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This page is about the Phase 1 incarnation of the character. For other uses, see Jason Wyngarde (disambiguation).


Jason Wyngarde
Portrayed by Timothy Dalton
Known Aliases: Unknown
Affiliations: Hellfire Club
Socked By: Dex
Introduction: None

"This was a lesson, Adrienne. If you wish to lead in this court, you must first give yourself up to it, no matter what that may entail. Show your worth to the Inner Circle, and eventually you may be trusted with the power that comes from them. But don't ever believe that you are in a position to bargain or compromise as an equal. As you've seen, you can be used and discarded at a whim. If you wish to change that fact, be prepared to do whatever is required without question."

A seemingly minor member of the Black Court and friend to Sebastian Shaw, Jason Wyngarde is a master of illusion and political intrigue, ruthless and ambitious.


Name: Jason Wyngarde

Aliases: Unknown

Affiliation: Hellfire Club, Sebastian Shaw

First appearance: June 26, 2009

Family: Thomas Wyngarde (father)


Jason Wyngarde is the only son of Thomas Wyngarde, the son-in-law of Sir Hugh Balliol, founder of Balliol International, a moderately sized UK based brokerage firm. His father was a gifted programmer, who was responsible for some of the first computer trading tracking and processing systems to be made available for sale, and his grandfather's firm had been especially successful during the 70s and 80s on that strength. Following Sir Hugh's death, Thomas Wyngarde proved to be a markedly less successful President than a programmer, and the firm began a slow decline. In the early nineties, the company was the victim of a hostile takeover by Shaw Industries, one of Shaw's first forays into finance. One of the conditions levied by the controlling stock holders was that Shaw would confirm that Jason Wyngarde would still be invested as the President once he was deemed ready for the position.

Shaw and Wyngarde's first forced meeting was something of a revelation. Neither man trusted the other, but each recognized the same kind of ambition behind that drive. On finishing university, the younger Wyngarde worked in the US division of Balliol International, and on finding out of his mutant nature, Shaw brought him into the New York Hellfire Club, as he was already a member of the London branch.

Over the next fifteen years, Wyngarde would steadily raise in Balliol International, eventually to his current position of Vice President, North America but his real work would be secretly for the Black Court and Shaw. Using his powers, Wyngarde became a master broker and manipulator for the Black Court, disguised behind a thousand faces to present the wishes of the Court and break those who cross them. His unique powers kept him entirely off the scope of the White Court, who believe that Wyngarde is nothing more than a minor member of the Black Court; a sort of privileged 'chum' of Shaw's.

However, Wyngarde has his own ambitions. He's been privy to many secrets, and is unafraid to use his powers for his own ends. Through numerous faces and third parties, he's actually bought control of Balliol International back away from Shaw, but keeps that fact hidden until the right moment. Wyngarde eventually intends to take the position of Black King away from Shaw, and the appearance of Adrienne Frost at a Black Court function had him believing that she could be the key to pushing both Shaw and Emma into a mutually destructive war that he would emerge the victor of. To that end, he began Adrienne's 'education' of the Black Court by neary sexually assaulting her, making it clear that as a member of the Black Court, he had the power and the authority to do what he liked to her. Adrienne managed to escape and fled the function, but Wyngarde was far from through with the younger Frost. Discovering her powers, his plan to trap her within her powers went awry due to Emma Frost's interference. Attacking Adrienne's assets proved to be more successful, as did threatening her friends and the school. Terrified of what he might do to those she cared about, Adrienne agreed to enter his service and do as he bid, at least until he pushed her too far. Adrienne managed to extricate herself from his grip by means of Emma claiming her for the White Court, but Wyngarde had a degree of revenge, tying up Adrienne's personal and business finances in a federal fraud investigation and driving her towards bankruptcy. In November 2012, Wynegarde decided to make an attempt at Black Kingship, attempting to use Adrienne to overthrow the Blue Court Queen Emma Steed and Shaw by having her Read an encryption key that would bring down Steed and Shaw, leaving the kingship open for Wynegarde to take. However, Adrienne double crossed him and helped the FBI set up a sting that resulted in the loss of two-thirds of Shaw's off the book wealth and financial influence, as well as the underground activities and influence of the Black Court.


Jason Wyngarde can create solid light illusions around his body. The illusion can take any form he wills, and will both appear and feel real to moderate pressure. His illusions are limited to his body, and have no atmospheric effects, so an illusion of himself on fire would have no heat or smell of smoke. While he has to keep in rough limits of his own size (losing or gaining no more than a couple of feet), he is able to duplicate images and people to exact copies. Elements like extra limbs are recreatable, but the movement of them is extremely limited. Jason can use his illusions to help him blend into his environment, but it falls well short of invisibility. Illusionary weapons like claws or teeth simply are not capable of hurting someone if struck with them.

As well, Jason has a powerful psionic element to his powers. When creating the illusion of a form, those who would recognize it consciously actually project the true voice/mannerisms of the form into the illusion, their own mind filling in the details to the illusion. The psionic process is very subtle, and only quite powerful telepaths have a chance of noticing. Against those with extremely well developed mental shields, the process does not work, leaving just the image to fool people. Obviously, on recordings, those details do not show up, capturing only the visual images.

As a side effect, Wyngarde is immune to all forms of psionics, both beneficial or harmful. He cannot be communicated with telepathically, he does not show up in clairvoyant or precognitive images, and is immune to all types of empathic suggestion. To a psionic, Wyngarde simply is not there, which is a large part of why he's been ignored by the White Court.


Santayana Effect

Capital Turpitude

Allumwandlung in Azure and Gules


Socked by: Dex

PB: Timothy Dalton