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Remy LeBeau, Pete Wisdom, Betsy Braddock, Amanda Sefton, Marie-Ange Colbert, Doug Ramsey and Wanda Maximoff successfully rescued Romany from her kidnappers. Afterwards, Pete made Remy an offer he couldn't refuse. Marie D'Ancato returned to the mansion and caught up with old friends and new acquaintances. The X-Men were called into the city when a strange happening at the Friends of Humanity headquarters got out of control and Tommy Jones assisted.

Laurie Collins' court case finished up with a not guilty verdict, and she decided to attend Xavier's School for Gifted Youngstersin order to learn how to control her powers. While flying kites in the park, Shiro Yoshida and Clarice Ferguson met a strange woman who attempted to kidnap Shiro’s sister and some of the other students. At the mansion, the team leaders began prepping the youngest members of the team and the trainees to deal with this threat. After the successful completion of the mission, several of the trainees were invited to the team.

Pete’s team was given a new office and living quarters by Emma Frost; renovations continued throughout the month. Marius Laverne collapsed while out jogging and was discovered by Marie-Ange. Scott Summers and Cain Marko went to Oregon to deal with an old associate of Cain’s. Meanwhile, in New Dehli, Wanda encountered Dr. Stephen Strange and a gaggle of cultists. Amanda and Betsy showed up to help out with the situation.

Forge revealed to Jennie Stavros that he had found out who her previously-unknown father was. Marius borrowed Kurt Wagner's powers and got a crash course in how to use them. Scott and Theresa Cassidy went to the city to pick up a new student, only to find that she had tried to kill herself that same day. Prom happened, and it went relatively smoothly, with the older residents of the mansion doing chaperone duty. Nathan Dayspring bought a church, which he planned to turn into a mutant haven in Managua. Kyle Gibney started fighting in a bigger club and quickly found he was out of his league. Scott, Kylun, Sam, Cain, Logan and Shiro went in to rescue him.

At the end of the month, Rahne Sinclair, Angelo Espinosa and Nathan went to Central America to check out his newest purchase, and Magneto showed up a little further north, in Mexico.


May 1Operation: Opening Salvo: Remy, Pete, Wanda and Amanda rescue Romany from her kidnappers.

May 2 – Marie returns to the mansion. Operation: Opening Salvo: Pete proposes the start of a new kind of team to Remy.

May 3 – Marie continues to meet various mansion residents. X-Men Mission: Haunted House: A strange occurrence at the Friends of Humanity headquarters draws the X-Men’s attention.

May 4 - After the mission, the team try to cope in their own ways with the reality warping. Ororo and Lorna go shopping. Nathan and Logan argue about Logan attacking Nathan during the mission. Marie and Shiro discuss the invitation to his cousin Mariko's wedding. Doug has an encounter with Quentin Quire, a fellow classmate at college.

May 5Law and Order: Westchester: Laurie Collins has her hearing in court and is declared not guilty. X-Men Mission: The Perfect Nanny: Shiro and Clarice take some of the kids to the park and are assaulted by two people – they manage to get away.

May 6 – Betsy and Haller have a date in London. Ororo and Logan have a date in New York. Nate offers Rahne a job as a research assistant.

May 7Mutant Fight Club: Kyle meets a girl at the fight club.

May 8 – Forge and Laurie meet at the school. Lorna and Alex meet in Hawaii.

May 9X-Men Mission: The Perfect Nanny: Scott and Ororo start training the trainees to address the kidnapping situation; later that day, Bobby, Jubilee and the trainees go to deal with Nanny and the Orphan Maker.

May 10 – Several of the trainees are invited to join the X-Men.

May 11 – Pete’s new team gets a place to set up office.

May 12 – Several important Talks are had – one between Nate and Lorna, one between Nate and Amanda and one between Amanda and Pete.

May 13 – Remy and Lorna have another date.

May 14Bleeding: Marius collapses while jogging; he is discovered by Marie-Ange. Full Metal Mutants: Shiro, Clarice, and Leyu go to Japan for a wedding and encounter the Hand.

May 15Romancing the Holy Whatsis: Wanda encounters Stephen Strange in New Dehli. Cain visits the brownstone to help with renovations. Kyle and Forge prepare for prom.

May 16The Enemy Within: Scott accompanies Cain to Oregon, where they seek out Cameron Hodge. Jean begins to make amends around the mansion.

May 17Romancing the Holy Whatsis: Amanda and Betsy show up in India to rescue Strange and go after Wanda.

May 18Bleeding: Marius borrows Kurt’s powers and practices teleporting. Scott and Jean go for a drive.

May 21 – Marie’s 21st birthday. Forge tells Jennie he’s discovered who her father is.

May 22Broken Stone: Scott and Terry go to New York to pick up a new student, but it does not go smoothly.

May 23 – Logan visits the brownstone. Betsy and Haller’s third date.

May 25 – Remy and Lorna have another date.

May 26 – Prom!

May 27Sanctuary: Nathan buys a church in Managua. Mutant Fight Club: Kyle goes to a bigger club in the city and wins his first fight.

May 28Mutant Fight Club: Scott, Kylun, Cain, Logan, Sam and Shiro go to rescue Kyle when the fights get a little over his head.

May 29 - Angelo and Marie talk about the prom. Ororo and Scott discuss Scott's issue with Bobby in light of Not So Plain Jane events. Marie uses her own powers in a Danger Room session.

May 30 - Alex and Scott have a pleasant phone chat. Amanda inadvertently leads Remy to think Lorna is seeing Haller.

May 31st – Scott and Jean have a fight. Sanctuary: Nathan, Rahne and Angelo go to Central America. The Rictor Effect: Magneto shows up in Mexico.


Broken Stone

Operation: Opening Salvo

X-Men Mission: Haunted House

Law and Order: Westchester

X-Men Mission: The Perfect Nanny

Mutant Fight Club

Full Metal Mutants

Romancing the Holy Whatsis

The Enemy Within


The Rictor Effect


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