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By request of the previous player and/or mod decision, the Phase 1 version of this character is not available for applications. They are available as a new Phase 2 version only. If you have questions, check the FAQ on applications, or feel free to contact the mods at x_moderators @ googlegroups . com.

Pietro Maximoff - Deceased
Portrayed by Til Schweiger
Codename: Quicksilver
Affiliations: Attilan
Birthdate: February 10, 1976
Journal: x_quicksilver
Player: Available for applications

Pietro Maximoff, son of Magneto and twin brother to Wanda Maximoff, has finally shed his cover and moved to the mansion, seeking sanctuary. His quick, and often stinging, tongue has not helped endear him to his new housemates, and eventually he took a job as security consultant to the royal family of Attilan. He was lost during the Dark Phoenix Saga in 2015.


Character Journal: x_quicksilver

Real Name: Pietro Maximoff

Codename: Quicksilver

Aliases: None

First Appearance: December 19, 2005

Date of Birth: February 10, 1976

Place of Birth: Bulgaria


Relatives: Erik Lehnsherr (father); Magda Maximoff (mother, deceased); Wanda Maximoff (twin sister)

Education: Master of Engineering in Aeronautical Engineering, Imperial College London; Master of Engineering in Computing (Software Engineering), Imperial College London

Relationship Status: Single

Occupation: International terrorist (retired); federal witness

Team Affiliation: X-Men, formerly of the Brotherhood of Mutants



After their parents separated, an event he barely recalls, Pietro and Wanda grew up in a Rom caravan, traveling all over Europe; they finally settled in the English countryside. As a young boy, Pietro much admired his uncle, Django Maximoff, and learned a great deal about pickpocketing and thievery from the older Romani. Unfortunately, this drew the wrath of their neighbors down on the caravan, and when the mob attacked, both the twins' mutant powers emerged: Wanda knocked down a large tree, scattering the townspeople, and Pietro whisked her out from under it before it could fall on her.

Finding Father

As they grew older, and began to share their mother's duties as leaders of the caravan, Pietro developed a great desire to learn more about their father; Wanda, who wanted nothing to do with this and didn't want to lose her brother, exacted a promise from him that he wouldn't leave her until they were older, and Pietro kept that promise despite his dissatisfaction.

When the twins went off to college, Pietro convinced Wanda to release him from his promise, and after obtaining degrees in aeronautics and computer science from Imperial College in London, set off on his search. He was able to track his father to Xavier's without much difficulty, but from there the trail became murky, and even Charles was no help; Erik had gone underground.

Fortunately, Magneto made his first public appearance shortly afterward, and recognizing the man's powers from his own hazy memories and his mother's stories, Pietro now had a focus for his search. Less than a year later, father and son were reunited, and Quicksilver took his place at Magneto's side in the Brotherhood of Mutants.

Pietro was largely happy in the Brotherhood at first; he believed wholeheartedly in his father's ideals, if not always Magneto's methods, and Magneto in turn respected his son's wish not to be used as an assassin. Pietro became an information analyst, a strategic advisor, a thief of both goods and data, and the Brotherhood's part-time conscience . . . and then came Liberty Island. In Magneto's absence, Pietro and Mystique vied for control of the group--a struggle Mystique won when her masquerade as Senator Kelly proved more fruitful than Pietro's own search for his father. And when a newly unbalanced Magneto made his attempt to murder all the humans on earth, Pietro was sickened. His father was insane--or his insanity had grown out of control--and the man he had admired was effectively gone, replaced by a monster who needed to be stopped. And that, Pietro decided, was a job best kept within the family.

But not one he could do by himself. In the months after the worldwide headache, Pietro made clandestine contact with Scott Summers, offering to pass the X-Man information about Brotherhood operations in return for help dismantling said operations. This was not a decision Pietro made willingly--he had, and continues to have, a great deal of disdain for the way the X-Men handle themselves--but despite their failings, Pietro believed the X-Men to be the only organization remotely qualified to help him in his self-appointed mission.

The Mole Revealed

The next three years were the most difficult of Pietro's entire life. On the surface, he projected the image of the dutiful son and believer in the cause, feigning flawless enthusiasm when given orders by his father, while underneath he was always considering ways to slow down and sabotage the Brotherhood's plans. He was able to maintain his masquerade undetected through a number of crises, though the mask threatened to slip a few times, generally when he learned that his father had kidnapped and coerced other mutants into working for him. In July 2006 the mask finally came off; Magneto's use of Julio Richter to destroy San Diego became the final straw, and after a heated argument with his father in which his work as a double agent was revealed, Pietro left the Brotherhood for good.

From late July 2006 until October 2006, Pietro was on the run, never spending more than an hour in one place, using his speed to travel and to steal what he needed. He was perhaps overly cautious, but with a father who had many resources none-to-pleased with his action and when anyone he met could have been Mystique in disguise, paranoia was definitely the better part of valor. Pietro came to the mansion on Halloween, with little fuss or fanfare. It was a particularly windy afternoon and Scott took a car out to run a quick errand. After leaving the store he opened the car door, feeling a sudden gust of wind rush past him. Thinking nothing of it, because these things happen sometimes, Scott got in, started the car, checked his rear-view mirror so he can back out of his parking space . . . and found that he had acquired an exhausted-looking Pietro, hiding in his back seat. Seeking asylum at the mansion, Pietro still managed to have a bit of an attitude while asking for help.

A New Life

Pietro fled to Xavier's because it was the only place he can think of that was safe from his father's wrath. For his first few months at the mansion, Pietro was not allowed to leave the premises due to an ankle tracker put in place by the government. He worked with Val Cooper to regain his freedom by giving proof of his father's illegal activities. While he arrived with no particular plans beyond resting, finally, from the killing stress of the past few years, he eventually became a member of the X-Men.

His most important relationship is and will continue to be with his twin, Wanda. They argue and torment each other and may very well stop talking to one another at intervals, but under the tempestuous surface runs a deep current of love and affection. Wanda is currently the only person on earth, since their mother's death, that Pietro will admit to caring for. What Pietro is willing to admit, of course, isn't necessarily the whole truth.

Despite feeling as though the X-Men are amateurish and painfully naive, Pietro has a great deal of respect for Scott (though, of course, pigs will fly before he says so.) Since arriving at the mansion, Pietro has experienced a rocky reception – it isn't easy for many residents to have Magneto's son, the former Brotherhood agent, living with them. There have been a few exceptions to this rule, such as Crystal Amaquelin.

Following the disappearance and return of Attilan, Pietro was invited by Medusa to consult on security issues. He did such a good job and obviously enjoyed it so much, he was asked to take the job on a more permanent basis, and he agreed.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 174 lbs.

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Pale blond


Pietro's basic power is superhuman speed; his entire body is adapted to that end. His top maintainable speed is Mach 5, and he can run at this speed for about four straight hours before fatigue sets in, though unless he's in a particular hurry he keeps himself a safe distance below the sound barrier so as to avoid inconvenient sonic booms. Pietro's thought processes and reaction time are similarly accelerated; strictly speaking, he's not a genius-level intellect, but he thinks so quickly that it's hard to tell. This also makes his thoughts difficult for a telepath to read--it's like watching a movie on fast-forward, specific thoughts are almost impossible to pinpoint but general trends can usually be determined. He can dodge gunfire, create cyclone gusts, and with a head start run up walls or across open water. He has been toying recently with the possibility of using supersonic shockwaves offensively, but had not yet moved beyond the theoretical stage before fleeing the Brotherhood.

Pietro's bones, tendons, and muscles are many times more durable and efficient than a normal human's, and his metabolism operates at an enhanced rate; it's almost impossible for him to get drunk, and he recovers from injuries extremely quickly. This is normal healing, however, not a healing factor; for injuries like broken bones that require medical attention in order to heal correctly, Pietro will require the necessary attention almost immediately, before his speedy physiology screws up the process. He also processes medication (such as painkillers) so quickly that routine measures like surgical anesthetic become ordeals in themselves. Despite all that, he eats only about as much as a normal human; his digestive system allows him to metabolize far more energy than most people do out of the same amount of food.



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Player Icon Base: Til Schweiger

Meta Trivia

Pietro's first on-camera appearance takes place a little over nine months before he was apped as a PC, and Alan ceased playing him in October 2007. When a new version of Wanda Maximoff (and a new sibling in Lorna Dane) was created for Phase 2, the mods decided it would be easier for future applications to retire the Phase 1 version of Pietro.