Stoker and Stalkers

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Stoker and Stalkers
Dates run: October 14 - November 13, 2005
Run By: Cora
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"If you've done anything permanent to her, I'm gonna start doing permanent things to you. Count on it."

Kitty finds herself the target of a most unusual stalker.


Kitty Pryde, Jamie Madrox, Kurt Wagner, Nathan Dayspring

Vlad, Lockheed


October 14 - November 13, 2005

Plot Summary

Kitty was targeted by Vlad (not his real name), a mutant energy-drainer who believed himself to be a vampire. Catching sight of Kitty on campus at her college, he was captivated by her and made plans to make her 'his'. After shadowing her for several days, the opportunity came at a Halloween Party at one of the frats. Vlad took advantage of a momentary absence from Jamie to bite Kitty, implanting a psychic imperative to obey him. He was disturbed before he could fully complete the process and fled, leaving Kitty feeling faint and wan.

At Jamie's insistence, Kitty went for a check up with Madelyn Bartlet, who was unable to find anything other than a mild anemia. Given mid-terms were rapidly approaching and Kitty's habit of over-working, she suggested it could be stress-related and insisted Kitty eat and drink more regularly and get proper rest, with a further instruction that Kitty come immediately to medlab if there were any changes.

Over the next few weeks, Kitty became increasingly tired and listless, and various residents interrupted her in the course of sleep walking. Further medical checkups were made, but nothing discovered. What no-one realised was that Vlad was calling to Kitty through his hold on her, trying to get her to come to him. Several attempts failed due to the unknowing intervention of her friends and teachers, and Vlad grew impatient. It proved to be his undoing, as his summons literally dragged Kitty from Jamie's arms, alerting him that Kitty was wandering again. Grabbing his Asgardian staff, Jamie (and Lockheed) followed, discovering Vlad in the act of drinking Kitty's blood.

Enraged, Jamie subdued Vlad with a number of well-trained blows, aided by Lockheed and with support appearing in the form of Kurt and Nathan. Whilst they subdued Vlad, Jamie took Kitty down to medlab, where she was tended by Moira. Vlad was handed over to the police, where investigations revealed he was responsible for a number of unsolved murders.

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Jamie's defeat of Vlad was the final push he needed to become a trainee X-Man


Plotrunner: Cora

This plot was an adaptation of the "Dracula" storyline in the comics.