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Alice and Gene Hayes
Hayes Family.jpg
Portrayed by Kim Raver, Eion Bailey
Known Aliases: Gene and Alice Stone
Affiliations: Molly Hayes
Socked By: Rossi and Dex
Introduction: The Best Deceptions

Parents of young mutant Molly Hayes, the Hayeses have connections to Magneto's underground of sympathisers, which aided them after they were attacked and forced to fake their deaths following Gene's accidental killing of their human neighbour.


Parents: Alice and Gene Hayes

Siblings: None

Other Relatives: Unknown

First appearance: December 31, 2010


Alice Hayes
Alice is a strong, working woman, always busy and career oriented. She is successful, likes being successful and passionate to what she believes in, but she puts family first. She has a partnership with Gene. They are equals. Each play their roles and play to their strengths. They are aware of them and use them. Alice loves Gene dearly, even if their relationship on the outside is reserved. If you saw them in a crowd you'd know they were married, but they hold an elegance to them. They're proper and strong, but two parts of a whole.

With Molly, she wants her daughter to be strong and successful as well, like her, but she still wants her to be a child as much as she can. When she wipes her memories, she does it because she thinks she's protecting her from the world. She doesn't really think that that's bad for her. Molly not being a mutant has disappointed her and has created a conflict within her, but she's told herself "I'm raising her, I can teach her what's right."

The discovery of Molly being a mutant will be a bit of a victory for her, and create some joy at first, but deep down it'll also make Alice weary, afraid of what might come should she be discovered. It'll be the reason why she initially gives her up to the X-Men. She got what she wanted, but after some thought it might not be as good as she thinks. What if she hurts someone accidentally? What if she gets hunted down for it? She knows someone needs to teach her but all she knows is her own abilities, not how to keep someone from ripping off a car handle every time they try to get in a car.

Alice has seen how mutants are discriminated toward, and while she believes in being successful and equal, she knows that being a mutant in today's climate is not the best for her and her family. It would be dangerous. She also knows her world would likely change dramatically if she reveals herself and her family.

One thing that has cemented Alice's feelings towards humans is early in her career when she had to help assist in the operation on the brain of a 13 year old mutant boy. The child had been severely beaten by a gang and needed brain surgery to stop bleeding. He was clearly a mutant.

One of the main doctors in the operating room who wasn't a fan of mutants either showed his true colors and they weren't as quick as they should've been to help the boy. They never said it, but Alice heard their thoughts. The boy wound up dying on the table. Alice couldn't prove the man's actions without revealing herself as a mutant (she wasn't as bold then) , so it's instilled a bitterness and hatred toward humans that she keeps masked behind a carefully put together veneer that has been growing over time. She believes in Magneto's cause, but she knows that fighting would also change her life. She's an activist but she's also a realist. She helps when she can, within her perceived means.

The decision to go on the run will be a huge one for Alice because this is completely turning the world on its ear. Alice is down the rabbit hole and the world is not wonderland. It's a dark scary place that she has been trying to avoid as much as possible. But she knows there's no escape from it after this point. She thinks Gene was justified in what he did. She was horrified at first but in a deep dark part of her mind she felt a sense of justice. It will start to take dark root. This freedom, being "dead" to the world, will eventually turn from frightening to liberating to Alice.

A telepath, Alice specializes in memory wiping. She's wiped Molly's memory many times over the years whenever she thinks she knows something she shouldn't.

PB: Kim Raver

Gene Hayes
Eion Bailey gene hayes.png
Gene Hayes is well known in his profession and he doesn't mind showing off his success. He's not blatantly demeaning and showy, but he is not afraid to point out when people are wrong. It gives him his jollies, secretly of course. He's big on manipulation.

Still, he can be civil, and uses that civility mainly to get what he wants. He is deeply in love with Alice Hayes, and admires her tenacity because she calls him on his shit. She is the one that can calm him down when he's getting out of line. They aren't outwardly showy, but you can tell they're married. They keep a poise and elegance to the two of them. He's more straight-laced and careful around Alice, but get him alone and he will rip you a new one.

He loves solving things and will often be wrapped up in his office researching, mainly things to do with the heart but anything else that also strikes his fancy. His hatred of humans started after, as a boy, his best friend was outed as a mutant at school and was threatened and teased for it. Because of this, the boy took his own life by jumping off a bridge. After that, Gene kept his abilities to himself. He didn't want to be hurt and he didn't want to show off his cards. His powers are an asset to him. Alice knows almost all of his secrets, and vice versa, however.

His relationship with Molly is a bit complicated. He loves his daughter, but after finding out she was not a mutant, it made him distant toward her because he saw her as weaker and the personification of the people he hated. He couldn't get over that fact, and, not wanting to lash out at her, he instead chose to avoid her as much as possible. Can't hate it if it's not there, is his logic. When she's revealed to be a mutant, like Alice, he'll be overjoyed, but like Alice he'll initially think he can't teach her because he doesn't have the same abilities. He can't protect her when he's trying to hide himself. He doesn't want to kill anyone more than he has to (more of a trail), but he will if need be. He's seen how easy it is.

The death of the man has somewhat shaken Gene at first, but he does feel like he was doing the right thing, even if it was an accident. He tried to wipe the man's mind but as it was normally Alice's job, he didn't know how to do it as well and he was panicking so he gave the man a brain aneurysm. Either way, he had no choice. It might've meant death for his own family if it got out. Being on the run is a new experience for Gene, one he wasn't wanting, but he's persevered before and he can do it again.

Nanny and Orphan Maker piss. him. off. Being told he's evil by a fellow mutant is f-ing ridiculous to him. They should be on the same side. And trying to take his daughter even if she is a human? That isn't going to happen. Unfortunately they can't use their powers on the old bat because of her psi-dampeners so they have to get clever. Gene's taken a martial arts class or two, as well as fencing when he was in college so he knows how to fight. He's pretty athletic. But he prefers to rely on his brains.

The fire was Alice's idea. They had to run. Again, it came down to no choice. A man was dead. They'd go to prison. Their lives would be over. And these new X-Men who come to save the day, while they seem nice, they wouldn't understand. They had to lie about it from the get-go, come off as the victims pure and simple, no other choice. Lying is what they're good at and what they're used to.

Gene is also a telepath, but more of a burrower, like a parasite. He likes to ferret out information from people and control their actions. He's amassed quite a bit of wealth that way, by manipulating people and stealing information (like stock tips). It keeps the Hayes family comfortable. He thinks he's truly the breadwinner, and prides himself on the sneaky way he does it (the term he uses is "clever"). And if someone gets suspicious he throws a dinner party and has Alice blank certain parts from that person's mind.

PB: Eion Bailey


The Best Deceptions

Auld Lang Syne


Socked by: Rossi (Alice) and Dex (Gene)