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Susan Storm and Madelyne Pryor had their first date, which was crashed in amusing fashion by Wade Wilson and Doug Ramsey; Marie-Ange Colbert later acted as Maddie's instrument of revenge with shin-kicking. Matt Murdock, in light of his turning eighteen, moved to a senior suite with new roomie Meggan Szardos and became an X-Man trainee with the codename of "Ping". Tabitha Smith's insomnia got worse, resulting in her being caught sleeping in public places (well, the library). Fred Dukes got educated in the finer points of human sexuality by Angelo Espinosa, resulting in a journal post about the awesomeness of choice. Sarah Vale, faced with a lack of prom partner, bemoaned the continuing absence of her girlfriend, Layla Miller in Attilan, while various other Xavier's denizens enjoyed one or more of the three proms that went on at the local schools and Xavier's.

Johnny Gallo got curious about Red X following Danger Room training with Yvette Petrovic; and Artie Maddicks, in the wake of his rescue by X-Force and his need of a job (and protection from Arcade), asked Remy LeBeau about joining the team. Remy, in true fashion, warned him about X-Force's methods and the cost of same, as well as telling Artie of his personal role in the Morlock Massacre. Artie, after some soul-searching, stuck to his choice and despite reservations from David North, became the most recent X-Force recruit, under Marie-Ange's tutelage.


May 1 -

May 2 - Maddie thanks her friends for her birthday party.

May 3 - Wade checks that Marie-Ange doesn’t have any work plans. Tandy texts Sue, Maddie and Hope A. about going prom dress shopping. Clint texts Maddie about not realizing Tandy was waiting for an actual invitation to prom. Sarah V. celebrates No Pants Day. Sarah V. also posts about Star Wars Day on May 4. Sarah V. runs into Topaz and freaks her out just a wee bit with her May 4th excitement. Angel and Lorna talk about Lorna's newly found lineage.

May 4 - Frank posts to the journals asking Kurt for an explanation of an odd German performance artist. Jean asks for help for her Angry Birds addiction. Maddie texts Billy and Clint asking for rescue from dress shopping. Tandy texts Clint about a new online game they’re all playing.

May 5 - Doug emails Angelo about his Cinco de Mayo plans. Sue and Maddie have their first official date, which is gate crashed by Wade and Doug. Johnny runs into Angel and gets a suggestion for his boredom.

May 6 - Following the interruption of her date with Sue, Maddie emails Marie-Ange to ask her to get Wade and Doug to stop ruining her life; revenge is hatched. Billy lets Maddie and Clint know the boy he likes from the play wants to go to the prom with him. Artie asks Remy for a job with X-Force and on top of the usual non-encouraging talk, discovers Remy’s role in the Morlock Massacre. Tandy announces her summer job as an assistant to an independent film director filming in New York. After being kicked in the shins by Marie-Ange, Doug emails Wade to warn him. Marie-Ange wants this and is very happy when Emma makes it so.

May 7 - Maddie sends Doug a bottle of hot sauce for his birthday. Doug emails Haller to wish him a happy mutual birthday and reflects on the fact they both forget it regularly. Yvette gives Haller an origami birthday card. Amanda leaves Doug a suitably geeky set of gifts. Doug posts about ultraconserved words and thanks people for the birthday wishes. Sooraya runs into Artie in a diner in District X, the day after his ...conversation with Remy.

May 8 - Lorna makes Haller a belated birthday cake. Maddie is unimpressed by the CEO of Abercrombie and Fitch. Jean provides Haller and Doug with late birthday gifts. Jean also gives Dori a random gift - squirrel pyjamas.

May 9 - Laurie sends Haller and Doug late birthday gifts. Jubilee gives Doug a late gift. Remy and Jubilee go for a walk - on top of a church - and talk about Jubilee’s progress and the fact it’s time she grew up and took on her own contacts. Artie emails Remy and lets him know he still wants to join X-Force, even with what he knows about the Massacre.

May 10 - Matt invites various other students to his birthday party the next day. Betsy announces she shouldn’t be cold on her birthday and demands fire.

May 11 -

May 12 - Kyle mentions that one should keep time zones in mind when calling one’s mother for Mother’s Day first thing in the morning. Johnny asks Lorna if he can be her new kitchen minion now Catseye is planning her own restaurant. Matt is jubilant to turn 18.

May 13 - Hope A. posts an email joke about being a lady and rather misses the point. Sam is shocked to discover it’s already half-way through May.

May 14 - Clarice makes a journal entry about being ready to graduate and asking for help with something to wear. Jean made a journal entry to remind people she’s taking a personal day, also reminding students to hand in their assignments by tomorrow. Billy posts the definition of tyromancy for Amanda.

May 15 - Remy and Ororo make plans to get away for awhile. Remy posts to x_snowvalley to advise he and Ororo are gone for the weekend, and to ask Marie-Ange to set up an appointment with Artie. Wade makes a cryptic journal entry about having won something. An excited Angel makes a journal entry celebrating being done with finals.

May 16 - Matt inquires about joining the X-Men.

May 17 - Maddie sends out an invite to the female student population, inviting to afternoon tea on May 25 to celebrate Hope A.’s 16th birthday. Matt moves into the senior suites with Meggan and they chat about various things, getting to know each other.

May 18 - Hope A. e-mails Sue inquiring about finding a place that makes business cards. Jean-Phillipe declares a Eurovision watching party in the rec room on his journal, and posts a video of Greece’s entry. Johnny asks Yvette about Red X after a Danger Room run. Tandy and Clint enjoy Junior Prom and show off some unique dance moves.

May 19 - Tabby comes to Kurt and Sam's suite to collect something that belongs to her, stumbling across a sleepy Sam in the process. Yvette and Fred spend some time together.

May 20 -

May 21 - It's time for Artie to learn some more useful skills under North’s instructions and North questions Artie's motivations.

May 22 - Maddie is feeling homesick cause her parents missed her first prom so Angel comforts her.

May 23 - Frank posts a humorous video on his journal. Adrienne informs the mansion that it is the 140th birthday of the RCMP and she had to ride into work with Garrison who pulled out his dress uniform and a horse for the occasion. Angelo explains some of the finer points of human sexuality to Fred. Fred later posts his support of gayness.

May 24 - Maddie offers to help Frank pick up chicks.

May 25 - Topaz finds Tabitha asleep in the library. Tabitha tries to be nonchalant upon waking up.

May 26 -

May 27 - Sooraya asks Clarice to take her to Muir Island on the 28th. After a game of Ultimate, Clint asks Johnny to teach him how to do a backflip. Clint emails Scott and Logan about a possible new aspect of his powers.

May 28 - Anniversary of Rachel's death. Tandy emails Sue’s father about attending a chess tournament Sue participates in.

May 29 - Laurie posts about having baked lots. Tandy texts Clint about attending the World Science Festival.

May 30 -

May 31 - Hope A. emails Lorna, asking for a recommendation for a cooking school. Molly helps Matt get ready for prom. Matt and Hope A. have dinner before prom and discuss the summer, the future and how Matt actually handles some of his classes. At the prom, Hope A. and Matt dance the night away. While chaperoning the senior prom, Garrison and Adrienne discuss prom dates, first crushes, and Garrison's undercover work. Then Garrison faces off against some teenage boys over Adrienne's honour. Lorna texts Wanda to meet up. Kyle posts about Muenster cheese. Sarah V. posts about being tired and missing Layla. Sarah V. talks out her crankiness with Kurt following their fencing lesson.


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