Romani Road Trip

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Romani Road Trip
Dates run: December 22, 2004 - January 12, 2005
Run By: Rossi
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"They're not gunna keel over in shock at the sight of me, are they?"

Following the Repodemon's use of her real name, Amanda Sefton is confronted with her birth family and discovers her life has been based on lies.


Amanda Sefton, Wanda Maximoff, Kurt Wagner


December 22, 2004 - January 12, 2005

Plot Summary

Having recognised Gemile as a Romani name during the Repodemon incident, Wanda asked Amanda permission to research into her birth family, unable to believe the story Amanda told her of having been sold by them. During Remy's Eleven, Wanda confronted Amanda with her findings, that she had been born to the same Romani clan that had adopted Kurt Wagner. Amanda reacted badly to the news, her dislike of Kurt and her suspicion causing her to deny that this was true. However, in the face of the evidence Wanda later provided, Amanda grew to accept the truth and allowed Wanda to tell Kurt.

Kurt, having believed his little sister had been taken by German social services until investigation revealed no trace of her in the system, was overjoyed to find she was safe and well and living at the school. He and Amanda met in London during her winter vacation, and after hearing the Szardos Clan's version of events, Amanda reluctantly agreed to let Kurt tell the rest of the family of her existence. A visit, with Wanda along as back up, was arranged and Margali confirmed that Amanda was her long-lost daughter. Amanda herself had only fragmentary memories of her life before Rack, but bonded immediately with her older brother Stefan. Her meeting with her little sister Jimaine, born after her abduction, was less simple, the younger girl disgruntled at Amanda's return and the attention paid to her.

The meeting established a tentative relationship between Amanda and her family, in particular Kurt, who she hadn't particularly liked due to the utter differences between them. Over time, this relationship deepened, with Kurt and Amanda sharing what memories they had between them of her childhood with the clan.

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Following the fight with Manuel de la Rocha after his learning of the truth of his father's death, Amanda went to stay for several weeks with the Szardos Clan, where they found and adopted Meggan.

Amanda was disowned by Margali as a result of her deal with Selene, who retracted the formal recognition of her as her daughter. Stefan and Kurt maintained contact with her regardless.

Kurt was also disowned after the events of Mommy Dearest Redux, and Amanda formally changed her name to 'Amanda Sefton' in response.


Plotrunner: Rossi

'Gemile' was created to establish the comic canon relationship between Amanda and Kurt despite there being canon references to his sister Jimiane already in the game.