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By request of the previous player and/or mod decision, the Phase 1 version of this character is not available for applications. They are available as a new Phase 2 version only. If you have questions, check the FAQ on applications, or feel free to contact the mods at x_moderators @ googlegroups . com.

Jamie Madrox - Deceased
Portrayed by Nicholas Brendon
Codename: Multiple Man
Affiliations: West Coast Annex
Birthdate: July 16, 1987
Journal: x_multipleman
Player: Retired Character

The X-Man known as Multiple Man, Jamie spent three years at Xavier's and now lives in California with his fiancee, Kitty Pryde. He was killed during the Dark Phoenix Saga in 2015.


Character Journal: x_multipleman

Real Name: Jamie Madrox

Codename: Multiple Man

Aliases: Xerox Boy, Clown Prince of Kansas

First Appearance: May 19, 2003

Date of Birth: July 16, 1987

Place of Birth: Ellsworth, Kansas

Citizenship: United States

Relatives: Dan Madrox (father), Joanne Madrox (mother), Nathan Jessup (cousin), Harvey Jessup (uncle), Rose Jessup (grandmother); assorted other uncles, aunts, and cousins; Skippy Madrox (renegade dupe, deceased)

Education: Graduated high school in 2005, currently pursuing bachelor's degrees

Relationship Status: Engaged to Kitty Pryde

Occupation: Student

Team Affiliation: X-Men (reservist)



Jamie Madrox was born the only son of a Kansas farm couple. He lived a normal, happy life until his teens, when he manifested as a mutant. Falling out of a tree, he somehow split himself into two people, the other 'him' identical to himself. After several days the twin was reabsorbed, but the incident was just the beginning - every time he bumped or knocked into anything, he 'duped' uncontrollably. Afraid of what might happen to him if his mutation was discovered, his parents home-schooled him for several years. Only one friend remained in contact, and knew about Jamie's secret, one Guido Carosella who himself manifested as a mutant later.

After the Great Mutant Headache, Charles Xavier contacted the Madrox family and offered Jamie a place at his school. Worried about him after the incident, his parents agreed, with Jamie promising to keep in regular contact.

Living At The X-Mansion

Jamie settled in at the mansion remarkably quickly, although his sense of humour and love of pranks got him into trouble once or twice. It also gave him the love of his life - Kitty Pryde. When the two were grounded by Ororo Munroe for putting birdseed in Warren's bed, their shared wounded pride led to a connection, and the two began a relationship a few months later that would continue through their time at the school. He also formed other friendships, predominantly Doug Ramsey, Marie-Ange Colbert and Everett Thomas, as well as becoming a big brother figure to the young Artie Maddicks and later Miles Blaire. He and Doug shared a love of pranks, and a love of Alison Blaire's music, and were initially overwhelmed to find her teaching at the school - with her encouragement, Jamie became a drummer, one of the founding members of People Covered In Fish. With practice, his control of his powers grew, until he could control several dupes across a wide location at the same time.

All was not easy for the Clown Prince of Kansas, however. He was one of the students recruited (albeit unwillingly and through his relationship to Kitty) by Nathaniel Essex to 'kidnap' Betsy Braddock, believing they were helping her, and he was grounded along with the others. Helping out during a hurricane evacuation, Jamie suffered the death of one of his dupes. The incident traumatised him to the extent he was unable to use his powers for a time, Alison counselling him through it. The love potion incident was another blow, this time at his relationship with Kitty - seeing her lusting over Doug, Jamie realised something had to be wrong, initially blaming the empath Manuel de la Rocha, who he already loathed. When the truth came out, his anger at witch Amanda Sefton was far greater than anyone had seen the good-natured Jamie display before. It was also during this time he founded HeliX, a youth group designed to foster relations between the mutants of Xavier's and the human students of Salem Center.

The biggest drama of Jamie's life occurred in May 2004, only months after the love potion incident. A renegade dupe, a survivor of the hurricane the previous year, appeared on the scene, calling himself "Hydra". He had been found and taken in by Magneto and his Brotherhood of Mutants, and convinced that he was the true Jamie Madrox - the Jamie at the mansion was in fact a dupe, 'stealing' his rightful life. Warped by Magneto's teachings and his genetic manipulations to increase the extent of his powers, the dupe - nicknamed 'Skippy' by the students in reference to a joke Jamie frequently made about an 'evil twin' - attempted to take that life back, using his powers to incapacitate the X-Men remaining at the school and to kidnap the younger students, forcing Jamie into a confrontation. Whilst the other students rescued the kids, Jamie and Kitty faced down Skippy at the quarry, where he was ultimately defeated and reabsorbed, Jamie requiring the help of Charles Xavier to assimilate the tortured memories Skippy bore.

Time helped heal - and Jamie got several months more than expected when kidnapped to Asgard with many of the students and Alison. Upon their return, he presented Kitty with a prize he had won from a dragon in a punning contest - a semi-precious stone which turned out to in fact be an egg, hatching out the small purple dragon Lockheed. Echoes of Skippy remained, however, and when it became obvious that the memories - and the mind - of Skippy hadn't been eradicated, Jamie had to make the difficult choice of undergoing psychic surgery to finally lay him to rest.

During this time, Jamie had begun thinking of his future. Specifically, the X-Men. Those vague thoughts solidified into the choice to become a trainee when Kitty was targeted by a young man who believed he was a vampire and Jamie rescued her. He realised that he wanted to use his powers for more than just search and rescue, etc with Red X, and donned the gray leathers of a trainee.

Further Information

In June 2006, on Kitty's birthday, Jamie proposed to her. To his surprise, she also proposed to him - needless to say the two accepted each other. In the next month, when Kitty received an offer of employment and further study at Caltech, Jamie encouraged her to take it, the two relocating to California in August 2006, where Jamie joined Alison and Haroun at the West Coast Annex.

Physical Characteristics

Height: unknown

Weight: unknown

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Brown

Other Features: None.


Jamie possesses the ability to create semi-independent duplicates ("dupes") of himself, each capable of independent action. This power is triggered by kinetic impact, and is sensitive enough to create a dupe simply by Jamie snapping his fingers. Unexpected impacts usually also result in the creation of one or more duplicates. Jamie can reabsorb a duplicate into himself by contact at any time.

The duplicates are created of ectoplasm, a form of matter native to the astral plane. Without a full medical examination, however, they are completely indistinguishable from the original Jamie.

Jamie also possesses a rudimentary psychic link among his duplicates, allowing him to be aware of what they are doing at any given time. When he reabsorbs a duplicate, he retains the knowledge and memories that the duplicate experienced, allowing him to effectively study multiple subjects at once, or analyze separate bits of information, then combine it all by reabsorbing the dupes.


Jamie on occasion used a wolf's head staff, given to him by the dwarves of Asgard.

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Jamie was known for his love of pranks, and created a number of highly-complicated tricks in his prank wars with Doug.

The specialised nature of Jamie's brain makes him difficult to psychically read, and it was Haller's multiplicity that allowed him to incorporate Jamie into the psychic switchboard during X-Men Mission: Haunted House.



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Player Icon Base: Nicholas Brendon

Meta Trivia

Jamie was introduced to the game by Alan in 2003 and formally retired as a character in 2006. Cora also permanently retired Kitty at the same time.