Red X Mission: Stonewall

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Red X: Stonewall
Dates run: April 8, 2004
Run By: Jules.
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"Xavier's, eh? Glad you all came out."

Called in to help a neighbour, the students and staff of Xavier's School for Gifted Youngstersproves the value of their powers.


Scott Summers, Shiro Yoshida, Angelo Espinosa. Doug Ramsey, Marie-Ange Colbert, Manuel de la Rocha, Amanda Sefton, Kurt Wagner, Jamie Madrox, Jane Doe, Clarice Ferguson, Tabitha Smith.

Barry Schwartz


April 8, 2004

Plot Summary

Following reports over the region's 911 dispatch that were brought to Xavier's attention and a few phone calls, the Red X participants, along with a few X-Men and various other students, raced out to Stonewall Farm. An electrical fire and an explosion at the huge horse breeding farm of Barry Schwartz was endangering the lives of hundreds of horses, including a number of new foals. The team worked to assist workers, neighbors, and firefighters to collect and protect the animals and control the blaze.

As a result of the joint effort, several new relationships were established between the school and the farm, including the potential for work at the farm as stablehands.

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Trivia and Meta


Manuel demonstrated that his power worked on animals as well as people.

Angelo confronted his fear of fire by going to help at Stonewall.

Kurt identified Amanda's "horse language" as Romani, raising questions about her parentage.

As a result of her work to save the horses, Amanda was later able to work at the stables during the summer and have a sanity break from the mansion.


Plotrunner: Jules.