Auld Lang Syne

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Auld Lang Syne
Dates run: December 29-31 2012
Run By: Mackinzie
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"But you did hurt me! You made it worse! And now I'm....I forget everything. Even if I don't want to. How can I be safe if I don't learn?"

When Molly Hayes begins having fits and memory loss, Wade, Emma and Adrienne search for a cure.


Molly Hayes, Adrienne Frost, Emma Frost, Wade Wilson, Callie Betto

Hayes Family, Adam Stillman


December 29-31 2012

Plot Summary

Following a trip to the comic store with Wade, where she introduced him to a friend of hers, Adam, Molly began acting strangely. During a conversation with Callie - the first since the Genosha incident - she had flashbacks to the fight against Callie's mutate self, an incident she had previously had little memory of. Then the next day, Molly interrupted a visit between the Frost sisters and it became clear she had no memory of events since the previous May, before Genosha.

Emma questioned Wade about a possible cause for Molly's amnesia, with him suggesting that perhaps her friend Adam was a mutant with psychic abilities who had accidentally triggered the wipe. Molly, in the meanwhile, was extremely disturbed to see snow outside when she was convinced it was May, and when Wade told her it was in fact December, she had another fit and was rushed to medlab; when she regained consciousness, she had no memory of speaking to Emma and Adrienne at all.

Emma discovered that stress was causing the problem, 'resetting' Molly's mind to before the stressful incident even if it was months ago. Adrienne and Wade went to talk to Molly's friend, but it was a dead end - Adam was an ordinary human and had nothing to do with the damage to Molly's mind.

Drawn by their daughter's psychic pain, Molly's parents arrived and during a heated discussion with Emma, Wade and Adrienne, it was revealed that Alice's wiping of Molly's memories over the years was the cause of the problem as Molly's mind began wiping itself of anything traumatic. A shaky truce was struck with the Hayes remaining in Salem Center to assist in undoing the damage with Emma.

Several days latter, with Molly more stable, Gene and Alice Hayes attempted to convince Molly to come away with them. Molly, for the first time ever, told her parents no and after some soul-searching, the Hayes decided to return their daughter to Xavier's.

Molly's therapy continued, with the Professor cautioning everyone to be careful about what they discussed with Molly until her mind grew stronger. It proved a turning point for Molly, as for the first time, she was allowed to learn from negative experiences instead of forgetting them.

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The damage to Molly's memories and her inability to learn from trauma was the primary reason for her apparent immaturity. With the damage healing, Molly is growing up.


Plotrunner: Mackinzie