The Best Deceptions

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The Best Deceptions
Dates run: December 27, 2010-January 6, 2011
Run By: Mackinzie
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"This will not hurt a bit, I promise. Those people will go to sleep and then we can bring you safely home where you belong."

When Nanny and the Orphan Maker escape from prison, they return to their old habits, this time targeting the Hayes family.


Molly Hayes, Beast, Nightcrawler, Wasp, M Firestar

Hayes Family, Nanny, The Orphan Maker, Lost Children


December 27, 2010-January 6, 2011

Plot Summary

Following the escape of Francine Macarthur-Jacobs (aka Nanny), from prison and her rescue of Peter Macarthur-Jacobs (aka the Orphan-Maker), several mutant children disappeared. Several days later, in California, the Hayes family were attacked by the Orphan Maker, seeking to take their daughter Molly, but the mutant status of both parents meant things went more awry than intended and Dr. Gene Hayes accidentally killed their neighbour, requiring them to flee.

After the news media carried the story of the death of one man and the suspected deaths of the three Hayes family members in a house fire in California; Hank posted to x_team, expressing his concern that the Hayes' deaths and a child abduction were the work of Nanny and the Orphan Maker. Not to be defeated so easily, Nanny had one of her Lost Children, Addie, use her powers to find them in Miami. The Hayes family were attacked by Nanny and her children, trying to claim Molly with the X-Men arriving in the nick of time as the Hayes used their powers to fight back Peter.

When her parents were overcome by Nanny's knock-out gas, Molly manifested, throwing a truck at Peter before falling asleep. Wasp shorted out Nanny's chair and protected the unconscious Hayes family, Beast saved Peter from going over the edge of the bridge, M took down the speedster, Jack; Nightcrawler rescued Addie and Firestar calmed down Lucy after destroying her stuffed monkey friend, Bonzo.

The next day Molly woke up to find the X-Men taking care of her; when Alice and Gene Hayes woke up later, there was a tense talk about who their rescuers were, Molly's manifestation and what happens next, with the final decision being for Molly to go to the school.

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Plotrunner: Mackinzie

This was Mack's first plot, and her entrance plot for Molly.