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Following a close call with the Destine Clan, X-Force brought a new student to the school, another young magic user (and empath) called Topaz, apparently orphaned during the fight. Later that month, another old face reappeared during a mission in Budapest, somewhat worse for wear; Jennie Stavros reluctantly returned to the mansion, seeking sanctuary from a mysterious foe. Jennifer Walters, a lawyer friend of Warren Worthington, was hired as the Institute's new in-house lawyer.

Adrienne Frost finally freed herself of Jason Wyngarde and the Black Court with a carefully constructed counter-con, designed to foil his attempt to usurp the Blue Queen of the London branch of the Club, as well as Sebastian Shaw. With the assistance of members of X-Force and the X-Men (namely, those who had previous connection with the HFC), Wyngarde and the Blue King were ruined and their plot exposed and the Black King's power greatly reduced. Following the success of the London plan, Garrison Kane and Adrienne went on a "second first date", culminating in neither being seen the next day.

The New Mutants received a new mentor in the form of Angelica Jones. Tragedy struck Tandy Bowen when her mother and stepfather were murdered; her father, Nathan Tyler, appeared shortly after and abducted her, the former SHIELD agent revealing himself as the killer of her parents. The X-Men, with the help of Garrison's FBI contacts and SHIELD, were able to track Tandy to South America, where she was being used to provide life energy to the demon D'Spayre, under whose thrall Nathan Tyler had fallen. Tandy was rescued, but her father was put into a deep coma by her powers and D'Spayre escaped.

Sooraya Qadir started a project to help mutant Afghani girls through X-Corps, and Doreen Green celebrated the election with fanfic. And lastly, Theresa Cassidy announced that she had been recalled to Dublin by Interpol.


Nov 1 - Operation: A Hammer To Fall: X-Force arrives in London and meets with Romany Wisdom; one team looks for information on Taboo and Topaz; the second looks for information on the Destines; in a third attack, one of the Destines is badly hurt by one of Topaz’s spells; in the wake of the last attack, Topaz expresses concern for the man she injured and Taboo turns on her; X-Force gate crashes the final attack.

Nov 2 - Operation: A Hammer To Fall: Topaz wakes up and finds out what happened from Amanda, who gives her a choice regarding her future. Clarice asks for a do-over of the last week she completely missed. Doug and Angelo go drinking to honour the Day of the Dead, and discuss Rachel's reality and their fates there.

Nov 3 - Maddie posts a mocking photo and remarks on the Air Force vs Army football rivalry. Jennifer comes into eVolution to look for some clothes and Adrienne snaps up the opportunity to do some custom work. Among other things, they discuss clothes, Jennifer and Warren's practice, mutation, and Jennifer's position at the mansion.

Nov 4 - Topaz introduces herself on the journals. Allumwandlung in Azure and Gules: Adrienne is summoned by Jason Wyngarde, who has a new - and possibly final - job for her; Adrienne posts to x_staff that she has to leave the mansion for a time and that she has briefed the substitute taking her classes.

Nov 5 -Clint asks Maddie and Billy to sit as models for him. Topaz has her first meeting with a fellow student - Hope. Allumwandlung in Azure and Gules: Adrienne goes to London to seduce the Blue Queen so she can steal her data encryption key for Wyngarde.

Nov 6 - Vanessa informs the journals that she’ll be in Arizona for about a week. Lorna thanks her class for helping her prepare for Taco Tuesday. Kyle is happy about voting and asks if Brett Guthrie is related to Sam and Paige. Dori gets drunk and starts posting election based fanfiction, and wonders if she can tell her professor about it. Allumwandlung in Azure and Gules: Returning from London, Adrienne brings Wyngarde the data key, he assures her he has everything in place to release her assets back to her, and the two discuss how far she would go for the rewards Wyngarde could offer her.

Nov 7 - Allumwandlung in Azure and Gules: The Inner Circles of the Hellfire Club Courts convene with the Lords Cardinal via video conferencing and evidence presented by the Red Rook is laid out against the Blue Queen and the Black King, showing that they are attempting a plot against the Blue King, which leads to the decision of conducting a formal review.

Nov 8 - Jean-Phillipe decides Angelo has not been getting out enough since Africa, and takes it upon himself to rectify this by taking Angelo out for dinner.

Nov 9 - Sue and Topaz meet, and a discussion of the philosophical sort ensues. Tabitha and Angel discuss Angel taking over as mentor for the New Mutants.

Nov 10 - Yvette starts a recruiting drive for Red X and creates some interest from inhabitants of the mansion. Korvus and Matt go to a rock concert.

Nov 11 - Topaz sends Amanda an e-mail thanking her for coming to England and helping her. Scott and Johnny spend a session in the Danger Room working on Johnny’s agility. Sue and Artie head off to go skating before they get caught in the rain and decide to try again another day. Johnny stumbles across a sleeping Callie and the two of them catch up. Allumwandlung in Azure and Gules: Wyngarde and Strathdee discuss their plans before the party starts, and some last minute alterations. The Black and White courts arrive at the party and Wyngarde is surprised by the presence of some of Xavier’s associates. Adrienne and Wyngarde meet in private so he can return her funds, but when he makes a new proposal Adrienne doesn’t take it well. Adrienne compels Wyngarde to return her funds and starts to reveal the true shape of the nights events. Continuing with her big reveal Adrienne tells Wyngrade about getting her sister involved and Doug and Sarah’s development of the ghost system so they could track his manipulations of the data. Adrienne also tells about Jean’s and Amanda’s arrival through the sewers, how Haller and Betsy deceived Astrid Bloom and that Garrison worked with Jane Hampshire to convince her father to participate in the plot. Various tales about dealing with assassins and battling them are also told. Adrienne also has to explain how she has involved the FBI in helping to bring down Wyngarde through Shaw, at the cost of most of her own fortune. Adrienne catches Wyngarde up with the last of the events and information he's been missing- what's happening at the meeting of the Lords Cardinal right about now. With the tale completed, Adrienne says her fond farewells to Wyngarde, thanking him for giving her something she didn't think she possessed. The Grey Clerk delivers verdicts and the White Court takes their leave of the Blue Queen after the White Queen offers to help with new Blue Court appointments.

Nov 12 - Matt posts about having applied for college.

Nov 13 - Korvus posts about celebrating Diwali.

Nov 14 - Korvus and Lorna make more snacks for Diwali. Topaz goes looking for Korvus after seeing his post about Diwali, and the two talk.

Nov 15 - Adrienne posts about being free of the Hellfire Club and throws a party to celebrate. Amanda emails Topaz, Billy and Nico about magic lessons. Sooraya talks with Angelo about starting a shelter for mutant girls in Afghanistan, named Malala’s Rose. Billy and Hope discover both play musical instruments. Doug and Kyle spar and discuss the new heights of jerkiness to which Dori's father has risen.

Nov 16 - Sharon and Callie encounter each other in the woods. Charles interviews Jennifer Walters about becoming the Institute's new lawyer and invites her to join the team; Jennifer meets Angel and gets the tour.

Nov 17 - Sooraya, Yvette and Angel go out for afternoon tea in New York. Kurt makes Jubilee's birthday special for her. While out to dinner, Molly has a bit of trouble, Wade overreacts, and Marie-Ange manages to hold the entire situation together by sheer power of will.

Nov 18 - Lorna invites people to join her at Harry’s. Angel puts a sticky note on Lorna’s door about her birthday gift. Sue leaves Lorna a parcel containing several new bars of surfboard wax, 4 bars of base coat and 2 bars of cold water wax, plus a new wax comb.

Nov. 19 - Sooraya trains in the Danger Room under supervision of Garrison Kane.

Nov. 20 - Jubilee posts talking about how she forgot her birthday three days earlier, and only remembered because of Kurt. Katabasis - Scott posts to x_team announcing that the Nasty Boys have been seen in Budapest.

Nov. 21 - Matt posts about falling asleep in English, and asks if anyone wants to join him in the gym. Maddie texts Billy and Clint saying Kyle's stepfather is an awesome substitute teacher. Wanda and Dr. Stephen Strange go to his house to take stock, and end up discussing their relationship. Wade posts about Thanksgiving and frying turkeys, and promises not to set anything on fire. Garrison's Danger Room session is interrupted by a wandering Jennifer. Following a drink with Jen, Garrison goes to Adrienne and tells her he wants to give them a second chance. Katabasis - The X-Men stake out an abandoned building, and find the Nasty Boys; Ramrod panics when he sees the X-Men, and tries to run, leaving it to Sooraya and Scott to stop him; Kyle and Marius go after Slab and Hairbag; while chasing Slab and Hairbag down, Marius and Kyle find a familiar face - Jennie Stavros; at the end of the fight, discussions are had, and Jennie agrees to go with the X-Men.

Nov. 22 - Thanksgiving. Remy and Ororo work on a "home improvement" project. Tabitha posts about hearing explosions in the kitchen. Jean leaves Lorna a little black dress apron and red velvet cupcake wine as a belated birthday present. Sue brings Matt home with her for Thanksgiving and introduces him to her father as her boyfriend.

Nov. 23 - Jennie goes to Jean for a check up, and the two end up talking about what has happened while Jennie was gone. Lorna texts Jean thanking her for the birthday presents and offering to make her a belated birthday dinner. Molly posts saying she ate too much of the leftover turkey.

Nov. 24 - Matt and Topaz meet in the library. Adrienne and Garrison have their second first date; things get awkward at the end of the night, and Adrienne takes it upon herself to fix that. Topaz goes to the library for some quiet time but ends up meeting Matt.

Nov. 25 - Amanda posts asking if anyone has seen Adrienne, who stood Amanda up for lunch.

Nov. 26 - Laurie posts about being told that zombies get out more than she does. Light in the Darkness: Tandy’s uncle arrives at the mansion to tell her that her parents have been murdered; Adrienne sees a distraught Tandy and tries to comfort her; Adrienne then posts to the staff saying that Tandy is asleep and that she will not be coming to classes for the rest of the day. Callie posts that she is in need for some help elves for some decorating of the mansion. Kane learns the results of the investigation into the Aitkins incident; he emails Adrienne telling her that he is going into work the next day and that that he needs to tell her the details of Atikins if they are to continue their newly kindled relationship.

Nov. 27- Light in the Darkness: Matt comes across Tandy in the kitchen and tries to comfort her; Clint visits Tandy to see how she is doing; Tandy’s father, Nathan Tyler, shows up at the mansion and takes Tandy out for lunch.

Nov. 28 - Light in the Darkness:Scott texts Adrienne letting her know that Tandy has been kidnapped by her father and he was the one responsible for her mother's and stepfather's deaths; Kane updates the team stating that SHIELD intel has found credit card receipts and that FBI has been assigned to the case since it crossed state lines and that Tandy is probably in Mississippi as that is where Nathan's last assignment was located; Kane texts Scott saying that he has landed in Mississippi but there is no sign of Tandy or her father there at the compound; Hope posts asking if anyone has seen Tandy. Jessie posts that she is bored and asks for someone to entertain her. Johnny almost drops a tree on Sooraya and the two chat.

Nov. 29 - Light in the Darkness: Scott, Kurt, Haller, Adrienne and the Professor meet in the war room to go over the findings before heading off to rescue Tandy who is now in South America; the X-Men meet up with Kane and SHIELD in Guatemala, South America; Kane and Scott find Nathan Tyler and make him give himself up; Adrienne, Haller and Kurt continue on into the compound which they find Tandy but are greeted by D’Spayre who turns their fears into reality; Scott and Kane arrive just in time before the others are overwhelmed and Kurt manages to teleport Tandy out of the room, which weakens D’Spayre (who was feeding on Tandy’s life force) and forces her to retreat; Outside, Nathan who has managed to get away from being arrested confronts Tandy and Kurt; Tandy uses her own powers against him and places Nathan into a coma; Scott informs the rest of the team that they have got Tandy and are heading home. Terry announces she has been recalled to Dublin and will remain there for the immediate future.

Nov. 30 - Sarah posts how can December be tomorrow. Following a prior conversation on Sarah's journal, Clarice meets the brunette for lunch and they catch up, talking about their jobs amongst other things. Light in the Darkness: Tandy wakes up safe within the mansion walls and talks with the Professor, Scott and Kane about D’Spayre. Billy texts Maddie that he has the ‘Let it Snow’ stuck in his head. Billy ask the students if there is anyone that speaks French that could help him with an upcoming test on Monday.


Operation: A Hammer To Fall

Allumwandlung in Azure and Gules


Light in the Darkness

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