X-Men Mission: The Perfect Nanny

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X-Men: The Perfect Nanny
Dates run: May 5-9, 2006
Run By: Frito
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Holy narcolepsy, Shiro!

When two unusual 'villains' begin to kidnap mutant children and incapacitate their caregivers, the younger X-Men and the trainees turn out to be the best team possible for this particular mission.


Sunfire, Tarot, Cypher, Siryn, Husk, Iceman, Firecracker, Blink, Multiple Man, Karolina Dean

Artie Maddicks, Leyu Yoshida

Nanny and The Orphan Maker


May 5-9, 2006

Plot Summary

When Clarice and Shiro took Leyu, Artie, and Karolina to a park to celebrate Children's Day, they were attacked by a strange pair of assailants - a large man in body armor and an old woman in a wheelchair that resembled something closer to a tank. The woman tried to use gas on the two X-Men trainees, but they successfully drove her and her comrade off, getting the children safely back to the mansion.

Over the next few days, the X-Men investigated and discovered a significant number of reports of kidnapped children whose caregivers or adult companions were left in comas. Because the incidents were scattered over the country, law enforcement agencies had not yet detected a pattern. They continued to investigate, finding out that the children were all mutants. Medical testing established that people in their early twenties or younger were immune to the gas used by the old woman, so when the Professor tracked down the kidnappers, Cyclops organized a team of the younger X-Men and trainees to go in after them.

The 'junior team' was highly successful, catching the old woman, Francine, and her sidekick Peter (who was super-strong but had the mind of a child). They freed the captured children, who were returned safely to their parents.

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After this mission, most of the then-trainees who took part were 'graduated' to the status of full X-Men, having proven themselves in the field.


Plotrunner: Frito