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Francine Macarthur-Jacobs
Portrayed by Imelda Staunton
Known Aliases: Nanny
Affiliations: The Orphan Maker, Lost Children
Socked By: Frito
Introduction: X-Men Mission: The Perfect Nanny

Francine pulled the level-like trigger on the flamethrower, and smiled in what she considered a kindly manner. "I'm sorry dear, you're just going to have to be punished." The flamethrower kicked back, and spat out a jet of flame.

With the belief she is the only one who can raise a child properly, Francine Macarthur-Jacobs uses her mutant abilities and her genius in robotics to 'rescue' mutant children from their families.


Name: Francine Macarthur-Jacobs

Aliases: Nanny

Affiliation: The Orphan Maker, Lost Children

First appearance: X-Men Mission: The Perfect Nanny

Family: Peter Macarthur-Jacobs (adopted son)


Nanny/Francine MacArthur-Jacobs: Francine is a robotics engineer, formerly employed by Shaw Industries. She was wooed away from Shaw Industries by the government to work on the Weapon X/Alkali Lake program, but left due to outrage over the experiments on mutant teenagers and children. The guilt over participating in some of these experiments caused her to suffer from a deep depression, and a nervous breakdown.

Francine suffers from spina bifida, and she believes that it was caused by her mother having neglected her pre-natal care. She has required extensive leg and back braces to walk, and prefers a wheelchair. In the course of her work as an engineer, she has re-designed and built herself an all-terrain wheelchair that can handle stairs, curbs, and rough outdoor ground. The chair resembles the bottom half of an egg, perched on four mobile tank treads.

From her time working for Weapon X, Francine has two assets that are vitally important to her current 'mission'. She has the plans for a synthesised version of the brainwashing serum that "Jason" produced that Stryker used to control mutants. Second, she has an early list of people who have tested positive for the X-gene, and contact information for many of her former co-workers. The serum is used in an aerosol form and reacts on contact with mucous membranes or skin (eyes/nose/mouth or prolonged skin contact), and sends adult mutants into an extended fugue state and narcolepsy. Prolonged contact sends adults into lengthy comas. Non-X-factor positive humans affected by the serum simply experience the period of narcolepsy. The serum only works on adults with a stable X-gene and stable adult hormones - it does not work on teenagers or children, because the hormones that the body creates during childhood and puberty are either not sufficient or are too unstable for the serum to work properly.

Because of the nervous breakdown and depression she suffered after leaving the Weapon X program, Francine has suffered a break from normal reality, and believes that any and all mutant children and teenagers are suffering abuses, and that only she can properly care for them. This delusion became action in 2006, when she targeted several of the mansion's residents. That incident resulted in her capture by the X-Men and imprisonment for several years, before she escaped in 2010 and again targeted mutant children she saw as being 'abused'. Once again she was stopped by the X-Men, and returned to prison.


Francine has the ability to compel people to do what she wants. The compulsion usually lasts up to an hour, and requires a "recharge," lest the compulsion start to wear off. The age of the subject does not affect her ability, but she prefers to use her power on children.

On the extreme end of the spectrum, for those who are particularly naughty or for her own amusement she also has the ability to regress them mentally to a childlike state, making their minds more open to suggestion. This can take a lot of time depending on the age of the subject. The regression can be permanent without psychic surgery by a trained psionic. Because it is quite an involved procedure, Nanny very rarely uses it, only for the really bad kids.

Francine is only able to use her abilities by direct skin to skin contact. She didn’t use them against the X-Men before because they were never close to her. She also prefers to use old fashioned up bringing to help raise her kids instead of compulsion. She sees it as cheating, though she isn’t afraid to use her abilities once in awhile if the situation calls for it.


X-Men Mission: The Perfect Nanny

The Best Deceptions


Socked by: Frito

PB: Imelda Staunton