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Garrison "Dominion" Kane, an RCMP officer and potential member of the Alpha Flight program before it was shut down, was sent to the mansion to observe the X-Men's operations, with an aim for incorporating their methods into the new Alpha Flight program. Yvette Petrovic returned to the school as a student and Jean Grey came back from Tibet. Jonothon Starsmore and Kevin Ford had a powers accident, resulting in the loss of Jono's new body and the decision to move both boys to Muir Island Research Facility to find a solution. Paige Guthrie also moved with them, spreading her time between Muir and the school in a similar fashion to Moira MacTaggart.

The Snow Valley crew had a busy month, with the younger members and Wanda Maximoff heading down to Tennesee to investigate werewolf rumours and missing teens, and Remy LeBeau and Ororo Munroe being targeted by Arcade to compete in a deadly race to claim the other members of the LOSTBOYS program. At the end of the month Pete Wisdom had a portentous dream about a mutant manifestation during a Sex Pistols gig when he was a kid. Amanda Sefton took some time off to go to Germany and finish research work for Elpis, taking the chance to change her name formally from Gemile Szardos in the wake of Kurt Sefton being cast out by Margali. Kurt also decided to change his name, to that of the only family member left to him - Sefton.

Pietro Maximoff's presence caused issues for various people. Pietro cut a deal with the government, requiring him to stay at the mansion under house arrest.

Lorna Dane's relapse into anorexia was ratted on to Amelia Voght by David Haller. She was taken off active duty from the team, joining Shiro Yoshida, Kurt Sefton and Scott Summers on the bench.

In response to terrorist activity spurred by the events of San Diego, the government of the Czech Republic had closed off Smichov, a mutant-friendly neighborhood in Prague, creating unrest and bringing down the condemnation of the UN. Elpis - Nathan Dayspring, Angelo Espinosa, Rahne Sinclair, Juliette Hathaway and Medusa Amaquelin - went, with representatives of other NGOs, to collect evidence of the conditions inside and assess what needed to be done on the humanitarian level. The situation was complicated further when Nathan encountered Mystique, whose reasons for being there were ambiguous. A riot inevitably erupted, and the Elpis crew did their best to help with various acts of heroism, before evacuating to Muir Island. The situation - and the inability of the X-Men to intervene, due to political considerations - was frustrating for many and had repercussions beyond the immediate. Forge announced the revamp of HeliX as a means of providing assistance to the various NGOs involved, and many of the students volunteered at the Red Cross. Several weeks later, the school was invited to renew its participation with Red X, allowing the newer students to sign up and begin training.

Theresa Cassidy suffered from powers issues as a result of her exposure to the Infectia virus by Marius Laverne, leading to her losing both her voice and hearing before being diagnosed. Regardless of this state, she was able to accompany Haller to visit Miriam Cross, the mutant girl who had attempted suicide rather than go to the school back in May 2006. They were able to convince her to come to the school and receive help with her mutation.

Garrison took several students and Marie-Ange Colbert back with him to Toronto on a trip to collect his belongings, resulting in him asking the precognitive out. Their first date seemed to go well. Amanda discovered Doug Ramsey still loved Marie-Ange, but wasn't going to say anything to her. Domino paid a visit and catches up with various people, and news of Bobby Drake and Terry's marriage finally got out. Lorna was cajoled by Cyndi to go out, and takes her to Silver, where things get interesting between Cyndi and the unsuspecting Mark Sheppard. Angelica Jones discovered she could use her powers to fly.

In Tibet, a valuable artifact, used to enhance telepathic powers, was stolen from the monastery where Jean Grey was on sabbatical. She called in the team - Scott, Logan and Marie D'Ancato, who encountered the thief - Mystique - and the Chinese Army in their efforts to retrieve it and return it to a new, more secure location. Jean decided at the end of all this to return to the mansion, although she didn't announce her return for a couple of days.

Thanksgiving was marked in traditional fashion, with a students and teacher football game and dinner, and several significant interpersonal events, including Lorna's return to Hawaii, technically to have Thanksgiving vacation with her parents, but also to see Alex Summers. His girlfriend didn't appreciate Lorna's presence.


Nov. 1 - Pete rounds up the X-Force crew to investigate Magneto's whereabouts given the news of Pietro's appearance at the mansion; Scott informs the team and Forge of Pietro's double agent status. Dogs of War: Doug uncovers news of a 'werewolf' in Tennesee, in conjunction with the disappearance of five teens; the younger members of X-Force (plus Wanda) decide to investigate, under protest from Remy and Pete. Mommy Dearest Redux: Kurt returns from Germany and informs the staff and Amanda the Szardos Clan no longer has any ties to the school. Crystal emails Marie, concerned about the unexplained arrival of a known Brotherhood member, and Marie hands her over to Scott. Marius announces his cure and Kyle announces the return of his pig. The Gates: The Elpis team arrive in Smichov and find it is as bad as they feared.

Nov. 2 - Scott informs Crystal of Pietro's status, asking her to be discreet. Dogs of War: The team splits up to investigate the werewolf issue; Wanda meets with the State Trooper who reported the teens missing and they follow tracks into the woods until they disappear; Doug and Marie-Ange pose as reporters and speak to the medical examiner who examined the skin brought in and discover photos of a mark on the back of the neck that says 'door'; Mark goes undercover at the local school; Sarah talks to a batty old lady; meeting that evening, they decide to find out more about missing loner, Josh Chambers whilst Amanda and Wanda research the rune. The Gates: Rahne and Medusa visit the medical clinic in Smichov. Lorna tells Julio about Pietro and he has a wiggins.

Nov. 3 - Ororo checks on Marie. The Gates: Elpis continues to gather evidence, but frustration is growing for them and the inhabitants; Medusa, Angelo and Nathan see the city councilor arrested. Dogs of War: Mark manages to talk to Josh's best friend, who informs him Josh 'did something' to the five missing teens; upon finding Josh in an abandoned cabin in the mountains, the Warwolves attack just as Amanda informs Doug they are dealing with demonic entities summoned by Josh; Doug communicates with the Warwolves and finds out they require Josh's death otherwise they will be free to possess anyone they want; Josh sacrifices himself to save the town and the Junior Trenchcoats. Lorna cracks under the strain of remembering Malice and Pietro's presence. Crystal and Mondo attempt to study.

Nov. 4 - The Gates: Nathan spots Mystique at a demonstration, but can't work out her motives when he later talks to her; Nathan contacts the X-Men regarding the Mystique element. Marius thanks Forge for saving his life.

Nov. 5 - Dogs of War: Mark and Amanda discuss Josh in the airport - neither is taking it well; the team return to New York. The Gates: Medusa and Angelo visit the school and get hints of some kind of demonstration happening; Rahne and Nathan discuss the enormity of the task ahead of them. Pietro and Crystal renew their acquaintance. Clarice attends her first (and last) meeting of M.O.N.S.T.E.R. Lorna makes dinner for Jennie and the subject of the older woman's significant weight loss is glossed over.

Nov. 6 - Paige complains about being overworked. Amanda goes to Berlin to finish work for Elpis and to get some space. The Gates: Charles Xavier notifies Scott and Ororo that the Czech government is refusing to allow the US to intervene with the Mystique situation; Medusa talks Nathan into not running out and confronting Mystique after he hears the news; Pietro and Scott discuss Mystique's involvement in the situation; Angelo and Nathan make plans for the rally the next day. Mark mourns the divorce of Ryan Phillipe and Reese Witherspoon, confusing Crystal.

Nov. 7 - Crystal is confused (and offended) when Forge tries to pay her for her volunteer duties. The Gates: Smichov erupts into violence; Elpis does what it can to help the wounded and protect people; the X-Men are unable to intervene and heated debate breaks out on the boards; some of the residents go to the local Red Cross centre to help, others argue more direct action should be taken; Sooraya seeks reassurance and gets it from Tommy. Lorna accuses Haller of telling Amelia about her resurgence of anorexia, leading to her being benched from the team.

Nov. 8 - The Gates: Just before dawn, the Elpis team agree they've done all they can and withdraw to Muir Island; Forge announces the relaunch of HeliX in order to raise funds and volunteers to help with NGOs in Smichov. Julio encounters Pietro in the library and accuses him of not doing enough to save him, which leads to Pietro making a post inviting anyone with a problem with him to say so. Kyle and Jennie celebrate election results. Garrison Kane of the RCMP receives word of a new assignment - in Westchester County.

Nov. 9 - The Gates: The Elpis team returns to the mansion, requiring varying amounts of decompression time; Nathan posts an explanation of what happened on his journal; Nathan talks to Charles about the telepathic techniques he used in Smichov. Garrison Kane arrives at the school and creates a stir. Wanda and Mark train in hand-to-hand.

Nov. 10 - Jono Starsmore and Kevin Ford have a mishap playing soccer, resulting in Jono being in medlab. Garrison introduces himself on the journals. Angelo passes onto Marie a letter from her adoptive parents, inviting her home for Thanksgiving.

Nov. 11 - Angelo talks to Ororo about Smichov and how to get back to normal life. Forge and Julio discuss might-have-beens in the quarry. Angel and Kurt discuss the circus and he tells her he is no longer welcome with the Szardos Clan. Domino emails Nathan and Pete, telling them of her intended visit. Marie decides to accept her parents' invitation and tells Logan and Clarice. Angel and Lorna discuss crushes and the Amaquelin sisters have a spa day in. Angelo has a nightmare and Forge is introduced to Sarah, who happens to be spending the night.

Nov. 12 - Yvette announces she will be returning to Xavier's and Kyle asks for help with a gift for her. Paige announces that Jono cannot keep a physical form due to the accident with Kevin's powers and that both boys will be taken to Muir for treatment; Paige also announces she will be going as well, interchanging with Moira between the school and Muir; Angelo goes to check on how she is and things are awkward. Wendy: During one of their lunch meetings, Ororo and Remy encounter Arcade, who has worked out what happened during Remy's Eleven and wants payback. Shiro tries to fly again and nearly kills himself, but Sam is there to catch him. The Gates: Rahne reads the journal response to the Smichov riots and gets angry.

Nov. 13 - The Gates: The Elpis team get to see the UN Security Council's response to Smichov; Forge and Nathan discuss what happened and doing all you can; Haller and Rahne discuss things over deer-butchering. Domino surprises Angelo by being on the couch and meets Sooraya. Pietro hands himself over to Val Cooper and is placed under house arrest pending his production of evidence against Magneto. Garrison meets the Snow Valley crew and is suitably bemused. Terry and Bobby discuss Thanksgiving plans. Crystal and Medusa send fruit baskets to Pietro and Garrison to welcome them to the mansion.

Nov. 14 - Medusa encounters Domino and Nathan 'sparring' in the gym and second-guessing is brought up. Shiro and Clarice talk for the first time since their breakup and it is suitably awkward.Voices Carry: Terry complains about people being too noisy.

Nov. 15 - Wendy: Ororo and Remy arrive in Savannah to claim the first Lost Boy; they eventually track him down to a hospital, where they have to draw off the Egyptian team and Remy fights the FOH team to get to him. Garrison offers to take people with him to Toronto to collect the rest of his belongings and Marie-Ange decides to go to make sure he doesn't have an ulterior motive for being at the school. Angelo has his first Danger Room session.

Nov. 16 - News of Bobby and Terry's marriage leaks out. Lorna announces she is spending Thanksgiving with her parents; Forge announces he is not. Amanda returns from Berlin and announces she has legally changed her name from Gemile Szardos. She also emails Sofia, asking for a counselling appointment for the first time. Domino takes Nathan out drinking and he gets morose. Angelo talks to Marius about his comments about Smichov on the journals.

Nov. 17 - Amanda emails Marie-Ange about the new Canadian face. Amanda drops off the Berlin work at Elpis and cajoles Angelo into coming and sharing pizza and movie night with her and Marie. Pietro discovers Magneto has wiped his stockpiles of evidence against him. Voices Carry: Terry loses her voice at the jazz club and is rushed home by Bobby. Wendy: Ororo and Remy catch the train to Chicago and their next 'target'. Haller leaves for Kosovo to collect Yvette. Kurt has another session with Jack Leary.

Nov. 18 - Amanda runs into Kurt before the bus run and he tells her he's changing his surname to hers. Scott and Marie have a Danger Room session and there's a program error. Nathan and Pietro meet in person and discuss various things. Voices Carry: Terry sees Scott about her loss of voice in relation to training.

Nov. 19 - Voices Carry: Terry asks for help making wedding preparations since she can't talk and it becomes obvious her hearing is getting more sensitive. Sooraya brings Angelo lunch and they talk about him not looking after himself. Haller announces when he and Yvette will return. Doug is bored. Wendy: Remy and Ororo raise funds for their mission.

Nov. 20 - A discussion on Doug's journal turns embarrassing and he gets upset; Amanda literally drags him out for curry and finds out he still loves Marie-Ange. Professor Xavier invites the next generation of students to join Red X. Yvette comes back to the school. Nathan and Kurt discuss changes in life direction. Angel falls off the roof and discovers a new aspect to her powers. Logan and Sarah spar, and she finds him to her taste in trainersWendy: The teams are watched by an avid audience; Remy and Ororo get information on the next target but when they collect him the half-way house he lived in is blown up by the Hand. Lorna goes to Hawaii. Nathan is locked out of his office. Voices Carry: Haller makes arrangements for he and Terry to go visit Miriam Cross.

Nov. 21 - Amanda and Medusa meet at Columbia and talk about Smichov. Voices Carry: Terry and Haller convince Miriam to come to the school; when she gets back, Amelia tells Terry that she also was infected by Infectia. Lorna tells Alex about her year since she left him. Jennie meets Sooraya and is surprised to find out how she came to the school. Yvette and Angel get high on cookie dough.

Nov. 22 - Julio, Sooraya and Yvette undergo ESL testing. Amanda and Logan train and discover the limits of her shielding spell and defence training. Nathan and Angelo also train and discuss various issues. Dani announces she is going back to college. Marius apologises to Terry for giving her Killer Cooties. Moira tells Forge the organs lost in the bomb explosion have been grown back, result of Marius' use of Masque's power and Forge announces this on the journals; Jennie emails Forge angrily about his little remarks about her summer in Europe. Garrison is freaked out by the student records. Marie and Kurt discuss Mystique.

Nov. 23 - Thanksgiving: the students and teachers play football; Yvette meets Nathan and Rachel; Dani offers non-Thanksgiving post-dinner for those who don't celebrate; Kurt goes to Amanda's apartment; Bobby and Terry go to his parents'. Living Pele: Alex and Lorna share an unexpected kiss and Alex's girlfriend sees them. Forge and Jennie discuss what was said about Europe and an understanding is reached.

Nov. 24 - Living Pele: Vida confronts Lorna about kissing Alex, and mutual threats are made. Yvette meets Kurt. Nathan has dinner with Juanita and Angelo, and later the proud 'parents' discuss their boy; an idea is hatched. Amanda catches Wanda working late and they talk about Pietro. Shiro and Yvette meet, and he gives her advice on how to manage her hands better whilst eating.

Nov. 25 - Lorna takes Cyndi out to Silver, where there's a close encounter with Mark, who is unaware of Haller's special circumstances. Wendy - Remy and Ororo run into an ambush by the Reavers and barely escape; they receive help from an entirely unexpected quarter and hole up in a motel for the night. Garrison and Marie-Ange go on their first date.

Nov. 26 - Wendy: Remy and Ororo retrieve the last Lost Boy from a jail cell during a riot, narrowly defeating two Reavers and two of Belladonna's assassins; Gambit almost resurfaces during the process and Ororo manages to talk Remy back. Marie emails various people about a name-change celebration for Amanda and Kurt. Crystal and Jennie argue over Crystal's belief that Jennie doesn't want her around, Crystal's avoidance of their room and Jennie's reluctance to talk about her summer.

Nov. 27 - Cain Marko|Cain meets Yvette and she helps him with chores. Lorna apologises to Crystal and Jennie and explains about her relapse with the anorexia. Wendy: Arcade brings Ororo and Remy back to the mansion and allows Nathan to wipe his memories of the break-in at his casino, as agreed; Ororo is welcomed home by Scott. Mondo talks to Forge about his powers and gets a monitoring device. Clarice tells Sarah about her encounter with ninjas. Nathan opts out of the name-change dinner, unsettled by what he did to Arcade and instead goes to Harry's, where he meets up with Cain. Lorna checks on Paige and brings her food. Crystal and Pietro work on their powers together and discuss life at the school; Crystal's curiousity gets the better of her and she asks if he'd ever believed in Magneto's ways.

Nov. 28 - X-Men Mission: The Rose: A telepathy-enhancing artifact is stolen from the monastery Jean is at by Mystique; Jean calls the X-Men to assist and they discover Mystique was stopped by Chinese guards and the artifact taken into custody; Logan and Marie retrieve the artifact whilst Jean and Scott intercept Mystique, trying to take it back; they knock her unconscious and return the Rose to the monks, leaving Mystique for the Chinese army; Jean decides to come back with the X-Men to the mansion. Wendy: Ororo and Remy discuss what happened between them during the race and agree that it was a one-time thing; Logan and Remy discuss the Hand's involvement; Remy heads to France to recuperate. Nathan slips with his TK after a frustrating meeting and worries Angelo when they discuss Nate using his telepathy more offensively. Amanda plots kidnapping Wanda to get her away from the office. Crystal emails several people about Medusa being ill. Julio and Mondo bond over wrestling tapes. Betsy gets very drunk and calls Haller, who comes to find her and take her home.

Nov. 29 - Haller flees from Betsy's apartment and later emails Lorna about being stupid. Marie-Ange and Doug talk about the pornography thread and she apologises for hurting his feelings without realising. Kyle admits to giving Yvette the Kevlar Piglet in an email. X-Men Mission: The Rose: Scott cautions Marie and Logan to keep their trip to Tibet under wraps, to protect the artifact.

Nov. 30 - Nathan reveals his new philosophy regarding his powers at an Elpis meeting with the Oman ambassador - he refuses to hide the fact he is a telepath any more. Terry suggests a Winter Ball. Medusa becomes well enough to post to the journals. Operation: Xorn: Pete has a dream about an incident from the past - the manifestation of a mutant at a Sex Pistols gig. Jean announces her return to the school. Terry brings up the idea of having a Winter Ball. Forge and Shiro discuss customising the X-Men uniforms. Ororo and Kurt talk about his decision to change his name. Wanda and Pietro try talking again, with more success.


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