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Location: Attilan
First Seen: July 16, 2006

Birthplace of Crystal Amaquelin and Medusa Amaquelin

Attilan is located in the Azores, which are off the coast of Portugal. It has a moderate climate, with mild annual oscillation. The land consists of beaches, broadleaf forests and two major cities. The capital of Attilan is also named Attilan, lending a bit of confusion to outsiders. There is also one major mountain range with one or two inactive volcanoes. Attilan has two official languages, Portuguese and English. The colors of the flag and coat of arms are purple and yellow. The anthem is “An Accolade to Attilan” and the motto is “Diversity is the rule of nature.”

Attilan is fairly self-functioning. Due to the size and nature of the island, the people of Attilan are able to supply most of their own foodstuffs. They export a variety of exotic fruits and are well known for their wine and art. While technologically on par with the U.S., Attilan does have to import some of the necessary materials. There is one airport, with commercial flights having to go through Portugal before traveling to Attilan.

The government is a constitutional monarchy (like England and other European countries), meaning there is a democratic government, but still a ceremonial royal class. The primary royal family is the Boltagons, consisting of Agon (king), Rynda (queen) (now both deceased), Blackagar (king) and his brother Maximus (prince). Agon’s brother, Lord Quelin, also resided in Attilan and was married to Lady Ambur until their deaths in the same plane crash that killed the king and queen. Medusalith and Crystal are their children. There are a handful of other individuals that compose the royal court, descended from Agon's brothers, Quelin and Korath.

On June 25, 2007, the entire island disappeared, for reasons unknown to all but a very few. It corresponded with the deaths of the King and Queen, as well as Lord and Lady Amaquelin (the parents of Medusa and Crystal) in a plane crash. Trapped in an alternate dimension as the result of a powers flare from a panicked teen, two years passed before the effect was reversed. During this time, Boltagon succeeded to the throne, marrying Medusa in a show of commitment to his country and a desire to project stability. When contact with the outside world was established, however, it was discovered that only a month had passed in the 'real' world, generating a whole new range of issues.

During that time of isolation, Crystal Amaquelin was instrumental in creating an Xavier's-esque school, called The Amaquelin and Boltagon School for Abilities Enhancement, for mutants on the island. It now provides an alternative training centre for young mutants looking for a haven. In 2011, following an attack on the mansion, Crystal returned permanently to Attilan, to assist her sister with her duties and to resume teaching at the school.

In February 2012, there an incident involving former resident Sooraya Qadir, who had left due to pressure from Islamic extremists to marry one of their own. Having returned to Attilan to testify in the trial against them, she discovered they had escaped and her former roommate Leyu Yoshida was abducted and used as leverage to force her into the marriage.

Attilan disappeared as a result of the relaunch event.

Royal Family

Blackagar Boltagon
Black Bolt
Ruling king of Attilan, married to Medusa and father to prince Ahura Boltagon. He ascended the throne after the deaths of his parents, King Agon and Queen Rynda in a plane crash in June 2007.

PB: Jason Behr

Medusa Boltagon-Amaquelin
retired PC
Ruling queen of Attilan, married Blackager during Sound of Silence and his ascension to the throne. Gave birth to Ahura in October 2008. Sister to Crystal, their parents Quelin (brother to King Agon and uncle to Blackager) and Ambur Amaquelin were killed in the same plane crash that killed the king and queen.

PB: Rachel McAdams

Maximus Boltagon
Younger brother to Blackager, Maximus is currently imprisoned for his role in the deaths of his parents and aunt and uncle (among others) and his attempt to usurp the throne.

PB: Harry Lloyd

Crystal Amaquelin
retired PC
Younger sister to Queen Medusa, Crystal is currently running a school for mutants in Attilan, based on her experiences at the Xavier Institute.

PB: Jennifer Hawkins

Gorgon Kolena
Gorgon was the only son of Agon's brother, Korath, and thus is considered a member of the royal family. He is one of Blackagar's most trusted aides and advisors. Gorgon's abilities are centered in his massively muscled legs and hoof-like feet, though he wore an image inducer until the period of isolation to hide his mutant status. The lower half of his body makes up about three-quarters of his total weight -- particularly the thick, dense muscles of his thighs and calves. Gorgon' s legs can generate vibration on a molecular level so as to develop an intense pulse of kinetic energy. He is able to create seismic tremors of up to 7.5 on the Richter scale.

PB: to be determined

Triton Mazur
Triton, older brother to Karnak and son of Gorgon, is cousin to the king and an aquatic mutant who can’t survive outside of the water without specialized breathing apparatus. Triton was profoundly affected by his inability to leave the water and set about learning all he could about his new environment. At university he studied marine geology before joining the Attilan coastguard. Triton’s speed and ability to survive underwater made him a perfect rescue diver and the prince was happy to give back to the people of Attilan in this way, going so far as to Anglicize his surname to reduce his connection with the royal family. As one of Attilan’s foremost marine experts and the most prominent aquatic citizen of the country Triton was constantly involved in government meetings and discussions. It was during this time that Triton met his wife, a marine biologist who had hired Triton to help her during her research. They were married and shortly after that the couple had their first son Namor. After spending 10 years in the coastguard Triton got out and started a salvage company. Due to Triton’s abilities and his ties to the aquatic mutant population he was able to work in conditions other companies couldn’t hope to. The company proved so capable that Triton was able to bid on research and other contracts. In recent times Triton has expanded his company and started to become more and more involved in the governance of Attilan, becoming a well recognized and respected member of the royal family.


Triton has scaly greenish skin, a small dorsal fin running from the base of the skull to the forehead, membranous fins extending from his temples, and webbing between his toes and between his fingers. Triton is able to breathe water, to swim at great speeds, and to withstand the pressures of the deep sea. He cannot naturally breathe air and needs near-constant contact with water to survive, and cannot exist out of water without artificial aids. His resistance to deep sea pressure also gives him superhuman strength and speed underwater. He has the ability to survive underwater indefinitely, and the ability to withstand the temperature and pressure of ocean depths.

PB: to be determined

Karnak Mazur
Karnak, the younger brother of Triton, is also a member of the royal family of Attilan. He pursued a political career separate from his royal standing and was a respected councilmember of Attilani government prior to the period of isolation. While the island was missing, Karnak used his organizational skills to help found and run the The Amaquelin and Boltagon School for Abilities Enhancement (ABSAE). After the reappearance of Attilan, Karnak was given the option to run for a position in the new government being established, but chose to remain in his job as head of the school. His powers make him especially suited to the task as he is able to parse out the weaknesses of each particular student and help devise a course of training to aid in their powers development. Karnak has the ability to perceive the stress points, fracture planes, or weaknesses, in all objects or persons around him. By striking and applying pressure at these points, he can split or shatter objects made of seemingly invincible substances or render insensate beings of far greater strength than he. He is also a well-trained martial artist.

PB: to be determined

Namor Mazur
Namor is the son of Triton and second cousin to the king. Unlike his father, he takes pride in his royal ancestry and this has made him somewhat arrogant. He is currently attending school in New York to get a better perspective of the world. He was killed in January 2015.

PB: Robbie Amell

Noted Residents

Besides Attilan's current Queen and crown princess, there are a number of current residents of Attilan who have connections with Charles Xavier.

Cessily Kincaid
available for applications
Mercury Card.jpeg
Former student at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, Cessily moved to the Attilan School in October 2008 following the Day Zero crisis.

PB: Kate Mara

Danielle Moonstar
available for applications
Mirage Card.jpeg
Following the alteration of her powers by Blaquesmith, Dani relocated to Attilan in September 2009 to rebuild her life among a 'safer' environment for mutants.

PB: Q'Orianka Kilcher

Leyu Yoshida
available for applications
Leyu decided to transfer to the school in Attilan for her senior year of high school as her brother still had not returned from Muir in August 2011.

PB: Erina Mano

Pietro Maximoff
A friend of the royal family, Pietro was offered the position of Security Chief in October 2007 and has been on the island since.

PB: Til Schweiger

Tatiana Caban
available for applications
Tatiana Card.jpeg
Another student from Xavier's, who had trouble accepting her mutancy, Tatiana relocated to Attilan in July 2009.

PB: Emily Rios


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