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As the dust settled on New York, it was discovered that Farouk, impatient with Amanda's reluctant tutelage, had struck out on his own and very nearly became a host for an interdimensional entity in Paris. Having rescued Farouk, Amanda and Wanda agreed to give him the guided tour of the occult network in order to satisfy his curiosity safely. Laurie began the task of rebuilding bridges she'd damaged during the fight with Kyle and Kyle began recruiting help with his new groundskeeper job. Jean-Paul Beaubier returned to the school to teach.

Everything came to a shocking halt, however, when Pete, Kane, Jay and Dani were ambushed on the way to New York by Sabretooth and some other unknown mutants, believed to the Brotherhood. The incident threw X-Force and the X-Men into action, seeking out the Brotherhood.

On the hells of this incident, Tanya Callery passed on information that a Taygetos courier was to attend a Hellfire Club function regarding the information taken by John Lense from the Alaskan facility. Nathan arranged to attend as Emma's consort, with Adrienne and Manuel providing backup. The data was obtained and decrytped, leading to Wakanda, and a team was sent to try and prevent what seemed to be another assassination attempt on T'Challa.


Nov 1 - Pride Goeth: Amanda wonders where Farouk is and gets some disturbing clues as to what he's been up to; Amanda emails Forge and Jubilee in the course of her investigation. Bishop meets with Forge to make some security suggestions and they go for a drink. Jay literally falls all over himself upon meeting Bishop in the halls. Clarice comments on Laurie's powers-related purple-ness. Angel and Amanda run into each other in the kitchen and discuss eating habits.

Nov 2 - Haller emails Kyle about his outburst after receiving Cain Marko| Cain's letter and they discuss potential ways for Kyle to deal with his new job. Pride Goeth: Amanda emails Wanda to ask for help finding Farouk.

Nov 3 - Emma checks up on Doug. Pride Goeth: Wanda emails Amanda with news of something strange going on in Paris and they decide to go check it out as it's likely connected to Farouk's disappearance. Forge and Doug play chess, with Forge doing his best to provoke an emotional response from him.

Nov 4 - Leo reflects on election day. Pride Goeth: Amanda announces that she and Wanda are off to Paris to find Farouk. Marie-Ange emails Forge, asking him to keep an eye on Doug. Haller and Leo meet to discuss the students. Angel and Kyle talk about things they miss from pre-manifestation and then Kyle talks to Angel's father about New York.

Nov 5 - Karolina is angry about Prop 8 - the non-recognition of gay marriage - being passed in California, her home state. Jean-Paul Beaubier returns to the school and reintroduces himself on the journals. Jean-Paul runs into Kurt and they talk about old times.

Nov 6 - Laurie begins rebuilding bridges, first by talking to Scott (and almost resigning as a trainee) and then to Yvette. Pride Goeth: Amanda and Wanda find Farouk in Paris, about to be devoured by a powerful entity from another plane; battle ensues and Amanda forces the demon into an earthly shape - a Warwolf - and then hits it with a train.

Nov 7 - Jane talks about having rocks thrown at her during Red X work in New York. Nori tracks down Kevin to ask him about Karolina's sexuality.

Nov 8 - Manual and Bishop play chess and talk about girls. Dani and Sam get into a bidding war on ebay and later run into each other. Bishop gives Adrienne bad news about her missing employees. Pride Goeth: Amanda announces to the Snow Valley crew that she, Wanda and Farouk will be travelling a while longer; Amanda posts to her journal that she won't be back for a while. Clarice exacts her own brand of revenge on the absentee Jean-Paul, and later he has beer and catches up with Nathan. Catseye tries to share Jean-Paul's bed, but gets evicted.

Nov 9 - Marie-Ange wakes Doug with nightmares and reveals her pre-cog has come back, blaming herself for Doug's death inside Ignatova. Laurie teases Haller about forgetting she has turned 18. Illyana sends Wanda a microwave. Julio and Jubilee run into each other and talk about saving the world.

Nov 10 - Remy and Jubilee discuss her going to see Sofia more often. Morgan contacts her old mercenary group to let them know she wants to come 'home'. Charles emails Forge to let him know he is on probation for revealing confidential information about Morgan on the journals and Forge requests a meeting. Morgan lets Charles know she is leaving the mansion. Shiro challenges Jean-Paul to a flying race to welcome him back. Adrienne asks Forge for a personal supply of the specialised skin lotion he invented for Garrison and Marie. Mark and Scott train together and discuss decisions in the field.

Nov 11 - Kevin gives Yvette her late birthday present. Angelo gets run into by a playful Catseye. Mark is happy about new music. Morgan tells Adrienne she's leaving the mansion. Jane begs Nathan to be allowed to work again and ends up with a trip to Tel Aviv.

Nov 12 - Jean-Paul apologises to Catseye for his reaction to her sleeping in his bed, and upsets her again when he refuses to let her do it ever again. CNN airs a Presidential announcement of the 'creation' of SHIELD in the wake of Day Zero. Laurie and Jan talk over Laurie's fight with Kyle and Jan suggests Laurie writes him a note; Laurie does so and leaves it stuck to Kyle's door. Adrienne encounters Scott in the gym and they have a rather roundabout conversation about Day Zero. Catseye pounces Jay and nearly breaks his guitar.

Nov 13 - Kyle gives Laurie one email to apologise. Forge and Laurie commiserate with each other on making mistakes. Morgan says goodbye to Garrison. Zanne asks Clarice about local tattoo artists.

Nov 14 - Nathan runs into Remy in the library and they talk work. Catseye complains loudly about not being allowed to sleep in Jean-Paul's bed.

Nov 15 - Clarice upsets Jan when she asks about booty calls with Kyle on the journals. Nate and Jean-Paul go rock climbing in the Danger Room and discuss Jeanne-Marie.

Nov 16 - Meggan rescues Catseye from a box. Nori is unhappy to discover her parents are visiting after Thanksgiving. Marie-Ange comments on the world's ten ugliest buildings. Kyle recruits Yvette to help him with the groundskeeper's job; Yvette posts about her new employment; Kyle announces his new status to the school at large.

Nov 17 - Laurie emails Scott letting him know she wants to remain a trainee. Callie emails Haller about Cessily being traumatised by Day Zero; Haller emails Cessily asking to talk to her. Jean-Paul and Jean-Phillipe meet. Jubilee celebrates her birthday by covering the kitchen in flour whilst attempting to bake a cake.

Nov 18 - Haller emails Crystal, asking if Cessily can stay at the Attilan school for a while to de-stress. Jean-Paul emails Haller about his concerns for Catseye's personal boundary issues. Scott asks Jennie to run Adrienne through the auxiliary training program. Tatiana reflects on her birthday. Yvette checks on Jean-Phillipe. Tabitha runs into Manuel on Boiler Beach and lets him know she's going back to the West Coast Annex to help out while Alison is at Muir.

Nov 19 - Mechanisms of Revenge: Pete has a mysterious meeting and afterwards heads to the mansion to talk to Forge. Yvette meets Jean-Paul in the library and gives him some insight into the students. Jennie takes Adrienne for her training session. Jay manages to convince Kevin to a dinner date and winds up in the pool; later, Yvette rescues him from his wet shirt and he asks Jean-Paul for food advice. Marie emails Garrison, wanting to talk about their relationship. Morgan says goodbye to Nate. Cessily leaves letters to her friends, letting them know she's gone to Attilan. Marie-Ange realises she and Doug aren't helping each other and suggests a trip to join Amanda and Wanda. Callie and Jean-Paul meet, make cookies and talk powers.

Nov 20 - Mechanisms of Revenge: Garrison announces he's driving back to New York with Pete and asks if anyone wants a lift; Forge registers multiple panic buttons hit and a team is scrambled; Adrienne and Kyle assist the FBI, Adrienne's powers revealing Garrison, Pete, Jay and Dani were all critically injured in an attack by Sabretooth and other unknown mutants; Adrienne posts to the journals about the incident and then drugs herself into unconsciousness; Doug lets Wanda, Amanda and Marie-Ange know what happened and then emails Remy asking what is to be done; Remy rallies the Snow Valley team, recalling them to their offices and setting them to work; Marie asks Angelo to keep her company; Charles posts to the staff comms about communications with students' parents; Laurie offers to take comms, Morgan texts Adrienne to see if she wants company, which she does; Morgan announces she'll be staying until something is resolved and asks the staff comm what's to be done; Amanda calls Adrienne to get the details she wouldn't tell Doug; Marie-Ange leaves a message for Jean-Phillipe, telling him to call her or talk to Mark about things; Jean-Phillipe promises Mark he had nothing to do with the attack; after passing on Adrienne's information and making sure Adrienne has someone watching her, Amanda's reaction blacks out Granada for several hours; Wanda goes about dealing in her own, violent way and later the two decide to remain in Europe to track down the Brotherhood; Terry checks on Adrienne and emails Bobby; Emma asks Bishop to find Wisdom; Jean-Paul comforts Nathan. Callie asks Karolina to join herself and her friends for Thanksgiving. Laurie and Doug return to the dojo; Doug gets a lecture from master Lee; Laurie gets flirty.

Nov 21 - Mechanisms of Revenge: Remy establishes X-Force's plan of attack; a parcel arrives with the communicators of the three mansion dwellers inside, crushed; Amanda emails Kurt about Mystique's possible whereabouts; Adrienne reads the communicators and establishes Sabretooth had them in a motel room and passes the information on; Sam announces he's sure Jay survived. Marie-Ange gets a strange reading for Doug and Emma and discovers he is her White Knight. Adrienne accepts Emma's invitation to go to Boston.

Nov 22 - Manuel's birthday and he receives a surprise cane from an anonymous giver who turns out to be Marie-Ange, wine from Amanda and liquor from Jennie. Adrienne asks Emma for psychic shielding lessons and they are remarkably civil to each other.

Nov 23 - Morgan takes on a new mimic in Boston to check on her mother and Adrienne freaks out over various things. Ktenology 101 - Marie contacts Christian Kane to let him know what happened to Garrison. Jean-Paul asks for students interested in his literature course the next semester. Kevin brings Nori a sculpture and she winds up telling him about what happened to Jay. Doug asks Bishop to teach him to shoot.

Nov 24 - Laurie has a cold coming on and emails Jean. Mechanisms of Revenge: Pete wakes up to find he and the others have been saved by Blaquesmith, for his own purposes. Monet and Callie distract each other with small talk and movies. Adrienne happens upon a still-emotionless Doug and discovers she can read him by touching him.

Nov 25 - Emma visits a nightmare-plagued Doug and sets about healing some of the psychic damage.

Nov 26 - Doug emails Marie-Ange, letting her know Emma has helped him somewhat. Jan asks about Thanksgiving plans and Jean-Paul and Kyle decide to deep-fry a turkey; Jean-Paul asks Nathan if he wants to watch the turkey experiment.

Nov 27 - The Magnificent Seven: Scott talks about a call from Tanya Callery regarding the Taygetos files taken from Alaska and a meeting at the Hellfire Club between a Taygetos courier and Sebastian Shaw; Nathan asks Emma for a favour; Nathan lets x_team know he will be attending the Hellfire Club function to see what transpires. Thanksgiving Day: Marie-Ange shares a link with Doug from the Macy's Parade, Adrienne looks forward to Black Friday and the sales. Bishop asks Jennie if she'd like a Christmas gift from him and invites her to come shopping for it.

Nov 28 - Kyle is happy with the results of the deep-fried turkey and leftovers. The Magnificent Seven: Nathan, Emma, Adrienne and Manuel attend the Hellfire Club fundraiser and intercept the information; Adrienne 'reads' the courier's watch and Nathan is stunned to find the watch was given to the courier by his mother. A sleepless Angelo and Joyita come across Jean-Paul taking a late-night swim.

Nov 29: The Magnificent Seven: Doug decrypts the files obtained from the HFC and reveals a 'product demonstration' is to occur in Wakanda; Scott puts Jennie, Marius, Suzanne and Alex on standby to go to Wakanda; Angelo is not happy to find Domino and Nathan are both going as well, but accepts that he is needed at the Elpis office to get things happening again. Meggan posts about Thanksgiving and Christmas shopping.

Nov 30 - The Magnificent Seven: The group arrives in Wakanda and Emma is not impressed at the damage to the astral plane still evident; Nathan and T'Challa discuss the plan and the country's recovery from the events of the previous summer; the Wakandan government forbids using T'Challa as bait, so there is a change of plans. Angelo lets the Westchester Elpis staff know the office will reopen on Monday. Jean-Paul is gleeful about a no-confidence motion against the Canadian government. Callie is nervous about her SATs. Scott and Jean-Paul catch up. Kevin goes out and plays pool with Julio, trying to find some normalcy after the news of Jay's death.


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