The Orphan Maker

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Peter Macarthur-Jacobs
Orphan Maker.jpg
Portrayed by Chris Gauthier
Known Aliases: The Orphan Maker
Affiliations: Nanny, Lost Children
Socked By: Frito
Introduction: May 5, 2006

Even though he was scared, and he wanted to leave, he had to do what she said, that was the rule.

An emotionally troubled young man adopted by Nanny at a young age, Peter would do anything for his 'mother'.


Name: Peter Macarthur-Jacobs

Aliases: The Orphan Maker

Affiliation: Nanny, Lost Children

First appearance: May 5, 2006

Family: Francine Macarthur-Jacobs (adopted mother)


While working for Shaw Industries, Francine adopted a young boy, Peter to try to fill the maternal urges that she knew her disability would not allow her to fill through pregnancy. Peter was a emotionally troubled child, and was diagnosed with Asperger's Disorder. Later, as a teenager, he was found to be X-factor positive, his mutation manifesting in enhanced strength and resilience. Peter is approximately as strong as Colossus,but not as well-trained. He wears a set of body-armor that contains some standard equipment similar to that used by riot gear - non-deadly weapons like nets and tasers and rubber bullets. Nanny has added a air filtration system to his armor as a result of now being affected by the gas she uses.

Peter is now a young adult, though still emotionally immature, as a result of Francine spoiling and coddling him and his disorder, and is devoted to his 'mother' to such a degree that he cannot and will not disobey her, no matter the circumstances, even if it meant he would suffer bodily harm. Peter is "her baby', and she protects him to a degree even stronger than the one she has to protect all mutant children.


Enhanced strength and resilience.


X-Men Mission: The Perfect Nanny

The Best Deceptions


Socked by: Frito

PB: Chris Gauthier