams and encounter the remnants of Kwannon. In the morning, Shiro goes to speak with Betsy about what happened during her possession and is let down, and then gets some comfort from Alex. Domino sends Amanda a little gift, and they briefly discuss Nathan. Amanda sends out a number of other e-mails about Boston. Manuel and Nathan discuss the weekend, and then Manuel gets some mystical help from Amanda. Domino and Moira catch up, and Moira and Nathan comfort each other, while Scott comforts Betsy, and Angelo offers a personal revelation on his journal.

May 5 – More plans are made to visit Boston, Marie-Ange worries about Doug and asks Jamie for help, Domino berates Nathan to his face and to Pete, Jane talks to Angelo about his relationships, and Moira ponders the future of Muir with Nathan.

May 6 – Moira reminds the students that the staff is available for finals help. Angelo e-mails Amanda and Paige about Manuel. After an angry IM conversation with Domino, Nathan forwards the log with McInnis from the previous week to Pete. Nathan decides to flush his happy pills, which neither Moira nor Amanda appreciates. He also talks to Manuel about his pissing contest with Angelo. After classes, Amanda and Jubilee snark, and later Warren takes out Amanda for a flight.

May 7 – Pete posts rules about the upcoming trip to Boston, and Emma convinces Manuel to go. Marie-Ange gets Jamie to abduct Doug for her, and later Jamie poses so Jubilee can practice drawing. Jubilee also finally meets Manuel. Clarice voices her opinions on the Spaniard, and is comforted by Angelo, but berated by others. Cassandra Complex: Nathan is rocked by a vision and gets help from Charles and Moira, Alison informs everyone on what happened, and Amanda has a strange dream.

May 8Cassandra Complex: A number of people dream of the Askani, and Angie, Doug, and Jamie discuss it over breakfast. Alison e-mails Marie-Ange about her responses to Angelo and Clarice, Amanda plans more with Sarah, and Marie e-mails Heather Hudson about Logan. Amanda goes to visit Nathan, and then shares a cigarette with Angelo. Rahne and Moira go to visit Nathan, too. A bomb goes off at the Red X office in DC.

May 9 – The Hudsons make an offer to Logan that he refuses. Doug asks Charles if he can help with the bombing investigation, and Charles puts him in contact with Val Cooper. Moira gets a call from Muir, and celebrates with Nathan. Marie-Ange does a reading for Manuel, and then has an argument with Amanda. Angelo visits Nathan again, Jubilee regains her memories, Jamie and Kitty have a picnic, Bobby and Jane are cute at Disneyland, and Sarah and Angelo beat each other up.

May 10 – Alison posts to the people who had the Askani dreams, Manuel and Amanda make up, and later Amanda has a midnight talk with Nathan. Jamie plans a HeliX meeting for Saturday to raise funds for RedX. Nathan also talks to Alison about Askani music, and publicly explains the history of the Askani. Kitty gets some unsettling news from her mother, and commiserates with Jamie.

May 11 – Amanda gives Betsy a birthday present. Nathan talks to Moira about furthering his powers training, and Amanda and Angelo talk about the future of their friendship. Angelo also catches up with Marie, and has a deep talk with Jane, who gets comfort from Bobby.

May 12 – Angelo spars with Nathan, and Jamie and Illyana rekindle their friendship.

May 13 – Nathan develops syllabi for a couple courses, and Marie-Ange shares a very odd dream with Jamie. Nathan needs some help falling asleep, and later in the day drops off some old papers with Amanda.

May 14 – Moira and Nathan fly to the UK to check out Muir, and spend time with the Pack.

May 15 – Nathan is injured when Muir is invaded, but the Pack manages to kill them all. Domino informs Pete about this incident. Skippy: Jamie’s autonomous dupe "Skippy” tries to lure Kitty away at the HeliX event, and Amanda prevents Bethany Moore from confronting them; When they get home, Jamie explains Skippy.

May 16 – Nathan wakes up and argues with Rory Campbell. Moira then reassures Rory that she’s in love with Nathan, not him, and e-mails Amanda to tell her what happened. Amanda then has a brief talk over the phone with someone, and asks Clarice to secretly teleport her to town.

May 17 – Domino contacts Charles and Pete about getting Nathan and Moira back home. Clarice ‘ports Amanda into town so she can get something to help Nathan. Later, she talks to Domino, heals Moira, and laughs at Bridge. She also tells Angelo where she got the power from, and looks over Nathan as he wakes up. Outside of the medlab, Shiro challenges Alex to a game of Street Fighter, Warren picks up Piotr at the airport, and Lorna schemes a private dinner for the lovebirds.

May 18 – An argument between Manuel and Nathan is broken up by Moira, who reassures Nathan that she’s fine. Manuel also has an argument over e-mail with Amanda. Alison and Miles meet GW. Domino chills with Amanda and Angelo, who later goes to punch stuff with Sarah. Angelo and Amanda also visit Nathan (separately), but meet up later to talk. Piotr e-mails Charles about being his bodyguard. Moira turns down Clarice’s offer of medlab help. Skippy (plot): Charles explains to Jamie why tracking Skippy is so difficult. Pete gives Manuel The Talk, and offers up some advice to Amanda.

May 19 – Jamie meets Theo and Domino. Alison shares a creative solution to Nathan’s sleeping problem with Moira. Warren invites Piotr to a social function he doesn’t want to go to. Nathan and Domino fill Pete in on what happened, Angelo tries to convince Nathan to keep accepting Amanda’s healing, Domino and Sarah spar, Moira talks with Theo about Nathan, and Moira meets Askani.

May 20 – Nathan finds himself in Angelo’s nightmare. Logan contacts the Hudsons about moving up to Canada and Marie makes the public announcement, Domino takes Amanda to New York City, Rahne stops by to visit Nathan, Piotr meets Theo, and Kitty tells Angelo about her upcoming summer vacation.

May 21 – Manuel and Domino spar, and Angelo visits Marie before she leaves. Alison’s students are excited about formal wear. Nathan refuses Amanda’s healing, talks to Angelo about his dream, and is cute with Moira. Angelo helps Illyana get reacquainted with Earth.

May 22 – Nathan says goodbye to Domino, GW, and Theo. Jamie conspires an ice cream outing with Alison. Dr. Stephen Strange e-mails his concerns about Amanda to Charles, Moira, Pete, Romany and Manuel, and Moira goes to speak with her about it. Later, Moira and Nathan talk about the good parts of Muir.

May 23Skippy: Skippy leads his assault on the mansion, incapacitating some of the staff, kidnapping Artie and Miles, and luring Jamie out to the quarry. With the staff preoccupied, the students go after Skippy and the kids. Jamie defeats Skippy in a battle of wills. Afterwards, Moira comforts Nathan and is in turn comforted by Rahne, Amanda finds herself in Manuel’s dreams, Angelo and Paige are cute, and Doug, Angie, Moira, and Nathan express their relief to Jamie. Jamie also asks Moira what to do with Skippy’s remains, and Amanda informs Charles, Samson, and Emma about Manuel overloading.

May 24 – Shiro e-mails Jamie to apologize for his comments about Skippy. Alex tries to cheer up Lorna by telling her about his powers breakthrough. Amanda forces Nathan to stay in bed following his injuries, then he and Moira agree they need a real vacation. After Sarah’s emotionless post, Amanda goes to talk to her about monstrosity. After replying to Nathan’s post, Paige goes to check on Sam, who later crashes into the field and after being escorted back inside by Angelo, gets scolded by his sister. Amanda mother-hens Doug, and Angelo goes to visit Nathan.

May 25 – Alison e-mails Nathan about Askani music and Skippy, and then to a number of the kids about going to see Samson, Sam apologizes to Angelo and Marie sends him her address which he forwards on to Amanda, Paige cajoles Jono into helping her make chili, Amanda asks Dr. Strange for an impromptu lesson, and Manuel sends a song to Amanda. Nathan talks to Angie about what she had to do on Sunday, Amanda sucks Manuel into her dreams, and later Angie fails to get Doug to leave his room.

May 26 – Alison speed-learns Askani but forgets English in the process. Nathan discusses with Amanda her dream-sharing with Manuel. Later, he gets some help from Angelo, and talks to Moira about Askani and control. Amanda offers Manuel’s services as DJ for a pool party and PCIF ponders performing, Angelo forwards Marie’s contact info to more people, and Piotr and Lorna make plans to get coffee. Something is driving Doug batty, and after Miles helps him figure out him figure out that it is cicadas talking, Doug informs Charles and heads down to the Box. Warren and Amanda argue over the weekend’s course of action, and Amanda decides to take a little sanity break.

May 27 – Nathan is dispenser of advice for Doug, Jamie, and Manuel, and gets some from Charles. Dr. Strange confronts Amanda about over-extending herself, and gets Angelo to agree to keep an extra eye out for her. Alison’s English starts to return. Moira and Amanda ponder the Askani.

May 28 – Alison and Lorna announce the end-of-the-year pool party and barbeque. Nathan and Askani discuss Manuel with Amanda, who later goes to talk truthfully with him. Then he gets drunk with Cain. Askani visits Manuel in a dream and offers to help him. Also, Lorna tries to rope Angelo into a game of tennis with her, but instead they just talk. Domino and Nathan play a game of AIM- and phone-tag.

May 29 – Jamie talks to Amanda and later Moira about Skippy and tries not to freak out, Nathan recovers from his hangover with Moira and is informed about Askani’s deal with Manuel, and Manuel celebrates the proper return of his powers with Amanda. Angelo plans another trip to Boston.

May 30Jake contacts people about his return. Clarice worries about her grades. Jamie and Kitty hold a funeral for Skippy. Nathan and Moira take a day-long shopping trip. Angelo talks about nothing with Monet, and tries (and fails) to comfort Jane, who then goes to talk with Jamie. Amanda and Jubilee manage a civil conversation before the end-of-the-year pool party, Nathan invites Paige to take one of his classes, and Amanda and Angelo talk about the aftermath of Skippy.

May 31 – Domino berates Amanda over e-mail, and Doug, Nathan, and Moira offer her comfort after Manuel reveals the origin of her scars. Nathan and Doug also contact Manuel about them. Marie-Ange has enough with Doug’s poor self-esteem, but they reconcile quickly. Nathan signs up Monet for one of his classes, has a heartfelt conversation about his past with Moira, and mourns his fallen comrades.


Trojan Horse

Skippy (plot)

Cassandra Complex

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