Lost Children

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Lost Children
Portrayed by Various
Known Aliases: Jackson Hayward, Lucia Gutierrez, Addison Walker
Affiliations: Nanny
Socked By: Cai, Aura and Nichole
Introduction: The Best Deceptions

"My word, aren't we all good girls and boys?"

The mutant children of criminals met by Nanny in prison, the Lost Children became her personal army in her quest to 'rescue' other 'abused' mutant children.

First Appearance

January 3, 2011


Speedfreak//Jackson "Jack" Hayward
16 years old. Son of one of Nanny's fellow inmates, Jack has enhanced speed that is not as fast as Quicksilver’s, but would (gladly) give Indy 500 drivers a run for their money. He can also create cyclones like Quicksilver. He’s a normal boy who has run into some scrapes in his life and has been in and out of foster homes for many years since his mother was sent to prison for killing his father. He hasn’t really been compelled, as he sees Francine as the mother he never had, like Peter does. He and Peter have some disagreements to that effect, as both compete to be Nanny’s “favorite.” Will need therapy for Stockholm Syndrome once it’s all over. He’s a show off, mouthy. He’s fairly strong, as strong as a teenage boy can be. Not super strong, but he’s no weakling. He has street smarts and some street fighting skills.

PB: Davie Henrie

Big Top//Lucia "Lucy" Gutierrez
14 years old. Daughter of a fellow inmate of Francine’s serving time for armed robbery. Lucy can enlarge inanimate objects to control them in order to fight and protect herself. She is innocent but is quick to defend Nanny (not by her own choosing) and gets easily angered and frustrated. Due to mental regression by Nanny, has a preference for stuffed animals and action figures and uses them to defend her. She enjoys the circus and has named her favorite teddy bear Bonzo. Tomboy. Was very, very resistant to Nanny at first but was mentally regressed to the mind of a 10 year old and that took care of that problem, for the most part. The regression was botched, however, and wasn’t as perfect as Nanny had planned. Lucy’s 10 year old mentality is affected when she is overcome with emotion (ie pissed), reverting back to a little closer to her 14 year old self. Wound up undergoing intensive psychic therapy to help reverse Nanny’s effects.

PB: Keisha Castle Hughes

Monitor//Addison "Addie" Walker
13 years old. Daughter of an inmate in for burglary and assault. Addie is able to monitor life signs and detect mutant abilities on almost a continental scale. She is quiet and shy, not much of a fighter. She doesn’t need much compelling as she doesn’t want to get on Nanny’s bad side because she saw what was done to Lucy. She just plays bloodhound for Nanny. She finds Molly, Alice, and Gene.

PB: Adair Tisher


Speedfreak, Big Top, and Monitor are a group of mutant children who were kidnapped by a woman named Francine MacArthur-Jacobs, also known as Nanny and forced to help her kidnap other children who she thinks need saving. After a run in with the X-Men, the children were all returned home.


The Best Deceptions


The Lost Children's codenames were dreamed up by Nanny but not used by the children onscreen.

The Lost Children is a play on "The Lost Boys" but changed to Children as there is really only one boy in the group.


Socked by: Cai (Lucy), Aura (Addie) and Nichole (Jack)