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Wanda and Kurt enlisted help with their dance hall mystery, uncovering an energy-feeding mutant and dealing with him. Marie and Logan were summoned to Canada, where they found Joseph Twoyoungman had gone missing. Joined by Garrison and Heather Hudson, they encountered a Native Canadian cannibal spirit. It was defeated, but not before Logan had to tap deep into his feral side, almost too deep to come back - he remained in Canada to recover, whilst Garrison returned to the school with Marie, for the first time since Magneto nearly killed him. It was after this Logan's status as Nori's great-grandfather was confirmed by DNA test.

X-Force found themselves caught in a apparent time warp back to the 1950s, barely escaping with their identities intact. Marie-Ange discovered the cause was a dying reality warper, and smothered him with a pillow to end the loop.

An assassination attempt on Prime Minister Barath was foiled only barely by Scott, Ororo and Forge, coinciding with the return of Ororo's lost powers. At the same time, a call for help from Ilyas Saidullayev sent Nathan and Jean to Chechnya, only to find the distress call, the attempt on Barath and the previous month's attempt to kill T'Challa were all orchestrated by Tara Trask. Trapped between Trask and Saidullayev and the Russian military, Nathan was shot in the back and he and Jean barely escaped, with the fear that Trask was orchestrating attacks on pro-coexistence targets, not unlike the The Preservers. Angelo, on hearing what had happened, took it upon himself to go to Trask's residence in New York, causing property damage, a retrieval by Scott, Cain Marko| Cain and Amanda, and damaging his relationship with the witch as well as incurring various talks on the short-sightedness of his actions and the choices before him.

The X-Men found themselves juggling a delicate situation, when the Israeli government approached them for help dealing with a nuclear weapons issue in Iran. Retrieving a mutant who was believed to be able to make enriched uranium, one of the two teams found themselves left behind in a situation where direct action would result in a disastrous political incident. Whilst Charles Xavier enlisted Farouk to use his Alamut credentials to broker a deal, the stranded team, carrying a radiation poisoned Blink, managed to make their way to the border, where a clandestine helicopter picked them up.

Barely a day after his return from Iran, Garrison was enlisted by the Canadian government to facilitate a meeting between Beta Flight members and Xavier students at Whistler, B.C.. Various Red X members and graduates were invited (or blackmailed) into going, and discovered things became rather more hand's on when an avalanche buried the ski resort of Sun Peaks and they were asked to assist. For many it was their first experience of Red X.

Jay and Kevin's relationship was outed on the journals, causing concern for friends of both boys. Alex and Shiro's relationship ended violently as it was realised Shiro had in fact become hooked on Alex's powers. He fled to Lorna, and various truths were revealed when she encountered Shiro in the foyer of the school and things became physical, and Shiro finally began rehab. Kurt and Wanda began seeing each other on a casual basis. Mark continued seeing Farouk's butler, Esteban and Clarice and Kyle began dating and Forge asked Crystal out and was accepted. Dani graduated her community college classes and began considering her options. Marie stood down as RA, choosing Jan as her replacement. John found himself signing up to work for Elpis for three years in return for tuition, with Monet and Jane also being hired. Monet found the answers to her questions about her elder brother did little to ease her mind, with a fairly pitiful picture of his life subsequent to his manifestation emerging.


Jan 1 Mr Pinstripe Suit: Wanda and Kurt go back to the dance contest and are exhausted afterwards again, and realise there might be something wrong; Wanda emails Doug and Marie-Ange asking them to come along to the next session to see what's happening. John makes his New Year resolutions, and winds up smoking with Angelo on the porch after signing up with Elpis for three years in return for Nathan paying for a further degree. Cyndi meets up with John by the lake and confusion results.

Jan 2 - Mr Pinstripe Suit: When Doug, Marie-Ange, Wanda and Kurt find themselves all exhausted and drained after another dance session, they realise there's definitely something wrong; Rahne finds Triscuit trying to wake up Kurt and takes them both to breakfast.

Jan 3 - Mr Pinstripe Suit: Returning to the dance contest, Wanda, Kurt, Doug and Marie-Ange confront Wilson, who turns out to be an energy absorbing mutant; in the resulting fight, Wilson's powers are overloaded; Wanda posts about the experience on the Snow Valley comm; Kurt and Wanda sleep together and Amanda is amused to find out. Mark goes to the mansion to return Esteban's shirt and encounters Farouk instead. Noriko stumbles across Julio, who is being anti-social, and they discuss the gayness of the mansion's male residents.

Jan 4 - Wendigo: Heather Hudson contacts Marie and Logan to help search for Joseph Twoyoungman and a detachment of mounted police, who have disappeared in northern Canada.

Jan 5 - Cain and Kurt have a training session and go out for drinks after Cain finds out about him and Wanda. Nathan takes Marius on a flying lesson in the Blackbird. Dani graduates her college classes and celebrates with Forge. Wendigo: Arriving in Canada, Marie and Logan are reunited with Garrison and are briefed before heading out.

Jan 6 - Kevin emails Noriko to apologise again for not telling her about Jay; in return for her explaining some of her history, he gets her drunk. Operation: Shaboom: Doug is concerned by the disappearance of a journalist contact in New Mexico. Cain takes Kyle and Laurie to get Laurie's new pet pot-bellied pig; Yvette is confused by Laurie's wanting a pig as a pet. Wendigo: Garrison, Marie, Logan and Heather find the mounted detachment brutally killed and are attacked by the Wendigo, a cannibalistic native spirit; whilst Logan fights to protect Heather, Garrison finds Twoyoungmen and returns with him to the scene; Marie uses a spell from Twoyoungmen to make the Wendigo mortal and Logan kills it, but not without a cost as he descends too far into his feral nature.

Jan 7 - Jean emails Logan and confirms that Noriko is his great-granddaughter. Crystal is excited about her first day as a teacher, and concerned about Noriko missing classes. Marius is smug about not having had classes start yet. Amanda passes on the information about Marius St. Croix that Monet asked for, and provides some unwelcome commentary. Operation: Shaboom: When investigations into Doug's missing contact dig up a number of anomalies about the town he was interested in, X-Force goes to investigate; upon reaching Adensville, they discover some kind of timewarping effect around the town that puts them back in 1959. Jennie and Shiro are on comms duty and discuss the Alex situation; Jennie is less than sympathetic to Shiro's situation.

Jan 8 - Operation: Shaboom: Remy, now an insurance salesman, meets Wanda, a housewife, and discuss angles of investigation; Wanda meets Amanda at the library where she works, and witnesses a disturbing slip into the 1959 persona; under the guise of a pot luck lunch, X-Force meets to compare notes; Wanda and Doug go outside the range of the effect to do some checking on things; Mark, local dance compere, finds Amanda has completely slipped into 'Mandy' and has no memory of the outside world. Marius and Jennie exchange gossip in the kitchen, and Marius is uncomfortable with Jennie's hardline view; later, Marius talks with Monet about the elder Marius, and is again disturbed by a lack of insight. Forge and Crystal meet to debrief about her experience of Cortez, and awkwardly talk about the New Year's kiss.

Jan 9 - Operation: Shaboom: Remy meets with Illyana, a reluctant cheerleader, and they realise they still don't have much idea of what's going on; Doug, college letterman encounters Mandy in the soda shop and slides fully into "Joe"; Sofia, Illyana's 'stepmother', gives Remy some insight on what might be going on; a sock hop is advertised in town that night; Illyana asks Mandy for help identifying graduates who have stayed in town; Wanda and Marie-Ange encounter each other at the grocery store, but neither remembers much of it due to slippage; Doug runs into Mandy at the soda fountain, and slips fully himself; the town hosts a sock hop, during which Mark slips and Marie-Ange tries to get her boyfriend back. Shiro and Marius have an encounter in the gym, which isn't entirely unproductive, despite mutual foul moods. Monet tries and fails to get sympathy from Jennie about Marius the Elder.

Jan 10 - Jennie leaves Marius a rather odd present and he is confused. Operation: Shaboom: Remy realises he, Wanda and Marie-Ange are the only ones left, and gives Marie-Ange their last angle; checking on Wanda, Remy and she both slip; Marie-Ange discovers the cause of the phenomenon is an old man with reality-warping abilities dying of cancer, and smothers him to bring back reality. Blessed Are The Peacemakers: Scott tells Ororo they have an invitation from Prime Minister Barath to visit Hungary to advise on a potential mutant team; Forge is invited too. Sir Edmund Hillary dies, and Nathan marks the loss. Terry meets Jack and finds him trying to be personable.

Jan 11 - Operation: Shaboom: Marie-Ange makes up for lost time with Doug; Remy bans all mention of 1959 on the Snow Valley comm and Marie-Ange is sent on vacation with Doug; Amanda has lunch with Kurt and they talk about his new dating life before things get awkward; Ororo and Remy celebrate her birthday and his return from the 'past'; none of those who slipped fully into their 1959 personas remember what happened after that. Laurie does powers training with Kyle and Jean. Laurie accosts Haller about not trusting her with his condition before she became a trainee.

Jan 12 - Jay touches base with Forge. Laurie watches the Dungeons and Dragons movie and has bad dreams. Nathan hires Jane for Elpis. Operation: Shaboom: Wanda passes on what they've dug up about Ben De Roy, the reality warper from Adenville. Laurie falls down an old excavation whilst out walking Pablo the Pig, and Cain hauls her out. Wendigo: Logan - via Heather - sends notes to various people he cares for to tell them he won't be coming back for a time. Jay talks to Kurt about becoming an X-Man and possible gymnastic training to help him be useful.

Jan 13 - Marie and Garrison return to the mansion. Jay runs into Tommy and they have a very uncomfortable conversation, but no blows are exchanged. Clarice's cast is removed and she wants to celebrate with a pub, much to Kyle's dismay at being underage. Dani announces she has enrolled at Pace University and survived her first week of classes.

Jan 14 - Blessed Are The Peacemakers: Scott and Forge wax philosophical about why they're in Hungary; Nathan gets a disturbing call from Saidullayev asking for help, and it is decided Nathan and Jean will go to Chechnya to find out what the situation is; Kurt is not happy about being left in charge of the team and makes the relevant announcements; in a cargo plane on the way to Chechnya, Jean and Nathan discuss the situation with some pessimism. Kurt and Tabitha meet by accident after her morning run and chat. Doug and Marie-Ange holiday in Florida and relax at Disneyworld, discussing some of the events of Operation: Shaboom.

Jan 15 - Blessed Are The Peacemakers: Nathan and Jean reach Shatoy and discover it is indeed a trap; Barath is ambushed for assassination whilst taking Scott, Ororo and Forge to a school education project; they escape, but only barely and Barath is injured; Ororo's powers come back during the fight; Cain reports on the situation and the team goes on alert; Jean and Saidullayev fight, whilst Nathan squares off against Trask, discovering she masterminded the attacks on Barath and T'Challa; he defeats her and she shoots him in the back; Trask and Saidullayev escape as Jean and Nathan have to flee the Russian military, called by Saidullayev and Trask; Forge talks to Barath's bodyguard, Callery, former employee of Gideon Faraday, Scott and Ororo go out for a drink; Kurt calls to tell them about Jean and Nathan being out of touch; Jean steals medical supplies for Nathan and they plan to reach the aid plane they flew in on to get back to New York. Yvette and Angel make mud angels and nearly give Lorna a heart attack when she sees the state of the floor. Wanda goes to Betsy's for dinner.

Jan 16 - Blessed Are The Peacemakers: Nathan and Jean make the cargo plane, and the implications of the situation sink in; back home, Jean and Scott consider Trask may be involved with the Preservers; Scott posts the report of what happened in Hungary and in Chechnya. Marie and Haller talk about his conversation with Laurie. Amanda alerts Scott that Angelo has gone missing and Charles finds him at Trask's house in New York; Amanda, Scott and Cain go to fetch him and there's an ugly scene. Laurie meets Jean-Phillipe.

Jan 17 - Forge emails Haller needing perspective on the Hungary incident and they talk about responses to death. Jean announces she'll be taking a few days off classes to recover. Lorna and Shiro have an altercation in the halls, which leads to Alex finding out and coming back to confront Shiro himself; Jean-Phillipe is amused at the drama whilst various others are confused, annoyed or disturbed; Scott reads Lorna the riot act, and she is not particularly sorry about her actions; Jim emails Lorna and does his own bit of riot act reading, including pointing out where her motivations are coming from; Pete suggests art classes for the purpose of perspective; Laurie goes to look for Yvette, who has disappeared. Clarice meets Nori late at night and they play DDR.

Jan 18 - Laurie offers to fix meals for Jean and Scott and has a rather terse email conversation with Scott about compartmentalising. Scott tracks down Alex and is told the truth of what happened. Angelo and Nathan talk briefly about what happened in Chechnya before Nathan goes back to sleep again. Yvette asks on the student comm about the incident the day before, and makes a decision about her classes; she arranges with Haller to change her classes with Lorna to Dani instead. Kyle posts his own commentary on the previous day's scene on the team board. Marie has breakfast and family bonding time with Kurt, and talks to Yvette about the situation after class. Amanda and Marie have beer and pizza night and discuss Logan and Angelo; Marie goes back to the mansion and tries to talk to Angelo but he's not terribly responsive; Amanda gets drunk and winds up drunk dialling Kurt (and Wanda). Scott talks to Shiro about his addiction issues and Jean has to intervene when Shiro reveals he hasn't been doing anything constructive. Medusa drops by to visit Nathan, and then talk to Forge about security issues given Trask's targeting of mutant leaders. She also gives him and Crystal her blessing, much to his confusion.

Jan 19 - Scott announces he (and Jean) will be going back to Hungary to finish the consulting job. Scott runs into Laurie on the stairs, and they talk about how she needs to separate school from team. Angelo goes to talk with Scott, and things are far more productive. Amanda is hungover and promptly collapses at home after the bus run. She is also embarrassed about the phone call to Kurt. Scott, Jean, Haller and Betsy all meet up at Harry's and have a unwinding session after the week's stress.

Jan 20 - The Shadow King: Farouk gets an email from an associate regarding a hospice and some undisclosed treatment for his condition; Farouk asks for someone to cover his classes in early February. Amanda messages Angelo, wanting to talk. Lorna emails Jim about her talk with Charles and feeling guilty. Kyle talks to Marie about his college options.

Jan 21 - Amanda drops by the bagel shop to check out Vic and winds up telling him about Xavier's. Laurie asks Lorna about the incident with Shiro. Amanda and Angelo talk about the incident at Trask's, and it's not as simple as an apology and a promise.

Jan 22 - Yvette needs to burn off some anger and asks Cain if any wood needs cutting. Amanda ambushes Shiro at his college, and manages to convince him it's time to swallow his pride and do rehab. Angel asks Clarice to make an X-Men uniform for a plushie pig. Julio brings Nathan some books and reveals he is now wearing glasses. Forge emails Kyle about not seeing him the night before and is floored to discover he is dating Clarice. Crystal emails Lorna and Forge, wanting to talk about various matters. Mark posts, mourning the death of Heath Ledger. X-Men Mission: Opera Redux: David Langstrom meets with Charles and Ororo, telling them of a situation arising in the Middle East concerning a young mutant who can potentially make enriched uranium. Clarice chats to Laurie about stress and reacting to it.

Jan 23 - Tabitha has insomnia, and Crystal is quick to point out her hyperbole. Charles makes a post reminding all mansion residents that offensive powers use isn't condoned outside of appropriate settings. The Shadow King: Esteban gets an email from a security company, having checked out the hospice. Opera Redux: The X-Men arrive in Israel and realise they're essentially on their own in this mission if anything goes wrong. Agatha Harkness comes to visit Wanda, much to her discomfort; Wanda begins hiding. Marie and Tabitha work out and chat about Tabitha's progress. Forge and Crystal talk, and he asks her out for dinner; Crystal surprises him by agreeing.

Jan 24 - X-Men Mission: Opera Redux: The team (and Sabra) arrive at the nuclear facility and retrieve the mutant, but something goes wrong and Blink is exposed to radiation trying to prevent an explosion; Team 1 gets out with the mutant, with Juggernaut staying behind to cover Team 2's escape, but their escape helicopter is blown up and they have to flee on foot; Sunfire, Dominion and Juggernaut pause to regroup and decide on a course of action - head north to the border; Kurt reports on events, and protests erupt at the team being left behind; Charles emails Farouk to ask him to use his contacts to try and help the stranded team; Storm talks to Sunfire about the mission and how he's holding up; Dominion sits with Blink and reassures her that she isn't going to die. Jean-Phillipe meets Yvette, and the two get on. Amanda meets Agatha, and gets confused by a job offer.

Jan 25 - X-Men Mission: Opera Redux: Juggernaut and Dominion raid a house for supplies, and instead are offered hospitality and medical assistance for Blink; Juggernaut arranges 'transport' in the form of a burned-out tank and his own strength. Sooraya visits Nathan and starts him thinking about the incident with Trask. Blessed Are The Peacemakers: Scott and Jean have a meeting with Callery and Peter Lakatos, who was Veres' commanding officer and is the potential team leader for Hungary's team; Callery reveals she is going to go undercover with Trask's group to uncover their plans.

Jan 26 - X-Men Mission: Opera Redux: Farouk meets with Yitzhak Shavit, David Langstrom, Alexei Vazhin and Natasha Romanova, to broker some kind of escape deal for the stranded X-Men, and manages to succeed; the team is picked up on the border and whisked out of trouble; Farouk tracks down the source of the original (incorrect) information about the mutant and discovers a link to the mysterious Kingmaker - Phase 1.

Jan 27 - Remy stops by to point out some home truths to Angelo; Forge emails Angelo asking about smoking in the suite, and is annoyed to find Remy has broken his security again. Kurt announces he is going to Germany again after the Iran mission, and that the Amazing Nightcrawler will be making an appearance; Kurt emails Amanda asking her to dig up some extra leverage on Baron Eric Wagner. Wanda encounters Haller in the library and they test out a new manifestation of his DID - his appearance physically changes as he uses the powers associated with the alters. Forge asks Crystal to go ice skating with him. Laurie finds Julio studying in the library and teases him about his new glasses.

Jan 28 - Haller emails Scott and Jean and tells them about his new issue. Shiro misses his first drug therapy session and emails Amanda. Red X: Whistler: Garrison emails various Red X students and the grads to invite them to Canada for a Beta Flight conference. Jay and Forge run into each other and discuss Jay's interest in the X-Men further. Terry comes down with the death flu and asks Tommy for help. Haller and Nathan discuss Trask, and why she might have shot him. Marie talks to Garrison about standing down as RA to help with her schedule.

Jan 29 - Red X: Whistler: Arriving in Whistler, Jay and John exchange shots as they discover they're to be roomies; Yvette posts about being there; Dani and Jane have fun in the snow.

Jan 30 - Crystal invites the x_grads to her 20th birthday party in Attilan and there's tension between Angelo and Amanda; an exchange of emails follows, in which neither admits much but volumes are spoken and Amanda gets invited to dinner at Angelo's mother's house. Red X: Whistler: An avalanche at the ski resort of Sun Peaks interrupts the conference and both Beta Flight and the Xavier's people go out to help; Jan asks about news reports and reassured people are safe; Yvette helps a lost-looking Jay with his flight harness; Kevin and Tabitha work together to uncover buried cars and she freaks him out; Yvette works with one of the Beta Flight people, Egg, and finds a backbone; Jane and Monet rescue people trapped in their cars, but are too late for one; Monet and Tommy rescue an old couple; Jay and Sooraya make food for the volunteers; Kevin and Jay snuggle when Kevin is exhausted from using his powers. Clarice posts from Muir about losing her hair due to radiation sickness.

Jan 31 - Nathan is back online. Marie meets with Scott and Ororo and stands down as RA; Marie chooses Jan as her replacement and talks to her about what's involved, Marie announces her decision. Crystal has a date and tells Lorna without giving away the details Red X: Whistler: Jay and John have to work together, and aren't impressed, but get the job done all the same; Yvette and Kevin work together to rescue a family trapped in a buried house; Yvette meets Minister MacDonald, and is confused, but likes him; Dani looks after an exhausted Kevin; Jay feeds a starving - and remarkably coherent - Nori; Jay and Yvette have lunch and Yvette is remarkably forthcoming about living with dangerous powers.


Mr Pinstripe Suit

Operation: Shaboom

Blessed Are The Peacemakers

Wendigo (plot)

X-Men Mission: Opera Redux

Red X Mission: Whistler

The Shadow King (plot)

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