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The New Year started off with celebrations of friendship, romance and a bit-too-much-partying between the various residents of the mansion. Far away, Nick Fury approached Nathan Dayspring about a job. Even further away, X-Force continued their hunt in Africa and turned out successful as they face off with the Ananssesem. Soon after, school started up again and things got very busy around Xavier's. X-Force members made quiet, but victorious, returns to the states in various states of being, but were overall in good health - which is to say, alive. Meanwhile, Jay Guthrie underwent Blaquesmith's conditioning, transforming him for his new purpose which was soon revealed as Apocalypse resurfaced in the Blue Area Mesa.

X-Force quickly returned to the field with Morgan along for tactical support to the Blue Area Mesa compound. The X-Men were also dispatched to provide a distraction while X-Force sneaked in and dealt with Apocalypse. The various teams hd a show down with the Dark Riders, Sabretooth and Apocalypse which went to a stand still until Garrison Kane, Jay and Danielle Moonstar appeared and ended it by decapitating Apocalypse. Shortly thereafter and unknown to them, it was revealed that the Apocalypse they fought was only a clone created by Nathaniel Essex. Upon their return to the mansion, it was discovered how different those changed by Blaquesmith had actually become. Catseye got help for Jay who went out of control in his room and soon after he went to Forge to have the wings removed - only to find they disagreed with the idea. On a much less serious note, Jean-Paul Beaubier acquired a pet rat.

Lillian Crawley-Jeffries was offered a trainee spot on the X-Men, later on Amara Aquilla requested to join as a trainee as well. Amanda Sefton discovered Kurt Sefton's relationship with Monet St. Croix. Garrison took a leave of absence to sort himself out and Nathan returned from Muir Island with a chip on his shoulder. Callie Betto got a visit from Clarice Ferguson in Italy and they selected a trendy disco to party at - which was unfortunately also selected to be bombed while they were there. When the girls didn't return that night, the alarm was raised and the X-Men were dispatched, but were unable to find them. Callie and Clarice awakened in a mutant commune with plans to marry them into the fold - not intending to join up, the two women slipped out when no one was looking. In the other hemisphere, Remy LeBeau took Ororo Munroe out to dinner for her birthday and Jean-Paul asked Shiro Yoshida for lessons in Japanese to help him teach Noriko Ashida.

Manuel de la Rocha left for Spain with Amanda just as Callie returned to the mansion and buried herself in an avalanche of homework. The X-Men headed off to Texas to respond to possible mutant involvement in a biological attack. Soon thereafter they returned with an injured Carmilla Black who found herself a resident of the medical lab. Rahne Sinclair reported in from Tel Aviv and Callie brought Julian Keller cookies. In Spain, Manuel found a four-year-old empath - who happened to look very much like himself - and with the help of Amanda, rescued her from an uncaring foster family. During a tantrum, the child, named Valentia de la Rocha, managed to break Manuel's empathic loop and the newly found guardian was able to shield again. Later, Jean Grey confirmed that Valentia was Manuel's younger sister. Once well enough to take trips out of the med lab, Cammie encountered Callie in the kitchen as she was about to partake in her favorite limeade substitute, Draino. Speaking of poisons, Nathan nearly accidentally poisoned himself by taking antibiotics with wine.

In Washington, David North was forced to kill Mastadon during a break in at the Watergate pertaining to Weapon X. Afterwards, he fled to the mansion seeking asylum and a cryptologist, both of which he found. John Wraith soon followed North to the mansion in hopes of killing the rogue agent, but left empty handed. Doug Ramsey decrypted the data North gathered at the Watergate and gave him a lead, which he took Wanda Maximoff along to investigate. Once there, they encountered Warbird, who had not yet been triggered as a sleeper agent. With the support of X-Force and a David North-shaped Morgan, Wraith was lured into a trap and killed. Meanwhile North and Wanda attempted to stop Warbird from being reactivated, but ultimately failed and had to put her down. Later, North met with Betsy Braddock in New England and was offered a job. Morgan joined X-Force and began the relocation process to the brownstone.

Charles Xavier announced that the school would be working with a local high school to put on a performance of A Midsummer's Night Dream. A practice reading was suggested and a number of the students decided to try out for the play. Yvette Petrovic was excited to play the part of Puck. Cammie quickly made friends with Catseye and Crystal Amaquelin, the latter of which brought her soap for dinner. Manuel slowly adjusted to being a guardian and got some advice from Amanda about adoption and help with clothes shopping from Lil. Nathan continued to walk around in a fugue state as various residents encountered him not being himself. Jean-Paul introduced Callie to climbing in the Danger Room and soon after she got a job babysitting for Valentia. Lil got homesick from the snow and a snow ball battle ensued between all interested parties on the back lawn. Tabitha Smith returned to the mansion as Catseye started her work with Elpis. Julian won an online contest, the prize a day's outing to a Laser Tag center. Inez Temple and Angelica Jones had an abrupt fight about Julian's attentions.


Jan 1 - Angel and Julian kiss, ringing in the New Year. Jan wishes everyone a Happy New Year. The morning after, Kurt and Monet reflect on their sleeping habits. Lil posts a word of caution about drunk dialling ex-husbands. Walking Ghosts: On Muir, Nick Fury approaches Nathan with a proposal; Nathan lets everyone know he won't be back immediately; Nathan calls Jean-Paul from a SHIELD facility and lets him know he'll be away for a while and that he'll be okay. Adrienne posts her resolutions for the year. Operation: Anansesem: Amanda complains about having to go to Africa. Julian and Jean-Paul meet over Spiderman 3 and talk about being a hero. Jane is bored and Adrienne offers Wii distraction.

Jan 2 Laurie manages to get access to her laptop at last. Operation: Anansesem: Wanda arrives in Africa and debriefs with Amanda and Remy. Jean-Paul lets Shiro know he has a package from Anne-Marie, the woman they escorted to her family over Christmas. Manuel emails Amanda, checking on her. Jean-Paul visits Laurie.

Jan 3 - Late at night, Jean-Paul encounters Scott and his sax in the stables and they discuss bad dreams. Adrienne sizes up Jean-Paul and decides he's tolerable. Operation: Anansesem: X-Force finds the missing magic users, and find themselves facing down one of the children of Anansi, the Anansesem. Terry reports Bobby has fallen down the stairs and given himself a concussion.

Jan 4 - Monet emails Kurt, wanting entertainment. Walking Ghosts: Angelo calls Nathan when he fails to check in. Jean-Paul reminds everyone school starts the next day. Jean-Paul talks to Scott about first day at school jitters. Operation: Anansesem: Doug mentions a familiar carving seen at the site of the portal.

Jan 5 - Amanda returns late at night and winds up in Pete's apartment. Morgan comes home and winds up in Jean-Paul's bed for comfort. Adrienne emails Bishop about potential shooting range access. Morgan tracks down Sam and makes good her threat to make him blush. Amanda announces her return and Angelo comes to the office to see her. Wanda announces her return and couch-bound state. Morgan emails Adrienne and drinks with Amanda are planned. Bishop emails Lil and a date is arranged. Mechanisms of Revenge: Jay undergoes conditioning. Lil and Bishop have that New Year's date.

Jan 6 - Jubilee declares the death of her latest houseplant. Adrienne emails Manuel looking for information on the Hellfire Club ahead of her invitation from Emma. Inez contrives to meet Julian and coffee is arranged. Nathan texts Jean-Paul. Marie-Ange warns Manuel to leave the mansion for a while after a premonition. Ktenology 101: Marie returns to the mansion and talks with Scott about killing and revenge. Lil and Jennie meet on the smoker's porch and discuss powers and tattoos.

Jan 7 - Emma emails Adrienne about her Christmas gift and Manuel about the White Court, plus delivers her Christmas gifts to X-Force. Jennie and Amara go shopping. Manuel announces he is staying in a hotel in New York for the duration; Manuel emails Bishop about their weekly chess game; Morgan checks that Manuel's okay. Mechanisms of Revenge: Remy announces to X-Force that contacts place Apocalypse at Blue Area Mesa, a mutant commune; Remy and Scott plan a joint attack. Doug emails Emma about his Christmas gift. Lil is startled when Kurt teleports into the gym. Morgan brings Jubilee food and an apology for their first meeting. Jubilee sends Mark a musical link. Inez and Julian have that hot chocolate and Inez opens up more than she has before about her family.

Jan 8 - After meeting about the Hellfire Club the night before, Adrienne and Manuel wake up in bed together. Mechanisms of Revenge: Remy calls Morgan in to help with the Blue Area situation; Morgan and Amanda discuss the past few months; Morgan texts Adrienne offering her a bad guy souvenir; in Blue Mesa, the teams find themselves facing not only the Dark Riders, Sabretooth and Apocalypse, but also the transformed mutants of the commune; the fight goes to a standstill and three mysterious mutants appear on the scene, targeting Apocalypse; Apocalypse is beheaded and the mutants are revealed to be Garrison, Jay and Dani; Morgan calls Adrienne to tell her about Garrison being alive and apparently fine; Amanda posts to x_snowvalley via her PDA with the news all four of the missing are alive; in a secret location, Apocalypse thanks Essex for the clone that was sacrificed at Blue Mesa to allow him to rebuild his army in secret.

Jan 9 - Scott runs into Jean-Paul and they discuss the mission; Scott and Jean talk once she's out of the infirmary; Catseye visits Jay and finds him greatly changed, to the extent she has to call in someone to help when he goes out of control. Morgan seeks comfort in Jean-Paul's bed. Clarice comments on the overall situation. Morgan emails Sam to check on him. Crystal offers Jean her assistance in medlab. Laurie asks Morgan what's going on. Forge visits Jay and when Jay asks Forge to remove the wings, the wings disagree and Jean has to intervene. Marie-Ange emails Manuel and lets him know it's best if he stays away from the emotional upheaval at the mansion for now. Adrienne texts Morgan asking if she's seen Garrison yet. Lil runs into a somber Garrison at Harry's Hideaway, and winds up getting a job. Later, Jennie finds Garrison at the bar and buys him a drink before she drives some friends home. Adrienne texts Jean-Paul asking him to look after Morgan. Morgan is amused to find Jean-Paul has acquired another rat. Catseye checks in on Dani and is marginally more successful than with Jay.

Jan 10 - Inez brings Garrison food and finds out he's leaving. Marie emails Garrison about having a talk when he's ready. Mark visits Jay and nearly has his head cut off before Jay holds himself back; Mark and Amanda talk and ground themselves again. Morgan stops by to keep Sam company and things get cute.

Jan 11 - Lil and Scott discuss her training and she is offered a trainee spot. Jean discovers just how fundamental the change is in Jay. Amanda crashes on Kurt's couch and discovers his new relationship with Monet; later Kurt returns Monet's lost property and they talk briefly about the mission. Lil tells Bishop her news about the team. Morgan and then Adrienne visit Garrison before he leaves; Garrison announces he is taking a leave of absence to sort himself out. Yvette asks if the missing and recovered four are all right. Walking Ghosts: Nathan returns and Jean-Paul picks him up at the airport, but it's clear something went wrong on the trip. Papa Don't Preach: Clarice emails Callie asking to visit. John emails Nathan asking for a day off to go to his mother's wedding.

Jan 12 - Laurie shares her reading habits and asks for new books and a visit from Amanda. Papa Don't Preach: Clarice visits Callie in Italy and they plan a night out; the disco Callie and Clarice go to is bombed and they are both injured in the confusion. Julian replaces the melted bench press. Morgan encounters Kurt while she's looking for a place to store excess venison; Remy has a permanent job offer for Morgan. Amanda checks in on Dani and it goes remarkably smooth considering their history; Amanda later emails Manuel letting him know how Dani is. Lil is relieved with her new job at Harry's. Walking Ghosts: Neither Jean nor Angelo are inclined to let the state of Nathan's health lie without checking on him. Remy takes Ororo out for dinner for her birthday.

Jan 13 - Valentia's Lullaby: Emma asks Manuel to do some Hellfire Club business in Spain. Papa Don't Preach: Callie's father raises the alarm when the girls don't come home and Scott takes a team to investigate; the team discovers the girls' cellphones in the bombed-out building but no sign of them; Callie awakes in a confused state and overhears a conversation from their 'captors'. Manuel asks Dani to come stay with him if needed; Dani agrees and emails Scott, Jan and Forge to let them know, resigning her positions of RA and school secretary at the same time. Doug emails Emma and Marie-Ange regarding Emma's Hellfire plans for him. Walking Ghosts: Jean-Paul checks on Nathan and finds him still being vague about what happened. Vanessa and Adrienne talk for the first time since Christmas morning and discuss Garrison's departure.

Jan 14 - Jay gets permission for a flight from Jean and runs into John, who is strangely good for him. Jean-Paul has a training session with Nori and finds her attitude greatly improved; Jean-Paul emails Shiro asking for lessons in Japanese to assist with teaching Nori. Manuel finds out how greatly changed Dani's powers are, with a disturbing demonstration. Papa Don't Preach: Callie wakes up Clarice, concerned by the talk of marriage she overhead, and the two slip out of their room.

Jan 15 - Valentia's Lullaby: Manuel asks Amanda to go to Spain with him and she emails Remy with a reason for her to go; Manuel lets Emma know Amanda will be with him. Manuel lets Kyle know he'll be away and that it would be a good time for him to move into the suite and notifies Forge that Dani will be in his hotel and possibly needing help; he also emails Adrienne about needing to talk about the incident the week before and she isn't happy about it. Zanne comes across an overloaded Kyle and offers to help him with his groundskeeper duties. Amanda helps Laurie down to the sunroom and they chat about various things, including Laurie's planned backpacking trip. Morgan emails Adrienne and Manuel separately, wanting details on what happened and not satisfied with Adrienne's evasion. Jubilee mentions seeing Adrienne coming out of Manuel's hotel in a bathrobe on x_snowvalley; Amanda emails Adrienne about Jubilee's gossip; Doug emails Manuel about the rumour and about changes to the White Court; Manuel emails Jubilee about her lack of discretion and Marie-Ange about her warning; Marie-Ange rants to Doug about Jubilee's nosiness. Papa Don't Preach: Clarice and Callie turn up back at Callie's father's house and reveal their 'kidnappers' were some kind of mutant commune. Remy visits Pete in medlab and gets the whole story. Adrienne talks to Nathan about where her donations to Elpis are going, but they wind up talking about his mother and the memory Adrienne pulled from Malachi Hark's watch. Marie visits Garrison in Sydney and they decide to remain just friends.

Jan 16 - Angelo comes across a jet-lagged Callie trying to catch up on her homework. Bio-Hazard Girl: In Texas, Carmilla Black gets into a fight and winds up being injured; CNN reports on an apparent biological attack in Houston and contamination of groundwater. John lets people know he's off to Chicago for the weekend. Jean-Paul talks to Lil about her new job; Jean-Paul and Scott play pool and talk about recent happenings. Remy talks to first Adrienne and then Manuel about the incident at the Plaza Hotel. Marie-Ange lectures Jubilee on acting on her premonitions without consultation.

Jan 17 - Scott visits Laurie and they talk about her training and the assumptions she's made about it. During the course of various emails, Adrienne apologises to Manuel for her avoidance and the issues it caused, and agrees to talk to Morgan. Valentia's Lullaby: Amanda lets Angelo know she's going to Spain with Manuel; Manuel is tense at the airport, given the crowding; en route Manuel expresses concern about him powers leaking at the airport; later, at the hotel, Manuel sees Amanda's scars and it leads to a revealing conversation about trust. Mechanisms of Revenge: Remy reports on Pete's account of what happened. Bio-Hazard Girl: Jean asks Crystal to help with the situation in Houston; the X-Men (and Crystal) go to Houston to try and find out what the situation is. Callie goes to Nathan to talk about a new study project and they talk about the fact her father hadn't wanted her to come back to the school. Adrienne meets Lil at the pool and they have some friendly chat and competition. Nathan and Julian have another training session, this time in the Danger Room. Scott checks on a hermiting Marie and encourages to get out more.

Jan 18 - Morgan emails Remy about putting the suspicion Adrienne was raped by Manuel in her mind. Valentia's Lullaby: Manuel conducts his business, with Amanda acting as his assistant. Bio-Hazard Girl: The X-Men search for the cause of the contamination, with Kurt coming across the injured girl; the team convenes and it's decided Carmilla needs to be brought to the mansion, a decision she doesn't really have a lot to argue about. Scott announces the new trainee, Lil, and calls for a trainee name for her. Callie stops by Julian's room with cookies and gets her Christmas gift. Kyle meets Lil and they get on despite him having slurred Elvis' name on the team board. Rahne calls Nathan and tells him she's staying in Tel Aviv for the foreseeable future.

Jan 19 - Valentia's Lullaby: Returning from a meeting, Manuel senses an empath in trouble and tracks down a four-year-old girl who looks very like him and he and Amanda take her from her uncaring foster family; Amanda emails Doug about obtaining papers for Valentia to leave the country. Adrienne emails Morgan, concerned about her silence in the wake of the discussion about Manuel. Jean helps Cammie with her injury and discusses options with her; Kurt shows Cammie where the kitchen is. Kurt checks in on a subdued Yvette. Pete announces he's off to Muir for physiotherapy. Lil meets Inez in the gym and offers to potentially help her with her powers; Lil emails Scott asking about training Inez and bristles when she is called a 'teacher'. Jean-Paul emails Callie, having found her history book. Adrienne tracks down the elusive Morgan and they argue about their last email discussion. Walking Ghosts: Haunted by whatever happened to him, Nathan nearly poisons himself drinking wine on top of his antibiotics and is hauled off to Jean by Jean-Paul; Jean-Paul announces he is going off-schedule to take care of Nathan's "stomach flu". Adrienne asks Bishop for a shooting lesson. Cammie runs into Callie drinking drain cleaner in the kitchen in the middle of the night. Jean-Paul and Catseye have an enjoyable afternoon reading.

Jan 20 - Walking Ghosts: Angelo talks to Nathan about his error and gets hints of what might be wrong; Adrienne visits with the intention of letting Nathan read her mind about the Manuel incident and winds up acting as his nurse instead. Lil asks Jennie out for lunch. Bishop and Adrienne have their shooting lesson and Adrienne tries to ask about Manuel. Valentia's Lullaby: During a tantrum, Valentia manages to break Manuel's empathic loop, allowing him to shield again. Shiva: On the eve of the inauguration ceremony, David North breaks into Watergate and discovers a failsafe for the Weapon program and barely escapes with his life after killing another operative, Mastodon. Papa Don't Preach: Clarice declares she's going gay in the wake of the Italy incident. Forge and Crystal attend a Inaugural Ball. Adrienne suggests a movie night for Wednesday. Morgan and Sam go ice skating and are cute. Jean-Paul encounters Jean-Phillipe out of his room and they discuss the possibility of the younger man finding some distance.

Jan 21 - Emma emails Doug and Marie-Ange, requesting they meet. Papa Don't Preach: Haller runs into Callie in the kitchen late at night and she talks about having to fight with her father for her chance to return to the school. Over the phone Adrienne tells Emma that she wants to join the White Court of the Hellfire Club. Valentia's Lullaby: Manuel emails Emma, letting her know the trip has been cut short; Amanda announces their return on her journal. Kurt and Sam chat about recent events and their love lives. Movie night happens and Adrienne comes in late to find only Daniel remaining and there is talking about sexual orientation and cuddling. Lil and Jennie have lunch and share gossip. Amanda and Angelo wind up having a rather vocal discussion about their relationship and agree to try one more time; later, Angelo talks to Nathan about taking a few days off to go with her to Spain. Callie meets Cammie in the process of making herself a bleach and floor cleaner cocktail. Adrienne meets Sam and gives him the traditional best friend warning about hurting Morgan.

Jan 22 - Jubilee shares a Tom Lenk video with Mark. Forge meets Cammie and is fascinated by her eating habits. Lil emails Inez about the possibility of training her. Shiva: David North arrives at the mansion and asks for asylum; David runs into Nathan, spurring a memory of an encounter with Cable twenty years ago; Charles announces the presence of the latest visitor. Shiro ponders his future after he graduates in a semester. Valentia's Lullaby: Jean confirms that Valentia is indeed a de la Rocha, Manuel's sister, and he decides to take care of her; Kyle is a little nonplussed about the new acquisition to the suite, as is Valentia about him. "Morgan-as-Daniel' teases Jean-Paul a little too far and the friendship is damaged; a cranky Morgan meets a cranky Cammie. Sofia and Wanda track Garrison down and talk to him on his father's boat.

Jan 23 - Midsummer's Nightmare: Charles announces a joint drama project with one of the local high schools. Catseye tracks down a strange new smell to Cammie in the medlab and they get on rather well. Manuel announces his sister's presence; Adrienne meets with Manuel playing with Valentia in the snow and they talk about the drinking incident and establish they're fine with each other; Morgan drops by to visit the newcomer and Manuel talks her into accepting Remy's job offer; Manuel thanks Amanda for her help and she offers some advice in child adopting; Doug sends Manuel and Valentia sign language dictionaries; Manuel seeks Nathan's advice and finds him distant and distracted. Scott finds Jean-Paul moping about Morgan. Crystal brings Cammie soap for dinner. Yvette wishes Tabitha a happy birthday. Callie announces she's finally caught up with her missed schoolwork. Kyle updates on life and in the course of comments, it's revealed Callie saw Cammie drinking drain cleaner; Zanne reacts badly and emails Jean, concerned. Adrienne and Amanda catch up and talk about the Hellfire Club. Adrienne invites Morgan, Amanda and Jean-Paul out for drinks and discovers that Morgan is going to Africa to see her 'boys' and that she and Jean-Paul are no longer friends. Morgan lets Angelo know she's taking off for a week. Leo emails Charles about needing some more space for a therapeutic sand tray.

Jan 24 - Shiva: Wraith teleports into the mansion, sent to kill Maverick, but leaves empty handed; Forge announces the security breach on the staff comm and passes on the information North gave Crystal about being the target; Nathan collects the injured Jean-Paul from the medlab and they 'talk' about the incident and feeling like they let people down by not catching the intruder. Morgan announces her departure for the week. Manuel takes Valentia and Lil shopping for clothes and a fight is narrowly apologised for. Nathan gives Jean-Paul a telepathic assist with the pain of his throat. Crystal starts a Silly Hat Thread. Zanne emails Crystal, unhappy about Crystal's response in regards to the drain cleaner incident. Walking Ghosts: Jane encounters an out of it and traumatised Nathan on the grounds, but he refuses to talk about whatever it is bothering him.

Jan 25 - Lil and Adrienne play Wii and talk sexuality. Amanda emails Angelo about Spain and Morgan's departure and asks Jane out for that gossip and ice cream session. Yvette welcomes the newcomers to the school, asks Jay if she can visit and asks if anyone else is interested in the Midsummer's Night's Dream performance; a practice reading is suggested. Shiva: North and Doug meet and discuss the decrypted data, revealing the Shiva program, a failsafe to deal with rogue agents and further information is needed. Walking Ghosts: Crystal encounters Nathan by the lake and is disturbed enough by his demeanour to email Jean and Amelia with her concerns. Amanda and Jane catch up over ice cream and talk about their romantic lives. Cammie announces herself on the journals. Callie suggests a reading for the play on x_students. Morgan calls Laurie and texts Adrienne from Africa. Jean-Paul cancels his classes due to his injured throat. Crystal brings Jean-Paul food and they make paper airplanes.

Jan 26 - Shiva: North talks over his problem with Wanda, Doug, Marie-Ange and Illyana and it's decided more information is needed on the Shiva program. Manuel calls Morgan to check on her and isn't exactly reassured by the noises he hears. Meggan is excited about the play auditions; Forge emails Jay and suggests he could help coach the hopefuls. Karolina reflects on her continued grounding and the therapeutic benefits of Tetris. Jean-Paul introduces Callie to climbing in the Danger Room. Nathan is angry about articles on a child soldier trial; Nathan goes to Harry's and runs into Kurt and expresses his general displeasure with life.

Jan 27 - Catseye asks about a job she could do to earn pocket money. Adrienne emails Manuel, asking him to get her an invite to an upcoming Hellfire Club function. Shiva: Doug calls North and lets him know there's a lead on the old Weapon X information they're seeking. Walking Ghosts: Jean-Paul drops by on Nathan and comes closer to uncovering what happened to him; Jean-Paul lets Scott know he can't make their regular pool night. Callie meets Valentia and gets a babysitting job.

Jan 28: The snow makes Lil homesick a little. Lil proposes taking Valentia out to play in the snow and Manuel not only agrees, but invites whoever wants to to join in. Manuel emails Kyle, letting him know of his plans for the coming Thursday. Betsy is a victim of snow bandits, otherwise known as Angel. Shiva: Wanda and North go to the storage facility Doug uncovered and find something else - Carol Danvers, aka Warbird, another of the sleeper agents, as yet untriggered. Callie lets her suite mates know she'll be babysitting Valentia. Morgan gets back to the States and texts Laurie and Adrienne to let them know. Lil shares a meal with Jean-Paul and claims she won't call the mansion home any time soon.

Jan 29 - Jan asks for people's Superbowl plans. Angel suggests Yvette audition for the play. Yvette brings Cammie books and Styrofoam. Garrison and his father have a revealing talk about family, responsibility and identity. Catseye asks Jean-Paul for help with Shakespeare and he convinces her to audition for the play. Catseye has her first day working for Elpis.

Jan 30 - Tabitha comes back to the mansion in the early hours of the morning and Manuel lets her in. Amara sees Scott about becoming a trainee. Cammie asks about people's Zombie Plans, based on her reading. Scott and Terry discuss leadership and responsibility when she comes across him going over the attack reports. Tabitha announces her return. Shiva: Doug manages to decipher the final name on the Shiva list and tells Wanda it's Warbird; Wanda tells North that Carol Danvers is the next on the list; Remy calls a planning session and emails Morgan with an offer of freelance work as bait; using Morgan as a fake North, X-Force lures Wraith into a trap and he is killed; in the meantime Wanda and North go to Carol Danvers and try to avoid her being reactivated; unfortunately, North has to shoot her and Wanda brings the house crashing down; Marie-Ange confirms Wraith's death. Midsummer Nightmare: Yvette is thrilled she got the role of Puck in the auditions. Monet and Clarice get drunk and make out. Lil comes back after work to find Amara reading X-Men reports.

Jan 31 - Morgan apologises for having to bail on her date with Adrienne. Shiva: North meets with Betsy in New England and is offered a job. Jean releases Cammie from medlab; Angelo takes Cammie to Mama Lupe's for the promised Mexican food. So You Want To Be A Superhero: Julian wins a day's outing at a laser tag center by playing online games. Inez and Angel have an argument over Julian's attentions; Jan later emails them about the fight and wants to see them the next day. Morgan accepts the job with X-Force. Jean-Paul meets Cammie in the kitchen and they discuss her dietary quirks.


Mechanisms of Revenge

Operation: Anansesem

Walking Ghosts

Ktenology 101

Papa Don't Preach

Bio-Hazard Girl

Valentia's Lullaby


So You Want To Be A Superhero

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