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Living Pele
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Dates run: December 12-19, 2006
Run By: Amy
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"He was always meant to betray you. That is all they do. Come here, rape our treasures and leave again."

Hell hath no fury... When Alex's girlfriend Vida sees him kissing his ex, Lorna, it sets in motion a plan to use his power to return Hawaii to its native people.


Alex Summers, Lorna Dane, Scott Summers, Laurie Collins, Angelica Jones, Mondo, Kyle Gibney, Clarice Ferguson, Crystal Amaquelin, Shiro Yoshida

Vida Rocca, Dr. Madison Rocca, Jared (Alex's roommate)


December 12-19, 2006

Plot Summary

It begins on Thanksgiving in Hawaii, when Alex's girlfriend Vida sees him and Lorna kissing, unbeknown to either of them. Angry and humiliated, she runs to her mother, who just happens to be the leader of a local cult to the goddess Pele... and planning a ceremony to put the goddess' power into her daughter.

A month later, the preparations finished, Vida brings Alex a lunch of drugged tacos at the lab, since his mutant power is essential to what the cult have in mind, and the ritual begins. It goes off very successfully, and the world sees Pele take her first steps, bringing hugely increased volcanic activity to the island. The cult demand that all non-natives leave the island immediately, threatening to destroy it if this is not done.

The X-Men can't participate in this one, on the President's instructions, but Red X can and do, flying out to Hawaii to provide what aid they can. Meanwhile, Shiro sneaks away from the Red X tents in search of Alex (who is being kept drugged as a power source) and tracks him down after Alex manages to blow up the machine containing him. Vida/Pele comes after both of them, but Shiro attacks her while Alex thinks up and implements a plan to stop her once and for all.

It works, and the goddess withdraws from the girl so the power overload of Pele combined with Alex's power won't kill her. The crisis is ended, and the island starts to settle. Finally, Alex visits a weakened Vida at home... and forgives her.

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Tired of being a victim, Alex returned to the mansion and requested training in order to fully control his powers. Much to Scott's relief.

This plot, along with Hellfire and Search and Rescue completed what is informally referred to as the "Alex Summers, Boy Hostage" trinity.


Plotrunner: Amy