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There were a number of returns and new arrivals: Jean-Paul Beaubier returned from time on his own, having left Muir Island without a word after discovering his psychic damage had more far-reaching effects on his memory and his powers than previously shown; Fred Dukes - Phase 1 also returned from Muir, having developed a certain degree of control over his powers and a new physique as a result, something which proved difficult for his friend Yvette Petrovic to grasp; and Logan received a shock when it turned out the new resident college student he was picking up was in fact his biological daughter from a Weapon X program aimed at developing a more controllable version of himself.

There were also three departures: Jennie Stavros left for England and an internship with the London Ballet Company; Julio Richter went back to Mexico to help care for his grandfather, whose health took a turn for the worse; and Marie D'Ancato left for an indefinite period following further leads on the Alpha Flight deaths.

Warren and Jay Guthrie began a relationship, despite the fragile nature of both of their personalities; Bishop made his move on Amara Aquilla, only to be met with refusal as she explained she would be betrothed to a man of her father's choosing and Bishop reacted badly; and Manuel de la Rocha had to lay the law about talking about his sex life on the journals to Cammie Black, a discussion that resulted in him suggesting she go to college to occupy her over-abundance of free time.

Following the drop in numbers of September, the X-Men saw the return of Warren Worthington and Janet Van Dyne as active members, and the enrollment of Catseye and Julian Keller as trainees. Doreen Green also expressed interest in joining, obtaining permission from her mother to join once she turned seventeen following an incident where she, Julian, Nico Minoru and Megan Gwynn broke up a drug deal involving Julian's old gang.

X-Force, however, lost another member, when the team's interest in Jean-Paul's lost months between leaving Muir and turning up in District X a radically changed man aroused Vanessa Carlylse's protective streak and she realised that she didn't have the particular type of ruthlessness required for the team. It was not an amicable departure, with the friendship between herself and Amanda Sefton possibly permanently damaged, given Amanda's role in the affair.

The witch also had her hands full with her erstwhile student, Nico, when a partial reading of a book relating to the Minoru family made the girl afraid for her safety and prompted her to practice magic on her own. Several near-disasters later, her conscience kicked in and she confessed to Amanda, who had been given a head's up by Catseye, and a plan was developed to teach Nico to protect herself without using the Staff of One, which had aroused Amanda's suspicions again following an incident with Adrienne Frost's powers.

And finally, Garrison Kane and Amahl Farouk chased all over the Middle East in search of Calysee Neramani, kidnapped from India, resulting in a bizarre encounter with Templars, the Whore of Babylon, the Opus Dei and En Sabeh Nur, as well as the annihilation of the Alamut.


Jan 1 - Carry On: Julian and company arrive at the ICU where he sees Simon Gutierrez heading into Dean's room. They follow him to a local shopping center only to lose him, till Nico uses the Staff of One to find his location. They end up interrupting a drug deal and it's only with the help of Dori and Nico that the tide turns; in the wake of the incident, Dori talks to her mother about becoming a trainee. Warren meets Jay at Silver after work as arranged and they talk about the reasons why Warren is still in the closet, both as a mutant and as a bisexual man.

Jan 2 - Sooraya posts about going shopping. Bishop visits Amara to make his move and things go badly when she explains her father will choose a husband for her and thus she isn't free; Manuel tries to calm Amara down and gets burned when her powers flare; later, Amara visits Manuel with apologetic baked goods and things go better. Cammie posts about being woken up by the argument between Amara and Bishop.

Jan 3 - Adrienne takes Garrison to a Hellfire party and they run into Wanda and Amanda, doing X-Force information gathering; a brief encounter with Jason Wyngarde - Phase 1 and his silent red-haired assistant is had.

Jan 4 - Sam asks for volunteers for a study he's doing into ethics and mutation.

Jan 5 - Jay has a nightmare and discovers Catseye was sleeping with him. Yvette runs into a changed Fred and offends him when she envies him about being 'normal' again.

Jan 6 - Kyle is enthused about Extreme Arm Wrestling and other sports on ESPN. Jubilee asks for help on her accents for cover identity purposes. Kyle posts about helping Julio pack to go back to Mexico to look after his ailing grandfather.

Jan 7 - Fred posts to his journal to let everyone know he's back in the land of the living (and back from Muir). Cammie tries to apologise to Adrienne for getting her nose broken, but it doesn't go well and Cammie falls back into her old "don't care" attitude.

Jan 8 - Callie gets a pleasant surprise when it's Fred picking her up at the airport and not Julian like she expected; Callie emails Julian telling him he's a jerk for not telling her about Fred, but Julian is unapologetic. Yvette sends Fred an email, apologising for her behaviour several days before. Vanessa gets a letter from her mother, the police having tracked her down through the Snow Valley website, but nothing really changes. Song of Isaac, Key of Solomon: At a meeting of the Alamut, Farouk reveals that Calysee Neramani has been abducted from her house arrest and that her brother D. Ken might be planning a move on Pakistan using her abduction as an excuse; a heated discussion ensues over whether the Alamut should get involved or not. Nico walks in on Julian reading through the old X-Men mission reports and an awkward conversation ensues. Manuel and Adrienne have dinner at the Plaza to celebrate an anniversary of sorts and discuss how their lives have changed in a year.

Jan 9 - While she's doing clothing alterations for him, Jay gets Clarice to agree to go out with Sam, after a convoluted conversation about sexuality. Song of Isaac, Key of Solomon: Farouk and Emma 'meet' in the astral plane to discuss Calysee Neramani's escape from the mental prison Emma had locked her in.

Jan 10 - Laurie asks if anyone wants to help her make muffins. Fred sneaks up on an over-caffienated Dori and she gives him a boisterous welcome. Yvette has her first X-Men training in the Danger Room with Hank.

Jan 11 - Song of Isaac, Key of Solomon: Garrison informs the X-Men that he's being called away by the FBI to advise on an investigation on the kidnapping of Calysee Neramani. Hank informs through his journal that he'll be away, consulting SHIELD about something medical. Dori puts up a poll, asking whether or not she should be able to have caffine when she wants it. Jay goes to see Warren at the new apartment Warren's not crazy about. They flirt and it turns ugly when Jay suggests that he'll just be another number to Warren in bed. Jay emails Kevin to apologize for what he said last year; Jay emails Kevin about the stupid things he said/did during their relationship and they wind up realising that they can't be friends.

Jan 12 - Song of Isaac, Key of Solomon: In Israel, Garrison meets with a police officer who explains that the Opus Dei, a militant cult within the Catholic Church, may be waiting for Calysee to be delivered to them Israel for execution, in order to start the holy war described in the New Testament. Amanda wishes Ororo a happy birthday.

Jan 13 -

Jan 14 - Kevin lets the mansion know that Jennie is doing well in London and bemoans the loss of his Waffle House girlfriend; Nico signs up for the position and the thread disintegrates into discussion of Cammie's sex life as she trash talks with Kyle; Kevin emails Cammie about how Dori and Monkey Joe creep him out; Doug emails Manuel about Kyle not knowing about his Hellfire Club escapades; Dori reminds everyone her squirrel is called Monkey Joe and that she can't change his name because she didn't pick it.

Jan 15 - Laurie mock-complains about the sex talk when her boyfriend is nowhere close; Manuel emails Kyle and Cammie asking them to not talk about his sexual preferences where his students can read it; Amanda posts to x_grads to remind people there is a place for those types of conversations; Manuel seeks out Yvette, who is having troubles of her own stemming from the thread. Adrienne accidentally touches the Staff of One and is forced to witness Nori killing someone with it in self-defence and the Staff's creation. Dori asks Logan to help her with her claws, but isn't impressed by what he has to say. Before going to a Hellfire Club meeting, Manuel has a talk with Cammie about her lack of discretion and suggests that she find something else to do with her time, like college. Song of Isaac, Key of Solomon: Farouk visits an archeological dig in Pakistan to discuss the Calysee kidnapping with an old 'friend', Father Andrew Connelly when Esteban's mother shows up as well and over perusal of the Judas Codex, the theory that Calysee could be seen as the Whore of Babylon, which may or may not be a red herring to cover a terrorist plot using her as a weapon; the White Court, plus Julian at Manuel's coattails, attend a Hellfire function where the London Inner Circle is in attendance.

Jan 16 - Jubilee mocks people for not traumatising the students enough. Song of Isaac, Key of Solomon: In Israel, Garrison is accosted by Jane Hampshire, Red Rook of the London Hellfire Club, who drops hints the Opus Dei and the Holy Grail might be involved.

Jan 17 - Song of Isaac, Key of Solomon: Amanda discovers an unusual number of flights from Rome to the Middle East and consults with Marie-Ange in case there's a religious connection. Jay goes to apologise to Warren and they wind up agreeing to see each other. Angelo and John discuss moving out to an apartment in New York.

Jan 18 - Jay teases Yvette into confessing her crushes until she says something dumb about his relationship with Warren. Nick ventures out for the first time in a while and Catseye cheers him up. Megan talks about her New Year's adventure, much to the chagrin of Julian and Nico.

Jan 19 - Song of Isaac, Key of Solomon: Garrison joins the Yamman team in an attempt to rescue Calysee, but it turns out to be a trap as a bomb is set off with Garrison the only survivor and taken by persons unknown; the Alamut are wiped out as Jacob Reisz joins forces with the Opus Dei and takes Farouk hostage, intent on torturing what he knows out of him. Marie e-mails several people to let them know she's leaving. Amanda and Jean-Paul run into each other, he is cranky and she is suspicious. Adrienne and Amanda meet to discuss the Staff of One, Nico and what Adrienne saw. Cammie also comes up, and sticking by people. Jay and Warren celebrate Warren's birthday, and Jay gives him a ring - discussion is had.

Jan 20 - Cammie is bored, and convinces Laurie to feed her doughnuts. Warren e-mails Ororo about coming back to the X-Men. Clarice and Sam go on a date, and Clarice agrees to help Sam with his survey. Amanda posts to the Snow Valley comm about Jean-Paul and Nico's staff. Morgan and Remy have a conversation about personal and important.

Jan 21 - Kurt helps Cammie with her laundry and they talk about Kurt's plans for his father's finances. Tabitha e-mails Cammie about her date. Kevin walks in on Catseye swimming naked in the pool, and the two end up play wrestling. Amara walks in on them, but then ends up accepting a swimming lesson.

Jan 22 - Morgan goes to Jean-Paul to give him a warning, and do to her job. Morgan then informs X-Force on what she found out. Morgan e-mails Remy asking him not to put her in that position again, then SMS's Adrienne about kidnapping her. Julian posts to the X-Men comm about joining and needing a trainee name. Amanda e-mails Morgan about what happened in X-Force. Catseye posts asking for help with her trainee name. Kevin posts about how Catseye likes to swim naked. Catseye runs into Jean-Paul in District X and warns him about Jubilee and Bishop being around. Catseye then posts about a song she heard on the radio that she likes (because it makes her think of Jean-Paul). Jean-Paul SMS's Morgan about Catseye's warning. Morgan visits Adrienne to let off steam, and then Amanda and Morgan talk about Amanda's post. Morgan e-mails Jubilee about her smell.

Jan 23 - Angelo and Jean-Paul meet up in a cafe, they chat. Jubilee and Manuel meet in the morning at the pool. Catseye and Nick go to the zoo and he talks about his sister.

Jan 24 - Jay and John go out for lunch and get bothered by a young kid; Avatar jokes are made. John e-mails Angelo about the new place, and invites Amanda out to lunch. Amara and Manuel talk at the pool - and fail to agree on swimming lessons. Jubilee and Jean-Paul discuss things over a chocolate croissant. Morgan checks up on Nick as per her promise to Jean-Paul, and then spends time at the Natural History museum with Lex, before heading across to Central Park. Bishop defends Dori against a pack of kids, and then the two talk about Dr. Who. Amanda brings Nico to Snow Valley to talk to her about her family; Nico shows Amanda and Doug the book she took from her father, which Doug can't read.

Jan 25 - Kevin comes across Nico practising magic and they wind up going to the Waffle House for waffles and talk about powers and crushes; Bobby also finds Nico training in the gym and takes her to the Danger Room instead; in the woods, Nico startles Catseye by blowing up logs and making thorns and asks her to promise not to tell Amanda. Morgan texts Jean-Paul about meeting Nick and mentions he didn't deserve threatening or shooting. Morgan emails Adrienne about leasing her penthouse and Lex about helping her move out of the brownstone. Jubilee mentions on x_snowvalley that Jean-Paul has been doing nothing of interest. Laurie emails Morgan about not visiting her on her most recent trip to the mansion and movies are arranged; Laurie asks Catseye to join her and Morgan at the movies; Catseye emails Nick about the movie-going. Catseye goes to nap with Jay and finds Warren there with him and inadvertantly lets slip about Jay's nightmares; Jay reacts angrily, but Warren calms him down.

Jan 26 - Jay wakes up to Warren bringing him breakfast and they talk about the previous night and about Catseye. Laurie emails Hank about research opportunities. Adrienne emails Amanda to check on her after talking to Morgan. Adrienne talks to Lex about Morgan and gives him the Talk. Amanda emails Marie-Ange about Nico and the prophecies in her father's book that Amanda didn't pass on. Megan comes across Nico making an energy potion and sneaks some and finds herself needing to fly - a lot; Megan talks in her journal about her bout of flying; Nico emails Amanda about her magic practice. Amanda meets Catseye at the Burger Shack and Catseye confesses that Nico's magic is bad and though she tries to do good things, bad magic comes out of it. Amanda assures her that by Thursday, she'll talk to Nico if the girl doesn't come and see her by then.

Jan 27 - Catseye meets Morgan in the woods and tells her about what Nico did. Nico posts to let people know she won't be doing magic practice on her own any more and Catseye volunteers to be her familiar. Doug is amused by the name of the latest Apple product - the iPad. Warren and Jean-Paul nearly collide in the skies and Jean-Paul doesn't quite remember Warren, who brushes him off. Jubilee emails Amanda and confesses that someone told her Amanda might need a few drinks. Song of Isaac, Key of Solomon: Garrison and Farouk share a cell, Farouk still attempting to grasp the Alamut's death while trying to make purpose of their capture and who their captors are; Jonathan Tremont, Grand Master of The Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon, enters the cell and introduces himself, telling Farouk his reputation preceeds him and explained his future aspirations involving India's annexation of Pakistan and the creation of the Babylon Woman to plunge the Middle East into a holy war; Esteban's mother, Jane Hampshire and a man introduced as Stick, an agent of the Vatican, break them out and plans are made to go to Bhagdad to stop Tremont's ceremony to create the Babylon Woman; Kane makes a phone call to Xavier and lets him know what's going on.

Jan 28 - Song of Isaac, Key of Solomon: The group arrives at the temple and spots Calysee Neramani surrounded by guards, in a ritual when the Opus Dei comes in; Farouk releases the Shadow King within him and halts the ritual, although many are killed because of it; the X-Men come for a rescue and retain Jacob Reisz, taking him back to the airbase to hand him over to William Bastion; in the aftermath of the battle, En Sabeh Nur appears and names Calysee the Deathbird; Jane Hampshire is gravely injured trying to stop Deathbird from leaving with Nur; later, Farouk sits with Stick, Jane Hampshire and Garrison at the airport, discussing the ramifications of Nur - also known as Ozymandias - taking an active role in the world. Catseye finds Jean-Paul sleeping in the common room and brings him two presents before leaving him alone. Adrienne goes to see Jean-Paul and there's talk of his powers and problems. She gives him a reading to reassure him that things are moderately well in his room and offers to cook for him. Morgan hands in her resignation to Snow Valley.

Jan 29 - Morgan texts Lex, asking for help to move her while she emails Adrienne, asking for the keys to the penthouse. Garrison notifies everyone through his journal that he's taken a selection of specific books and video games and burned them, that no one should attempt to replace them. Angel emails Kevin about her belated 18th birthday and how he needs to accompany her to Silver for celebrations. Jay emails Catseye, saying they need to talk. Manuel emails Jean-Paul by way of greeting and an acknowledgement into what Manuel senses from him emotionally. Adrienne visits Garrison and he explains what he's been doing and she lies with him for company's sake. Crystal writes a reflection in her journal about what Attilan's disappearance meant to her life. Jay tries to tackle Jean-Paul outside of the mansion and misses; something is off with Jean-Paul and Jay can't quite put his finger on it. Lex helps Morgan move out of the Brownstone and into Adrienne's pent house; Lex asks her if she wants to be in a relationship and Morgan reveals her true name, Vanessa, as a proposed yes before they order dinner. Angelo walks Alejandra home after work and the two confess they are not the same people as before, then he asks her to dinner. Jean-Paul nearly runs into Kevin and by way of apology, the two bond over fried chicken. Vanessa seeks out Amanda after moving out, but her attempt to reconcile goes badly.

Jan 30 - Amara is corrected in riding lessons with Manuel early in the morning and he vocally notes her distractions. Jay studies at Warren's and the subject of Jean-Paul comes up and how concerned Jay is for his friend. John posts that he needs help packing. Amanda and Manuel take Valentia mini putting and talk of how quiet both Snow Valley and the Hellfire Club have been. Jean-Paul runs into Cammie, literally, and breaks one of her crutches, then he takes her to medbay. Lex goes to Silver and talks to Jay while he's working. The two make out a deal to share a suite. Jean-Paul finds an establishment that is not so crowded and finds John in there reading a book and after eating, they briefly talk though neither pry into each other's lives. Angelo posts in his journal, asking how it is that he has so much stuff. Logan greets Jean-Paul by means of drinking and the two talk about why Jean-Paul skipped the Alpha Flight funeral, his powers and whether or not he plans to remain. Morgan emails Laurie about the best way to deal with wounded mercenaries. Lex puts out an invitation for students to do survival training in the last weekend of February. Laurie emails Garrison, asking if she can talk with him. Jan confesses to Kyle about her fears of shrinking again, worried that she will hurt herself. Angel drags Kevin to Silver and he vows to beat his head against a wall later.

Jan 31 - Warren announces he is back on the X-Men. John emails Angelo, suggesting they should go to Lex's retreat and mentioning he met Jean-Paul. Jan posts about being able to shrink again. Laurie comes across Jean-Paul in the kitchen and cooks for him while he tries not to freak out. Jay and Catseye have a talk about keeping private things from Warren. Morgan visits Jean-Paul and avoids answering questions about Lex, which prompts the assumption that she has an imaginary boyfriend, while Jean-Paul expresses his fears of endangering the students at the mansion. Logan goes to California to visit Sarah Kinney, who will be sending her daughter Laura to Xavier's, and he learns that Kinney worked on the Weapon X project and that Laura, who possesses Logan's healing abilities, feral senses, and claws, is actually created from Logan's DNA - that Sarah carried and gave birth to Laura and raised her as a daughter without Weapon X's scientists knowing of her existence.


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