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Dates run: April 28 - May 5, 2007
Run By: Sil
Read the logs: Remix

"You did this to us for no reason you've told us yet an' we're psychotic?"

While on a team-building retreat, some of the X-Men and X-Force are genderswapped for a week.


Marie D'Ancato, Theresa Cassidy, Scott Summers, Ororo Munroe, Clarice Ferguson, Alex Summers, Kurt Sefton, Jean Grey, David Haller, Lorna Dane, Angelo Espinosa, Logan, Pietro Maximoff, Sofia Mantega-Barret, Marie-Ange Colbert, Doug Ramsey

Staff at Camp Wannachuck: Sunny Day (camp counselor); Paul La Rue (front desk clerk)

The Jewelry Store robbers: Bonnie (leader), Clyde, Jesse, James


April 28 - May 5, 2007

Plot Summary

Sent on a weekend team-building retreat by Storm (though the idea was initially Rogue's), the X-Men and three members of X-Force encountered a mutant who is able to swap people's genders, as well as hir own. Paul LaRue, a desk clerk at Camp Wannachuck, had aspirations of becoming a criminal mastermind. After ze witnessed some of the team foiling a jewelry store robbery (during a team-building scavenger hunt), Paul thought to raise ze's stature with the local criminal element by getting back at the team. Ze swapped everyone's genders at the retreat. Because ze wasn't particularly stealthy, Paul was caught almost immediately and after a 'discussion' with the outraged trio of Pietro, Angelo and Marie revealed that Paul couldn't undo their condition, they sent hir off to the police.

Surprisingly, team building did exist as everyone swapped clothing so they have something to wear. Some of those affected took things hard, initially refusing to come out of their rooms, while others reveled in the chance to experiment with life on the other side of the fence. For some others, things barely changed at all.

After a week, which culminated at Prom, the gender-affected reverted back to their proper bodies.

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Trivia and Meta


Paul is referred to throughout as ze and hir because Paul is equally comfortable as male or female.

Paul is a projecting shapeshifter, not as commonly assumed, a reality warper. How this power was able to warp Logan's adamantium-covered bones is currently unknown.


Plotrunner: Sil

Remix was developed as a way to provide interaction opportunities without a lot of baggage. It is properly considered a crack plot because the driving force behind it was the joke.

The full title of Remix is "Man, I Feel Like (Dude Looks Like a Lady): Remix" because the plotrunner is incapable of having short titles.

Camp Wannachuck and Sunny Day are a direct rip-off from the camp and character of the same names in the Hercules episode "For Those Of You Just Joining Us".

Remixed PB's and Icons

There were a series of icons made especially for the plot. Several of the PB choices for the Remixed icons were chosen for reasons of out of game meta - typically celebrity gossip or actors who had worked with the 'original' PB for the character in some way.

Remixclarice.jpg Clarice's male face was David Bowie, her favorite singer. David Bowie is also one of Maureen's favorite singers.
RemixDoug.jpg Doug's female face was Abbie Cornish, the actress who costarred with Ryan Phillipe in Stop-Loss, and who is alleged to be the reason behind Ryan Phillipe's divorce from Reese Witherspoon.
RemixKurt.jpg Kurt's female face was Rebecca Romijin-Stamos, but specifically not using her role as Mystique in the X-Men films.
RemixAngelo.png Angelo's female face was Michelle Rodriguez.
RemixAlex.gif Alex's female face was Rachel McAdams, who happens to be the current PB for Medusa Amaquelin.
RemixJean.jpg Jean's male face was a random male model.
RemixJim.jpg Haller's female face was Natalia Tena. Natalia Tena is -not-, however, the PB for Cyndi, Jim's female alter.
RemixLogan.jpg Logan's female face was Gina Gershon, chosen at least in part due to her featuring on a cover of Cigar Aficionado.
RemixLorna.jpg Lorna's male face was Gaspard Ulliel.
RemixMA.jpg Marie-Ange's male face was a random male model chosen specifically for reasons of "excellent hair".
RemixTerry.png Terry's male face was Alex Pettyfer.
RemixOroro.jpg Ororo's male face was Jay Manuel.