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Alison Blaire and Haroun al-Rashid continued to experience ups and downs in their relationship, with the frustration affecting Haroun's hormone implant. Dani Moonstar's husband served divorce papers on her and she took Forge with her to Oklahoma to answer them. Jubilation Lee and Madelyn Bartlet went to San Francisco so Jubilee could visit her parents' graves. Madelyn also discovered the fate of the killers. Madelyn's little sister Carlie visited the school. A semi-formal dance was held and was considered something of a success.

On the six-month anniversary of the Columbia massacre, Amanda Sefton gave a speech and several students had encounters with bigotry, including with one Tommy Jones. Moira MacTaggart returned to Muir to fill the gap caused by Rory Campbell's disappearance in the aftermath of the Proteus (plot) incident and was joined by the Pack, who upgraded security. Henry McCoy borrowed a giant robotic squid from a colleague for Forge to work on. Alison and Haroun attempted to vacation in Mexico, but discovered the freak show that had held Miles Blaire was still in existence.

Upon her return from Germany and meeting her birth family, Amanda was told the doctors were instituting restrictions on her healing for the sake of her health; after initial protest, she accepted it. The doctors discovered Alex Summers was leaking radiation and designed a training schedule for him. Forge created unstable molecule clothing for the use of the shapeshifters, particularly Catseye who was expected to attend classes in human form, much to her displeasure. Jubilee had a cooking accident and she and Amanda started forging some bridges. Tommy Jones and his gang of FOHers set fire to the CoffeeQuake, the meeting place of HeliX and the group lost most of its human members. Manuel de la Rocha helped Dani with her powers when she was feeling overwhelmed. Clarice Ferguson dyed Kyle Gibney blue as a lesson in accepting his appearance, which upset Hank.

Alison got her command tabs back. The medical staff instituted full physicals for the X-Men and discovered several of them were injuring themselves through over-training. Alison and the other two COs devised a Danger Room scenario to teach Nathan Dayspring when to give up, a lesson which took some time in sticking. Hank caused some issues when he questioned Madelyn's lack of a place on the team. Madelyn herself talked to the COs about using her FBI skills and connections more.


Jan 1 - Proteus Aftermath: Alison talks to Shiro about his actions; Nathan tells Moira Rory has vanished and Essex was involved in creating Proteus using Kevin MacTaggart's DNA.

Jan 2 - Hank begins making up for his absence. Sam returns some of Kevin Cabot's possessions to Jay and Jay breaks down.

Jan 3 - Shadows Fall: Manuel is exorcised of Selene's influence but the ritual isn't without problems; Manuel remains in the care of the coven in London.

Jan 4 - Romany Wisdom takes Amanda back to London. Everyone else who was at Muir returns to the school.

Jan 5 - Romani Road Trip: Kurt and Amanda meet in London and discuss meeting her birth family. Moira and Hank discuss ways to help Jono.

Jan 6 - Jubilee and Madelyn go to San Francisco to visit the graves of Jubilee's parents. Nathan growls at Hank for flirting with Moira. Wanda growls at Nathan for over-training. Nathan and Cain Marko|Cain discuss Shattered. Nathan is frustrated he can't go after Essex. Alison brings up restricting Amanda's healing with the medical staff, who agree. Romani Road Trip: Amanda meets Wanda in London and asks her to come with her to Germany to meet her birth family.

Jan 7 - Jubilee and Madelyn visit her parents' graves; Jubilee makes a vow to help make the world safer. Forge is upset about his 'failure' during Proteus. Sam returns to the school and decides to be more active. Haroun hits his head whilst training and it becomes obvious he's been overdoing since Proteus because he feels incapable powers-wise. Dani receives divorce papers in the mail. Amanda and Manuel arrive in Berlin and Amanda drives out the last of Selene's influence. Alex and Lorna return from Alaska. Rahne returns from Scotland.

Jan 8 - Scott gets a pet turtle. Dani and Forge drive to Oklahoma to talk to her soon-to-be-ex-husband. Amanda and Manuel meet with the Pack in Berlin.

Jan 9 - Wanda and Dr. Stephen Strange meet by accident in London and have lunch. Nathan realises he's not expendable. Dani and Forge confront Sheldon; Forge tasers him. Jubilee and Madelyn return from San Francisco. Madelyn plans to do full physicals on all the X-Men.

Jan 10 - Nathan and Marie-Ange have chocolate-induced precognitive episodes. Nathan and the Askani decide to stop the language and culture classes to see how things have sunk in. Catseye is unhappy about having to go to classes in human form.

Jan 11 - Nathan has a check up in the wake of brownie madness. Hank arranges for a new project for Forge. Forge and Dani get back from Oklahoma.

Jan 12 - Romani Road Trip: Amanda, Kurt and Wanda meet with the Szardos clan, Amanda's birth family. Clarice dyes Kyle blue and Hank gets upset.

Jan 13 - Alison designs a Danger Room program for Nathan. Nathan offers to help Dani with meditation. The students hold a Dance Dance Revolution competition. Clarice talks to Madelyn about a summer teenage EMT program. Nathan discovers Remy has been avoiding the mansion since finding out Miles was in the Morlock Tunnels during the Morlock Massacre. Manuel and Alison plan his Independent Study project.

Jan 14 - Amanda returns from Germany. Nathan begins Alison's DR program and is frustrated. Wanda meets Forge and offers to help test the Jeep. Domino meets with Pete and Alison about her seeing MacInnis in Berlin.

Jan 15 - Hank tells Amanda about the healing ban the doctors have decided on - no Healing except in emergencies. Nathan takes Jubilee ice climbing. Hank takes Madelyn to the Thomas Edison Memorial Dinner.

Jan 16 - Strange tells Cain about Cyttorak. Alison and Haroun go to Mexico for a vacation and rescue more mutants from the freakshow. Remy meets Lockheed and is singed. Moira returns to Muir Island to sort things out in the wake of Proteus. Haroun and Alison return from Mexico.

Jan 17 - X-Men Mission: Adirondacks. Forge takes Jay to a mutant-friendly burger place.

Jan 18 - Nathan continues to be beaten up by Alison's DR program. Jay asks Amanda to do a spell for him but she refuses. Sebastian Shaw emails Charles, asking where Shinobi is.

Jan 19 - Hank decides to pull Nathan from training since the DR is breaking him so much. Jubilee sets herself on fire whilst cooking; Marie-Ange and Amanda help her. Madelyn confronts Alison about the medlab staff not being kept in the loop re Nathan's training and about being treated as useless. Clarice asks Shiro to the dance. Jubilee has a nocturnal visit from a memory of Amanda's. Moira asks Hank to scout around for a replacement for Rory at Muir. Forge develops unstable molecule clothing for Catseye and Rahne. Madelyn discovers Alex emits radiation and posits a theory about healing factors causing chemical imbalance.

Jan 20 - Amanda and Jubilee talk about Jubilee's dream and make a truce. Amanda announces she's going to speak at the Columbia six-month memorial and Nathan reacts badly. Forge tells Nathan about trying to blow up his school.

Jan 21 - Lorna is diagnosed with stress fractures from over-training. Remy recruits Rahne to help him test the security. Madelyn talks to Scott about using her FBI contacts and training more. Carlie comes to the school for a visit. Scott's turtle goes for a wander and ends up on the Roomba. Scott is not amused. Kitty announces her acceptance into college.

Jan 22 - Nathan and Strange discuss Columbia. Haroun is pranked and doesn't appreciate it. Tommy and his FOH gang set fire to the CoffeeQuake and Kitty suffers smoke inhalation. HeliX loses most of its human membership as a result. Hank emails Scott and Alison about Madelyn's status. Hellfire and Damnation: Pete receives word his father has died.

Jan 23 - Madelyn gives Scott his team physical.

Jan 24 - Columbia memorial: Alison tells Nate about when she outed herself as a mutant; Amanda gives her speech; there's a run-in with Tommy's FOH gang; Forge has an encounter with bigotry; Cain gives Nathan the tough love talk. Scott and Hank butt heads over Madelyn's status off the team and Hank and Madelyn talk about the same thing. The Pack arrive at Muir to upgrade security.

Jan 25 - Brood: Remy takes Marie-Ange and Amanda to New Orleans to train with Tante Mattie. Nathan has the breakthrough in his training Alison has been pushing him towards. The students and teachers have a waterfight. Manuel helps Dani with her powers. Hank brings a giant robotic squid to the school for Forge to work on.

Jan 26 - Haroun and Alison discuss Important Dates. Brood: Amanda and Marie-Ange both experience Tante Mattie's teachings.

Jan 27 - Haroun and Alison continue to have bad luck in dating. Brood: Remy meets with the Guild and finds the New Orleans Guilds on the brink of war. Nathan talks to Angelo about lucid dreaming and Columbia. X-Men Mission: Bank Heist: Madelyn passes on FBI information to the X-Men regarding a gang of super-powered bank robbers.

Jan 28 - Nathan discovers Haroun's mindscape is being effected by too much testosterone. Doug talks to Nathan about not becoming an X-Man. Nathan goes to Muir. Madelyn tells Jubilee the Triad members who killed her parents were themselves killed five years ago by a rival Triad after giving evidence against them. Angelo considers becoming a police officer upon finishing school.

Jan 29 - The semi-formal dance. Carlie and Jubilee collaborate on a journal entry about Jubilee's parents.

Jan 30 - Carlie goes home. Hank tests Alex's powers and tells him he needs to use them on a regular basis to de-charge and suggests using the Danger Room to Scott and approaches Forge about making him a containment suit. Alison gets her command tabs back. Angelo and Jubilee talk about their respective histories. Nathan comes back from Muir.

Jan 31 - Forge talks to Kitty about his belief you are solely what you can do. Alison emails Paige about extra training. X-Men Mission: Bank Heist. Haroun announces Blackbird training.


Proteus (plot)

Shadows Fall

Romani Road Trip


X-Men Mission: Adirondacks

X-Men Mission: Bank Heist

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